Silozi-English dictionary

This dictionary is contained in five files:

L, l, Has the same phonetic sound as in English.

la (I ) pron. subj. (class: li - ma) used when the verb has no other object except a simple pronoun: Libizo le la ni lultela, this mime suits me. (2) poss. part. (class: li - ma): Liselo la ma Mubita. Ma Mubita's basket.

-laa (laile) v.t. to teach what is good: ku laa mwalyanjo mwa si- kenge, to give good advice to a girl during her initiation. rei. int. -lae-lela (laelezi) to give strong advice to a girl on behalf of someone: U yo ni laelela mwan'a ka, please go and advice my daughter. der. mulao c". -ndanga.

-laba (labile) v.t. to paddle to row (in deep water) der. silabo. fig. to call to summon: Kapasu ki kale a to mu laba ku mu isa kwa Kuta, a messenger has already summoned him to Court. rel. -labela (labezi} to paddle towards: Labela kwa li-kamba, paddle towards the shore. red caus. -laba-labisa (laba-labisize) to assist someone in paddling for a little while: A ku yeme, u to ni laba-labisa kwateni, Iu fa ntusweto otata, stand up and help me paddle. we are against a strong current. int. -labelela (labelezi) to paddle quickly and strongly some-where: Mu labelele kwa mwalala. Iu sabe kubu vani, paddle quickly to shallow water (with a sandy bottom) so as to escape that hippo. red. -laba-laba (laba-labile) to swim like a duck or a dog.

-laba-laba (laba-labile) v.i. to be greedy. syn. -labana.

-labana (labani or labanile) v.i. to be eager for (food): Mwanana umaswe ku labana ha bona lico, it is bad for a child to show his eagerness when he sees food. rel. -labanela (laba-nezi) to want eagerly: Zwa u yo la-banela lico koo, go away and show your greediness elsewhere. caus. -labanisa (labanisize) to cause to be greedy: Se .vi mu lahanlsa ki tala, it is hunger that makes him greedy.

-labela (labezi) v.t. to dig up earth and heap it up: Ku lahela mikf)-mena lsa musnja ni ngulu ku tata hahulu, it is very difficult to dig up earth and prepare beds for cassava  and sweet potatoes. rel. -labelela (labelezi) to dig up earth and heap it up for someone: ku lahelela Mulena mikomena, to dig up earth and make beds for the Chief. caus. -labelisa (labelisize) to help to ~: Kamuso u to ni lahelisa kww muko-mena wa ka tomorrow come and help me to dig up earth for my cas-sava bed.

-labeta (labetile) v.t. to snap up to snatch to catch insects (lizard chameleon etc.): to take into the mouth with the tongue in order to swallow (person).

-labisha (labishize) v.t. Eng. to throw away. fig. to get rid of to send away to repudiate: Ni lahS .shize musal 'a ka kakuli na ni kataza. I divorced my wife because she was worrymg me.

-labuka ( labukile) v.i. to spring from: Mala a hae a labukile, ha mu tahile tipa, his bowels are hanging out for they stabbed him with a knife. fig. to explode in a conversa-tion: Yena ha hulela ki ku latuka fela, when he speaks he cannot re-frain from losing his temper. rel.-labukela (labukezi) to happen to: l' labukezwi ki kozi, he has been in-volved in an accident. he is facing a big problem or he is in big trouble caus. a) -labukisa (labuki-size) to cause to come out: b) -labula (labuzi) to bring out: U lahuzi naha muw mu.sima, he has pulled a snake from its hole. fig. to reveal: t ' lahuzi taha l e tuna, he has revealed an important matter. der. kalilabule. inv. -labulula (labuluxi) to pull out repeatedly (from a bag. a basket. etc.). ref. -ltabulela (ita-bulezi) to compromise oneself to commit a blunder: U itahule:i mu/atu, he has committed a  blunder which will lead him into trouble:

-labwatika (lab vatikile) v.i. to . jabber, to talk nonsense: Mute u maswe ka labwatikafela ha bulela, it is bad for someone to talk non-sense. rel. -labwatikela (labwati-kezi ): U mu labwatikezi litaba ze mu nyemisize, he has spoken nonsense to the man, which has infuriated him. caus. -labwatikisa (labwatiki-size) to cause someone to ~: Se si mu labwatikisize swab ki bacwala, it is beer that has made him speak such nonsense.

-laela (bezi) v.t. to order. to com-mand, to bid: ka laela mwana ka several to order a child to work. der. taelo. rel. -laelela (laelezi): Ni mu laelezi kuli a sike a lwana hape. I have ordered him not to fight again. red. -laela-laela laela-laezi) to order occasionally: Ha u laeia-laelafela ze sina tuso, bate ha ba na ka ka utwa; if you continue to give useless orders. people will not obey you.

-laeza (laelize) v.t. to take one-s leave. to bid farewell, to say good-bye. der. taezo, mulaeza. rec. -lae-zana (laezani) to say good-bye to each other. ref. -ltaeza (itaelize) as rec.: Kamuso ni ka taha, lo to itaeza hande. I shall come tomorrow and we shall say good-bye to each other.

-lafal (lafile) v.t. to delve. to dig J (clay ore, etc.). to take honey- combs out of beehives: Ku lafa linosi mwa mpako ki ka lwana ni limuka, taking honeycombs from a hole in a tree brings trouble with l the bees! der. silafo, mulafi. rel. -lafela (lafezi) to dig for someone. caus. -lafisa (lafisize) to help to l : dig: ki ma–i ya ka to ni laf sa lizupa? l who will help me to dig clay? inv. - lafulula (lafuluzi) to dig out for the second time: Kacenu ni labile mwa silafo sa ka, mi ni kamuso ni sa go lafulula tent today I dug clay in my spot and shall dig it again to- morrow. ref. -ltafela (itafezi) to dig out for oneself: Niyo itafe/a lizupa ni to bupa lipiza, I am going to dig out some clay to make pots.

-lafa2 (lafile) v.t. to strike. to beat: Ni ka ka lafa ka tupa, I shall strike you with a rod. syn. nata.rel. 4afela (lafezi) to ~ for someone: Ki maiii ya ta ni lafela mwanana yo ya sa utwi? who will strike that child who refuses to obey? for me freq. - lafaka (lafakike) to strike repeat- edly: Ni ka ka lafaka ha u hanelela ka .sa utwa cwalo, I shall beat you again and again if you persist in di- sobeying like that.

-laha (lahile) v.t. to kick, to shoot (football): Piziimu labile, the horse has kicked him. rel. -lahela (lahezi) to ~ in a certain direction: Lahela kwanu, wena! you, kick it here! caus. -lahisa (lahisize) to referee, to cause to kick: Ki wena ya ni lahi- size pizi, it is your fault that the horse kicked me. freq. -lahaka (la- hakile) to kick much.

laini (lie or mi) n. Eng. line; file: queue. (also mulaini)

-laisa (laisize) or laisha (laishize) v.t. to shovel out: ka laisha malasha mwa mukoti, to shovel out coal in the mine. rel. -laisheza (laishelize) to ~ for someone: Kima–iya ka to ni laisheza kwateni, ni katezi? who will come and help me shovel I am tired? fig to kick out: Ni ka ka laisheza kwande, I shall kick you out. int. -laisheleza (laishelelize) to I shovel out everything.

laisi, (ma-) n. Eng. rice.

laiti, (ma-) n. Eng. light, electric  lamp.


-laka (lakile) v.t. to arrive before someone, to leave someone behind: Kacenu mu ni lakile, today you arrived before me. der. takano. rec. -lakana (lakani) to race: Ha ni sabi ka lakana ni wena, l am not afraid of racing with you.

-lakata (lakatile) v.t. to walk, cov-ering long distances: Mute yo u la-katile manaha amanata, this man has travelled through many coun-tries. rel. -lakatela (lakatezi) to go On a long journey to a place: U lakatezi kwa Lusaka, he went on a long journey to Lusaka. caus. -la-katisa (lakatisize) to cause some-one to ~: Ni mu lakatiselize kwa Nalwamba kuli a yo nga mabisi, I ordered him to go to Nalwamba to get some milk.

-lakaza (lakalize) v.t. to desire, to wish. der. takazo. rel. -lakaleza (la-kalelize) to wish for someone: Ni mi lakaleza litohonolo, I wish you good luck. caus. -lakazisa (lakazi-size) to cause someone to desire; to entice, to seduce. stat. -lakazeha (lakazehile) to be desirable. ref. -itakaleza (itakalelize) to wish (one-self) to do something: Unomwaha ni itakaleza ka beleka, I wish to work for wages this year.

-lala1 (lalile) v.t. to mark out a plan (on the ground): ka lala ndu, to mark out the foundations of a house. der. mulali, mulalo, silaliso. rel. -lalela (lalezi) to ~ for some-one: Ni mu lalezi situngu sa hae, I have marked the place for his hut. caus. -lalisa (lalisize) to help to ~: Ni bata ya ka yo ni lalisa ndu ya ka, I am looking for someone to help me mark out a plan for my house.

-lala2 (lalile) v.t. to make the first cut in the skin of an animal. rel. -lalela (lalezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -lalisa (lalisize) to help some one to ~: To ni Valise komu ya ka, come and help me make the first cut in the skin of my cow.

-lala3 (labile) v.i. Luyana. to sleep.

-lalameza1 (lalamelize) v.t. to make a canoe go quickly: Mute yani ha li wa ka lalameza kakolo ka hae ki bunde, it is pleasant to see how that man makes his canoe go quickly.

-lalameza2 (lalamelize) v.t. to drink. all at one go: Lena ha li wa nwa ki ka lalamezafela, when he drinks, it is all at one go.

lale, dem. pron. (class: lima) 4th degree; that over there: Lilundu tale li kwahule luli, that mountain over there is really far away.

-laleka1 (lalekile) v.t. to induce a person maliciously to sleep (witch-craft). der. mulaleka.

-laleka2 (lalekile) v.t. to leave a fishing net in the water: Kacenu ni yo laleka kanyandi ka ka, today I am going to put my net in the water. rel. -lalekela (lalekezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -lalekisa (lale-kisize) to help someone to ~. freq. -lalekanga, to be accustomed to put a fishing net in the water: Ko ne ni lalekanga iiohola, unomaha ha ka zamai litapi, there is no sign of fish this year in the place where I used to put my net last year.

-lalela1 (lalezi) v.t. to ambush with the intention of killing someone: Ku lalela mute ka muhupulo wa ka

mu bulaya ka maswe hahulu, it is very bad to ambush with the inten-tion of killing somebody. der. mu-laleli. cf. -shokamena. rel. -lalelela (lalelezi) to ambush somewhere: Ba mu bulaezi kwa sibaka se ne ba mu lalelezi, they killed him where they intended to.

-lalela2 (lalezi) v.i. & v.t. to eat an evening meal, to supper Kinakoya  ka lalela, it is time to eat the even-| ing meal: to eat something in the evening Lu ka lalela sika ma–i kacenu? what shall we eat this l evening? der. mulalelo, Sikupamu-lalelo. caus. -lalelisa (lalelisize) to offer someone supper: Ka ka ni la-lelisa kacenu ki ma–i? who will offer me supper today?

-laliketa (laliketite) v.i. to plan for the next day Ni laliketa ka ya kwa Lusaka kamuso. I plan to go to Lusaka tomorrow

-lalulusa (lalulusize) v.t. to drink water or light beer after meals ref. -ltalulusa (italulusize) same mean-ing

-lamama (lamami) v.i. to be closely related: Na, ha ni sika lamama kwa lusika lwa bulena; I am not a member of the royal family. syn. -lamata.

-lamata (lamatile) v.t. same as lamama

-lamatela (lamatezi) v.t. to stick to, to adhere: Malamatwa a ni lamatezi maswe, grass seeds stuck to me ter-ribly caus. -lamateza (lamatelize) to cause to adhere. freq. -lamateka (lamatekile) to stick here and there: Mu sike mwa lamateka mas-waniso a sina tusoSa limota, do not stick useless pictures all over the wall inv. -lamutula (lamutuzi) to take off, to unglue: Mukamo u la-mutuzi maswaniso a ka pa Rota, humidity caused my pictures to come off the wall

-lamba1 (lambile) v.i. to fear, to shun: Tag ha i bona makanyani, ya Samba; a lion is full of fear when it sees wild-dogs rel. -lambela (lam-bezi) to shun for a reason: So bona lo lambela cwana, ki ka saba mif li-fli; it is the possibility of trouble that makes us fear like this caus. -lambisa (lambisize) to cause some one to fear: Se si mu lambisEze kacenu ki–i? what has frightened him today?

-lamba2 (lambile) v.t. to soil, to make a mess: U tokomele, mwanana yo u ta ka Samba masila; take care, this child will make a mess on you fig. to give a bad example to someone; to pass on a disease to someone: U ni lambile lukwekwe, he passed on scabies to me. freq. -lambaka (lam-bakile) to make a mess frequently. rec a) -lambakana (lambakani) to ) -lambakanya (lambakanyize) to make a mess frequently with liquid food or mud: Mu sike mwa lamba-kanya mikeke sileze, do not dirty the plates with mud. red. -lamba-lamba (lamba-lambile) fig to in-volve others in one's own troubles. ref. -ltamba (itambile) to soil one-self: U kene hande, u ka itamba kwa Upender come in carefully, mind the paint.

-lamba3 (lambile) v.t. (1) to plaster; (2) to rub: ka Samba mulyanifa luk-wekwe, to rub ointment on sca-bies. red. -lamba-lamba (lamba-lambile) to plaster or to rub ineffi-ciently; fig to cheat someone's hunger: Ba lo lamba-lambile fela kwa milomo, they did not give us enough to eat.

-lambana1 (lambani) v.i. to be well kneaded: Buhobe bo be lambani hande, this buhobe is well kneaded caus. -lambanisa (lamba-nisize) to cause to ~

-lambana2 (lambani) v.i. to be filled with (speaking of living creatures): Mwa simu ya ka ka lambani likomu, thete are a lot of cattle in my garden; Bate ba lambani mwa ndu ya bucwala, the becr-hall is full.

-lambakana (lambakani) v.i. to be numerous in various boats Bate ba lambakani mwa mikolo ya bona, the  people are crowding out in their boats caus. -lambakanya (lamba-kanyize) to put many people in various boats: U ba lambakanyize kaufela mwa mikolo ya bulena, he put them all in the state barges

-lambaula (lambauzi) v.t. to beat, to thrash severely rel. -lambaulela (lambaulezi) to beat for a good reason: Ba mu lambaulezi businyi bwa hae, they thrashed him for his misbehaviour caus. -lambaulisa (lambaulisize) to cause to thrash rec. -lambaulana (lambaulani) to come to blows: Zazi lelinwi, lu ka lambaulana bake–i samahaiii a hao; one day we shall come to blows because of your stubbornness ref. -itambaula (itambauzi) fig to repent, to blame oneself; to regret in one's old age wrongdoings of one's youth

-lambela (lambezi) v.t. to grasp by the arm (people) by the leg or horn (cattle) syn. -ndondwela, lotela. red. -lambela-lambela (lambela-lam-bezi) to ~ repeatedly: U sike wa lambela-lambela likomu li ta ka ho-logaza, do not annoy the cattle by grasping them continually by the horns (or legs) for they will harm you.

lambi (li-) n. Eng. lamp (also lampi)

-lambiliketa (lambiliketite) v.t. to pursue, to persist in causing some-one to get into mischief: U ni lam-biliketa kuli ni na ni kene mwa kozi ya hae, he is trying to have me blamed for his misdemeanours.

-lambuka (lambukile) v.i. to have a small bottom: Musali yo u lambu-kile hahalu, this lady has a small bottom.

lambu-lambu, adv. nakedly. sorrow-fully: Ha yo zwa mwa ndu, ki lambu-lambu u swabile, when she came  out of the house she was naked and sorrowful.

-lambuluka (lambulukile) v.i. to run swiftly. rel. -lambulukela (lambulu-kezi) to ~ somewhere: Nja ya ka i lambulukezi kwa mezi, my dog ran very quickly to the water.

-lambulula (lambuluzi) v.t. to wipe round a dish whilst eating (with . the fingers)

-lameka (lamekile) v.t. to stick to-gether, to paste: ka lameka sibala pa mukolo o luta, to put a piece of wood over a leak in a canoe; ka lameka sitempe, to put a stamp on an envelope. rel. -lamekela (lame-kezi) to ~ for someone: A ka ni la-mekele sitempefa linolo la ka, put a stamp on my letter. inv. (a) -lamuka (lamukile) to become uns-tuck; (b) -lamuna (lamuzi) to unglue; (c) -lamutuka (lamutukile) to become unstuck. d) -lamutula (lamutuzi) to unglue, to take off.

-lamuka (lamukile) v.i. to fly (speaking of many birds) to go in great numbers: Kacenu bate ba la- mukile ka bu–ata ka ya kwa kuta, today people went in great numbers to court, der. silamuko. rel. -lamukela (lamukezi) to go in great numbers towards. caus. -lamukisa (lamukisize) to cause to ~.

-lamulela (lamulezi) v.t. to separate fighting people, to deliver, to save, to defend: Ki kokunde ka lamulela bate ba ba lwana, it is a good thing to separate fighting people; Ba ilo lamuleka likomu kwa litau, they went to save the cattle from lions. der. mulamuleli, bulamuleli, mala-mulela. syn. -unela. caus. -lamule-lisa (lamulelisize) to help save. freq. lamulelanga to separate re-peatedly: Ku maswe ka lamulelanga linja ha li lwana, it is unwise to insist on separating fighting dogs.  ref. -itamulela (itamulezi) to de-liver oneself, to escape, to defend oneself: U itamulezi kwa tau, he es-caped from a lion.

-landala (landalile) v.i. to trickle down: Na bona myoko ya hae i lan-dala fafasi, I saw tears trickling down his face. fig. to take as proof what someone has said: Kuta i ilo landalafa bupaki bwa Nyambe, the court took Nyambe's statement as evidence.

-landamana (landamani or landama-nine) v.i. to run fast. syn. -mata, -kitima, -ndaamana. rel. -landama-nela (landamanezi) to run fast to-wards: U landamanezi kwa hae, he ran home very quickly. caus. -lan-damanisa (landamanisize) to chase.

-landameka (landamekile) v.t. to chase, to pursue. syn, -manama, -matisa, -shenja, -tongama. rel. -lan-damekela (landamekezi) to chase on behalf of someone.

landeka (landekile) v.t. to place charms in order to frighten thieves (rare). syn. -fundela.

-landuka (landukile) v.i. (1) to go without stopping: Mutu yani u lan-dukilefela mwa nzila, that man is going straight on without stopping. (2) to give evidence without any hesitation: Kana u ka ziba ku lan-duka hande sitetimende sa hao? will you be able to give your statement without faltering. caus. -landukisa (landukisize) to make straight, to stretch (rope).

-landula (landuzi) v.t. to make someone suffer for a long time (hunger): Tala i ni landuzi kacenu, I have suffered from hunger today. caus. -landulisa (landulisize) to cause to ~. ref. -ilandulisa (ilandu-lisize) to make oneself suffer much from hunger: Ki wena ya ilanduli-size tala ka mabomu, it is your own  fault that you are suffering from hunger.

-langana (langani or langanine) v.i. Luyana. to sleep. der. mulanga-nena. syn. -lobala, -lala.

-langeka (langekile) v.t. Luyana. to lay a child down to sleep: ku lang-eka mwana mundoo, to lay a child down to sleep in the house.

lani, dem. pron. (class: li-ma) 3rd degrce; that: Lifu lani li lu komoki-sEze kaufela, that death amazed us all.

lapa (also: lilapa) (ma-) n. yard (round the house, or in front of it); fence surrounding it. fig. people living in the house, family.

-lapa2 (lapile) v.i. to starve, to become hungry: Ba lapEle, they are hungry. caus. -lapisa (lapisize) to cause people to starve: Ni ya haesu, mulen'a ka wa ni lapisa, I am returning home, for my master is starving me. ref. -ltapisa (itapisize) to cause oneself to starve: lla ni koni ku itapisa, ba ba–wi bona inze ba pila hande; l am not prepared to starve myself when other~people are enjoying!

-lapalala1 (lapalezi or lapalalile) v.i. to lie stretched: A sa li ku lapalala fa mumbera, ha ikutwi hande, he is Iying on his bed, he is not feeling well. caus. (a)-lapalalisa (lapalali-size) to cause to ~: Se si mu lapala-lisa cwana ki tala, it is hunger that makes him lie down like this. (b) -lapalaza (lapalalize) fig. to kill. syn. -lapama.

-lapalala2 (lapalalile) v.t. to walk at a distance: Ni mu boni. u lapalalile fela ka nzila yani; I just saw him, walking along that path over there. caus. -lapalalisa (lapalalisize) to cause to ~. Se si mu lapalalisa cwalo ki busholi. he keeps his dis-tance because he is a known thief.


-lapalaza (lapalalize) v.t. to put down: Mu lapalaze muhalafafasi, lu bone butelele bwa ona; put the rope down, so that we may know its length.

-lapama (lapami or lapamile) v.i. to lie down unwell (through hunger or iliness). caus. -lapamisa (lapami-size) to cause to lie down. syn. -la-palala.

-lapela (lapezi) v.t. to pray, to plead, to adore, to worship. der. mulapeli, tapelo, tapelisiso, mulape-leli. rel. -lapelela (lapelezi) to pray for, to intercede. caus. -lapelisa (lapelisize) to cause someone to pray: Se si mu lapelisa cwalo ki ku tokwa tuso, it is his nced of help that makes him pray like this. int. -lapelisisa (lapelisisize) to pray with intensity, to besecch. rec. -lapele-lana (lapelelani) to pray for each other, to intercede mutually. freq. -lapelanga to have the habit of praying. red. -lapela-lapela (lapela-lapezi) to make prayer a meaning-less habit. ref. -itapelela (itapelezi) to pray for oneself.

-lapeleza (lapelelize) v.t. to ask someone earnestly to do some-thing for you: Tima ya ka i ta pala, haisi ha ni ta lapeleza ku ba likekele; my garden will not be cultivated unless I ask for the help of people who have ploughs.

-lasuka (lasukile) v.i. to dash. fig. to speak without restraint: U lasukile fela ku punya taba, ha sika nahana hande, he just jumped to a conclu-sion without thinking properly rel. -lasukela (lasukezi) to make a dash at Nja i mu lasukezi, i batile ku mu luma, a dog made a dash at him and nearly bit him. caus. -lasukisa (lasukisize) to cause to dash freq. -lasaula (lasauzi) to say many things heediessly: Ku lasaula litaba u sika  nahana hande, u ta kena mwa kozi; if you say things irresponsibly, you d will get into trouble

-lasula (lasuzi) v.t. to paddie strongly in order to make a canoe go quickly

-lata1 (latile) v.t. (1) to love, to like, to be fond of: Musali yani ki yo- munde, na mu lata; that lady is pretty (beautiful) I like her (2) to be willing: Ba ni hapeleza ku sebeza, kono ha ni /ati; they are forcing me to work, though I am not willing der. mulatiwa, lilato, tato, silati, muitati, buitato. rel. -latela (latezi) to love on account of: Ni mu latezi bunde bwa hae ni ku fuma kwa hae, I loved her because of her beauty and her wealth caus. -latisa (latisize) to cause to be fond of, to cause to love Bulumeli bu lu latisa batu kaufela, Christianity makes us love everyone. stat. --lateha (latehile) to be lovable, to be desirable rec. -latana (latani) to love each other freq. -latanga to be inclined to love: Ku lata ba ba sina butali ku tusa–i? what is the use of being attracted to people who are not clever? ref. -itata (ita-tile) to be selfish.

