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The accommodation suggested here, we understand to be owned and operated by Zambians, mostly local people. Thus, there may be other options available but, in the interests of indigenous sustainable development, these are not listed here. If you know of locally owned accommodation of any kind in reasonable condition that may be advertised, click on this link and let us know now! Please include all contact details and as much info as possible including a photo if you have it. You may also mail details to us at, PO Box 910104, Mongu, Western Province, Zambia.

  • Lyambai Hotel Box 910193, Mongu Tel: 221271/221138 Fax: 221138
  • Mongu Lodge Box 26, Mongu Tel: 221501/221606
  • Sir Mwanawina Hotel Box 53, Mongu Tel: 22148 Fax: 221856
  • Ngulu Hotel - Box: 910308 Tel: 221028/221258 Fax: 221286

  • Senanga Safari Lodge Box 920077, Senanga Tel/Fax: 230156

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