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Pavilion outside palace - Limulunga


Nalikwanda "en-route" April 2004
News Reports concerning Barotseland and its peoples

The following list is a record of articles posted in various journals extending back to 2003. We do have full text records of these articles in our archives; however, due to copyright laws, we cannot reproduce any of these stories in full online but will be happy to discuss content with interested parties. Please e-mail us stating the date of the story and title in full.

09-04-2006 '5 go missing after Kuomboka boat capsizes' The Post

07-04-2006 'K'Millian and Petersen to put up Kuomboka bash' The Post

28-03-2006 'Karavinas kill man, 70 (Lukulu District)' The Post

28-03-2006 'Kazungulu victims in dire need of food' The Post

10-03-2006 'Kuomboka preparations intensify' The Post

10-01-2006 'Zambezi River Basin’s place in world’s eco-system' Times of Zambia

26-12-2005 ‘Canadian firm invests $US 3.5 million in diamond extraction,’ The Post

20-12-2005 ‘Angola-Zambia: Refugee Repatriation Comes to an End,’ IRIN

04-12-2005 ‘Dr Belemu Calls for Improved Disease Surveillance Programmes,’ The Post

04-12-2005 ‘Litunga survives attempted coup,’ The Post

10-11-2005 'EBZ gauges Zambia’s potential export markets' Times of Zambia

20-10-2005 ‘Displaced Barotse Flood Plain villagers seek compensation,’ The Post

27-10-2005 ‘Kalumiana urges BRE to speak out on issues affecting W/Province,’ The Post

02-09-2005 'Lift livestock movement ban, State told' Times of Zambia

28-07-2005 'Tis' Wrong for Nalumango to Justify Insults - Kalumiana' The Post

15-05-2005 ‘Kashinka Warns Against Exporting ArtefactsThe Post

10-05-2005 ‘Chief Mutondo Advises His Subjects to Follow the LawThe Post

29-04-2005 ‘Squeeze Set to 'Squeeze Out' AlbumThe Post

25-04-2005 ‘Angela Dazzles Mongu RevellersThe Post

14-04-2005 'Remembering King George VI's visit' Timesof Zambia

03-04-2005 ‘No Kuomboka This YearThe Post

30-03-2005 ‘Professor Imenda Sues ZRA for Seizing His Submissions to CRCThe Post

14-03-2005 ‘Erratic Rains Raise Concern for Barotse Royal EstablishmentThe Post

01-02-2005 ‘Simenda Urges BRE to Exercise Tolerance Over WFC’ The Post

29-01-2005 ‘BRE Has No Legal Right to Ban WFC – MukukaThe Post

28-01-2005 ‘Western Province Bans Women for Change’ Times of Zambia

13-12-2004 ‘Fisheries Act Under Fire: Caprivians Face Potential Disaster ,’ New Era, Windhoek

07-10-2004 ‘Zambia: Flood Plain Residents Still Recovering,’ IRIN

21-09-2004 ‘Barotse People Feel Disappointed With Govt's Failure to Complete Mongu-Kalabo Road – SimendaThe Post

02-09-2004 ‘Mumwa Crafts Exploits Craft Potential in Western Province, Times of Zambia

02-09-2004 ‘US to Repair Damaged Kamona Building,’ Times of Zambia

26-08-2004 ‘Mongu-Kalabo Rd Saga Deepens As Sondashi is Asked to Explain,’ The Post

24-08-2004 ‘Mongu-Kalabo Road, Another Scandal,’ The Post

21-08-2004 ‘Constitution Must Recognise Barotse Treaty’ Times of Zambia

18-08-2004 ‘Women's Progress Vital in Development – WinaThe Post

17-08-2004 ‘Katima Residents Feel Pinch As Council Tightens Tap On Debts,’ The Namibian

13-08-2004 ‘Traffic increasing on new Katima Bridge' Namibia Economist

13-07-2004 ‘Barotseland Agreement Won't Be My Election Issue, Says SataThe Post

29-06-2004 ‘Behaviour Change Vital in Aids Fight - Chief LukamaThe Post

10-06-2004 ‘Barotseland Accord: for Whom And By Who?,’ Times of Zambia

04-06-2004 ‘Barotse Community Contests Liuwa Deal,’ The Post

04-06-2004 ‘Liuwa National Park Lands $500m,’ Times of Zambia

02-06-2004 ‘Liuwa MP Slams BRE for 'Parading' LitungaThe Post

01-06-2004 ‘Barotse Royal Establishment, African Parks Sign Liuwa Deal,’ The Post

31-05-2004 ‘Liuwa National Park Pact Finally Signed,’ Times of Zambia

26-05-2004 ‘BarotselandThe Post

20-05-2004 ‘Katima Mulilo Bridge: Solution to Another Economic Equation,’ Times of Zambia