-lata2 (latile) v.t. (1) to throw away, to cast, to reject (2) to bury Lu zwa kwa ku lata mutu hona cwale fa, we have just buried somebody rel. -latela (latezi) to throw to, to throw for someone Yo ni latela matakala mwa katambi, go and throw the sweepings into the rub-bish pit for me caus. -latisa (lati-size) to help to cast stat. -lateha (latehile) (1) to become lost, to go astray: ngu ye latehile, the lost sheep. (2) to die: Ku latehile mutu mabani, someone died yesterday rel. -latehela (latehezi) to go away: komu: ni latehezi, I lost a cow, pass  -latehelwa (latehezwi) to lose (with agent 'ki') Nilatehezwikimwana, I lost a child. int. -latehelela (latehe-lezi) to be definitely lost: Poto/oto ya ka i latehelezi, my pencil is defi-nitely lost. caus. -latehisa (latehi-size) to cause someone to go astray: Mwanana kiyena ya ni late-hisize, it was a child who showed me the wrong way freq. -latanga to throw repeatedly. red. -lata-lata (lata-latile) to throw away now and then: Mu babalele libuka za mina, mu sike mwa li lata-latafela; take care of your books, do not throw them about carelessly. ref. -itatela (itatezi) to lose: Ki wena ya itatezi buka ya hao, you are respon-sible for the loss of your book late-lela to throw away for good, to throw away everything

-latelela (latelezi) v.t. to follow. der. mulateleli. cf. -tatama. fig. to keep up with mentally. rec. -latelelana (latelelani) to follow each other: Banana ba ba latelelana ka lilimo, these children are almost the same age; ku latelelana mwa nzila, to follow each other on the path freq. -latelelanga to have the habit of following: Ku latelelangafela ze ba bulela batu ku maswe, it is bad to accept what people say without discernment.

-latula (latuzi) v.t. to deny, to belie, to retract, to abjure: Mutu u maswe ku latula sa bulezi, it is bad for someone to retract; Yamaswe u tabela ba ba latula tumelo ya bona, the devil is fond of those who abjure. rel. -latulela (latulezi) to deny to: ku latulela mutu so na ni sona, to pretend to someone not to have something. caus. -latulisa (la-tulisize) to cause to deny Se si mu latulisEze lizwai inze a na ni lona ki butimani bwa hae, it was his stingi ness that made him refuse to give salt although he had some int. -la-tulelela (latulelezi) to deny empha-tically rec. -atulana (latulani) to repudiate each other; to go back on one's word to someone: Ku maswe batu ku latulana mwa mukowa wa bona, it is a bad thing for members of the same clan to deny each other cf. -hanana. req. -latulanga to deny occasionally. red. -latula-latula (latula-latuzi) to deny without good reasons: Wena u latula-latula jela u nz'o ziba hande kuli ki wena sisinyi, you deny your guilt without any reason, knowing full well that you are the wrong-doer. ref. -ltatula (itatuzi) to deny an accusation against oneself, to inculpate oneself.

-lauka (laukile) v.i. to fall down cf. -wa. fig. to die cf. -shwa: Ha sika kula u laukilefela, he was not ill, he just died suddenly

-laula1 (lauzi) v.t. to command troops, to dispose troops for the battle. der. mulauli.

-laula2 (lauzi) v.i. & v.t. to divine, to throw the divining bones Mwan'a hao ni ka mu laula kamuso, I shall throw the divining bones for your child tomorrow, Ku laula hakuna tuso, kikokunde ku sebelisa ngana divining is of no use, the use of in-telligence is better. der. mulauli, bulauli, taula, mulaulelo. syn. -she-buluka, -shashela. cf. -shetula. rel. -laulela (laulezi) to divine some-where; to divine for someone Ba ilo laulela kwa mushitu, they went to the forest for a divining cer-emony; ni ta yo ku laulela mwan'a hao kamuso, I shall throw the di-vining bones for your child tomor-row caus. -laulisa (laulisize) to assist a diviner, to divine with the intention of discovering the source  of the witchcraft Lu bate mukwa o lu ka mu laulisa ka ona, lu zibe kapa ki muloi: let us find a way to dis-cover whether he is a sorcerer or not freq. -laulanga to have the habit of divining: Ba ba–wi ba sinya mali ama–ata fa ku laula ze sina tuso; some people always waste a lot of money divining for trifling matters. red. -laula-laula (laula-lauzi) same meaning as freq. ref. -itaula (itauzi) to look for a diviner for oneself: Na kula, ni ta yo itaula kamuso; I am not well~ I shall look for a diviner to-morrow.

-launda (laundile) v.i. Eng. to take a walk, to go round red. -launda-launda (launda-laundile) to take a short walk: Ni launda-launda fela, ni tuha ni kuta; I am just going for a short walk, I shall soon be back.

-laya (layile) v.t. see: -laa.

-layule (1ayuzi) v.t. to beat severely rel. -layulela (layulezi) to punish somebody: Ba mu layulezi busholi bwa hae, they punished him for theft

-lazwa (lazwize) v.t. to lick, to taste Komu i lazwa namani ya yona, the cow is licking her calf. ref. -ltazwa (itazwize) to lick oneself Kaze ya itazwa, the cat is licking itself.

le, dem. pron.– (class: li-ma) l st degree, this litalo le. this skin.

-lea (keile) v.t. to sprain (see: -leya): Ni leile mwa noka, I have sprained my hip

-lebuha (lebuhile) v.i. Sotho. (less and less used) to show gratitude, thankfulness. der. tebuho. syn. -ltu-mela.

-leka (kekile) v.t. (1) to buy (2) to cost: Pulu ya hao i leka bukai? how much is your ox? der. muleki; muleko, teko. fig. exp: ku leka mu-lyani wa buloi, to buy witchcraft medicine rel. -lekela (lekezi) to buy  for someone: Ni mu lekezi kubo, I bought him a blanket caus. -lekisa (lekisize) to sell (see: lekisa): Maia hao u a lekisa bukai? at what price are you selling your eggs? int. -le-kelela (lekelezi) to buy up. rec. -le-kanga to be used to buying. inv. -lekulula (lekuluzi) to sell what one has bought Litapi ze ni lekile, ni hupula ku li lekulula, I wish to sell the fishes that I bought. red. -leka-leka (leka-lekile) to buy without discrimination. ref. -ltekela (ite-kezi) to buy for oneself

-leketa (leketile) v.i. to be loose Lu-kanda lwa ka lwa leketa, my belt is loose.

-leketa2 (leketile) v.t. to eat all and leave nothing for others: Ba leke-tile mwanSa wa ka kaufela, they have eaten all the manioc, leaving nothing for me. syn. -lendama.

lekete! interj. said of someone who intrudes suddenly: Ku kena cwalo lekete, ku maswe; bunde ki ku ngongotanga; it is wrong to rush uninvited into a house, the polite way is to knock at the door. cf polyo !

-lekisa (lekisize) v.t. to sell. der. mu-lekisi, bulekisi, tekiso. rel. -lekiseza (lekiselize) to sell for someone. int. -lekiseleza (lekiselelize) to sell all of one's goods. rec. -lekisana (leki-sani or lekisanile) to exchange things, to barter: ku lekisana mi-lyani ya buloi, to exchange know-ledge of witchcraft medicines freq. -lekisanga to have the habit of selling. red. -lekisa-lekisa (lekisa-lekisize) to have a small business ref. -ltekiseza (itekiselize) to sell for oneself

-lekula (lekuzi) v.t. to visit, to ask for news der. mulekuli, tekulo, te-kuliso. rel. -lekulela (lekulezi) to visit on behalf of somobody: Mu yo  ni lekulela mukuli wa ka, please go and visit that patient for me caus. -lekulisa (lekulisize) to send for news of a sick person, to tell some-one about one's own health U ye ku bo kuku wa hao, u yo ba lekulisa mo lu zuhezi, go to your grand-mother or grandfather and tell her him how we are today rec. -leku-lana (lekulani or lekulanile) to visit each other: Ku lekulana ki kokunde, it is a good thing to visit each other regularly freq. -lekulanga to visit frequently red. -lekula-lekula (lekula-lekuzi) to pay a short visit ref (fig) -itekula (itekuzi) to exa-mine one's inner self (introspec-tion): Mu itekule, mi mu ta ipona mu/atu, examine your inner self and you will find that you are guilty

-lela1 (lelile) v.t. to amuse, to play with der. muleli, sileliso. rel. -lelela (lelezi) to amuse someone's child; A mu ni lelele mwan'a ka, please amuse my child. freq. -lelanga of  often play with Mu no lelanga banana ka tokomelo, be careful when playing with children.

-lela2 (lelile) v.t. to plan, to plot der. muleli, mulelo, telo, telisano. rel. -lelela (lelezi) to plan to kill in some place Ba mu lelezi mwa mushitu, they planned to kill him in the forest caus. -lelisa (lelisize) to cause plans to be made to cause to plot rec. -lelisana (lelisani or le-lisanile) to plan together, to plot together against Ne lu lelisani ha lu toma sikolo se, we had planned to-gether when we founded this school; No lelisani ni maini ha u zwi-sEze mwanana kwa sikolo? who did you consult when you expelled the child from school? req. -lelanga to be inclined to plan or to plot.

-leleka (lelekile) v.t. to send away,  to dismiss; to divorce; to refuse to suckle any longer (animals) der. muleleki, teleko, telekano. syn. -lundula, -undula, cf. -zwisa. rel. -le-lekela (lelekezi) to send away to, to dismiss or divorce for a certain reason: Ba mu lelekezikwa Sesheke, they sent him away to Sesheke; U mu lelekezi buzwa, he divorced her because of her laziness caus. a) -lelekisa (lelekisize) to drive away, to dismiss, to pursue; b) -lelekisisa (lelekisisize) to cause to divorce: Ki wena ya ni lelekisisEze musali a ka. I have divorced my wife be-cause of you c) -lelekisana (leleki-sani) to chase one another. int. -le-lekelela (lelekelezi) to dismiss to divorce for good Ni mu lelekeiezi I divorced her for good rec. -lele-kana (lelekani or lelekanile) to di-vorce with mutual agreement. freq. -lelekanga to dismiss or to di-vorce frequently: Ha na pElu hande, yena, u lelekangaSela, he divorces frequently for he has no patience red. -leleka-leleka ( leleka-lelekile ) as freq. ref. (fig) -iteleka (itelekile) to alienate people: Ku maswe ku iteleka batu Sa mubili bakeisi sa ku ca, it is bad to alienate people be-cause of lack of good manners (in eating, etc.).

-lelema (lelemile) v.i. (1) to be light, soft, thin: Lisila le lifta ama–wi kwa ku lelema, this cloth is softer than other kinds. (2) to glide ku lelema inge noha, to glide as a snake syn. -lelumuka.

-leluka (lelukile) v.i. to be too light to thin: ,piza ye i lelukile hahulu, ha i na ku nga nako yetelele, this clay pot is too thin, it will soon break

-lelula1 (leluzi) v.t. to make light, thin Mu sike mwa lelula hahulu mabala ao, ha na ku tiya; do not plane these planks too thin, for  they will not be strong enough caus. -lelulisa (lelulisize) to cause to ~

-lelula2 (1eluzi) v.t. to cause a feeling of weakness and hunger (speaking of beer drunk on an empty sto-mach)

-lelumuka (lelumukile) v.i. to glide swiftly (as a snake) syn. -lelema. rel. -lelumukela (lelumukezi) to ~ towards: Tokomela noha, i lelumu-kezi ko ku wena; look out, a snake has just glided to your side.

-lema1 (lemile) v.t. to cut with an axe, to hew down, to feil der. mulemi. fig. to take a short-cut Mu lemeSela ka nzila ya libala, j ust take the short-cut of the plain syn. -tema ú cf. -puma ). rel. -lemela (lemezi) to fell for someone, to fell somewhere caus. -lemisa (lemi-size) to help to ~ der. silemiso int. -lemelela (lemelezi) to cut all rec. -lemana (lemani) to hurt one an-other with axes: Ba lemani ka lilepe, ne ba nwile; they hurt each other with axes because they were drunk freq. a) -lemanga to have the habit of cutting: Ki kabakalani ha ba lemanga likota zenyinyani ku siya zetuna? why do they fell small trees, leaving big ones? b) -lemaka (lemakile) to cut in pieces, to cut repeatedly: Muso u hanisa batu ku lemaka likora, the government pro-hibits indiscriminate cutting of trces red. -lema-lema (lema-lemile) to cut without discrimination ref. a) -itema (itemile) to cut oneself with an axe b) -itemela (itemezi) to fell for oneself Niyo itemela likota za ku ola, ni saba silami; I am going to cut some fire-wood, for I fear the cold.

-lema2 (lemile) v.i. to be pointed backwards or in opposite direc-tionS (horns) Komu ya ka, manaka  a yona a temile hande hahulu; my cow's horns gracefully point back-wards der. mulemelo. syn. -pon-dola.

-lemala ( lemezi ) v.i. to be accus-tomed; to be too familiar: Ba lemezi. it is their custom. der. -temalo. cf. -twaela. rel. -lemalela (lemalezi) to be accustomed to; to have disrespectful familiarity with: Ku lemalela ba bahulu ku maswe; familiarity with old people is im-polite caus. -lemaza (lemalize) to make familiar with to accustom: Bashemi ba sike ba iemaza bana ba bona mikwa yemaswe. parents shouid not acquaint their children with bad habits inv. -lemulula (le-muluzi) to get someone out of bad habits Mutu yo u lemalezi hahulu ku uzwa. ni ta mu lemulula. a tuhele mukwa o; this man is a highway robber, I shall turn him from his roguery.

-lema-lema (lema-lemile) v.t. Luyana. to touch indiscriminately. der. lilema-lema. syn. -swala-swala.

-lemba (lembile) v.i. (1) to keep the eyes open with difficulty; to avert the eyes because of one's bad be-haviour (2) to wink der. Iulemba. caus. -lembisa (lembisize) to put someone to shame: Se si mu lembi-sEze cwalo ki sika mani? what is it that shames him like this? freq. -lembaula (lembauzi) to look sad, heavily depressed

-lembeka (lembekile) v.i. to do noi-selessly in order to take by sur-prise der. Iulemba. syn. -nanalela. ref. -llembeka (ilembekile) to watch noiselessly with intention to take by surprise

-lembuluka (lembulukile) v.i. to escape from danger, to sneak away rel. -lembulukela (lembulu-kezi) to sneak to, to sneak in: U  lembulukezi kwa hae, he sneaked home caus. -kembulukisa (lembulu-kisize ) to cause to ~: Se si mu lem-bulukisize ki ka saba tolongo, it was the fear of prison that caused him to sneak away

lembu-lembu, adv. exp. meaning to shun danger (from -lembuluka): fit a lo yo kumbuluka, ki lembu-lembu ni mwa i/e; before we had time to realise, he had escaped from us

-lembutuka (lembutukile) v.i. to be sticky; to be fibrous Na, ha ni lati ka ca sico se si lembutuka; I don't like to eat gluey food fig. to be lazy: Mu sike mwa lembutuka cwalo, Frieze musebezi kapili; do not be so lazy, let us finish the work quickly rel. -lembutukela (lembutukezi) to spend one's time in laziness some-where U yo lembutukela koo, go away with your laziness. caus. -lembutukisa (lembutukisize) to cause to be lazy

-lembwala (lembwalile) v.i. to be silent and depressed, to be dis-traught with sorrow (death, mis-fortune, etc. ) caus. -lembwalisa (lembwalisize) to cause to ~: Se si mu lembwalisize cwalo ki life la mwan'a hae, it is his child's death that made him so sad

-lemuha (lemuhile) v.t. to observe, to notice Mu mu lemuhe, ki lisholi; take note of him for he is a thief der. temuho, temuso. rel. -lemuhela (lemuhezi) to notice: Ni mu lemu-hezifa komu va na bata ka uzwa, I discovered who he was when he almost stole that cow caus. -lemusa (lemusize) to draw somebo-dy's attention, to advise, to give notice U lemuse Bo maho kuli lo ta to ba potela kamuso, tell your mother that we shall come and visit her tomorrow stat. -lemuseha  (lemusehile) to be observed, no- ticed: Mu tokomele kuli mu zamaye hande, mu sike mwa lemuseha kwa bats; ensure that you go carefully in order not to be seen by people freq. -lemuhanga to observe, to notice quickly: Mute yo u lemu- hanga cwaini lika kapili? how does this man notice things so quickly? ref. -itemuhela (itemuhezi) to ob- serve by oneself, to notice by one- self

-lemuna (lemuzi) v.t. to revive somebody, to cure

lemune (ma-) n. Eng. lemon

-lena (lenile) v.i. to live an easy life: Yani wa Lena, u pita hande; that man is lucky, he lives an easy life der. mulena, bulena, kalenalena.

-lenda (lendile) v.i. to fly high up in the sky: Fulai i lendile hahulu, the plane is flying very high cf. - yunga. rel. -lendela (lendezi) to di- sappear into the sky Fulai i se i ilo lendela kwahule, ha i sa bonahala; the plane has disappeared into the sky, it is no longer visible. caus. - lendisa (lendisize) to cause to fly very high rec. -lendana (lendani) to fly very high. caus. -lendanisa (len- danisize) to cause to fly very high

-lendama (lendami or lendamile) v.t. to eat all and leave nothing for others syn. -leketa.

-lendauka (lendaukile) v.i. to be torn into pieces (cloth, etc ) der. malenda. syn. -pazauha.

-lengal (lengile) v.t. (1) to strike Pula i lengile kota ya musheshe, lightning struck the musheshe, tree (2) to strike U mu lengile madame, ki kale a shwa; he killed him with a stick (3) to eat (dogs etc. ): Nja i lenga masapo, the dog is gnawing bones (4) to break 5 through Tag ilengilemulaka, a lion broke through into the kraal, (5) to  cut a new road: Ba lengile muk-wakwa omunca, they cut a new road red -lengela (lengezi) to strike somewhere caus. -lengisa (lengi-size) to cause to strike. ref. -ltenga (itengile) to strike or hit oneself (accidentally) Ni itengile kwa sik-walo, I hurt myself against the door fig. Ne ni itengile mushitu om-utuna, na bata ka shwela mwateini li-nvolwa; I had entered a large forest, I nearly died of thirst

-lenga2 (lengile) v.i. (1) to feel pain Mwa toho ya ka kwa lenga, l have a headache (2) to be cold: Mezi a lenga, the water is very cold (3) to be empty: Ki ma ka lenga! there is nothing left!

-lenga3 (lengile) v.t. to stamp grain for the first time der. mulengo. cf. -bundulula. caus. -lengisa (lengisize) to help to~

-lengelela (lengelezi) v.i. to be hang-ing down Liyaleto za litaha li lenge-lela kwa mataka, the nests of the weaver birds hang down from the reeds syn. -lepelela.

-lenguka (lengukile) v.i. to be very hot (sun) Lizazi la mbumbi li akufa ka lenguka tsar kakusasana; during the late springs the sun becomes hot very early in the morning syn. -nzeluka.

-lengutula (lengutuzi) v.t. to gnaw bones syn. -lenga.

-lenjanga (lenjangile) v.i. to walk slowly and sadly rel. lenjangela (lenjangezi) to ~ towards: U len-jangezi kwa hae ha zwile mwa sipa-tela, when he left the hospital he dragged himself home caus. -len-jangisa (lenjangisize) to cause to ~ Se si mu lenjangisa swab ki ka kula, it is his sickness that makes him walk slowly like this.

lee, dem. pron. (class: li-ma) 2nd  degree: that: Libubo leo, that repu-tation

lepelela1 (lepelezi) v.i. to be hanging down syn. -lengelela. fig. to be weak through hunger or illness If a Utile mwa mushitu ki ka lepelela bakeXii sa tala, when he came back from the forest he was very weak through hunger

-lepelela2 (lepelezi) v.i. to be almost set (the sun): Lizazi se li lepelela, li tuha li likela; the sun is sinking and will soon disappear cf. -likela.

-leta1 (letile) v.i. wilt, wither to be stunted, to be hindered from growing za ka li letile baker sa silami, my flowers are stunted due to the cold weather syn. -nyana, -letuka. caus. -letisa (letisize) to stunt, to hinder from growmg.

-leta2 (letile) v.t. to make wealthy llakuna se si leta mute konSi komu, nothing really makes the people wealthy apart from cattle

-letuka (letukile) v.i. to wither, to wilt to fade, to languish: Milohoya ka i letukile, my vegetables are withering syn. beta, -nyana. fig. to faint Ni mu sidle sa letukile habeli, he had already fainted twice when l left him caus. -letukisa (letuki-size) or-letula (letuzi) to cause to ~.

-leuka1 (leukile) v.i. to be sprained: Mbumba ya hae i leukile, his knee-cap is sprained syn. -leya, -mo-nyoka.

-leuka2 (leukile) v.i. to catch a fleet-ing glance of: Ni boni mute ya leu-kile fa; I saw somebody passing there (but I do not know who it was) der. muleukela.

Lewanika, pers. n. Name of the most powerful and respected king of the Malozi This name so ap-propriately given to hims means:  the one who brings together people of different tribes Also spelt Liwanika.

-leyal (leyile) v.t. to sprain (ankle, hip, wrists etc ..) syn. -kweta, -monyona.

-leya2 (leyile) v.t. Luyana. to give birth syn. -pepa, -zwala.

li, sing. pref. (class: li-ma): plur. pref (class si-li and (i) - li).

li, sing. pron. (class li-ma); plur. pron. (class: si-li and (i) - li)

-li(ize) v.t. to say, to mean U lini? what do you say? what do you mean? U ize kuli hakuna musebezi he said that there was no work

liako (ma-) n. ear of corn (maize or kaffir corn).

liamangwa (bo-) n. Luyana. thief who cannot be arrested

liamba-amba, n. habit of chattering U na ni liamba-amba wena, you are a chatter-box; jabbering which causes trouble: Mu tuhele liamba-amba, mu ka kena mwa kozi; stop your heated arguments, or you will get into trouble.

liamba (ma-) n. kind of grass.

Liambai, n. The Zambezi River.

liambakula, n. a very important matter

liamba-wima, n. way of speaking the truth without hesitation.

liambombola (bo-) n. talkative person, chatter-box syn. sibua-bui.

-liamena (liamezi) v.i. to look up-wards fig. to drink: ka liamena mwa komoki, to drink up to the last drop

lianda (ma-) n. bundle of vegetables (etc ) tied with grass Lianda la ngulu, a bundle of sweet potatoes

liandandwa (ma-) n. Wattled Plover (bird).

lianduandu (ma-) n. candelabra tree (euphorbia ingens)

liangamba (boa) n. outer part of the  Litunga's yard.

-liangana (liangani or lianganile) v.i. to be unable to make up one's mind der. malyanganda, lianganisi, cfi -njangana. caus. -lianganisa (lianganisize) to lead astray: U bulela hahulu, u ta ni lianganisa; you speak too much, you will lead me astray. ref. -ltianganisa (itiang-anisize) to avoid speaking the truth when asked to do so U sike ma itianganisa, u bulele niti fela. don't hedge, just tell the truth ! cf. -picauka.

