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History links

  • Entry for Barotseland in the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Christopher Buyers
  • Emil Holub - first cartographer of the Victoria Falls - piece about the Czech traveller and ethnographer Emil Holub who visited Sesheke-Mwandi in 1875-6, meeting Litunga Sipopa (Lutangu) who made his capital there in the 1870s. During his sojourn at Sesheke-Mwandi, Holub tried in vain to reach the heartland of the Lozi kingdom, turning back from Sioma due to disease and loss of possessions.
    Holub made a second expedition to the region in 1885-6 when he and his wife travelled north as far as the Ba-Ila or Mushukulumbwe who came under Lozi domination during the second half of the nineteenth century. Here, however, the Holubs and their retainers came under attack and had to flee for their lives.
    This account of Holub is provided by the serving Czech Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi, H.E. Jaroslav Olsa who has conducted extensive research into the life of Holub and also established an exhibition to Holub in the Nayuma Museum, Limulunga, during Kuomboka 2004. A statue to Holub was unveiled in the grounds of the Livingstone Museum on 17th September 2005.

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