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NAPSA building in which office can be found

About Us

House under construction near Lake Makalapae

We are a non-profit organisation registered in Zambia, dedicated to the improvement of living conditions for the people, (consisting largely but not exclusively of the Lozi nation, a grouping of over 25 different peoples) of the Upper Zambezi Valley in central southern Africa. Most of this region is contained within the present Western Province of Zambia and Caprivi Province of Namibia, together formerly known as Barotseland.

Our programmes focus on the themes of information and education linked to sustainable development. It should be emphasised that we have no interest in political expression of any kind and promote Barotseland/Western Province as an integral region of the Republic of Zambia. The name Barotseland is used solely to emphasise the vibrancy of the history and culture of the region. For a much broader look at our mission and constitution please click here. Specific programmes that we are engaged with currently include:

  • The provision of access to information on all aspects of the region, its people and environment, with a view to: the promotion of sustainable human development alongside environmental good housekeeping; the promotion of tourism and inward investment generally. The core gateways of this project are the website and our office in Mongu.
  • Consultancy work: carrying out research and analysis into various aspects of the human and physical environment of the region for use by government bodies and development organisations.
  • The development of an indigenous 'knowledge bank' to be located at the Nayuma Museum and Visitor Centre at the traditional capital of Limulunga, situated 15km north of Mongu, the regional capital of Western Province.
    • Running alongside this project is research (including data collection) and promotion of the culture of the region including local language, belief and customs.
  • The promotion of a heritage industry based on the vibrant history of the region and the annual Kuomboka festival usually held around the end of March/beginning of April each year.
  • The introduction to students of rural Africa from a variety of academic homes around the world to lifestyles and habits in a riverine region of rural central southern Africa, this to be accomplished through managed student visits that utilise accommodation with local families in towns and villages throughout the region.

The organisation's headquarters are in Mongu and there is an office open to the public at:

Room 016
NAPSA Building

Our postal address is:

PO Box 910104
Western Province

Our telephone contact locally is +260 97 415190. Fastest contact with us can, however, be obtained by e-mail. We have a European office located in Birmingham, UK and are available to make presentations to organisations on request for a small fee while offering information and research facilities to educational establishments, development organisations, and business.

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