-lianganga (liangangile) v.i. to be overcome with sadness, loneliness der. malianganga.

lianganisi, n. confusion, manner of making someone not to know which way to turn Ba mu isize mwa lianganisi, hakuna safumanifa litapi za Rae; he made no profit out of his fish, people have tricked (from: -liangana).

lyangasitu (ma-) n. an extensive forest.

liango (mango) n. a charm believed to protect a person from croco-diles, thunderbolts, lions, etc : bundle of charms placed some-where to frighten thieves cf. si-funda.

liangunda (bo-) n. Luyana. big Afri-can axe with mubako wood handle

-liangunuka (liangunukile) v.i. to change one's mind too easily, to be compliant, to be unable to come to the point der. silyangu, muliangunuki. cfi -liangana. caus. -liangunukisa (liangunukisize) to drive somebody mad: matokwani a liangunukisize bate ba banata. hemp drove many people insane ref. -ltiangunu kisa ( itiangunukisize ) to avoid speaking the truth when asked to do so

lyano (ma-) n. a plan thought up to  fix somebody Ku tingela mute Iyano ka bunolo, it is easy to trap somebody

lianyi (ma-) n. large spark. cf. linani.

liapamukenenwa, n. early part of a fine morning

liapeelo (ma-) n. place where food is being cooked. (mostly used in plural)

Lyatamanyi, n. March (sce: kweli)

-liateta (liatetile or liatetite) v.t. (1) to feed forcibly (2) to gather many people in a small house ref. -ilia-teta (iliatetike or iliatetite) (1) to everfill oneself with food (2) to get into a house in great number and fill it up

-liba (libile) v.i. to go towards, to direct one's step: Ko u libile ki kakai? where are you going? caus.

-libisa (libisize) to cause to go somewhere, to direct someone. rec. Ribena (libani) to come face to face, to face each other fig. to face a danger ka libana ni tag to come face to face with a lion.

libaka (ma-) n. reason, cause

libako (ma-) n. molar tooth

libala1 (ma-) n;aplain fig.exp. kuya kwa libala, to go to stool.

libala2 (ma-) n. plank

-libala3 (libezi) v.t. to forget, to omit, to neglect der, mulibali, bulibali, tibalo. syn. -timelelwa. rel. -libalela (libalezi) to forget a thing in a cer-tain place: Ni libalezi ’ka ya ka mwa mukotana kwa hae; I forgot my book, which was in a handbag, at home. caus. -libalisa (libalisize) to cause to forget freq. -libalanga to be inclined to forget red. -libala-libala (libala-libezi) as freq: Mute yo u libala-libala fela, this man forgets easily. ref. -ltibala (iti-bezi) to be careless, forgetful: Mu itibezi cwani, ne mu na ni ka zuha kalJili? why are you late, you were  supposed to wake early.

libalala (ma-) n. very pretty person. Iibalelo (ma-) n. lath (same as luba-lelo), ceiling lath (from: -balela).

libali1 (ma-) n. bigamy, polygamy: id nyezi libali, he has more than one wife. syn. Iifata.

libali2 (ma-) n. scar left by a healed skin disease. cf. si–iba.

limbambiso (ma-) n. anything used for tying. (from: -bamba). cf. sib-ambiso.

libanambanda ( ma-) n. somebody who frequently visits the Capital.

libanda1 (ma-) n. state of being an only child: So ki mwan'a ka wa li-banda ye ni Data, this is my only child whom I love.

libanda2 (ma-) n. kind of bird (Wattled Crane) syn. mupuzwa.

libandangi (ma-) n. one who usually escapes charges made against him. Iibandayo (ma-) n. small hatchet used to give the finishing touches to wood carvings.

libando (ma-) n. scar, mark of abscess or wound on the head.

libanga (ma-) n. entrance to the outer part of the Litunga's yard ( liangamba ).

libapalelo (ma-) n. playground. (from: -bapala).

libato (ma-) n. proposal of mar-riage. (from: -beta). cf. lisinga.

libe (ma-) n. the blade of a paddle.

libebe (bo-) n. rain-maker: Munum-waha pula ki ya libebe, i buhali hahulu; the rain is torrential this year, it might be due to the rain-maker.

libeela (ma-) n. poison (witchcraft) (from: -bea).

libeko (ma-) n. small iron spatula once used for nose cleaning.

libeleko (ma-) n. file, rasp. (from: -beleka ).

-libelela (libelezi) v.t. to wait for, to  expect, to watch der. mulibeleli, ti-belelo, bulibeleli, tibelelano. caus. -libelelisa (libelelisize) to assist in watching. rec. -libelelana (libele-lani) to expect each other; to make the first step; to wait for one another Ba libelelani nako yetelele kuli ba nyalane, they both have waited a long time before com-pleting their marriage negotia-tions. freq. -libelelanga to be in the habit of watching

libelenge (ma-) n. a head-cold.

libelete (ma-) n. prostitute, harlot

libeteka (ma-) n. deep gully in a river fig. liar (from -beteka).

libetelo (ma-) n. carpenter's work-shop (from -beta).

libetuka, n. loitering, dawdling

-libi (ma-) n. rotten fish.

libila (ma-) n. kind of worm be-lieved to have the power of meta-morphosing itself (witchcraft): U cile libila la tau, he took a drug (worm) which gave him the power of a lion. fig. child resembling either his father or mother

libindo (ma-) n. a skin worn as a lion-cloth fig. person left behind in a competition, unsuccessful candidate at an examination.

libinelo (ma-) n. recreation hall.

libita (ma-) n. grave, tomb

libiwa, n. luck in obtaining things.

libizo (ma-) n. name libizo la sisomo, nickname; ya sina libizo, anonymous (from -biza).

libobo (ma-) n. bush baby (Lemur)

libofo (ma-) n. bond. fig. exp. Ni mwa libofo la mulatu omutuna, I am ensnared by my wicked deeds.

libombolwa (ma-) n. kind of ant fig. a fair and calm person

libono-bono or libonwa-bonwa (ma-) n. castor-oil tree

libuba1 (ma-) n. horse-fly, gadfly.

libuba2 (ma-) n. a short-cut made by  a river when overflowing cf. sibuba.

libubo, n. renown, fame, repu- ' tation (from:-bubana).

libuku1 (ma-) n. worm. fig. a person 7 resembling his father or mother

libuku2, n. despoliation, had habit of despoiling people. (from: -bukula). exploitation.

libukuta, n. mutual chiding

libulo (ma-) n. hole made in a layer of grass on water, where barbel fish are to be killed

libulukelo (ma-) n. something in which to keep goods of value; a safe cf. pulukelo; sibulukelo.

libulwa (ma-) n. dead tree without bark.

libumbu (ma-) n. cluster of trces, grove, copse

libumbu-andinde (ma-) n. Luyana. a garden with cluster of trces

libumbuywa (ma-) n. deserted house, desolate place

libumu (ma-) n. pain caused by blow from hand or fist

libunda (ma-) n. heap, pile, hoard mabunda-bunda, heaps and heaps (from: -bundama). syn. silinda.

libutelo (ma-) n. place where cattle lie down (from: -buta).

libuto (ma-) n. a member of the Li-tunga's guard (from: -buta).

libuu (ma-) n. whirlpool, eddy syn. masetela.

licaka-caka (ma-) n. large flat seeds of the flamboyant trce

licakana (ma-) n. calabash pipe: kwaiya licakana, smoking tobacco

licekecani (ma-) n. sling

licencetwa (ma-) n. Ioose woman

licenka (ma-) n. a squinting eye: mutu wa macenka, squinter

licenkenene (ma-) n. kind of large white ant fig. a beautiful, tall, stout woman.


lici, n. pl. pests eat•ng and spoiling food

licibi (ma-) n. a lunap in food.

licika (ma-) n. a half-full container: sizuma sa licika, half-full basket (from: -cikimana).

licikwi (ma-) n. spur-winged goose syn. Iyokwe.

licila (ma-) n. Luyana. small kind of pumpkin syn. Iilaka.

licimana, n. manner of approaching in order to see sonnething. (from: -cimana). syn. Iishashamana.

licipa (ma-) n. green ear of maize.

licolocolo (ma-) n. tall young man.

licwe (ma-) n. stone, grinding stone fig. a strong person: Mutu yo ki licwe kwa tata, this man is as hard as stone a heavy load: Mutiyo wo kwa bukiti ki licwe, this load is as heavy as a stone.

liebela' n. a beautiful person (mostly woman) (from: -ebela).

lielele, n. place exposed to the wind, house without a protecting yard

liemba (ma-) n. canoe not quite cornpleted

liembatama, n. slander: Mutu yo ha tokwi liembatama mwa libaka za batu, this man is well known for liStening in to c onversations so that he can spread gossip. (from: -embama ).

liembe1 (ma-) n. green pigeon

liembe2 (ma-) n. piece of bark taken from a tree in order to make medi-cines

liendanzila' n. Luyana. passer-by. syn. Iifitanzila.

lienga, n. the Litunga's kitchen

lienge (ma-) n. saliva. syn. mati.

lieto (ma-) n. Sotho. journey: Ha ba yv, ba mwa lieto; they are away on a journey syn. musipili, Iuendo. Iieya, n. place covered with hot ashe5 and hidden embers. fig.  hidden dissatisfaction (from -eya).

lifal, n. inheritance: U cilelifalanda-tahe, he inherited from his father (see: mucalifa).

lifa2 (lifile) v.t. to pay a debt or a fine. der. mulifi' tifo. rel. -lifela (lifezi) to pay for: U lifezi mulatu wa hae kwatuko, he settled his case and paid privately. cause. -lifisa (li-fisize) to fine. rec. -lifisana (lifi-sani) to make a charge against each other: Batu ha ba yahile hamoho ku maswe ku lif sana, bunde ki ku swalelana, it is good for people living together to forgive each other and not to render evil for evil (to make a charge against each other). freq. -lifanga to fre-quently pay a fine: Ku maswe matu yo muhulu ku no lifanga milatu ye lukela banana, it is bad for a mature person to be continually fined for juvenile offences. ref. -lti-fela (itifezi) to pay for oneself.

lifafata, n. act of roving, of visiting people excessively.

lifalingi (ma-) n. very light ligneous grass tied to fishing nets to keep them afloat.

lifanga, n. a family which is dying out.

lifasi (ma-) n. the earth; world; country` mankind. idiom. exp: Lifasi li ni tutezi, li ni yemezi ka me-hautu; I am at my wit's end, would that the earth would swallow me up!

lifatal (ma-) n. forked branch. fig. twin: bana ba mafata, twins.

lifata2 (ma-) n. bald forehead.

lifata3 (ma-) n. bigamy, polygamy. syn. libali.

lifela, n. useless thing: Mu sike mwa bilaela ka za mali, ki za lifela; do not worry about money, it is a use-less thing. (from: -fela).

 lifele (ma-) n. moth, also cock-roach

lifi? inter. pron. (class: li-ma) sing, which?: Licwe lift? which stone? (class: si-li) pi, which ones?: Lilabo lifi? which paddles? (class: (i) hi) pl. which ones? Lipizi lifi? which horses?

lififi (ma-) n. darkness fig. ignor- | ance, superstituion: Mute yo u sa li ] mwa liffi, this person is still very 1 ignorant. syn. bunsu, milema, I simbwi (from:-fifala).

lifitanziia (ma-) n. passer-by syn. liendanzila.

lifitelo, n. arrival: Lena, isalifa lifi- F telo, sa kalisa ka lwana; no sooner had that man arrived than he started fighting.

lifu (ma-) n. death U shwile life la Nyambe, he died a natural death

lifufal, n. conjugal jealousy

lifufa2 (ma-) n. wing (of a brid)

lifulo (ma-) n. scum, froth, froam syn. lufulo.

lifunda, n. old practice of stealing from a relative without getting into trouble (from: -funda).

lifunduko, n. habit of being late when starting a journey syn. lifu-wafuwa.

lifunga, n. raid to procure slaves, razzia (from -funga).

lifungeb (ma-) n. place where cattle are tied up.

lifunjo (ma-) n. see: mafunjo.

lifuta (ma-) n. pregnant animal (esp cattle).

lifuti (ma-) n. small hole prepared for maize seeds when sowing syn. litina.

lifuto (ma-) n. knot (in string) syn. linungo.

lifuwa-fuwa, n. habit of being late when starting a journey syn. lifun-duko.

lifwekelo (ma-) n. landing place,  harbour, quay-side. (from: -fweka).

lihaha (ma-) n. Sotho. cave, cavern

lihakabe (ma-) n. crow, raven, rook syn. Ii–walala. fig. liar

lihalaupa (ma-) n. barren land, waste region, desert.

lihalimu (ma-) e. sky, the heavens fig. lightning, thunderbolt: U leng-ilwe ki lihalimu, he was struck by lightning.

lihanu (ma-) n. the inside of the mouth cf. hanu.

lihapu (ma-) n. water-melon.

lihata (ma-) n. liar, tale-bearer, slanderer

lihaulo (ma-) n. opening in a house wall, window

lihele, n. Eng. hell

lihelehele (ma-) n. treacherous person, rascal

lihemele (ma-) n. a big bucket.

lihenganywa (ma-) n. adulterer, ad-ulteress

liheta (ma-) n. shoulder

lihihili (ma-) n. shoulder-blade (sca-pula)

lihilihili (ma-) n. cartilage lump of clay in water

lihobohobo (ma-) n. a very tall person, giant.

lihoha, n. action of pulling canoes in shallow water or currents: Se lo fitile kwa libuba cwale lo to nyanda kwa lihoha-hoha la mikolo, we have reached the rapids, now we shall have a hard time in pulling the canoes

lihoho (ma-) n. rim of crust sticking to the inside of a pot syn. Iikolola. Iihula (ma-) n. abandoned field in a forest clearing fig. a woman of mature age who has been married to many men

lihule (ma-) n. prostitute, harlot.

lihuluhulu (ma-) n. edible fruit of the muhuluhulu tree.


lihutu (ma-) n. (1) foot, leg, paw; (2) wheel (wagon, car, etc. . .) /ihutu la koloi, wagon wheel.

lifwafa (ma-) n. arm-pit. syn. Iif-wafa.

lihwahwa (ma-) n. fruit of the muh-wahwa tree

lihwatata (ma-) n. large shallow de-pression on a plain.

lii (ma-) n. egg.

liiba (ma-) n. dove fig. person who does not keep secrets.

liiko, n. the act of going astray: U ire Seiko ka bumaswe bwa Rae, his bad conduct made him go astray liila (ma-) n. hole in which iron ore is melted.

liimba, n. singing; women dance welcoming the Litunga

liinelo (ma-) n. seat, rank: Ka, ha ni na Dinero mwa Kuta; I have no status in the Court.

liinyaka, n. self-admiration.

liito (meeta) n. eye fig. representa-tive: Ngete ki yene meeto a ka. so and so is my representative

-lika1 (likile) v.t. (1) to try, to at-tempt, to venture; (2) to tempt, to induce; (3) to test, to taste. sp. exp.: ka lika ka tata. to endeavour, to strive, to do one's best der. muliki, muliko, tiko. rel. -likela (likezi) to try out something for a person, to taste for someone: A mu yo ni likela kwa mwanja wo, can you taste that manioc for me. freq. -li-kanga to try again and again. red. -lika-lika (lika-likile) to try without enthusiasm to hesitate, to waver. caus. -lika-likisa (lika-likisize) to waste someone's time: U side wa lika~likisa mute cwalo, To ya kwa-hale; we are going far away, so do not delay us ref. -ltika (itikile) to try one's best, to try one's ability

-lika2 (likile) e.i. to gallop syn. -likitae rel. -likela (liked) to gallop  towards caus. -likisa (likisize) to cause to gallop: Se si likisa pizi cwalo ki ka bata ka yo ca. it is the horse's urge for food that makes it gallop like this.

likaba (ma-) n. quarrel, misunder-standing, squabble. (from: -kabana ).

likaka (ma-) n. guinea-fowl.

likakakumba (ma-) n. poor quality bark for making ropes.

likakalapa (ma-) n. scale (of rep-tiles): makakalapa a kwena, croco-dile scales. (see: liyayu).

likakalinyateli (ma-) n. bastard.

likakamba, n. way of going unin-vited to a place. syn. Iikokomba.

likakambisa, n. way of going unin-vited to a place with things not asked for: Wena u na ni likakambisa hahulu; bupi bo u be isa kai? how dare you bring this here; where are you going with that meal? -likala (ma-) n. Luyana. coal.

likalala (ma-) n. way of grabbing something: U Agile mukeke ma ka ka makalala, he forcibly grabbed my plate.

likalama (ma-) n. imprudence.

likalata (ma-) n. Eng. playing-card. (clubs: kacacani- diamond: kalumo or katana; heart: mupusi; spade: sikopo).

likamba (ma-) n. bank, shore, beach, landing place: likamba la liwate, sea coast; fa likamba, ashore. fig. exp: ka wiseza taba li-kamba, to come to a decision.

likambi )ma-) n. sugar-cane waste. (from: -kambula).

likana1, n. contrariness of women which causes marriages to col-lapse: Ki butoto ka nyala musaliyo u ziba kuli ki wa likana, it is stupid to marry a woman who is very con-trary.

-likana2 (likani) v.i. to be enough, to  be sufficient: Ku likani, it is enough, that will do; to be equal, to be of the same size der. muli-kani, silikani, bulikani. rel. -lika-nela (likanezi) to be enough for: Lico li likani baenyi ni luna, the food is sufficient for us and our visitors caus. -likanya (likanyize) (1) to equalize, to weigh, to measure; (2) to estimate, to judge, to suppose, to compare, to de-scribe, to represent (see: -lika-nya). int. -likanelela (likanelezi) to be quite equal, to be quite suffi-cient, to be of the same length or height: Batu bao ba likanelela kwa tuto, these people have the same standard of education; Lico li ba li-kanelezi kaufela, the food was more than sufficient for them all; Mabala ao a likanelela. these planks are of the same length ref. -ltikanela (itikanezi) to have good proportions: U itikanezi mubili hande, he has a well proportioned body.

likande (ma-) n. a friendly talk

likando (ma-) n. trouble, affliction difficulty, fix. (from: -nyanda).

likanganjamba (ma-) n. hornet cf. Iilao.

likangate, n. puzzling matter, inso-luble problem (from: -kangana). fig. someone surpassing others in one way or another.

likangabalozhi (bo-) n. Luvale. person imune to witchcraft power

likango (ma-) n. slag, dross, scoria.

likanya (likanyize) v.t. (1) to equa-lize, to weigh, to measure (2) to estimate, to judge, to suppose, to compare, to describe, to rep-resent der. tikanyo. syn. -kakanya. rel. -likanyeza (likanyelize) (1) to share equally: Mufe batu bupi ka ku ba likanyeza hande, give the people equal shares of meal (2) to esti mate for, to describe to. caus. -li-kanyisa (likanyisize) ( l ) to order to measure; (2) to compare; to imi-tate, to mimic; to retaliate freq. -likanyanga to make suppositions U. sike wa no likanyanga likafela, u sa li zibi hande; do not make thoughtless suppositionswhen you are ignorant of things ref. a) -iti-kanya (itikanyize) to try on clothes (esp a dress): A mu to itikanya mwa ndelesi mo, come and try on this dress b) -itikanyeza (itikanyelize) (1) to measure oneself (height, etc ...): Mina ba sƒpalo, mu to itika-nyeza fa sikala fa; you recruits, come and be weighed (also be measured for height). (2) to com-pare oneself to others: U sike wa itikanyeza kwa Malen'a hao, do not compare yourself with those in authority over you

lika–i, n. pl. disputes. (from: -kanana ).

likapa (ma-) n. a tin (container).

likapi (ma-) n. shell, bark, peel, rind, husk likapi la lino, the enamel of a tooth; likapi la noha, snake's skin after being shed.

likasa-kasa, n. habit of touching everything cf. Iiswala-swala.

likato1 (ma-) n. big portion of cooked mealie-meal. syn. Iimpule.

likato2 (ma-) n. lion's footprint

likaya, n. Luyana. snuff, tobacco

likayamana, n. extreme difficulty (fro m -kayamana ).

like, n. slimy or sticky substance (on fish, etc . ) sp. exp.: Mutu yo u nunka like la litapi, this man has a smell of fish

likeka (ma-) n. kind of very sharp grass fig. deceitful person cf. ka-bemba.

-likela (likezi) v.i. to set (sun, moon, stars) der. malikelelo. bulikelelo. rel. -likelela (likelezi) to disappear:  Mu zamaye ka tata, mu sike mwa likelelwa ki lizazifa nzila; hurry up ! don't be on the road when the sun sets caus, -likeleza (likelelize) to drive or force in, to sink Mu sike mwa likeleza hahulu misumo mwa mubu. do not drive the poles too far into the ground red, -likela-likela (likela-likezi) to set early: Lizazi la maliha li likela-likelafela, the sun sets very early in winter

likeela, n. (used adverbially) care-lessness: Mu sike mwa no latanga fela likomu likeela, stop sending the cattle for grazing without the cow-boy (from:-keela).

likele (ma-) n. papyrus mat

likelekeshe (ma-) n. inveterate thief syn. Iilengwami, lilendele, liye-pandu, etc ...

likendende (ma-) n. kind of ante-lope

likendu (ma-) n. reproach, rebuke

likena, n. kind of grass used to make mattresses or cushions

likepe (ma-) n. page (of a book).

likesani (ma-) n. edible tuberous plant growing in shallow water

likesha' n. habit of shirking work (from: -keshebisa): U tuhele likesha la hao fa musebezi, do not shirk your work

likesha-mabanda (ma-) n. person always on travels..

liketiso (ma-) n. (1) tribute, common gift. (2) voting by ballot. (see liketo) (from: -keta).

liketo (ma-) n. voting by ballot (from: -keta).

likeya-keya, n. kindness. playful-nesS,

likishi1 (ma-) n. masks masked personw dancer

likishi2 (ma-) n. demoniacal power of a spirit believed to act under the will of a witchdoctor. syn. ka-nenga.


-likita1 (likitile) v.t. to punch some-one repeatedly, unmercifully. syn. -titika. rel. -likitela (likitezi) to hit someone purposefully: Ba mu liki-tezi busholi bwa hae, they beat him unmercifully because of his thiev-ing. caus. -likitisa (likitisize) to help, to cause to be beaten repeat-edly: Kacenu mu to lu likitisa kwa milupa ya luna, come and help us to beat the drums today; Ki wena ya lu likitisize batu, it is your fault that we have been beaten up by the people.

-likita2 (likitile) v.i, to gallop, to run fast (man). syn. -lika. rel. -likitela (likitezi) to run or to hurry to-wards: U likitezi kwa Mabumbu kacenu busihu, he went very hur-riedly to Mabumbu last night. caus. -likitisa (likitisize) to cause to run.

-liko (ma-) n. bend of a river, meander; curving of a sand belt. cf. siko.

likobe, n. pl. boiled grains of maize, samp.

likocokile (bo-) n. a person well shaped (in reference to his nape); a long-headed person. (from: -kocoka ).

likoka (ma-) n. long rope tied to a restive animal (esp. cattle).

likoko (ma-) n. stubble of kaffir-corn beginning to grow again after harvest.

likokoma (ma-) n. small snuff-holder.

likokomba, n. way of going unin-vited to a place. syn. Iikakamba.

likokombisa, n. (see: likakambisa) likokoshola, n. manner of bringing troubles on others or upon one-self.

likokota, n. abusive tendency of knocking at the door.


likola–unyi (ma-) n. kind of cater-pillar

likolo1 (ma-) n. woman in charge of one of the Litunga's outhouses called Makolo.

likolo2 (ma-) n. swollen eyelid

likolo3 (ma-) n. (1) group of people under the leadership of a council-lor; (2) regiment: Likolo la Solami ne li Mooka, the group of people under the leadership of Solami was called Mooka.

likolola (ma-) n. great white egret. Iikolola2 (ma-) n. rim of crust stick-ing to the inside of a pot. syn. Iihoho.

likolombisa, n. persistent begging

likoloto (ma-) n. tool used to hollow out wood

likolowali (ma-) n. general name for all partridges

likolwe (ma-) n. edible tuber and seed of a kind of water-lily (for-merly forbidden to slaves).

likombandala (ma-) n. Luyana. long skirt which trails on the ground

likombelelo (ma-) n. Luyana. place where people gather together to pray to their ancestors (from: -kombekela).

likombombo (ma-) n. watery cooked mealie-meal (from: kamba).

likomokelo, n. name of a place where something amazing happened in the past. (from: -komoka ).

likonde (ma-) n. banana (plantain or take over fruit)

likondo (ma-) n. Luyana. anat. Ieg. Iikondondo (ma-) n. centipede, mil-lipede

likopa (ma-) n. starving person or cattle.

likoshi (ma-) n. nape of the neck, back of the head fig. exp: ku sebe-leza likoshi, to work for nothing.


likosho (ma-) n. Luyana. mixture of wax and fat (used for tuning drums). syn. nango.

likosana (ma-) n. Luyana. headman syn. kosana.

likoto (ma-) n. type of creeper. Iikowe (ma-) n. type of millet

liku, n. irregular and heavy pound-ing of the heart caused by strong emotions. (from: -likuka).