19-05-2004 ‘BPF Calls for Restoration of Barotse AgreementThe Post

14-05-2004 ‘Bridge Regional Lifeline,’ Times of Zambia

10-05-2004 ‘Rugged West Roads Need Urgent Attention’ Times of Zambia

22-04-2004 ‘Kuomboka: Crooks Spoiling Ceremony's Image?’ Times of Zambia

12-04-2004 ‘Mongu Villagers Linking HIV/Aids to Witchcraft?’ Times of Zambia

06-04-2004 ‘Govt Hails Its Good Ties With the Litunga,’ Times of Zambia

06-04-2004 ‘Lusaka Tour Operator Under Investigation,’ Times of Zambia

01-04-2004 ‘ZSIC to Dress Kuomboka Paddlers,’ Times of Zambia

01-04-2004 ‘Litunga Installs Deputy Premier for LibondaThe Post

22-03-2004 ‘Barotse Royal Establishment Lands K120m Anti-Aids Cash,’ Times of Zambia

19-03-2004 ‘Weak Collaboration of Aids Activities Worry NgambelaThe Post

02-03-2004 ‘Namibia: Release And Re-Arrest Deadlocks Treason Trial,’ IRIN

24-02-2004 ‘Namibia: 13 Caprivi Treason Trialists Re-Arrested,’ IRIN

14-01-2004 ‘Mu Ka Ni Hupula, Nakatindi Warns Lozis Over Sale of Barotse ParksThe Post

26-11-2003 ‘Chiefs Are Disappointed With Levy – InyamboThe Post

17-11-2003 ‘Water Blues Rock 4 Sesheke Schools,’ Times of Zambia

11-11-2003 ‘Lozi Royalty Wants Tighter Budgetary Controls,’ Times of Zambia

30-07-2003 ‘West MPs Demand Written Invitation,’ Times of Zambia

25-07-2003 ‘I'm Prepared to Take Up Arms for Barotseland, Says Barotse Patriotic Front President Mutangelwa,’ The Post

24-07-2003 ‘Kalumiana, Mumba Differ Over Liuwa and Sioma Ngwezi ParksThe Post

05-07-2003 ‘Treason Threats On Nakatindi Are Ridiculous, Says Sikota,’ The Post

05-07-2003 ‘Nakatindi And National Parks,’ The Post

04-07-2003 ‘No Treason Talk Will Silence Us – NakatindiThe Post

02-07-2003 ‘Kaoma United Parliament for National Development (UPND) Intercedes for MP Liato,’ Times of Zambia

01-07-2003 ‘Nakatindi Warns of Barotse Insurrection Over Liuwa, Sioma-Ngwezi National ParksThe Post

25-06-2003 ‘Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia Threatens Barotse CattleThe Post

17-06-2003 ‘Royal Establishment Has Lost Late King's Vision for DevelopmentThe Post

10-06-2003 ‘Makro King in Parks Rescue Plan,’ Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg)

10-04-2003 'Kuomboka: The annual spectacular voyage' Times of Zambia

28-03-2002 Mongu residents brave rains to welcome Mwanawasa Zana



29-09-2004 ECZ condemns design of Mongu-Kalabo road The Post of Zambia

04-09-2004 US to repair damaged Kamona building The Times of Zambia

22-04-2004 Kuomboka: Crooks spoiling ceremony's image? The Times of Zambia

12-02-2004 Over 70% of people in the Sioma Ngwezi Game Management Area (GMA) have welcomed the African Parks investment... Unidentified source

29-01-2004 Politics Has Made Me Lame - Nakatindi The Post of Zambia

10-01-2004 Induna bemoans misinformation on Liuwa project Times of Zambia

17-12-2003 Kazungula has no weigh bridge, inquiry told Times of Zambia

17-11-2003 Water blues rock 4 Sesheke schools Times of Zambia

17-11-2003 Shangombo council fails to pay workers The Times of Zambia

17-11-2003 ‘Compensate (Sinjembela) farmers who lost cattle’ The Times of Zambia

12-11-2003 Mongu Businesses Raise K1m for Mortuary The Post at

12-11-2003 ‘Mongu-Kalabo road construction should not affect Kuomboka ceremony’ The Times of Zambia

11-11-2003 Lozi Royalty Wants Tighter Budgetary Controls The Times of Zambia at

18-09-2003 Zambezi ferry bodies found BBC

04-09-2003 Caprivi: Growing Concern over Food Security Situation Pambazuka

28-08-2003 Govt Releases K1.5bn for Combating Bovine Plural Pneumonia The Post at

20-08-2003 Western Province in Zesco black-out The Times of Zambia

13-08-2003 Shang’ombo torture victims lawyers to take case to HRC The Times of Zambia

05-08-2003 Government is a Handmaid to Corruption - MP Sikota The Post of Zambia at the AIC