-likuka (likukile) v.i. to puisate quickly (heart) der. Iiku. cf. tula-tula. rel. -likukela (likukezi) to strike someone violently: Ba mu li-kukezi ka mulamu omutuna, they struck him with a knobkerry freq. -likauka (likaukile) to puisate (strong repeated strokes) caus. -li-kaukisa (likaukisize) to provoke sudden heavy puisations of the heart

likukela (ma-) n. floating grass of rced. (from: -kuka).

likuku (ma-) n. Iigneous grass used for making thin rope

-likula (likuzi) v.t. to beat severely. syn. -nata. rel. -likulela (likukezl) to give someone a beating on an-other's behalf caus. -likulisa (lik-lisize) to cause someone to be beaten. freq. -likaula (likauzi) or-likaulanga to beat repeatedly: Ku maswe ku no likaulanga mwanana cwalo, it is very bad to beat a child often like that ref. -ltikaula (iti-kauzi) to beat up one another re-peatedly

likulakulenge (ma-) n. dangerous thief

likulekelo (ma-) n. string handie. (from -kuleka ).

likulela, n. act of going along thc shore to spear fish Ha u waya lik4-lela. u tokomele hahulu fa mabua -he careful of the dangerous whirlpools when you spear fish along the shore.


likuli (ma-) n. very big river island: Mbeta ki likuli lelituna la Bulozi, Mbeta is a very big island in Bulozi

likuluamba (ma-) n. Luyana. very important matter.

Likulube, n. Orion (constellation).

-likuluha (likuluhile) v.i. to turn one`s head in order to look behind syn. -ltemuna. rel. -likulu-hela (likuluhezi) to turn one's head towards an object cuas. -likulusa (likulusize) to cause to turn the head rel. to cause to turn the head towards U sike wa likuluseza toho kusili ho u beiwa mulyani mwa meto, do not turn your head when drops are being put into your eyes red. -likuluha-likuluha (likuluha-likulu-hile) to loiter Mu sike mwa liku-luha-likuluha mwa nzila, mu ta yo fita busihu do not dilly-dally or you will still be on the road when night falls

likulukwe ( ma-) n. great wizard (sorcerer).

likululu (ma-) n. large path

likululume1 (ma-) n. horn containing medicine once used in warlike ex-peditions

likululume2 (ma-) n. Luyana. very old man

likulunganga (ma-) n. Luyana. po-werful African doctor; important witchdoctor (from:-nganga).

likuluyoka (ma-) n. Luyana. (also: likulunyoka) any big snake Mu sike mwa bapalanga mwa mushitu ku na ni makuluyoka, do not play in the forest as there are big snakes. likumangas n. Luyana. wrestling habit (from: -mangana). syn. Ii-mangana. likumba (ma-) n. inner bark of mutuya, mukwe or lundu trees used for tying and making ropes.

likumbu (ma-) n. thick shell of a  fruit lihuluhulu or lihwahwa cf. sika-pana.

likumbu2 (ma-) n. murmur, mumbled reproach. (from: -kum-bula ).

likumbwa (ma-) n. kind of small fish.

likumuca (ma-) n. someone carry-ing a load coming home from town after a long absence.

lkunda-kundi (ma-) n. member of the Litunga's body guard. syn. imi-lema (from: -kunda-kunda).

likundu (ma-) n. broken paddle.

likunduyamana (ma-) n. Luyana. any kind of large wild beast. syn. kunduyamana.

likunganelo (ma-) n. (also: likonga-nelo) place where people mect.

likunka (ma-) n. ear of corn or millet.

likunutu (ma-) n. secret, private talk. syn. kunutu.

likupo (ma-) n. rib anat.

likushakulenge (ma-) n. thief. Iikushukushu (ma-) n. thief.

likuta (ma-) n. (1) council, court, conference: Likuta li se li kopani, the conference is beginning: (2) troop: likuta la masole, a troop of soldiers.

likute, n. politeness, respect: Kale likute la Ma/ozi ne li zibiwa kai ni kai, in the past the politeness of the Malozi was known every-where. (from: -kuteka).

likuto. n. habit of putting curses on people: Mutu wa likuto u sabwa ki batu ba ba–ata, someone who is always putting curses on people is feared by many.

likutongo, n. habit of forbidding others to give away things without permission: Mutu wa likutongo u sabisa musali ku fa bahabo lico, a man inclined to stinginess pre-vents his wife from giving food to  her relatives. (from: -itongwela).

likutundule, n. pride, self praise, conceit syn. buikumuso.

likutwenyi (ma-) n. important visi-tor

likuwa', n. parasitic plant growing on trees.

likuwa2, n. high-pitched voice: Likuwa li maswe mwa naha ~^a liba-tana, in a country full of wild beasts a high-pitched voice is dangerous

likuwa-liseteli, n. brave warrior

likuwanga, n. Luyana. frequent pes-tering and visiting people for no reason

likuwangelo (ma-) n. place where people meat together for mourn-ing syn. Iililelo.

likwa (ma-) n. a large spear

likwafa (ma-) n. arm-pit syn. Iih-wafa.

likwali (ma-) n. partridge

likwambi (ma-) n. (also likwambi-kwambi) stout well-built man

likwambuyu (ma-) n. councillor, representative of the Litunga's authority in the country

likwanamunu, n. a group of people fig. name given to a particular group of people who have died Likwanamunu kaufela ba na pepilwe ni bona ha sinl ehile. all of his gen-eration are now dead.

likwangala (ma-) n. edible tuber of water-lity

likwasha (ma-) n. bachelor. spin-ster, unmarried man or woman svn. njilulume, namukuka.

likwashauki (ma-) n. great walker (from -kwashoka ).

likwashukwashu (ma-) n. stout, tall man

likwata (ma-) n. Luvana. habit of marrying frequenily (from: -kwata ).

likwati1 (ma-) n. bark of tree.


likwati2 (ma-) n. wooden or iron box, chest, case. fig. thin, emaci-ated person

likwebola, n. (also: likwebaula ) manner of taking things away stealthily or unobserved.

likwecameno, n. gnashing, grinding of teeth fig. hell

likwelo (ma-) n. spittoon (for a sick person)

likweyoka or likwelvauka, n. manner of going to and fro with evil intentions.

likwembele (ma-) n. long African knife.

likwena-kwena, n. m an ne r of fre-quently visiting people whilst having had intentions: Mu tukele likwena-kwena mwa libaka za batu. mu ka tahelwa ki litaba, you must stop your habit of always calling with bad intentions on people. or you will get into trouble (from: -kwena-kwena ).

likwena-kwenisa, n. manner of chasing somebody: Mu tubele lik-wena-kwenisa la banana mwa lipula (a sikolo), mu ta holofala; do not chase children in the classroom or you will hurt yourself

likwengele (ma-) n. Iarge spear

likwese (ma-) n. clod of earth. cf. Iinomo.

-lila 1 (lilile) v.i. (I ! to weep, to cry. to pule: to lament, to mourn, tt bewail syn. -tuwa. (2) to bellow, to low, to mew, to neigh, to quack. to roar (3) to ring (bell, etc.) syn. -ngondola. (4) to resound (as a drum ): Ni utwa miltipa IW lila, I hear the roaring noise of the drums der. mulili, sililo. rel. -lilela (lilezi) to weep for, to deplore, to desire ardently: Ni lilela ku leka wa!, I am longing to buy a radio. caus. -lilisa (lilisize) to cause to cry: mu lilisa cewlo ki sika maisi? what  makes him cry like this? freq. -li-langa to be always crying red.-lila-lila (lila-lilile) to cry all the time without a reason ref. a) -itila (itilile) to lament: the Lwa itila, unomwaha lu ka shwa tala; we are lamenting for we shall starve this year b) -itilela (itilezi) to lament for: U itelelafela, he is crying for nothing. c) -itilisa ( itilisize) to weep in order to attract attention Mwa-nana ha itilisa, ki kuli u bata kurlwa sesinwi; when a child is crying, it often means that he wants some-thing d) -itilelela (itilelezi) to ask someone for help in difficulty

-lila2 (lilile) v.t. to plaster, to smear der. bulilo. syn. -mateha. rel. -lilela (lilezi) to ~ for someone caus. -lilisa (lilisize) to order or to help to ~ rec. -lilisana (lilisani) to help each other in plastering: Ku lili-sana ki mukwa omunde, it is a good habit to help each other when plastering freq. -lilanga to ~ fre-quently: Mu no lilanga mandu a minarande ni mwahali, plaster your houses outside and inside fre-quently inv. -lilulula (liluluzi) (int. meaning) to plaster for a second time: Ha lu na mubu hande wa lizupa mwa katambi ka luna, kabe ni lilulula ndu ya ka; I would plaster my house for the second time if we had good clay in the pit red. -lila-lila (lila-lilile) to ~ again and again ref. -ltilela (itilezi) to ~ for oneself

-lila3 (lilile) v.i. to be very ardent. to be burning, to be hot (sun)

lila4 (ma-) n. a bowei.

lilaba (ma-) n. kind of snare.

lilaho (ma-) n. bottom, buttocks: Lilaho la nuka, bed of a river; lilaho la tobolo, the butt of a gun

lilaka (ma) n. kind of vegetable marrow.


lilakana, n. racing, competition.

lilakanisa, n. way of urging people to race, to compete: Lilakanisa la banana li maswe, there is no good urging children to compete all the time.

lilakato (ma-) n. epiglottis, uvula. syn. kalakato.

lilako (ma-) n. garden near the house.

lilama (ma-) n. cheek anat.

lilamba-lamba, n. manner of involv-ing innocent parties in law-suits.

lilambo (ma-) n. pile of meat or fish (fresh).

lilami, n. anything which lies heav-ily upon someone: Ha na kufola kapili, butuku bwa hae ki lilami; he will not recover quickly, for his ill-ness is very serious. (from: -ilama).

lilanga (ma-) n. liquid, excretion from the eye (not tears).

lilangano (ma-) n. Luyana. sleeping place. fig. burial place, burying ground.

lilangu1¼ (ma-) n. small snuff calabasE from mulangu tree.

lilangu2 (ma-) n. tip of a lion's tail. fig. exp: lilangu fafasi, knocked down: Tau i shwile, lilangu lifafasi; the tail is down the lion is dead: Ne ba mangana ha lu yo kumbu-luka, yomuinwi se li lilangu fafasi; there were wrestling and before we had time to realize it, one was already knocked down.

lilao (ma-) n. wasp, hornet. fig. exp: ku ipizeza malao, to act in such a way that one has to suffer. cf. Ii-kanganjamba.

lilapelelo (ma-) n. place of worship. (from: -lapela).

lilapi (ma-) n. rag, patch.

lilasha (ma-) n. piece of coal.

lilata (ma-) n. noise, bluster.

lilato, n. Iove, affection, charity: Lilato la Mulimu ha li na bufelo,  God's love is infinite: Plato wa ka, my darling.

-lilauka (lilaukile) v.i. to be longing for. rel. -lilaukela (lilaukezi) to ask for something greatly needed: Mute u lukela ka lilaukela ka wahabo kuli a mu tuse sa bata; it is not impolite for someone to ask for help from a relative. caus. -li-laukisa (lilaukisize) to make a person crave for something. freq. -lilaukanga to be. always longing for something.

lileke, n. swooning from hunger.

lilelelol (ma-) n. place where people meet to plot or make plans: Mwa ndu ya Kabika ki Mona mo ne li mwa lilelelo, the plot was hatched in Kabika's house.

lilelelo2 (ma-) n. playing area for children.

lilema-lema, n. Luyana. the habit of touching and handling things con-tinually. syn. Iiswala-swala, li-manga-manga.

lilemanu, n. pl. implements of any kind which may hurt. (from: -lema).

lilembalemba (ma-) n. dense or deep shade. fig. well being.

lilendele (ma-) n. thief, house-breaker.

lilenge, n. one of the Litunga's houses inside the palace yard.

lilengwami (ma-) n. thief, house-breaker, cattle-lifter, kleptoma-niac. syn. Iiyepandu. cfi mwalyang-ombe.

lilete (ma-) n. testicle, scrotum.

lileu (ma-) n. piece of meat (rump) given as a reward to someone who has skinned the animal.

lili? inter. adv. when?

lilibuho ( ma-) n. Sotho. border, frontier: Akombelwa na lauzwi kayo libelela malibuho kwa Kancomba, Akombelwa was chosen to go and  guard the border near Kancomba.

ili-lili-lili, interj. applause of joy and satisfaction.

lililo (ma-) n. mourning on occasion of a death. (from: Lila).

-lilimala (lilimalile) v.i. to wait a little, to be patient: U lilimale pili hanyinyani, wait a while. syn. -litela. caus. -lilimaza (lilimalize) to delay: U no lilimaza pile ya Lao, be patient.

lilimba (ma-) n. spot, speck; komu ye malimba-limba, a spotted cow.

lilimeka (lilimekile) v.t. to kill many at a time; to cut wood in quantity: U lilimekile linyunywani ze–ata, he killed a great number of birds; ni ma ni tata hahulu, kacenu ni lilime-kile likota ze–ata; I am really strong, I felled a lot of trces today.

lilimi (ma-) n. tongue (also: Mimi). fig. tale bearing: U tuhele lilimi la hao leo, stop that tale bearing of you rs !

lilindo (ma-) n. light grass tied on a fishing net as a marker.

-liloka (lilokile) v.t. to have fore-bodings. der. tiloko. caus. -lilokisa (lilokisize) to cause to ~: Se si mu lilokisa cwalo ki sabo, his for bod-ings are caused by fear.

liloko (ma-) n. praises, adage, old maxim, proverb: Maloko a Silozi a bonisa butali, Silozi proverbs reveal wisdom.

lilole (ma-) n. a year-old heifer.

lilolo1 (ma-) n. trop of hippos or place where they live.

lilolo2 (ma-) n. kind of edible fruit. 1ilOlo3, n. persistence, continuity: Pula ya lilolo imaswe, a persisting rain is bothering.

lilomba (ma-) n. draining ditch, canal.

lilombamema (ma-) n. imaginary snake (witchcraft).

lilombola, n. dance performed by  villagers when a girl reaches pu-berty.

lilondwe (ma-) n. large louse: Likubo za hae li tezi malondwe, his blankets are full of lice.

lilongelo (ma-) n. place where goods are loaded.

lilongo1 (ma-) n. powerful speech (from: -longola).

lilongo2 (ma-) n. kind of tree (Rhodesian Tree Hibiscus Azanza garekeana).

lilongolelo (ma-) n. place where goods are unloaded.

lilotoli (ma-) n. a drop, rain drop.

lilu (ma-) n. cloud. fig. tall person: Nyambe ki Lila, u bonahala kwahule inge Lila; Nyambe is very tall and can be seen from far away.

liluka or luluka (ma-) n. papyrus mat (man's work). cf. museme wa sikololo (woman's work).

liluko (ma-) n. family, genealogy: U swale hande ba Nikko la hens, look after the members of your family. liluli (ma-) n. dust; ye ted liluli, dusty.

lilulu1 (ma-) n. inside walls of a rec-tangular house.

lilulu2n. craving for meat or fish (salted): ka shwa lilulu, to long for meat or fish. cf. bululu.

liluluwe (ma-) n. state of being made responsible for things done by others: Ma ni wa liluluwe, bate ba ni toile hahulu; people hate me; they make me responsible for all their mistakes.

lilumbatina (ma-) n. Luyana. pet family surname.

lilumbu (ma-) n. knot of grass made to frighten thieves. syn. sifunda.

lilume (ma-) n. headman. important person. well known revered person, subordinate councillor.

lilume2, n. kind of grass much used m thatching. syn. mwange.


lilumo (ma-) n. (1) spear; (2) car-tridge, bullet. fig. treacherous person: Mute yani ki lilumo ka na, ha ni mu lati mwa sibaka sa ka; I don't want that man in my house, he is my enemy

lilundu (ma-) n. hill, mountain cf. mulunda.

lilungelo (ma-) n. centre of a field where a game starts (football, etc...) (from: -lunga)

-lilungu, n. dryness, drought (also: lilungwe).

Lilungwe, n. Venus (in the morn-ing) cf. Sikupamulalelo.

liluo (ma-) n. (also: liluwo) riches, fortune, wealth, property

lilwanga (ma-) n. air-bubble pro-duced by fish or crocodile

lilyoi, n. (also: lilioyi) carelessness, heedlessness, bad habit of eating much without caring for the future

-lima1 (limile) v.t. to plough, to till, to cultivate. der. mulimi, bulimi, njimo, time, mulimelo. fig. to make inquiries (with the authority of the law): Ba Simile mwa ndu ya hae, mane ba pumbuzi mishengo mwa-te–i; they forcibly searched his house and dug up charms believed to have magic power rel. -limela (limezi) to ~ for someone. cuas. -limisa (limisize) to help to ~. stat. -limeha (limehile) to be ploughable: Pula ha i nela hahulu, mobs ha u limehi hande; it is difficult to plough after heavy rain int. -lime-lela (limelezi) ( l ) to plough the whole garden; (2) to work in some-one's garden for food rec. -limi-sana (limisani) to help each other in cultivating freq a) -limanga to be always cultivating: Ha ni na ka no limanga simu mahala, ni sa fumani sesinwi; l do not want to keep on cultivating for nothing; b) -limaka  (limakile) to plough with obsti-nacy. fig. to make deep incisions: Lipazo za hae kwa butuna, ba mu li-makile maswe; how big his scarifi-cations are, the people cut him very deeply. inv. limulula (limuluzi) or -limununa (limununile) to plough for the second time. red. -lima-lima (lima-limile) to plough half-heart-edly. ref. -ltimela (itimezi) to culti-vate for oneself.

-lima2 (limile) v.t. to beat someone severely, to strike. cf. -nata. rel. -limela (limezi) to thrash someone on another's behalf. freq. -limaka (limakile) to continually thrash a person.

limanga-manga, n. Luyana. the habit of touching and handling things continually. syn. Iilemalema, liswalaswala.

limangana, n. habit of wrestling with others. syn. Iikumanga.

limao (ma-) n. (also: lumao) ncedle used to sew skins.

limapo, n. pl. leaders of a nation. (sce: mapo).

-limba (limbile) v.t. to press down. caus. (1) -limbisa (limbisize) to help to press down; (2) to help to knock down. rec. -limbana (lim-bani) to alternately knock down each other. freq. -limbatama (lim-batami) to be lying in disorder. inv. a) -limbutula (limbutuzi) to remove the top of a load in order to lighten it; to remove an aggressor who was knocked down someone; b) -limbuka (limbukile) to cease to press down. ref. -itimba (itimbile) to lie heavily on any part of the body; to tread on someone's feet. fig. exp: ku itimba mulala, to die.

limbale, n. pl. body sores caused by being near the fire: U cile limbale, he is suffering from sores caused by his being very close to the fire.


-limbama (limbami) v.i. & v.t. to lie upon: A mu lobaze hande mwanana yo, a mu bone u limbami yomunwi; put the child in his own place, for he is lying on top of the other: to prostrate (illness): Fibele i mu limbami, malaria prostrated him. syn. -shangama.

limbambalamzila (bo-) n. swift j animal often used for riding. i limbamba, n. impatience.

-limbana (limbani) v.i. to come from j different directions, forming a crowd; to assemble in one place. cf. -kubukana.

-limbateka (limbatekile) v.t. to pile up things. rel. -limbatekela (limba-tekezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -limbatekisa (limbatekisize) to help to ~.

limbatoki (bo-) n. somebody who goes to meet people. (from: -mba-toka).

-limbaula (limbauzi) v.i. to stare speechiessly (often when re-proved). (also: -limbola).

limbeka (limbekile) v.t. to add to the weight. rel. -limbekela (lim-bekezi) to heap up more than the-measure for someone. der. ngam-beko.

limbekuma1 (ma-) n. fever, a cold. syn. mufikela.

limbekuma2 (ma-) n. harlot, prosti-tute. (from: -mbekuma).

limbema (ma-) n. mule. fig. truant

limbemba, n. half-pounded maize.

limbembe, n. pol. kind of grass used a relish.

limbengwa (ma-) n. prostitute, harlot, loose-woman. syn. Iicen-cetwa.

limbetelo (ma-) n. place where the royal drums are kept and beaten. Iimbi, grey hair: U melezi limbi mwa ndea, his hair turned grey while he was still young.


limbinda, n. kind of grass used in basketery. cf. timbuu.

Limbinyu (bo-) n. a person whose back is bent backwards. (from: -mbinyuka).

limbola (limbozi) v.i. (also: -lim-baula) to stare speechlessly (often when reproved).

limbongo (ma-) n. kind of edible fruit found in the forest and which the kankuni snake is fond of.

limbongola (ma-) n. cancerous abs-cess.

limbongolume (ma-) n. same as lim-bongo, but with a larger fruit.

limbu (ma-) n. blister, corn.

limbula1 n. pl. kind of bow-nets.

-limbula2 (limbuzi) v.t. to prepare bird-lime in order to catch birds. der. bulimbwe.

limbuluka (limbulukile) v.i. to be mistrusted by people because of one`s misbehaviour: U ta limbu-luka, buhata bu maswe; he will not be trusted for his lies.

-limbulula (limbuluzi) v.t. to dis-cover a cheat and part from him: Ni mu limbuluzi, ki mutu ya maswe; he is a bad man, so I dropped his company der. malimbuluti, silimbu-luti. rel. -limbululela (limbululezi) to part from a person for some reaSon Ni mu limbululezifa ku ni puma, I left him because he had deceived me. caus. -limbululisa (limbululisize) to cause others to part friendship. ref. -ltimbululela (itimbululez;) to dissociate oneself from someone for a particular reaSon Ni itimbululezi, ni boni mikwa va hae; I dissociated myself from him, for I had noticed his be-haviourt

limbuluwe (ma-) n. tadpole. fig. person with big head.

limbuma (ma-) n. grey heron, black-headed heron.


limbumbwe (ma-) n. kind of lig-neous grass used as fuel in the Bulozi plain. fig. a real Mulozi.

limbungu (ma-) n. corn (on feet). Iimbumwaeti, n. pl. the wooden bars of a xylophone which give the deeper sound.

limbwambutuka, n. endiess tale-tell-ing. cf. Iimbwambwata.

limbwambwa, n. great talker, chat-ter-box. fig. person who wets the bed when asleep (enuraesas).

limbwatu (ma-) n. a tear (especially in a fishing net). (from: -mbwa-tula ).

limbwatuka, n. tale-telling.

limbwatuko (ma-) n. peanuts pre-pared as relish.

limbwekesha, n. running about for no reason. fig. habit of interfering in matters which do not concern one.

limbweletete (ma-) n. excrement. fig. badly cooked porridge.

limbwembweta, n. trembling, shivering (through fear) (from: -mbwembweta ).

limbwenga-mbwenga, n. habit of being late when starting a journey. syn. Iifunduko, lifuwa-fuwa, liweya-weya. (from: -mbwenga-mbwenga). Iimbwetuka, n. surprise, astonish-ment, wonder. (from: mbwetuka). Iimbwewewe, n. .pl. hail; pula ya limb-wewewe, stormy rain with hail. (see: simbwewewe).

lime, n. plenty, abundance.

limeku (ma-) n. sugar-cane rind (sharp and cutting). fig. sharp knife.

-limekela (limelezi) v.t. to work in someone's garden for food. der. mulimeleli. syn. -limenena. ref. -lti-melela (itimelezi) same meaning as above: Ni latelela ba baiiwi, ni na ni yo itimelela kwatei1i, 1 am following the others, for I too want to go and  work for food.

limendele (ma-) n. condition of someone whose legs are bent backwards.

limenge (ma-) n. kind of reed (virtu-ally resistant to white ants).

-limenena (limenezi) v.t. to work in someone's garden for food. syn. -limelela.

limiye, n. dissatisfaction, disobedi-ence.

liminabanganga (bo-) n. someone who, because of his magic power. is greater than all the other witch-doctors.

limomo, n. child crying for little or no reason. (from: -momotoka). syn. sililafela.

limonsomonso (ma-) n. swect edible fruit of the forest.

limonyeha, n. dangerous habit of using grass torches: U no tuXela li-monyeha-monyeha, u ta cisa ndu; give up your dangerous habit of always using grass torches, for you will burn down the house.

limota (ma-) n. wall, partition wall.

limpana (ma-) n. kind of edible aquatic tuberous plant.

limpololo (ma-) n. crested guinea-fowl.

limpule (ma-) n. big portion of cooked mealie-meal. syn. Iikato. cf. musulo. (from: -sempula).

-limula (limuzi) v.t. to beat severely. cf. -likita. rel. -limulela (limulezi) to ~ on another's behalf. caus. -limu-lisa (limulisize) to help to beat, to cause someone to be beaten.

limumbwa (ma-) n. kind of leopard. Iimunju (bo-) n. slander, calumny, defamation. (from: -munjula).

linaka (ma-) n. (also lunaka) horn; linaka la tou. tusk, ivory.

linala (ma-) n. nail, claw. fig. exp: Ni pilezifa linala, I had a narrow escape.


linalu (ma-) n. vandalism, wrecking activity. (from: -talula).

linanga (ma-) n. drought: sp. exp: Pula i ile linanga, it has not been raining for several days (altough we might have expected good showers). fig. exp: Busunso bu ile li-nanga, we have been short of relish: Matapa a bongete, mazazi, a, a ile linanga; we have not heard her insults recently.

linangelelo (ma-) n. place from where you can observe; observa-tory place. (from: nangela).

linanu, n. playfuiness. (from: -nanuba).

-linda (lindile) v.t. to tie light grass called matutu as floats for a net. der. Iilindo. rel. -lindela (lindezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -lindisa (lindi-size) to help to ~. inv. -lindulula (linduluzi) to unfasten grass floats from a net.

-linda-linda (linda-lindile) v.i. to hesitate when about to go. rel. -linda-lindela (linda-lindezi) to wait for something when about to go. caus. -linda-lindisa (linda-lindisize) to cause someone not to leave in time.

lindanda (ma-) n. large village.

lindanga, n. women's initiation dance. (from: -ndanga).

lindangelo (ma-) n. women's initia-tion place. (from: -ndanga).

-lindeka (lindekile) v.t. to pile up. syn. -bundeka. rel. -lindekela (linde-kezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -lin-dekisa (lindekisize) to help to ~. red. a) -lindeka-lindeka (lindeka-lindekile) to pile up in various places; b) -lindateka (lindatekile) to heap up things repeatedly.

-lindimana (lindimani ) v.i. ( l ) to run fast. syn. -landamana, -windimana. (2) to congregate in an open place (people, cattle, etc.) rel. -lindima- nela (lindimanezi) (1) to run to-wards; (2) to congregate in order to see something: Se ba lindimanezi fani. ba bona mutu ya hatilwe ki mota; they are gathering to sce someone involved in a car acci-dent. caus. -lindimanisa (lindimani-size) to chase. (also: -lindimeka).

lindinda (ma-) n. wave (water). cf. Iipaipai, liputu.

-lindinga (lindingile) v.t. to beat a person all over. syn. -titika. rel. -lindingela (lindingezi) to ~ for a reason, to ~ for someone: Ba mu lindingela busholi, they are beating him unmercifully because he is a thief. caus. -lindingisa (lindingisize) to help to ~ to cause to be beaten: Ki yena ya ni lindingisize batu. it is his fault that people beat me like this. rec. -lindingana (lindingani) to beat one another.

lindombe, n. scurvy. syn. mazambo, nakashasha.

lindula (linduzi) v.t. to beat. rel. -lin-dulela (lindulezi) to beat for a reason, to beat for someone. caus. -lindulisa (lindulisize) to cause to be beaten. rec. -lindulana (lindu-lani) to beat each other. freq. -lin-daula (lindauzi) to beat unmerci-fully again and again. ref. a)-itin-dula (itinduzi) to beat oneself: U itinduzi kwa kota bakeiqi sa liff, he hurt himself against a trce because of the darkness; b) -itindaula (itin-dauzi) (1) to beat onself repeat-edly: ku itindaula busihu bakeni sa minaini, to slap oneself constantly during the night because of . mosquitoeS. (2) to beaf each other or to fight sp. exp: Ku itindaula ka linindi, fist fighting

lindunduya, n. habit of walking all over Mwanana yo u na ni lindan-duya hahulu, this child is always going from one place to another   (from: -ndanduya ).

 Iindunu n. husk of millet or corn. fig. bad food.

 lineku (ma-) n. side (often drops the initial li-) Kwa lineku la malikelelo, on the west side.

linenu (ma-i n. peat soil mixed with a lot of plant remains.

lingalaela, n. habit of walking in open places in order to be seen (from -ngalaela).

 lingalaelelo (ma-) n. open place where people mezt. (from: -ngalaela).

lingalakashakwe, n. over-pretence.

lingalula (ma-) n. manner of laugh-ing loudly: ku seha lingalula, to laugh loudly, to roar with laughter syn. Iingwelula.

lingambwa (ma-) n. pumpkin leaf (used as relish).

lingangama, n. shivering, trembling. (from -ngangama).

lingangamana, n. amazement, awe.

lingayana, n. manner of speaking senselessly (from -ngaya).

-lingeloi (ma-) n. Eng. angel.

lingengema (ma-) n. piece of corrugated iron.

lingetuka (rna-) n. indolence: Mu no sebeza, mm tuhele lingetuka; work and do not be idle!

linge1 n. pl women's skirts made of an•mals' skins (wern in old times). |

lingo2 n. pl. nostrils. (see: ngo).

lingiomba (ma-) n. kind of bird (Ground Hornbill).

lingongole (ma-) n. huge imaginary water-snake.

lingongwe, n. secretion of ants found on trces and used as a glue to stop leaks fig (1) person per- sistently begging; (2) manner of holding someone very tightly:  Yena ha Au lambezi, ike lingongwe; when he holds you, there is no hope of escaping (lit: just like  glue) (from: -ngongwela).

lingotela (ma-) n. shade under reeds, used as a passage by hippos

lingoweka, n. manner of speaking at length (from: -ngoweka).

lingulunde (ma-) n. strong-headed person. (from: -ngulunda).

lingunda-mukulo (bo-) n. someone wandering about purposelessly. (from: -ngunda) syn. mungunda.

lingunde (ma-) n. kind of fishing basket used by Mambunda men.

lingunga, n. way of cheating cle-verly cunningly. (from: -ngunga). Iingungi (ma-) n. woman past the age of child-bearing.

lingungunywa (ma-) n. smali horn: lump on a crocodile head.

lingunja (ma-) n. draining ditch cf. mungunja.

linguya, n. song: linguva za li rakwa. drunkards songs, bacchic songs. (from: -nguya ).

lingwalungwalu, n. very big thing (canoe, house, etc . . .). (from:-ng-walumuka ).

lingwamba (ma-) n. deep gulf of a river.

lingwangwa (ma-) n. greedy person: dangerous thief (believed to change himself into a lion).

lingwangwali (ma-) n. Iaryn.

lingwangwasha, n. tottering trem-bling, shivering (old person) (from: -ngwangwasha ).

lingwelula (ma-) n. manner of laughing loudly: ku seha lingwelula, to roar with laughter. syn. Iinga-lula.

lingwemba (ma-) n. kind of owl (connocted with witchcraft).

lininga, n. pl. a species of fish (specially palatable) living in rapids areas. (sce: itungwe).

linjaluka, n. temerity.

linjanga (ma-) n. a weight tied to a net in order to stretch it down.


linjangana, n. manner of speaking without coming to the point. (from: -njangana).

linjanjamana, n. admiration. (from: -njanjamana). syn. Iicimana.

linjanjata, n. trembling, shivering, (from: -njanjata).

linjangu, tobacco seeds.

linjila, n. pl. intestinal worms.

linjobo (ma-) n. fringe of a shawl.

linkalankala (ma-) n. tortoise shell filled up with medicines and be-lieved to cause people harm (witchcraft).

lino (meno) n. tooth. (see: libako). Iinolwani, trifling matters.

lino-lya-malyanga, n. Luyana. deep wilderness. fig. great loneliness: Ya ka ni lamulela ki maini, lino-lya-ma-lyanga? who could rescue me from my great desolation.

linonge, n. pl. grumbling, dissatis-faction: Wena u na ni linonge hahulu; you, you are always dissa-tisfied and grumbling.

linonu (ma-) n. vulture. fig. some-one quick to know where to find beer or food. fig. exp: Linoinu li li-lfiiwi ha li matelwi, do not act after hearing only one account (lit: it is of no use to run after only one vul-ture).

linonsi (ma-) n. honey. fig. pleasant matter: Taba ya hae inge ye lungilwe linonsi, his story is a joy to hear! syn. mwanji.

linungo (ma-) n. knot.

linwisezo (ma-) n. goal-posts (foot-ball).

linyaka (ma-) n. space between toes.

linyalo (ma-) n. marriage: mukiti wa linvalo, wedding (from: -nyala).

linyamunya, n. feeling of irritation of the flesh (caused by insects).

linyando (ma-) n. misery. (see: ma-nyando).


linyanyu, n. tip úf the toes: ku zamava ka linyanyu, to tlptoe. (from: -nyanyukal syn. tunyanyu.

linyawe, n. maner of attracting someone's attenton in order to tempt him or her.(from: -nyauba).

linyelelo (ma-) n. stooling place. (from: -nyela).

linyolwa (ma-) n. thirst. (from: -nyolwa ).

linyonga (ma-) n. pilot-fish (the pre-sence of this fish often means the proximity of crosodiles).

linuumbo (ma-) 1. (1) children's play consiting offinding a hidden object. (2) riddir. (from yumba) see: liuumbo cf. nela.

linzwi (ma-) n. v0ice; word: lia ni na manzwi amaiata, I have not much to say.

li–a (ma-) n. us. Il. chap(s) under the foot; fissure in dried-up earth, etc . ..

li–alwe (ma-) n. kind of cultivated tuberous plant.

linanga (ma-) n. bJndle of strips of the inner bark cf trces, used for tying.

linani (ma-) n. small spark. cf. Iianyi.

linau (ma-) n. cheetah.

linele (ma-) n. (se: ma–ele).

linende (ma-) n. lcaf (millet); dough without leaven.

linetana (ma-) n. rotsherd; broken piece of earthenware.

liniba (ma-) n. scar of a healed wound.

linobyo, n. pl. eyeash. (sce: –obyo).

linolo (ma-) n. letter (epistle); li–olo le li paka litaba, written statement; linolo le li potolo)a, circular-letter. (from: -–ola).

linomo (ma-) n. snall clod of earth syn. Iikwese.

linonde (ma-) n. uu pl. wrinkle(s) in the skin.


linope (ma-) n. precipice along a steep bank of a river. cf. munanga.

li–uluya (ma-) n. us. pl grcen, slimy vegetation on the surface of still water.

li–ungwa (ma-) n. hurricane, tem-pest, storm.

li–walala (ma-) n. crow, raven. fig. tale-teller. syn. Iihakabe.

li–wati (ma-) n. written letter. see: katilotilo.

li–wele (ma-) n. knce.

liokamitwele, n. manner of leaving home unexpectedly and without giving notice. fig. exp: U shwile lio-kamitwele, nobody knows how he died. cf. iteketelwa.

liolamulola (ma-) n. breast of a girl just beginning to show.

liolo, n. pride, insolence: Ni ka mu zwisa liolo, I shall put an end to his insolence.

lioma1 (ma-) n. large royal drum. (The maoma which were beaten in the past to call people to war still play a great part in the life of the Malozi. The drums are still a rally-ing-symbol on the occasion of the national kuomboka ceremony and it is on one of them that any new Litunga is enthroned).

lioma2 (ma-) n. kind of edible aquatic tuberous plant (lotus).

liomba (ma-) n. large fishing net. (from: -omba).

liombe (ma-) n. large local cattle with long twisted horns. fig. tall and nice looking woman.

liombekalala (ma-) n. imaginary white water-cow fabled to play a part in the initiation of any new Li-tunga during the night preceding his enthronement.

liombekelo (ma-) n. place where cassava roots are steeped before being dried and stamped. syn. liombeko.


liomboko, n. name given to the national ceremony of the coming out of the nooded plain (This cer-emony is wrongly called today the kuomboka) (from: -omboka).

liombola-ngombe, n. Luyana. very heavy rainfall compelling people to move their cattle to the forest at the beginning of the flood scason. Iionandi (ma-) n. kind of wood-boring insect.

lionda (ma-) n. kind of grass grow-ing near the river

-liongoshola (liongoshozi) v.i. to speak hurriedly and confusedly; to talk about many things. rel. -liong-osholela (liongosholezi) to ~ in a particular place: Zamaya u yo liongosholela litaba za hao kusili; go and tell your stories somewhere else caus. -liongosholisa(liongosho-lisize) to cause someone to ~ red.

-liongoshola-liongoshola (liougo-shola-liongoshozi) to talk non-sense

lionyaonya, n. wrapping

lionyena (ma-) n. half-dried meat or fish

liowanyi (ma-) n. crested crane, crowned crane (bird).

-lipa (lipile) v.i. to propound a riddle der. malipa.

lipacaca or mapacaca, n. pl. hin-drances due to overwork or diffi-culties

lipai (ma-) n. cotton blanket syn. kapai. cf. ndumba.

lipaipai (ma-) n. wave (water) cf. Iindinda, liputu.

lipako (ma-) n. tall stout person

lipakumuna (ma-) n. kind of imita-tion gun used in witchcraft. syn. kaliloze.

lipalo (or ma-) n. pl. arithmetic, figures. reckoning, account, (from -bala ).

lipantiti (ma-) n. prisoner, convict


lipanga (or ma) n. unploughed areas in a cultivated plot

lipaswa (lino–u-lipaswa) (ma-) n. vulture (Southern White-backed Vulture)

lipazo, n. pl. scarifications. (from: -paza ).

lipeka (ma-) n. a yard or therea-bouts (of cloth) (also: peka (ma-). Iipobwe, n. great quantity (beer)

lipui (ma-) n. small bird fig. little child

lipuko (ma-) n. nasal mucus

lipulelo (ma-) n. thrashing floor. syn. sihoto.

lipukwenda (ma-) n. loose woman, harlot

lipumulelo (ma-) n. resting-place. fig. mortuary (from -pumula).

lipunga, n. habit of taking things be-longing to others.

lipusi (ma-) n. pumpkin

liputana (ma-) n. rough old skin liputu (ma-) n. wave (water) cf. lin-dinda, lipaipai.

lipyeha (ma-) n. coward

lisa1 (ma-) n. lake, pool, pond

-lisa2 (lisize) v.t. to herd. der. muli-sana, mulisezo, bulisana. fig. to watch. to survey Mutu vo. u mu lise hahulu, u ta ku uzweza, watch that man, he is a thief. rel. -liseza (lise-lize) to herd for, to herd some-ahere. caus. -lisisa (lisisize) to help to herd int. -liseleza (liselelize) to herd one another's cattle: Mu sike mwa lisa za lunafela, mu yo liseleza ni za ba baitwi; do not herd our cattle only, but also those of others rec. -lisana (lisani or lisa-nile) to surveys to watch each other. ref. -ltiseza (itiselize) to herd one's own cattle.

lisafa (ma-) n. person showing care-lessness, negligence or inaccuracy in his words and deeds. cf. busafa.

lisaku (ma-) n. piece of skin or  cloth containing powdered medi-cine

lisale (ma-) n. ring, earring

lisapo (ma-) n. bone.

lisapyana (ma-) n. shoulder-blade (scapula)

lisasuka, n. habit of rushing out to any kind of attraction. (from: -sasuka ).

lisawana (ma-) h. slanderer, tale-bearer. (from: -sawana).

liseho1, n. laugh, laughing, laughter (from: -seha).

liseho2 (ma-) n. anything on which pots are put for cooking (lump of earth, brick, stone, etc ), tri-pood.

liseka (ma-) n. (1) metal bracelet or anklet; (2) small spring (watch, etc. . .).

-lisela (lisezi) v.t. to leave behind, to abandon, to give up, to stop holding: Lisela kaze i ta ku –walula. Ieave the cat it will scratch you syn. -tuhela, -tokolomoha. rel. -lise-lela (liselezi) negligently to leave behind: U sike wa liselela libyana za hao kwa batu, Ii ka sinyeha; do not leave your belongings behind with people, or the things will get spoiled caus. -liselisa (liselisize) to cause to leave behind. ref. -ltiselela (itiselezi) not to pay attention to something which is hurting you.

liseli (ma-) n. light. fig. knowledge: Na ha ni na liseli hande mwa taba mo, I have no light on this matter (I am in the dark)

liselo (ma-) n. winnowing basket.

lisenanga, n. ostentatious manner of speaking or calling

lisenge (ma-) n. Eng. us. pl. flat or corrugated iron shect (with or without zinc coating)

liseteli (bo-) n. warrior cf. Iikuwa-li-seteli.

lishaela, n. manner of calling re peatedly at the top of one's voice

lishai, n. excessive rain: Lico li bu-lailwe ki lishai la pula, crops have been destroyed by excessive rain

lishala (ma-) n. charcoal.

lishamutula or lishamulula, n. habit of harping back to things. syn. Ii-shongotola, lishongolola.

lishandu, n. bad habit of offending people by slandering their name.

lishano (ma-) n. lie, falsehood, un-truth, fig: ku bulelisa munx lishano, to accuse someone of telling lies.

lishasha (ma-) n. reed-mat.

lishashamana, n. the habit of run-ning out to see anything that happens. syn. Iicimana (from: -sha-shamana ).

lishata, n. sowing unsoaked maize seeds during the rains: Masimu a ka ni a calanga lishata, I usually sow unsoaked maize in my fields, during the rainy season.

lishate, n. ground honey. cf. Iinosi. Iishatoka, n. constantly moving about: Wena u na ni lishatoka hahulu, ha u yemi kulokuliku–wi; you have a funny way of always flitting from one place to another and never stand in one spot. fig. untrue excuse.

lishea, n. laughter; scorn, mockery, sarcasm.

lishebo, n. Luyana. hunger, famine. syn. tala.

lisheke, n. sand. der. sisheke. syn. mu-shabati. Iishabati.

lishekesheke (ma-) n. dangerous thief or robber. :

lishekete (ma-) n. grain found in cooked, badly sifted food.

lishela (ma-) n. edible tuberous plant of the water-lily family

lishemaeta, n. provocation, incita-tion to fight; challenge. (from: -shemaeta).

lishemba, n. a royal dance.


lishemeno (ma-) n. uterus, matrix, placenta. (from: -shema).

lishemutula, n. fecundity (human beings)

lishendauti or lishendoti, n. manner of jeering at or mocking people (from: -shenda).

lishendo 1 (ma-) n. rebuke, reproof, mocking-blame. (from: -shenda).

lishendo2, n. way in which someone is dismissed, discharged. (from: -shenda ).

lishengo (ma-) n. (1) hole in the river made by a kind of fish called mbufu when intending to lay eggs; (2) lair or wild beast; (3) place where sƒpelu dance was held.

lishenja, n. manner of pursuing a wild animal while hunting. (from: -shenja).

lisheshi (ma-) n. large toad

lisheta (ma-) n. fatty edible part of a bone-head (at a joint).

lishewa (ma-) n. kind of bird (Black Whydah). fig. someone who is always laughing a great deal

lishewelele (ma-) n. kind of bird (babbler)

lishimbululelo (ma-) n. place to where cattle are moved in order to fertilize the soil with manure.

lishi–a (ma-) n. waterless glade.

lishino (ma-) n. large fishing basket (used mainly by Mambunda women) syn. sishuiso. cf. Iukunda.

lishitanguti (ma-) n. proverb, old saying, adage, (from: -tanguta).

lishiushiu, n. (1) sudden heavy rain; (2) unexpected serious iliness U wezwi ki lishiushiu la butuku, he has become very ill suddenly.

lisho (ma-) n. arrow fig. switt runner: Nja ya ka ki lisho kwa ku mata, my dog is as swift as an arrow.

lishokomoki (bo ) n. someone ap pearing unexpectedly (from: -sho-komoka).

lisholi (ma-) n. (1) thief; (2) greedy person: Mutu yo ki lisholi, ha lati ku ca ni ba ba–wi: this person is greedy and does not like to eat with others

lishoma, n. custom according to which the royal drums are beaten as a curfew, before dawn, and for the dance called lishoma.

lishongolola or lishongotola, n. habit of harping back to things syn. Ii-shamulula.

lishowelela, n. royal greetings which immediately follow the kuomboka ceremony.

lishubu, n. disrespect, dishonour (from: -shubula ).

lishuke, n. ardent desire (from: -shukela).

lishumi (ma-) n. ten.

lishwana (ma-) n. spoon

lishwau, n. rudeness, contempt, dis-respect, scorn syn. kashwau. (from: -shwaula).

lisie or lisiye (bo masiye) n. orphan; ndu ya lisiye, hut left by a deceased person. syn. ndiyala.

lisifa (ma-) n. dregs, left-overs

lisika (ma-) n. family, clan. (sce: lusika).

lisikita (ma-) n. eagle-owl. fig. ugly person

lisila1 (ma-) n. dirt, dirtiness, stain, filth

lisila1 (ma-) n. cloth.

lisila-sila, n. bad familiarity

lisilelo (ma-) n. ford, ferry (the place)

lisilinga, n. manner of being too in-timate or familiar with a person. (fro m: -silinga ).

lisima (ma-) n. Iarge pit, well.

lisina (ma-) n. trunk of a tree. fig. head of a family


lisinasina, n. manner of touching fruits in order to see if they are ripe

lisinde (ma-) n. grass stalk.

lisinga (ma-) n. Luyana. proposal of marriage. syn. Iibato.

lisino, n. habit of refusing to be sent somewhere. fig. (said of) a pot slow in boiling: Piza ye kwa lisino! what a long time it takes this pot to boil!

lisisi (ma-) n. feeling of heaviness in the region of the heart: Ni utwa lisisi kwa pilu, I have a feeling of heaviness in the region of the heart

lisita (ma-) n. (1) heap of grass or wood cuttings in a cultivated garden; (2) heap of fish after a good catch cf. Iibunda.

lisitelo (ma-) n. place where women pound grain.

lisito (ma-) n. heel anat.

liso (ma-) n. hearth, fire-place

lisofu (ma-) n. femur; humerus Iisokolola, n. heart burn

lisole (ma-) n. Sotho. soldier cf. mu-pokola.

lisomo, n. mockery, derision, sar-casm, scorn (see: sisomo).

lisoto (ma-) n. ear of corn (fresh) cfi muku–u.

lisu (ma-) n. dry cow's dung some-timeS used as fuel. fig. lazy person. syn. sisu.

lisuba (ma-) n. hole.

lisuhana (ma-) n. nice heifer; strong and wonderfully built heifer

lisulo, n. hunt ordered by the Li-tunga. in the past, and involving a great number of participants.

lisunda-sunda, n. impolite manner of forcing one's way into a crowd (from -sunda ).

lisundumana, n. manner of standing irreverently or without respect in a forbidden place or in a crowd.


lisundunda, n. pumpkin cooked with some meal.

lisupi (ma-) n. deserted place. ruin; place of origin: Cwale se ni kuta kwa lisupi la ka, now I am going back to my old home

Lisutu, n. Lesotho.

lisuzo (ma-) n. animal fat

liswafu (ma-) n. lung

liswala-swala, n. the act of doing many last-minute tasks and thus delaying others by one's excessive preparations; habit of touching and handling things continually. syn. Iilemalema, limangamanga.

liswayo (ma-) n. marks seal, sign. (from: -swaya).

liswele (ma-) n. moth.

lisweu, n. tall European, light-skinned person, a beautiful woman.