24-07-2003 Kalumiana, Mumba Differ Over Liuwa and Sioma Ngwezi Parks The Post at

10-07-2003 Lukulu East by-election date set The Times of Zambia

08-07-2003 Expelled Kaoma UPND Member of Parliament Austin Liato will consult the electorate in his constituency on what he should do next The Times of Zambia

05-07-2003 Nakatindi And National Parks The Post at

05-07-2003 Treason Threats On Nakatindi Are Ridiculous, Says Sikota The Post at

03-07-2003 Hundreds of Kalabo Villagers Face Starvation
The Times of Zambia at

01-07-2003 Nakatindi warns of Barotse insurrection... over Liuwa, Sioma-Ngwezi national parks
The Post at

25-06-2003 Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia Threatens Barotse Cattle
The Post of Zambia at the AIC

16-06-2003 Africa's wildlife 'to be privatised'
BBC News

13-06-2003 Letter to editor: Another Chief has mushroomed in Kabompo The Monitor

12-06-2003 Two Lukulu ward leaders ditch FDD for MMD
The Times of Zambia

10-06-2003 Makro King in Parks Rescue Plan
Mail and Guardian at and at Mail and Guardian

04-06-2003 WFP aid arrives for flood victims in Caprivi

02-06-2003 Chief Ananganga Imwiko urges new approach to development
The Times of Zambia

02-06-2003 64 prohibited immigrants rounded up in West
The Times of Zambia

27-05-2003 Preparation for Angolan Refugee Returnees Underway

27-05-2003 Litunga la Mboela backs Mwanawasa
The Times of Zambia at

26-05-2003 Educational Policies On Course, Say Western Province DEOs
The Times of Zambia at

21-05-2003 DA warns against hiring karavinas
The Times of Zambia

20-05-2003 Namibia-Zambia: Overflowing Zambezi floods homes and fields

20-05-2003 We Must Ensure That Those Who Stole Are in Prison - Sondashi
The Post at

18-05-2003 Flood victims get relief food
The Times of Zambia

15-05-2003 So much has been written and said about the hired assassins called Karavinas killing innocent people in Western and North-Western provinces of Zambia
The Times of Zambia at

13-05-2003 Tragedy in Barotse Plains: Worst Floods in 50 Years
The Times of Zambia at All

13-05-2003 Refugees have outnumbered locals, insists MP
The Times of Zambia

11-05-2003 Plight of Barotse plains woman...
The Times of Zambia

08-05-2003 Mini-Kuomboka Ceremony On
The Times of Zambia at

08-05-2003 7 Die in Mongu Floods
The Times of Zambia at All

23-04-2003 Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan has withheld a $60 million loan earmarked for the construction of a bridge across the Zambezi river at Kazungula because of a row between Zimbabwe and Zambia
The Times of Zambia

27-04-2003 Mongu: Town that never goes to sleep
The Times of Zambia

17-04-2003 3 Lukulu schools shut due to floods
The Times of Zambia

10-04-2003 Kuomboka: the Annual Spectacular Voyage
The Times of Zambia at

10-04-2003 MPs reject Sioma, Liuwa parks leasing
The Times of Zambia
08-04-2003 'Litunga Nods Parks Lease'
The Times of Zambia

05-04-2003 MMD is Weak in Western Province, Says Namakando
The Post at

05-04-2003 Kuomboka is a premier tourism attraction - Kavindele
The Post at AIC

04-04-2003 We Don't Want Politics During Kuomboka, Says Namakando
The Post at

26-03-2003 Kalifungwa irks West MPs
The Times of Zambia

25-03-2003 Sampling life in Kaoma
The Times of Zambia

20-03-2003 Getting to Mayukwayukwa: a Rough Ride Through the Countryside
The Times of Zambia

17-03-2003 13 mobile toilets sourced for Kuomboka ceremony

05-03-2003 Most Mongu bars operating illegally
The Times of Zambia

28-02-2003 Inonge Wina Calls for Equity in Allocation of Resources
The Post in

26-02-2003 Govt Owes Food and Services Suppliers K374bn, says Chitala
The Post in

29-01-2003 Hungry villagers protest
The Times of Zambia

01-01-2003 Akashambatwa Warns State
The Times of Zambia in allAfrica com

30-12-2002 Lukulu DA sends food SOS
The Times of Zambia

20-12-2002 Mongu Council, Royal Establishment Clash over Market Revenue
The Times of Zambia in

Focus on Caprivi killings

21-11-2003 Litunga Meets Levy . . . And Opposes Making Aka MMD Secretary
The Post in

30-10-2002 I Don't Believe in Secession of Barotseland - Aka
The Times of Zambia in">

23-10-2002 Sikota Wina: Scribe-Cum-Freedom Fighter
The Times of Zambia in

06-09-2002 I Will Die Defending the Dignity of Our: Lozi Chiefs - Nakatindi
The Post in

28-03-2002 Mongu residents brave rains to welcome Mwanawasa

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