-lita (litile) v.t. to frighten birds away from a garden. der. muliti, buliti, silitiso. rel. -litela (litezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -litisa (litisize to help someone to ~. freq. -li-tanga to ~ very often. red. -lita-lita (lita-l*ile) to ~ for a short while: Mu yo lita-lita, mu kute kapili; go and frighten the birds and then come back quickly.

litaba, n. pl. see: taba.

litabula or matabula, n. the rainy scason.

litafule or litapule (ma-) n. potato.

litahali (ma-) n. field, garden regu-larly cultivated and easy to plough. cf. tite.

litahalitata or litahatata (ma-) n. state of being very hard to con-vince; stubbornness, obstinacy.

litahwa (ma-) n. Sotho. drunkard. (also: litakwa).

litaka (ma-) n. reed, stalk.

litakalala, n. stubbornness, obsti-nacy; disobedience; inclination to  push one's nose into the affairs of others.

litakelˆ or sitakela (ma-) n. kind of bird (Lilac-breastod Roller and Racquet-tailed Roller).

litalalwa (ma-) n. kind of plant the from a tree.

litalalwa (ma-) n. kind of plant to bulb of which is often used as a medicine for babies.

litali (ma-) n. Ieaf. fig. a slim person.

litalo (ma-) n. skin: hide; leather; litalo lafahalimu, epidermis.

litambwa, n. ostentation in speak-ing. syn. Iitasamhwa.

litanga (ma-) n. childrenŽs disease throwing into convulsions and be-lieved to be caused by people who used a special medicine to protect their own children against it.

litangu (ma-) n. fable, tale: Mwa ma-tangu a Silozi kufumaneha ze butali, there is wisdom in the Silozi folk-lore. (from:-tanguta).

litanya (ma-) n. mentally ill person; criminal fig. clever person: Ya betile sipula se ki litanva kwa bukwala. the man who madŽ this chair is really skilled. (from: -tanya).

litapa1 (ma-) n. insult. abuse, very offensive language. (from: -tapula ).

litapa2 (ma-) n. a slate (for writing on).

litapelo (ma-) n. (1) bathing place, bathroom; (2) place where cattle cross a river.

litapule or litafule (ma-) n. potato.

litasambwa, n. ostentation in speak-ing. syn. Iitambwa. (from: -ta-sambwa ).

litasanga, n. see: litasambwa.

litata (ma-) n. kaross.

litaula, n. pl. divining bones, figu-rines, objects. (from: -laula).

liteka (ma-) n. hip, waist.


-litela1 (litezi) v.t. to wait for. syn. -yemela.

-litela2 (litezi) v.t. to smoothe; to scrape or to gloss a pot when mouiding it; to put the finishing touch to a hand-made work: Batu ba ba–wi ki likwala, ba ziba ku litela miseme hande; some people are very clever in putting the finishing touches to their mats. der. muliteli, siliteliso. rel. -litelela (litelezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -litelisa (liteli-size) to help someone to ~. int. -li-telelela (litelelezi) to ~ perfectly: Piza i na ni ku litelelelwa hande i sika ciswa kale, a pot must be per-fectly glossed before it is fired. ref. -ltitelela (ititelezi) to ~ for oneself: Ki na ya ititelezi miseme ya ka kau-fela, I personally put the finishing touches to all my mats.

litema (ma-) n. cassava garden in the forest. fig. exp: ku siya mutu mwa hanu ki mwa litema, to leave an opponent disconcerted after quashing all his arguments. (lit: to leave someone with a mouth like a cassava garden in the forest ... where all trees have been cut down !).

litemutemu (ma-) n. plant growing faster than others. (also applied to neople).

litengenya (ma-) n. kind of long grass mainly used for building en-closures.

litengo1 (ma-) n. circle; people sit-ting in a circle; halo around the moon.

litengo2 (ma-) n. long jump. steps.

litiba (ma-) n. spot, speck, blot, stain.

litiela (ma-) n. grass growing in the flooded plain.

litimbu (ma-) n. evil look. (from: -timbula ).

litina (ma-) n. small hole prepared  for maize seed when sowing. syn. Iifuti.

litindi (ma-) n. thick layer of grass on water. cf. Iuyuya.

litingatinga, n. searching; looking for a wife; looking for recruits or workers: Nakoye ha ku sa na liting-atingu la ku bata ba sipalo, the prac-tice of recruiting workers for mi-gratory labour has been stopped.

litisa (ma-) n. young girl starting to show breast.

litiya (ma-) n. ground worm (be-lieved to announce death).

litoci (ma-) n. vulva. syn. nyo.

litohonolo (ma-) n. good luck, good fortune, good omen, blessing. syn. tohonolo. cf. mbuyoti.

litokota, n. rumbling sound made by women clapping hands on oc-casion of special dances.

litole (ma-) n. kind of fish exclus-ively eaten by adults. fig. lazy person. syn. Iiwetete.

litololwa (ma-) n. kind of bird (Bronze-winged Courser).

litomapa, n. a cold. syn. Ilbelenge, mufikela.

litongo (ma-) n. sandy, unfertile land.

Litooma, n. the city of Nyambe, (Heaven). syn. Iyala.

litota (ma-) n. ruin, desened house. deserted village.

litu (ma-) n. portion of the back of a slaughtered cow.

litubili (ma-) n. stirrup.

lituhela (ma-) n. sprout (of a plant). Iituka (ma-) n. bran.

litukuka, n. uncontrollable desire.

lituli (ma-) n. a wattle and daub gra-nary for kaffir corn, etc . . . cf. si-shete.

litulwatulwa (ma-) n. kind of bird (Yellow-throated long-claw).

lituma (ma-) n. wound on the head. Ihumba (ma-) n. large fishing basket   or bow net.

 litumbekela (ma-) n. a burn made on the arm by people. in olden days to avoid going to hell (There was a belief that only people with such a sign or mark could go to heaven).

 litumbutumbu (ma-) n. a big fire lighted outside the yard (very common in the cold season). syn. liyonga.

 litundwe (ma-) n. shrew-mouse.

 Litunga (ma-) N. the title of the Western Province Paramount Chief. Luyana saying: Litunga minya-mupu-na-ngombe; Litunga, the owner of land and cattle. Li-  tunga la Mboela, Chieftainess of the South (Mulena Mukwae of Nalolo.)

 litungatunga-la-wato, n. kind of game played by girls imitating a canoe swaying on water.

litupe, n. fear. syn. sabo.

litusi (ma-) n. prow or stern.

lituta (ma-) n. natural shelter of grass.

litutwa (ma-) n. blister. syn. lizwa-bali.

litutwe (ma-) n. water-buck.

lituu, n. pl. seeds of a leguminous plant very similar to beans.

lituwa (ma-) n. large fishing net. fig. whore, prostitute (sometimes ap-plied to a dissolute man). syn. ka-nyandi.

lituwaela, n. crying, wailing, (from: -tuwa ).

litwa, n. snow.

litwela (ma-) n. spy. (from: -twela).

litwitwi (ma-) n. mist, haze, dust raised by wind.

liubu, n. lack of sociability.  v.i. to get accustomed to. syn. twaela.

-liuka2 (liukile) v.t. to choke, to stifle: Mwanana u liukilwe ki kasapo  ka ngweshi, the child was choked by a bone of a tigerfish.

-liuluka (liulukile) v.i. to be de-livered or released from: Sa liulu-kile ka tuna, u ire ka bahabo; she left us and went back to her home

liulula (liuluzi) v.t. (1) to redeem, to deliver, to release. der. muliululi, muliu. (2) to take back something that had been entrusted to some-one: Nyambe a sa shwaSela, bate ba yo liulula likomu za bona ze ne ire mafsa; people went to take back the cattle they had put in Nyambe's custody as soon as he died ref. -ltiulula (itiuluzi) to re-lease oneself: Ha si tuna lo mu handle, u itEuluzi i hyena; he went of his own accord, though we had not neglected him.

liululu, n. Ioneliness, nostalgia. syn. ndiulu.

liulungu (ma-) n. kind of fish. Luyana saying: Lialungu ka li liwa mukati, the fish named liulungu is not eaten by a woman.

liuluta, n. manner of moving about (as people do on the occasion of an important gathering); agitation to follow people blindly or without knowledge (from: -uluta). cf. nyewa-ngewa.

liumambulu (ma-) n. kind of black and red ant which secrets ling-ongwe1 (see: lingongwe).

liunde, n. col. n. kind of red insects.

liundu, n. col. n. dry fish worms.

liundumune' n. cloudy sky causing a drop in temperature: Kacenu ki lEundumume, pula i shwezi kwaha-limu; today it is cloudy and cool. and no rain is expected.

liunga (ma-) n. group of people, company.

liunga-muwilu, n. Luyana. thun-dering sound in the sky (aero plane, rain, etc . ) (from: Conga).

liungu (ma-) n. kind of caterpillar.

liutwana (ma-) n. forked pole.

liuwa (ma-) n. barren plain- Luyana exp: Liuwa la mbulwa katondo, a plain without trees.

liuya, n. great sorrow resulting from the death of a member of a family: U bulailwe ki liuya la mwan'a Rae, he died of a broken heart after the death of his child.

liuyi (ma-) n. spider.

liuza (ma-) n. single grain of millet (often used with a collective meaning): Unumwaha ha si Pizza kwa bu–ata! what a lot of millet there has been this year! (see: mauza).

likwakushu (ma-) n. dried leaves of maize cobs after harvest. syn. liwa- wai.

liwala or liwalanda (ma-) n. rent in a fishing net, in a blanket or cloth-ing.

liwale, n. royal dance performed by women.

liwanguwangu (ma-) n. outcast, vagabond who is fond of fighting. syn. sicakacaka, siyakayaka.

Liwanika' sce Lewanika.

liwatata (ma-) n. sca, ocean.

liwawa (ma-) n. a method of sewing used in repairing karosses or boats, canoes, etc...

liwawai or liwawayi (ma-) n. dried leaves of maize cobs after harvest syn. Iiwakushu.

liwayelela, n. manner of guessing things (from:-waya).

liwayisa, n. special occasion when a great crowd of people fish to-gether, using the barbed fishing spears (see: sitindi).

liwelauka, n. boiling water which is spilling over. (from: -welauka).

liweluwelu (ma-) n. spring (where the water wells up from the earth).


liwenge (ma-) n. chain: ka tama ka liwenge, to fetter. fig. strong person

liwetete (ma-) n. kind of fish eaten exclusively by adults. fig. lazy person syn. Iitole.

liweya-weya, n. habit of being late when starting a journey. syn. Iifun-duko, lifuwa-fuwa, limbwenga-mb-wenga.

liya (ma-) n. pelican (Eastern White Pelican). fig. forlorn person.

liyaci or liaci, n. soft hair, fluffy hair.

liyahiso, n. pl. building material.

liyala (ma-) n. an illness associated with superstitious beliefs.

-liya-liya (liya-liile) v.i. to be often dilatory; to be slow in starting syn. -fuwa-fuwa (also: -fua-fua). caus. -liya-liyisa (liya-liisize) to cause someone to be late.

liyamena (liyamezi) v.i. to hold the head back (when drinking, etc. . .).

liyamenwa (ma-) n. child born at his mother's death; orphan who has lost his mother. cf. ndiyala.

liyangayanga (ma-) n. kind of lily. liyayata, n. chattering, prattling

liyayu (ma-) n. scale of fish or snake, cf. Iikakalapa. (see mayayu).

liyeka, n. habit of divorcing fre-quentlv

-liyeha (liyehile) vi. to be late. der. muliyehi, buliyehi' tiyeXo. rel. -liye-hela (liyehezi) to show down pur-posely: Mu liyehela–i? why are you late? caus. Iiyehisa (liyehisize) to cause to be late req. -liyehanga to be habitually late. red. Iiyeha-liyeha (liyeha-liyehile) to be in-clined to be late. ref. -itiyehisa (itiyehisize) to cause onself to be late Mu sike mwa itiyehisa, hakuna se ni ka mafia, mu zamayefela, do  not delay yourself, I am not going to give you anything, so go away please.

liyeku yeku (ma-) n. big fire, fur-nace. (from: -yekuma). cf. lyinga-lilo

liyembe (ma-) n. piece of bark taken from a tree with the inten-tion of using it to make medicines.

liyenanga, n. manner of speaking like a spoiled child very conscious of his dignity. (from: -yenanga).

liyepandu (ma-) n. thief, house breaker, kleptomaniac. syn. lileng-wami.

liyewa-yewa, n. excitement of people on important occasions.

liyonga (ma-) n. large fire lit outside house yards or in gardens to de-stroy sweepings, rubbish or grass;

liyonga le li sa timi, furnace (lit: a large fire which burns continu-ally). fig. hell, hell-fire. syn. lyang-alilo.

liyongo (ma-) n. granary for ears of maize, corn, etc . . . syn. sishete.

-liyongobela (liyongobezi) v.i. to stay a long time away from home. syn. -cona. cf. -ondoka caus. -

liyongobelisa (liyongobelisize) to cause to: U liyongobelisizwe ki ka saba bahabo, it is his fear of his re-latives that caused him to stay away a long time from home.

liyowana, n. swimming: Banana ba lata hahulu liyowana ka nako ya munda, children are very fond of swimming during the floods (from: -yowana).

liyowanelo (ma-) n. place where people swim(from: yowana).

liyuku (ma-) n. scolding, jawing, slanging, blowing up. (from: -yukuka).

liyulo (ma-) n. place where earthen ware is fired (kiln).

liyumbelo (ma-) n. grave. syn. libita,   mayumbelo, cemetery. (from: yumba).

liyumbo (ma-) n. riddle, riddle--game. see: mayumba.

liyumbu (ma-) n. foods given in wel-come to a visitor. (from: -yum-bula).

liyungu1, n. (1) painful feeling fol-lowing poisoning: Ni utwa liyungu kwa pilu, I have a severe pain and feel that I have been poisoned: (2) poison: Ku tata ku taza liyungu, it is difficult to vomit poison.

liyungu2, n. Luyana, veldt, wilder-ness. cf. nahe–i.

liyunyi-mungomba (ma-) n. a fabled giant bird believed to swallow all in its path. fig. a very strong man.

liyuwita n. manner of moving about, agitation.

liywala (ma-) n. oil made out of mu-nvelenyele fruit.

-liza (lizize) v.t. to ring (a bell, etc. . .), to play on a stringed instru-ment, to beat a drum. der. mulizi, bulizi, mulizezo, siliziso. rel. -lizeza (lizelize) to ~ for someone. caus. -lizisa (lizisize) to help in ringing, playing instruments, beating drums, etc ... freq. -lizanga to have the habit of ~ red. -lizaliza (liza-lizize) to beat drums for a short while. ref. itizeza, itizelize) to play, to beat drums for one's own pleasure.

lizangunda (ma-) n. stupid woman lnclined to prostitution.

lizazi (ma-) n. (1) sun; (2) day, date: ya lizazi lelinwi ni lelinwi, daily adj ya lizazi li lilinwi, ephemeral; ka zazi ni zazi, daily adv; ka lizazi la kuli, on such date, etc . ..

lizeme (ma-) n. a tall child growing quickly. cf. lobolobo.

lizibelo (ma-) n. distinguishing mark or sign.

lizibulo, n. (wa-lizibulo) first-born  (men or animals).

lizoho (ma-) n. hand, arm; fore-leg of an animal. fig. exp: lizoho la mutu, one's relief or replacement one's heir, one's second in com-mand: ku zamaya mazoho-zohofela, to walk empty handed.

lizompo (ma-) n. long jump. (from: -zompoka ).

lizuku (ma-) n. ochre-red soil.

lizulu (ma-) n. large mound (made by white ants over the ages).

lizupa (ma-) n. clay, potter's clay, argile.

lizwabali (ma-) n. blister (hand). syn. Iitutwa.

lizwabo or luzwabo (ma-) n. meat adhering to a hide. fig. exp: Ba ni f le mazwabofela, they overlooked me.

lizwai (ma-) n. sca-salt: lizwai la njee, spring-salt, rock-salt. cf. mukele. sny mungwa. njee.

lizwalo (ma-) n. conscience, guilty conscience, remorse: ya na ni liz-walo, patient person, obedient person, merciful person.

lizwele (ma-) n. (1) breast, udder, teat of an animal (2) rubber teat of a feeding bottle; (3) pectoral fin (fish).

lizwii (ma-) n. lechwe {–omba ya lizwii, male lechwe; nanda ya lizwii. female lechwe).

lo, (1) dem. pron. (class lu-ma) first degree, this: Lunaka lo, lu zwa kai? where does this tusk come from? (2) rel. pron. subj. & obj- which: lumao lo lu latehile, the needle which is lost, luseme lo ni lekile the long mat which I bought, (thŽ long mat that I bought.)

-loba (lobile) v.t. to break: ku loba mulao, to break the law. der. mulobi syn.: -cola. rel. -lobela (lobezi) to break something for a person: Lobela munyan'a hao kwa  mbonyi, break your cob of maize and give a piece to your younger brother. caus. -lobisa (lobisize) to help to break: Ki mani ya ka to ni lobisa kota ye? who will help me break this piece of fire-wood? stat. -lobeha (lobehile) to get broken: Mu sike mwa nga poto yeo, i lobehile /ihutu; do not take this pot, for one leg is broken. int. -lobelela (lobe-lezi) to break thoroughly. freq. -lobaka (lobakike) to break into pieces. (red. -lobaka-lobaka (lobaka-lobakile) to be always breaking things into pieces. fig. to speak a language imperfectly: Mutu yo u sa lobaka-lobakafela puo ha sika i ziba hande; this man is still speaking the language haltingly, he certainly does not know it well. ref. -itobela (itobezi) to break for oneself a part of a whole (speaking of many), to break in order to share.

-lobahanya (lobahnyize) v.t. to break into pieces.

-lobalela (lobalezi) to sleep somewhere: Mu to lobalela kwanu, come and sleep here, to watch over a child or sick person through the night: Ki na ya lobalezi muku/i kacenu, it was I who watched over that sick person through the night. caus. a) -lobalisa (lobalisize) to cause to sleep: Ki mulyani o mu lobalisize cwalo. he is sleeping like this because of some medicine b) -lobaza (lobalize) to put to sleep Ni yo lobaza mbututu, l am going to put the baby to sleep fig, to kill: Ki kale a m    lobaza fafasi ka ndongwa, he has just killed him with a short spear. freq. -lobalanga to be always falling asleep somewhere: Mutu vo u loba- langafela, this man is forever suddenly dozing off: Ki sipulumuki u lobalanga fa fumana kaufela, that man is insane and sleeps any- where. red. -lobala-lobala (lobala- lobezi) to have a light, short sleep, to be inclined to doze on and off all the time. ref. -ltobalela (itoba- lezi) to go to bed.

-lobela (lobezi) v.t. to plunder, to spoil, to deprive. der. mulobeli, bu- lobeli, malobela. rel. -lobelela (lobe- lezi) to deprive someone: Mu sike mwa lobelela mwanana buhobe bwa hae, do not deprive the little one of his portion of buhobe freq, -lobe- Ianga to be inclined to deprive others. red. -lobela-lobela (lobela- of many), to break in order to lobezi) to deprive again and again. share. ref. -ltobelela (itobelezi) to take -lobahanya (lobahanyize) v.t. to one's share of spoils. break into pieces.

-lobola (lobozi) v.t. to pay a dowry (bridegroom) der. muloboli, malo- asleep, to sleep, to lie on the bolo syn. -onda. rel. -lobolela (lobo- lezi) to pay a dowry for someone: Ki na ya mu lobolezi musal'a hae. I paid the dowry for him. caus. -lo- bolisa (lobolisize) to fix the amount of a dowry: Ku lobolisa mwana mali a manata, kilu mu lekisa; ku maswe, it is bad to require too great a dowry for one's child, for that is almost like selling her, fieq. -bbo langa to pay a dowry in a certain way: Batu ba mishobo yeminwi ha ba lobolangi, ba nyala fela; ba litoho- nolo, people of some other tribes (and/or races) do not pay any kind of dowry, they just marry as they want; they are lucky. ref. -itobolela (itobolezi) to pay a dowry for one- self.

lobolobo, col. n. young reeds. fig.   tall child growing quickly cf. lizeme. cf.

lofa (ma-) n. Eng. Ioafer.

-loheza (lohelize) v.t. to put drops in eyes or ears, (or to feed with a spoon): ku loheza mukuli mufukulo: to give light food with a spoon to a sick person rel. -loheleza (lohele- lize) to assist in giving drops to a person caus. -lohezisa (lohezisize) to help to give drops rec. -lohe- zana (lohezani) to put drops in one another's eyes or ears. freq. -lohe- zanga to have the habit of giving drops red. -loheza-loheza (loheza- lohelize) to give drops again and again ref. -itoheza (itohelize) to put drops in one's own eyes or ears ,

-loka (lokile) v.t. to praise, to sing the praises of. der. muloki, maloko, mulokelo. rel. -lokela (lokezi) to praise someone, or sing his praises: Ku lokela Mulena maloko a mu bubanisa, ki kokunde; it is a good thing to sing praises to the Litunga, showing his fame: Ki mani ya ka ni lokela libizo la komu ya ka, na ha ni li zibi? who will sing the praises of my cow's name, tbr I am unable? caus. -lokisa (lokisize) to cause topraise freq. -lokangato have the habit of singing praises red. -loka-loka (loka-lokile) to sing short praises. ref. -ltoka ( itokile) to praise oneself.

-lokoloza (lokololize) v.t. to speak incessantly rel. -lokolozela(lokolo- zelize) to go and speak incessantly somewhere else caus. -lokolozisa (lokolozisize) to make someone speak endlessly.

-lokota1 (lokotile) v.i. to speak an- grily for a very long time syn. - omana. rel. -bkotela (lokotezi) to scold someone for a definite reason caus. -lokotisa (lokotisize)   to scold someone. rec. -lokotisana (lokotisani or lokotisanile) to speak angrily to one another. freq. -lokotisanga to have the habit of scolding Wena u lokotisanga fela batu mo ku sina bufosi; you are scolding people all the time with- out a reason. red. -lokota-lokota (lokota-lokotike) to be inclined to scold ref. -itokotela (itokotezi) or- itokotisa (itokotisize) to scold each other angrily: Basali bani ba itoko- tisa, ba bata ku lwana; those women over there are scolding each other very angrily, and soon they will come to blows

-lokota2 (lokotile) v.t. to break a paddle. cf. -bba, rel. -lokotela (lo- kotezi) to break someone's paddle: Ne ni mu kalimile silabo sa ka; ki kale a yo ni lokotela sona, I lent him my paddle and he has al- ready broken it.caus. -lokotisa(lo- kotisize) to cause to break.

-lokoza (bkolize) v.t. to suck greed- ily from udder (calf). der. mulo- kozo, mulokozwani, ndokozwani, cf. -anya. lokozwani, col. n. small red warrior- ants (feared by the ordinary big warrior-ants)

-lola (lolile) v.t. to dream idiom. exp. Kana ndombe i ka lola mayayu? can a barble fish dream of having scales? der. muloli, tolo, malolo. fig. to speak nonsense. rel. -lolela (lolezi) to dream of things happening to another person: Kacenu wena ni ku lolezi bumaswe, I dreamed bad things about you today caus. -blisa (lolisize) to cause to dream: BusEhu bwa maliha bu lolisa hahulu batu, winter nights cause people to dream a lot. freq.- lolanga to dream habitually: Bati, wena u lolanga litolo zende! you are always having pleasant dreams   indeed! red. -lola-lola (lola-lolile) to dream frequently.

-lolekal (lolekile) v.t. to make smooth by scraping (wood-work): Mukeke u bandauzwifela ha u sika lolekwa hande. the wooden plate has just been chipped out roughlyb and has not yet been finally scraped der. silolekiso. kalole cf. -litela. fig. to coax, to wheedle, to tlatter rel. -lolekela (lolekezi) to smooth, to scrape for someone. caus. -lolekisa (lolekisize) to help to scrape

-loleka (lolekile) v.i. to begin to blossom (pumpkins, marrows, etc. ) syn. -tubula.

loli or luloli (ma-) n. string.

loliso, n. hospitality, generosity, lib-erality Bo ma ba na ni loliso ku luna kaufela, our mother is good and generous to us all

lolomoka (lolomokile) v.i. to get dis-solved, or be turned into mud. (clay) syn. -momotoka. fig. to weep without reason rel. -lolomokela (lolomokezi) to be partly dis-solved, with the liquid mud trick-ling down: Sitina sa nayahisize ndu ya hac si lolon10kezi fafasi bakenisa pula, the bricks, with which he built his house, crumbled to the ground because of the rain cuas. -lolomokisa (lolomokisize) to dis-Solve~ int. -lolomokelela (lolomoke-lezi) to become entirely dissolved to be entirely turned to mud.

-lolomona (lolomozi) v.t. to dissolve. (rain)

-lomba (lombile) v.t. (1) to dye. (2) to stain. to dirt with mud. der. si-1ombos silombiso. rel. -lombela (lombezi) to dye for someone: Mu Yo ni lombela mashandi a ka kwa si-lombo sa mina, please dye my strings in your dyeing place. caus. -1ombisa (lombisize) to help to dye  stat. -lombeha (lombehile) to become dyed: Ni itumezi mashandi a ka a lombehile hande haXulu, thank you, my strings are very nicely dyed indeed rec. -lombana (lombani) to soil each other in mud ref. -ltomba (itombile) to dirty oneself in mud: Likulube li itombile mwa sileze, the pigs have dirtied themselves in the mud

lombola' n. cassava ready to be dried and stamped after having been steeped in water

lombola2 n. a type of grass normally covered by water (much liked by cattle)

-lombota (lombotile) v.t. Luyana. to imitate, to render evil for evil. der. silomboti. syn. -likanyisa. Ku lom-bota kwa litou ku zibahala kai ni kai. the tendency of elephants to take revenge is known everywhere caus. -lombotisa (lombotisize) to cause to imitate rec. -lombotana (lombotani) to imitate one an-other freq. -bmbotanga to have the habit of imitating.

-lombwala (lombwalile) v.i. to be startled by bad news syn. -temb-wala fig. to get wet caus. -lombwa-lisa (lombwalisize) to startle

lombweka (lombwekile) v.t. to apply much ointment or grease to a person or vehicle etc Mu sike mwa lombweka mwanana magula a manata, do not put too much va-seline on the child Mu lombwekile hahulu mafula a manata mwa lihutu la koloi, you put too much grease in the wheel-hub of the scotch-cart. cf. -toza, -lamba. rel. -lombwe-kela (lombwekezi) to apply oint-ment (etc.) for someone. caus. -lombwekisa (lombwekisize) to cause to apply ointment (etc.) ref. -ltombweka (itombwekile) to put ointment on oneself.


-lomoka (lomokile) v.i. to wonder at, to gape. cf. -komoka. rel. -lomo-kela (lomokezi) to wonder at U sike wa lomokela muzumi ka ma-kande a kubu ya bulaile ka mazoho! do not show such credulity at the hunter's story, when he says that he killed a hippo with his hands! caus. -lomokisa (lomokisize) to cause to gape at freq. -lomokanga to be inclined to wonder at: Wena u lomokangafela: you. you swallow any story!

lona, emph. pron. sing. (class li-ma or lu-ma).

-londa1 (londile) v.i. to be watery (cooked food). fig. to be without strength. caus. -londisa (londisize) to cook food with too much water.

-londa2 (londile) v.i. to be slow, to lag; to be apathetic, listless caus. -bndisa (londisize) to cause to be slow (etc): Na kula, ki ha londile cwana; he was ill that is the reason for his listlessness

-londata (londatile) or-londota (lon-dotile) v.t. to track der. mulondoti. rel. -londatela (londatezi) to track an animal for someone. caus. -lon-datisa (londatisize) to help to follow an animal on the track Ki mani ya ka yo ni londatisa folofolo ya ka? who will help me track the animal that I wounded?

-londoka (londokile) v.i. to follow a track: ku londoka mwa murala wafo-lofolo, to be on the track of an animal fig. to give a clever or logi-cal statement in a court case rel. -londokela (londokezi) to follow a certain direction: Mutu yo u londo-kezi kai? where is that person going?

-londoloza (londololize or londolo-zize) v.t. (1) to speak lengthily. (2) bring up old matters during a quarrel (3) to straighten out mat ters syn. -shamulula, -shamutula, -longoboshola. caus. -londolozisa (londolozisize) (1) to cause some-one to speak lengthily Se ne si mu londolozisa cwalo kini? what is it that made him speak at such great length? (2) to cause to bring up old matters in a quarrel freq. -londolozanga to be inclined to (etc) Ku londolozanga litaba za kale ku maswe, it is bad to harp back to old matters during an argument.

-longa1 (longile) v.t. to load, to freight der. mulongi, mulongo, mu-longelo. fig. to listen to. sp. exp. ku longa mutu litaba mwa lizebe, to speak to a person with the deliber-ate intention of either being over-heard by a third person, or not. rel. -longela (longezi) to ladle, to load for someone: ku longela bupi mwa sihwana, to ladle mealie-meal into a calabash: Longela 6anana libyana za bona mwa mukolo, load the chil-dren's effects into the canoe. caus. -longisa (longisize) to help or order to load. int. -longelela (longelezi) to load completely rec. -longisana (longisani or longisanile) to help each other in loading inv. -longola (longozi) to unload (see -longola) freq. -longanga to have the habit of loading red. -longa-longa (longa-longile) to load a few things quickly ref. a) -itongela (itongezi) to load for oneself b) -itongeta (itongetite) to rush into a vehicle

longa2 (ma-) n. pitfall for animalss with spears fixed in the ground.

-longana (longani or longanile) v.i. to embark. to get into a car, to board a train or a plane der. si-longani or silonganu. cf. -kwela. rel. -longanela (longanezi) to embark at, etc.: Luna lu longanezifa Ma-tongo, we embarked at Matongo.  caus. -longanisa (longanisize) to cause to embark: Se si ku longani-size mwa sitimela u sina mali ki sika mani? why did you board the train without money? int. -longanelela ( longanelezi ) also -longanelelela (longanelelezi) to embark, leaving for good; to embark (speaking of all passengers intending to go) freq. -longananga to have the habit of embarking, etc.: Mu sike mwa no longananga fela mwa sitima, mu sina mali; stop your habit of get-ting into trains without any fare inv. -longoka (longokile) to disem-bark, to get out of a car or off a train (see -longoka ) red. -longana-longana (longana-longani or -lon-gana-longanile) to embark (speak-ing of many people on the point of going) ref. -itongeta (itongetite or itongetile) to enter (mostly speak-ing of a big snake or of many people) Mbumbe ki kale i itongeta mwa ndu ya ka, a large cobra has just gone into my house; Mu sike mwa itongeta kaufela mina mwa kakolo kakanyinyani mu ka lwela; do not all of you get into the small canoe, it will capsize.

longo (maongo) n. hut (original type of Malozi hut)

-longoboshola (longobosbozi) v.t. to speak lengthily referring to many th ings syn. -londoloza, -shamulula. rel. -longoboshela (longoboshezi) to speak lengthily somewhere: Zamaya, u yo longoboshela koo makama a hao! go, tell your tales somewhere else caus. -longobosho-lisa (longobosholisize) to cause to speak lengthily. int. -longobosho-lela (longobosholezi) also-longobo-sholelela (longobosholelezi) to pour forth everything on one's mind. red . -1ongoboshola-longoboshola (longoboshola-bngoboshozi) to say  many things without much re- flection

longoka (longokile) v.i. to disem- bark, to get out of a car, a plane~ a train cf. -tuluka. fig. exp. ku long- oka pilu, to be weak-headed rel. - longokela (longokezi) to disembark somewhere, etc. caus. -longokisa (longokisize) to cause or assist to disembark, etc int. -longokelela (longokelezi) to get out for good freq. -longokanga to get in and out of a vehicle, etc. inv. -longana (longani) to embark

-longola (longozi) v.t. to unload. rel.

-longolela (longolezi) to unload for someone caus. -longolisa (longoli-size) to help, to order to unload; to supervise off-loading. int. -longole- lela (longolelezi) to unload com- pletely. freq. -longolanga to be use to unloading. inv. -longa (longile) to load. red. -longola-longola longola-longozi) to unload a few things quickly ref. -ltongola (ito- ngozi) to deliberately leave a canoe or a vehicle: Ki mulatu wa hae, ki yena ya itongozi mwa mukolo, it is his responsibility, for he decided to leave the canoe on his own.

-longola2 (longozi) v.t. to show one's dissatisfaction by strong words. der. Iilongo. syn. -ketula. rel. -long- olela (longolezi) to reproach some- one strongly: U. ni longolezi maswe, he strongly reproached me about            t many things. caus. -longolisa (lo- n ngolisize) to cause the reproach of another. freq. -longolanga to be always reproaching others

longola3 (maongola) n. spine.

longolo (maongolo) n. chameleon. tig. someone changing his mind frequently. syn. naluntambwe.

longomoka (longomokile) v.i. to come out of a hole (snake) syn.  topotoka. fig. to come out in great numbers (people): Nifumani batu se ba longomoka mwa Kuta. I ar-rived there when people were al-ready coming out of the court. rel. -longomokela (longomokezi) to come out with the intention of going somewhere. caus. -longomo-kisa (longomokisize) to cause to come out.

longongo (bo-) n. head of a family.

-longotola (longotozi) v.t. to unpack one thing after another, to sort out things in order to find something required. der. mulongotoli, syn. -a-lunguta. rel. -longotolela (longoto-lezi) to take things out of a box and leave them out Banana ba longotolezi libyana fafasi, the chil-dren have unpacked the goods and left them Iying on the floor caus. -longotolisa (longotolisize) to cause to sort or take out. int. -longotolo-lela (longotololezi) to take every-thing out.

longwani (bo-) n. Eng. tall person.

lonji (li or ma) n. Eng. motor-boat launch.

lonono (bo-) n. kind of bird (Ethio-pian Shipe) believed to announce the cold season. fig. the last one.

looba (ma-) n. cooked iguana meat (boneless) cf. siswaya. (from -oba)

looma (ma-) n. roar of a lion, cf. Iioma.

-lota1 (lotile) v.i. to drip der. Iilotoli, syn. -coomoka. fig. to arrive sud-denly, unexpectedly; to drop in Lubinda ki kale a lota, Lubinda has Just dropped in rel. -lotela (lotezi) to drip: Pula i ni lotezi, I felt the first drops of rain. caus. -lotisa (lo-tisize) to let fall drop by drop fig. exp. ku lotisa mioko, to show one's sorrow by weeping (death). red. -ota-lota (lota-lotile) to start raining.


lota2 (lotile) v.i. Luyana to dream

lotee! adv. exp. burnt out! burnt to ashes! Mbonyiya kafa liso ki kale ca lotee! the ear of corn I put on the hearth completely burnt to ashes syn. sosaa!

-lotela (lotezi) v.t. to grasp by the arm (people), by the leg or horn (cattle) syn. -lambela.

loto, n. Iead (metal)

-lotokela (lotokezi) v.t. to hold tightly cf. -lotela,-lambela.

-loya (loile) v.t. to bewitch, to cast a spell on someone. der. muloi buloi, siloiso, namaloya, toyano rel. -loyela (loyezi) (1) to bewitch for someone: U. ni loyele yena kakuli u keni mwa ndu ya ka, put a spell on that person for me because he has offended me (lit: he entered into my house). (2) to bewitch for a de-termined reason: Ba mu loyezi bufumu bwa hae. they bewitched him for his wealth caus. -loisa (loi-size) to cause a spell to be cast over someone Ki wena ya ni loisize yena, I bewitched him because of you. stat. -loyeha (loyehile) to take leave of one's senses U sike wa mamela za yambutuka, u loyehile mutu yo, this man has taken leave of his senses, do not listen to his nonsense. int. -loyelela (loyelelezi) to cast a permanent spell on an-other: Ba mu loyelezi, ha sa na ku fola, he will not recover at they have bewitched him for good. rel. -loyana (loyani) to bewitch one an-other freq. -loyanga to have the habit of bewitching; to bewitch without reason ref. a) -itoya (itoile) to get into hardship in be-witching: U itoile ili yena ka ku bulaya mwan'a mutu, he brought trouble on himself when he killed the child. b) -itoyela (itoyezi) to bewitch without discrimination c)  -itoisa (itoisize) to behave in a way that causes one's misfortune

-loza (lozize) v.t. to sharpen (knife, axe), to file der. mulozi, siloziso cf. -shenga fig. exp. ku loza mulomo, to report false news. rel. -lozeza (loze-lize) to sharpen for someone: Mate, a ku ni lozeze kwatehi palo ya ka, Mate, will you sharpen my small hatchet please? caus. -lozisa (lozisize) to help someone in sharpening: Liewe la ku lozisa, grinding stone, whetstone. red. -loza-loza (loza-lozize) to sharpen something a little bit. ref. -itozeza (itozelize) to sharpen (a tool) for oneself

lozi, n. pertaining to the Malozi people or Silozi language.

lu, (1) pron. sing. subj. & obj. of nouns, belonging to class lu-ma: Lufyelo lu latehile. ya lu boni ki mahi? the broom is lost, who saw it? (2) pers. pron. subj. & obj. Elrst person of the plural: Lu ile. ba lu latelele, we are going, let them follow us. (3) rel. pron. (class lu-ma) which: Lutaka lo lu lobehile, the broken reed, (the reed which is broken)

-lua, -luwa (luile) v.t. & v.i. Sotho to possess, to own, to gain; to become rich: U luile likomu zehata, he owns many cattle- Ki mutu ya luile hahulu, he is a very rich man der. mului, liluo, bului. syn. -fuma. rel. -luela (luezi) to reward: ku luela babelekj hande, to give a decent wage to workers ref. -ltuela (ituezi) to be well off: U ituezi likomu zehata, ha sa na taba ni batu, he is well off, so he does not care much about people.

luambu, n. type of creeper plant.

luamuhelo (ma-) n. tattoo on the face (made with the hope of being  welcomed to the Paradise) (from: --muhela).

luamwe, n. quarrel, dispute

luata, lwata, n. tendency to raise the voice whenever talking or quarrelling.

-luba (lubile) v.t. to knead (bread, clay); to mould. der. mulubi, rel. -lubela (lubezi) to knead for some-one. caus. -lubisa (lubisize) to help to knead. stat. -lubeha (lubehile) to be kneaded: Buhobe bo, bu lubehile maswe. this is lumpy buhobe int. -lubelela (lubelezi) to knead the whole amount. freq. -lubanga to have the habit of kneading: Mu no lubanga hande kazupa ka sike ka ba ni makoto, do work the clay care-fully to avoid lumps. red. -luba-luba (luba-lubile) to knead again and again. fig. to bother: Na ha ni lati ku luba lubiwa cwalo! I most certainly do not like to be bothered in this way. ref. -itubela (itubezi) to knead for oneself: Ki na ya itubezi sitina se kaufela, I moulded all these bricks myself

lubaci, n. side, flank

lubaka (ma-) n. slap.

lubakanya (lubakanyize) v.t. to mash, to mix different things to-gether

lubala1 (ma-) n. house not yet thatched.

lubala2 (ma-) n. side of a canoe

lubalelo (ma-) n. Iath (used in a roof as a support for grass, etc.)

lubandangoti, n. one alone remain-ing: Ba lengilwe ki pula ku tokwa ni wa lubandangoti, they have all been struck by lightning with not even one remaining. (from: -banda).

lubandashemo (ma-) n. state of a woman whose children are born at long intervals

lubande (ma-) n. inflamation of lym phatic glands

lubangol (ma-) n. kind of small fish

lubango2 (ma-) n. kind of basket made of bamboo.

lubasi (ma-) n. family

lubebe (ma-) n. tail of fish, part next to the tail.

lubeke (ma-) n. one single grain. cf. bubeke.

lubeta (ma-) n. something which may cause harm: Mu sabe mushitu wani, ku na ni lubeta mwateiii, take care when you enter that forest, for st is dangerous: U. sike wa bapa-lisa tipa yeo, ki lubeta, do not play with that knife or you will be hurt fig. treacherous person, enemy Wena ha ni ku sepi u lubeta ku na. I do not trust you as you are my enemy

lubete (ma-) n. spleen. Iubibi, n. cream

lubibi (ma-) n. beer prepared to reward temporary helpers

lubile, n. speed, swiftness, rapidity ye

lubilo, swift; ku matisa mota ka lubilo, to drive at great speed

lubolu (ma-) n. double chin

lubomba, n. rich milk of a cow before the weaning

lubona (ma-) n. King's chair throne

lubonda (ma-) n. string made of a twisted strip of inner bark fig strong and thin person

lubosi or luboshi, (ma-) n. strong grip on the forearm. (from: -bos-heka ).

lubotolo (ma-) n. Eng. bottle

luboya (ma-) n. a single hair

-lubuka (lubukile) v.i. to look fix-edly, to stare at. syn. -lutula, -anjuka. rel. -lubukela (lubukezi) to look fixedly in a certain direction fig. to speak angrily: Kacenu u ni lubokezi maswe, today he spoke to me very angrily. caus. -lubukisa  (lubukisize) to cause to stare at rec. -lubukelana (lubukelani) to look fixedly at each other freq. . Iubauka or -luboka (lubaukile or lu-bokile) to look fixedly here and there red. -luboka-luboka (luboka-lubokile) to stare at fixedly and re-peatedly. caus. -lubokisa (luboki-size) to cause to stare at fixedly and repeatedly ref. -ltubukela (itu-bukezi) to look very fixedly at each other fig. -itubokela (itubo-kezi) to scold one another syn.-ikomanya.

lubya (ma-) n. veldt fire fig. (1) tale bearer, (2) irascible person

lucacani, n. bushy place, bushy region, cf. sicacani.

luci (ma-) n. cath: muliani wa maci medicme supposed to prevent one from death in case of breaking of oaths

lucwani (ma-) n. a blade of grass fig. exp. ku ipumela luswaiii, to end a quarrel, to be of equal strength

lucwe (ma-) n. gravel, gut

lucwepu-cwepu (ma-) n. pleasant young man

-luela (luezi) v.t. Sotho to pay wages, to reward der. tuelo. syn.-holisa.

luendo (ma-) n. Luyana. journey syn. Iieto, musipili. (from: -enda)

luenga or Lwenga, adv. askew, obli-quely: ku zamaya lwenga inge nkala, to walk obliquely like a crab.

lufafazani, n. small shower of rain. drizzle

lufenyo, n. vexation torment. syn. lutula. (from: fenya).

lufeto (ma-) n. a reed or stick for churning stirrer cf. Iulumbi.

lufiyelo (ma-) n. broom (from:-fiyela ).

lufula (ma-) n. small fishing bow-net.

lufwendo, n. proposed journey not   accomplished. fig. abortive thing, failure

luhala' n. disposition to cause distur-bances.

luhala2 n. ability of a cow or to always come first lead the herd

luka1 (lukile) v.t. to sew, to repair, to mend, to weave der. muluki, buluki, silukiso. rel. -lukela (lukezi) to sew, mend or repair for some-one caus. -lukisa (lukisize) (1) to help, to order to sew; (2) to adjust stat. -lukeha (bkehile) to be well tailored, well repaired int. -luke-lela (lukelezi) to sew, etc . com-pletely: ku lukelela kanyandi, to complete weaving a fishing net freq. -lukanga to keep sewing, re-pairing, etc. to repair frequently red. -luka-luka (luka-lukile) same meaning as freq. ref. -itukela (itu-kezi) to sew, repair, weave for oneself

-luka2 (lukile) v.i. to become straight. right, just, fair, righteous: ye lukile, right, straight, just: ka ku luka, rightly der. tukelo. rel. -lukela (lukezi) to be good for, to be fit for, to suit, to be worthy of: Ha ni lukeli ku biziwa mwan'a hao. I am not worthy to be called your son caus. -lukisa (lukisize) (1) to make straight, to adjust. to adapt: Mu lukise bulukwe bwa ka hande, please alter my trousers and make them tight-fitting (2) to arrange, to put inorder Mu lukise hande mwa ndu, lu telwa ki baenvi kacenu, visitors will come to see us today so please tidy up the house (3) to correct a person: Lukisa mwana a talife, ad-monish the child so that he may become wise stat. -lukeha (luke-hile) to understand the meaning of an admonition, to be in the right: Ni mu .vhapile, u lukehile cwale, I punished him, so he has now  changed his attitude. int. -lukelela (lukelezi) to be thoroughly good freq. -lukanga to be habitually good, fair, etc Kamita ku no luke- langa batu ku tahisa bunde ni bu- maswe, it is a good thing to be always fair to people, but some- times it does not pay ref. -itukela (itukezi) to attempt to become righteous: Liseteli yena u itukezi. ki mulena wa mutu, Liseteli is really a very good man

lukakatela, n. manner of clinging to someone (as a small child refusing to part from his mother) (from: - katatela).

lukambo n. reward given to a public dancer: ku binelela lukambo, to dance for a reward

lukanda (ma-) n. girdle, belt; fig. exp. ku tama mwana lukanda, to take a child under one's care; Yani ki wa lukanda lwa ndatahe, that one is well beloved by his father, he takes him around.

lukandeleliso, n. gift offered as a token of homage, respect, thank- fulness. (see: sikandeleliso).

lukango (ma-) n. coagulated blood (from: -kangela.)

lukana, n. difficult hoeing at the be-ginning of the ploughing season fig. difficult poling (canoes) (from: -kana).

lukato, n. avarice, greed, stinginess syn- lukokoto.

lukau, n. Luyana. harvest, crop

lukeke, n. Luyana. baby, young child

lukena (ma-) n. alburnum, sap- wood: silabo sa lukena, paddle i made of sap-wood. cf. Iukula.

lukendende, n. aversion, disdain, contempt. (from: -kenda): Musal'a ka u na ni lukendende kwa lico mazazi a, my wife has an aversion for food these days (from: -kenda)


lukesani (ma-) n. kind of edible tu-berous plant

lukesha (ma) n. red millet

luketa (mi-) n. very old, thin, weak cattle (see muketa) fig. very old, thm woman

luketululo, n.discrimination (from: -keta).

-lukisa (lukisize) v.t. to prepare, to arrange, to mend, to repair to put in order der. mulukisi, tukiso, bui-tukiso, tukisezo, bulukisi, syn. -bakanya. fig. to correct (a person): Lukisa mwana a talife, admonish the child so that he may become wise rel. -lukiseza (lukiselize) to for someone; to see to for some-one. ref. -ltukisa (itukisize) to get ready.

lukokoto, n. excessive carefulness, avarice, greed, stinginess syn. lukato.

lukonde (ma-) n. wrinkle

lukonga (ma-) n. kaffir-corn.

lukui, n. fear that makes one's hair stand on end.

-lukuka (lukukile) v.i. to leap (heart); to burst into flames: Pilu ya ka i lukukile maswe, ku na ni ba ba ni bulela, people are talking about me, for my ears are burning (lit: my heart is leaping strongly) Mulilo so lukukile hahulu, ha lu sa kona ku utima, the fire is already ranging so firecely that it is impos-sible to extinguish it fig. to run away suddenly. freq. -lukauka (lu-kaukile) to be continually thrilled.

lukuko (ma-) n. bow-net cf. njamba. fig. any means enabling a person to make a living

lukukwani, n. cooked butter or fat

lukula1, n. the hard wood at centre of a tree: Silabo sa lukula si lobeha fela, a paddle of hard wood breaks easily. cf. lukena.

lukula2 (lukuzi) v.t. to throw vigo rously, to kick strongly. fig. to paddle energetically.

lukuluha (lukuluhile) v.i. to become free, independent; to become loose der. mulukuluhi, tukuluho, bulukuluhi. int. -lukuluhelela (luku-luhelezi) to become completely free.

-lukulula (lukuluzi) v.t. (1) to untie ku lukulula komu, to untie a cow (2) to set free, to deliver, to re-lease, to emancipate; to redeem ku lukulula mutu mwa tolongo, to set a prisoner free; Tumelo i lu lu; kulula mwa bumaswe, faith delivers us from evil der. mulukululi, tuku-lulo, tukululiso. cf. -tobisa rel. -lu-kululela (lukululezi) to untie for someone; to release with a pur-pose. caus. -lukululisa (lukululisize) to cause or to help to untie, to re-lease, etc . int. -lukululelela (lu-kululelezi) to release definitely: Ba mu lukululelezi ha sa na mulatu. there is no longer a charge against him, and so they have released him for good. rec. -lukululana (lu-kululani) to help each other out of trouble freq. -lukululanga to have the habit of untying: Ki hande ku lukululanga likomu ka nako, it is a good thing always to unfasten cattle early ref. -ltukulula (ituku-luzi) to free oneself: U itukuluzi mwa mulatu wa hae, he cleared himself from trouble by paying a fine.

lukulupa or mukulupa (mikulupa, tu-kulupa) n. thin, old person unable to work

-lukuma (lukumile) v.i. to throb, to palpitate syn. -luluma,-ndandama. rel. -lukumela (lukumezi) to palpi-tate for a reason, to feel anxiety for someone: Pilu ya ka i se i luku-mela ku ya kwa hae, I have only one desire to go home caus. -luku-  ???or lumanile) to bite each other. fig. to come to blows, to fight freq. a) -lumanga to have the habit of biting; Nja ye lumanga batu imaswe, it is a bad dog which bites people; b) -lumaka (lumakile) to bite in many places; c) -lumakisa (lumaki-size) to cause to bite furiously: Ki wena ya ni lumakisize linja za hao, I have been bitten by your dogs which you deliberately set on me red. -luma-luma (luma-lumile) fig. to intimate, to discuss: Ni yena ba mu luma-luma mwendi ba ta mufa situlo, they are hinting about him and perhaps will give him a pos-ition ref. -ltumela (itumezi) to be inclined to bite: Linja za hae li itu-mela fela, his dogs just bite any-body who passes by. ituma rnana (itumile bada) to bite one's lips when angry

-luma2 (lumile) v.t. to send, to des-patch. der. mulumi, mulumiwa, tumo rel. -lumela (lumezi) to send to, to send for, to order. freq. -lu-manga to have the habit of sen-ding red. -luma-luma(luma-lumile) to send every now and then ref. -ituma (itumile) to go and fetch something for oneself.

-luma3 (lumile) v.i. to be tight: Sitibo si lumile hande, the cork is very tight caus. -lumisa (lumisize) to tighten rec. -lumana (lumani or lu-manDe) to be joined together: Mabala a tafule a lumani hande, the table is well joined; Sipula si lumanj hahulu kwa limota, the chair is too close to the wall.

-luma4 (lumile)v.i. to thunder; Ni utwile pula, i lumde kacenu, I heard it thundering today. der. mulumo, rel.

-lumela (lumezi) to thunder somewhere Mabani pula i ne lumela kwa Mboela, it was thundering in the south yesterday. int. a) -lu maela (lumaezi) to thunder very loudly, to be very noisy: Mwa muezi wa Simbotwe kwa lumaela, it is very noisy in Simbotwe's village b) -lumaeza (lumaelize) to resound far: Maoma ki ao a sa lumaeza, listen! the Maoma roaring is be-coming louder. freq. -lumanga to thunder continually: Pula ya nako ye i lumangafela, kwa ku nela ha i neli, it is just thundering all the time and there is not one drop of rain. red. -luma-luma (luma-lumile) to thunder a little.

lunangato (ma-) n. blacksmith' tongues or pincers. (from -mangata)

lumao (ma-) n. Iong, fat, iron needle used for making mats (women's work).

-lumbal (lumbile) v.i. to rise, to be high: Lizulu la ka li lumbile hahulu, the mound where I am cultivating is quite a high one. der. mulumbo. cf. - lundu mana. caus. -lu mb isa (lumbisize) to make higher. syn. -ubela: Mu ubele hahulu sibaka se, mu si lumbise, put a lot of earth in this place to make it higher. int. -lumbelela (lumbelezi) to be very high.

-lumba2 (lumbile) v.t. to praise, to exalt. syn. -nuneka, bubeka. cf. -babaza Sotho. rel. -lumbela (lum-bezi) to praise for a reason: Ba mu lumbela musa wa hae, they praise 0 him for this kindness. caus. -lum-bisa (lumbisize) to cause to praise. freq. -lumbanga to be inclined to praise someone: Ba mu lumbanga fela hakuna sa mutu, they are pra;sing him for nothing. ref. -itumba (itumbile) to praise oneself, to boast. der. muitumbi.

-lumba3 (lumbile) v.t. Luyana. to decide to go somewhere, to plan a journey. syn. -fumba.  


-lumbaeta (lumbaetite) v.i. to extol, to magnify, to laud. der. Iumbaeto.

lumbambo (ma-) n. fin on the back of a fish.

lumbana (lumbani or lumbanile) v.t. same as-lumba.

-lumbeka (lumbekile) v.t. to praise. to exalt, to glorify. der. milumbeko.

-lumbela (lumbezi) v.t. to give a reason for being accused, to behave in a way which would call for one's punishment: Ki kale a ba lumbela kuli ki bona ba ba mu bu-laile, their crime is becoming obvi-ous and calls for punishment fig. exp. Ki sika se si lumbela mutu. that is something which will come back on your own head to be responsi-ble for (death, damage, etc. )

-lumbiliketa (lumbiliketite) v.t. to accuse persistently. cf. -tamilikeza.

lumbimbia, n. dusk, twilight syn. swalala.

lumbongo (ma-) n. wild creeper pro-ducing rubber cf. kenya.

-lumbwela (lumbwezi) v.t. to kill a much beloved relative, with the superstitious belief that, once dead, the victim would help the killer to perform great deeds. (ritual murder) caus. -lumbwelisa (lumbwelisize) to help to kill in the way mentioned above: Mulyani o lumbwelisa, a medicine believed to help to kill in the way men-tioned above.

-lumeha (lumehile) v.t. to bleed a person, to put cupping horns on scarifications der. mulumehi, mulu-meho, bulumehi. fig. to act in away which would place a person in dif-ficulty cf. -anya. rel. -lumehela (lu-mehezi) to ~ on someone's behalf: A mu ni lumehele musala ka wa kula, please bleed my wife, she is not well caus. lumehisa (lumehi-size) to help to bleed rec. -lume hana (lumehani) to help each other in mutual bleeding freq. -lume-hanga to ~ frequently: Ku na ni kuzi mwa ku lumehanga banana, it is dangerous to bleed children too often. red. -lumeha-lumeha (lumeha-lumehile) same meaning as freq. ref. -ltumeha (itumehile) to put cupping horns on one's own body fig. -ltumehisa (itumehisize) to put oneself in difficulty by trying to please others: Ku itumehisa batu ki butoto, it is stupid to put oneself in difficulty by pleasing others (food, beer money)

-lumela (lumezi) v.t. (1) to believe to consent, to accept, to acknowl-edge, to agree, to condescend (2) to send goods. der. mulumeli, tumelo, bulumeli. (salutation:) Mu lumele, good morning, good after-noon. (salutation of people meet-ing for the first time in the day. Iit. Believe me, have confidence in me, (see: -lumelisa). rel. -lumelela (lumelezi) (1) to allow, to permit, to consent to: Na ku lumelela, u ye kwa hae, I allow you to go home (2) to send goods to someone: U. ni lumelele jansi, maliha sa lifakaufi please send me a coat, for it wili soon be winter. der. tumelelo. caus. -lumelisa (lumelisize) to cause to believe, agree, consent etc... rec. -lumelelana (lumeleiani or lu-melelanile) to make a mutual agreement: Lu lumelelani kale, a ni sa kona ku kutela mwamulaho; we agreed on this long ago and I cannot go back. der. tumelelano. freq. -lumelanga to agree without much reflection: Ku lumelangafela lika ha ku tusi sesEhwi, it does not help to believe everything without reflection red. -lumela-lumela (lumela-lumezi) same meaning as freq. ref. a) -itumela (itumezi) to  misa (lukumisize) to cause palpita-tions: Tala ni linyolwa li lukamisa kwa pilu, hunger and thirst some-times cause palpitation.

lukumalela. n. inclination (from: -kamalela).

lukumba (ma-) n. fragrant powdered root bark used as per-fume (from ndaundau tree roots) perfume

lukumbi (ma-) n. mane of horse, zebra etc. (equine family)

lukumbu (ma-) n. round basket with Iid. fig. treasure cf. katumbwa

lukunda (ma-) n. basket made of rnakenge roots (sometimes used for fishing)

lukunowe (b~) n. sorcerer.

lukupwe, n. time of hunger (usually in November and December).

lukushe, n. sisal, fibre from a kind f aloe used to make ropes and ats (see: -kushula).

lukusi (ma-) n. sign of great respect and submission shown by clapping hands and offering presents: Yena na shwelafa lukusi ha na omanyiwa ki mun a hae, he most certainly showed a total submission by clap-ping hands when his master told him off n cf. -kandelela.

-lukuta1 (lukutile) v.i. see -lakata.

lukuta2 (lukutile) v.t. to break in two, to nibble bones; to eat all and leave nothing for others syn. -len-dama, -leketa. rec. -lukutana (luku-tani) to break each other's limbs while wrestling

-lukuta3 (lukutile) v.i. to resound (drums) caus. -lukutisa (lukutisize) to be.~t drums: Kacenu ha lu sika lobahz ne lu lukutisa milltpa, we did not sleep last night, for we were beating the drums.

lukutu! interj. (1) to express a sudden falling (2) to express a Sudden breaking . .. U wile fafasi  lukutu! ... and suddenly he fell down!: U mu lobile lizoho lukutu! All of a sudden he broke the man's arm! cf. ngulungundu.

lukutu2(ma-) n. (1) coffin madewith mats, shelter made with mats in a grave to protect the corpse; (2) awning made of mats. cf. Iutanga.

lukwa (ma-) n. slender object made from mukwa tree: Mukolo wa lukwa. Iong and well made canoe carved out of a mulombe tree, silabo sa lukwa, paddle carved out of a mu-lombe tree.

lukwaa, n. fame, renown; also slan-dering: ku isa mutu lukwaa, to speak highly of or spread mali-cious reports about a person to another. (from: -kwaa). -

lukwakwa (ma-) n. fence, paling, hedge, stockade, fortified place surrounded by stockade, fort.

lukwate (bo-) n. hornbill (generic name; the commonest is the South African Grey hornbill); way in which this bird is flying.

lukwawela, n. rumour, uncertain report: Taba yeo ni na ni i utwilefela lukwawela, I also have just heard rumours about this matter.

lukwe, n. forest of mukwe trees.

lukweka (lukwekile) v.t. to set on fire, to set ablaze. syn. -cisa. rel. -lukwekela (lukwekezi) to cause harm to someone by setting ablaze his property: Ki kale a mu lukwe-kela ndu ya hae, he has already burnt down his house. caus. -luk-wekisa (lukwekisize) to cause to burn.

lukwekwe, n. scabies.

-lula (lulile) v.t. (1) to put down a burden: ku lula mulwalo fafasi, to put down a load. (2) to help some-one to put down a load: ku lula mutu mushimbo o bukiti, to help someone to put down a heavy  load. der. malulelo. fig. exp. Iula pilu, be patient, do not worry rel. -lulela (lulezi) to put down a burden in a certain place caus. Iulisa (luli-size) to order someone to put down a load: A ku yo lulisa batu ba ni ba lu yemele, go and tell those people to put down their loads and to wait for us red. -lula-lula (lula-lulile) to put down a load again and again. ref. -ltula (ituzi) to put down one's own load: Ku tata kuli mutu a itule mulwalo o bukiti, it is difficult for someone to put down a heavy load by himself

-lula2 (lulile) v.i. Luyana. to be bitter (fruit, etc.)

lule (bo-) n. a thousand

-lulela (lulezi) v.t. to thatch der. mululeli, bululeli, mululelelo. silule liso. cf. -kubela. rel. -lulelela (lule-lezi) to thatch for someone cuas. -lulelisa (lulelisize) to help to thatch inv. -lutulula (lutuluzi) to unthatch. (see -lutulula). red. -lulela-lulela (lulela-lulezi) to do a little thatching: Kamuso ni ka to lulela-lulela hanyinyanifela, tomor-row I shall come and do a little thatching ref. -ltulelela (itulelezi) to thatch for oneself

lulemba1 n. new grass: lulemba lo lu tala, green pastures.

lulemba2 (bo-) n. harlot (from -lem-beka).

luli, adv. truly, certainly, indeed, quite: taba ya luli, true news, real-ity.

lulima (bo-) n. kind of bird eating bananas at night.

lulimi (ma-) n. (1) tongue (also lilimi) lulimi lwa mulilo, flame fig. exp. Si ni matifa lulimi or u sike wa nEyafa lulimi, do not interrupt me (2) tale bearing: Mutu yani ki wa lulimi, that man is a tale bearer

luloli or loli (ma-) n. string


lulu, n. Parkinson's disease

-lulueza (luluelize) v.t. to ululate joyfully when welcoming an im-portant person. der. mululuezo.

-luluha (luluhile) v.i. to swell, to bulge: Ni luluhile lihutu, I have a swollen leg fig. to be sulky cf.-nyema. rel. -luluhela (luluhezi) to keep rancour against someone: So ni luluhezi cwalo, ni kufoselize sika mani? What wrong did I do to you to provoke your rancour? caus. -luluhisa (luluhisize) to cause to swell fig. to vex. int. -luluhelela (lu-luhelezi) to become completely swollen Sitombo sa hae si luluhe-lezi, his abscess is now a tremen-dous size freq. -luluhanga to become swollen again and again red. -luluha-luluha (luluha-luluhile) same as freq. ref. -ituluhela (itulu-bezi) to swell without apparent reason: Lizoho la ka li ituluhezifela hape, I do not know why my arm has become swollen again fig. to become sulky with each other

luluka or liluka (ma-) n. papyrus mat (made by men)

-luluma1 (lulumile) v.i. to throb, to palpitate. syn. -lukuma, -ndandama. caus. -lulumisa (lulumisize) to cause palpitations

luluma2 (lulumile) v.i. to rush for-ward (fire)

lulumbi (ma-) n. kindling stick. syn. Iufeto.

-luma (lumile) v.t. to bite. der. silumi. fig. exp. ku luma mutu kwa lizebe. to confide in someone rel. -lumela (lumezi) to bite some-where Nja i mu lumezi mwa lapa la habo, the dog bit him in his parents' yard; I mu lumezi kwa lizoho; it bit him on the hand, Nja i ni lumezi mwana ka. a dog bit my child caus. -lumisa (lumisize) to cause to bite rec. -lumana (lumani  accept for oneself, to thank: Ni boni linolo la mina, ni itumezi; I have received your letter, thank you b) -itumelela (itumelezi) to plead guilty: Na lu sa mu zekisa, u itumelezi; the case is finished, for he pleaded guilty c) -itumeleza (itumelelize) to order goods for oneself

-lumelisa (lumelisize) v.t. to greet. der. tumeliso, tumelisano rel. -lume-liseza (lumeliselize) to greet for someone: Muyo ni lumeliseza bo ma mina. please greet your mother for me rec. -lumelisana (lumelisani or lumelisanile, to greet each other. freq. -lumelisanga to have the habit of greeting: Bana ba ka, mu no lu-melisanga baenyi, children get into the habit of greeting visitors ref. -itumelisa (itumelisize) to greet each other.

-lumeleza (lumelelize) v.t. to eat buhobe with roasted fish or meat. syn. -shomekisa cf. -sunsa.

lumemba, n. pool of water sur-rounded by grass.

lumenyambango, n. an insincere person with an affected smile.

lumenyangela, n. habit of smiling, showing a good character.

lumenyo (ma-) n. smile (from-menya ).

lumina (ma-) n. nasal mucus, (run-ning nose). cf. mamina.

lumingo (ma-) n. hole made in the nose of restive cattle: fig. exp: Ku punya mutu lumingo, to tame a disobedient person

lumino, n. bad-luck which a wrong-doer must expect.

luminya (ma-) n. sting (the actual sting in the tail of a bee etc.)

lumonyi (ma-) n. grass or reed torch (by ext. any kind of instrument used as a light): lumonyi lwa pula. lightning fig. very quick experi enced diviner, skilful person.

-lumpuka (lumpukile) v.i. to leave suddenly and unnoticed. rel. -lum-pukela (lumpukezi) to ~ with a purpose. caus. -lumpukisa (lumpuki-size) to cause to ~ freq. -lumpu-tuka (lumputukile) to go out sud-denly (speaking of many): Bona. banana ba se ba lumputuka mwa keleke, look, the children are al-ready coming out of school.

lumpwili (ma-) n. hair worked up high with grease.

-lumula (lumuzi) v.t. to take a beast out of a herd.

-lumuluha (lumuluhile) v.i. to rush out from a herd. rel. -lumuluhela (lumuluhezi) to rush out of a herd towards something: Mu bone komu yani. i lumuluhela kwa mbonyi ya batu, look at that cow, it is rushing out to somebody's maize field. caus. -lumuluhisa (lumuluhisize) to cause to rush out of a herd

lumuna (ma-) n. Ieaf of a kind of shrub (lilumba) cooked as vegeta-ble

luna1, emph. pers. pron. First person of the plural; we, us Luna, ha lu zibi, we do not know!

-luna2 (lunile) v.t. not to suit: Baki yeo ya ku luna, this coat does not suit you. caus. -lunisa (lunisize) to declare unworthy: ku lunisa mutu litukelo za hae. to deprive someone of his rights. stat. -luneha (lunehile) to be unbecoming rec. -lunana (lunani) to contrast: Mibala yeo ya lunana, these colours do not match.

lunaka (ma-) n. (also linaka) horn: lunaka lwa tou, tusk, ivory.     I

lunda1 (lundile) v.t. to add to, to add       l to the measure fig. to repeat U sike wa lunda hape. do not do it , again. freq. a) -lundeka (lundekile) to put one on top of others; b)   lundateka (lundatekile) to pile up: Mu sike mwa lundateka banana likubo zenata ku cisa hahulu, mu ba lundeke ze peli fela, it is very hot, so do not put many blankets on the children; put only two

-lunda2 (lundile) v.i. to swell with anger, with fury: Poho yani se i bata ku lunda, that bull is furious and ready to fight. cf. -nyema. rel. -lun-dela (lundezi) to be angry, to be fu-rious with caus. -lundisa (lundisize) to excite to anger. rec. -lundelana (lundelani) to get ready to fight (bulls). freq. -lundanga to be habi-tually angry ref. -ltundela (itun-dezi) to get ready to fight (same as rec).

-lunda3 (lundile) v.i. (of penis) to be hard, to become erect lundisa (lun-disize) to have a penile erection.

-lundaela (lundaezi) v.i. to walk in the manner of a disrespectful angry child rel. -lundaela (lun-daezi) to walk disrespectfully in the presence of someone, with the intention of despising him caus. -lundaelisa (lundaelisize) to cause to walk disrespectfully

lundandala, n. very hard dry ground syn. luiamba. fig. barren woman

-lundatama (lundatami or lundata-mile) v.i. to be piled up together. rec. -lundatamana (lundatamani or lundatamanile) to be piled up to-gether (speaking of very many things)

lundiyo (bo-lundiyo) n. kind of little bird (supposed to have something to do with witchcraft) (water Dikkop)

lundu, n. kind of thin tree, the inner bark of which is used for tying or making ropes; forest where these trees abound.

-lunduka (lundukile) v.i. to be taller,  higher than; to be seen afar. der. li-lundu. ref. -itundula (itunduzi) to stretch one's back fig. to be proud of oneself, to be unwilling to obey.

-lundula (lunduzi) v.t. to expell, to dismiss, to discharge. syn. -undula rel. -lundulela (lundulezi) to expell somewhere: Ba mu lundulezi kwa hae, they sent him back home, to dismiss for a reason; Ba mu lundu-lezi busholi bwa hae, they dismissed | him because he was a thief caus. -lundulisa (lundulisize) to cause to dismiss. int. -lundulelela (lundule-lezi) to expell for good: Muluti u mu lundulelezi kwa sikolo. the teacher expelled him for good from the school. freq. -lundulanga to be inclined to expell.

-lundulula (lunduluzi) v.t. to do something again (as smearing for the second time) etc . . ) rel. -lun-dululela (lundululezi) to do some-thing again for someone: Mu ni lundululele muhala wo, banana ba otile munya; please twine this rope again for me, as the children have untwisted it. caus. -lundululisa (lun-dululisize) to cause to do some-thing again.

-lundumana (lundumani or lunduma-nile) v.i. (1) to be taller, higher than; to be seen afar: Ki sika mani se si bonahala ku lundumana fani? What is it that stands out over there? (2) to be uneven: Tafule ye isa lundumani, mu i bete hande, please plane this table carefully, for it is still uneven der. mulundu-mano. caus. -lundumanisa (lundu-manisize) to cause to be come higher.

lundumba (mi-) n. very old dog, very old lion (man-eating) fig. very old and decrepit person. syn. mun-dumba.

-lundumuka (lundumakile) v.i. (1) to  be loud (voice): Linzwi la hae li lun-dumukile ka bohali bo butuna, his voice is raised in anger (2) to flood Mezi a taha a lundumukile ka bunata, mane a se a keni mwa masimu; the water is already flooding in the fields rel. -lundu-mukela (lundumukezi) to urge fo-wards at great speed (water). caus. -lundumukisa (lundumukisize) to cause to flow forcefully.

-lundumuna (lundumuzi) v.t. to raise one's voice caus. -lundumunisa (lundumunisize) to cause someone to raise his voice: Se si mu lundu-munisize litapa le li cwalo kiini? What is it that made him shout out such an insult ref. -ltundumuna (itundumuzi) to make one's voice heard, to praise oneself

lunembwe, n. kind of grass (used sometimes as a vegetable)

-lunga1 (lungile) v.t. to salt, to make tasty, der. mulungi, mulungelo, si-lungelo, silungiso. fig. to exagge-rate in order to please, to astonish or to amaze rel. -lungela (lungezi) to salt for someone fig. to poison caus. -lungisa (lungisize) to supply some salt: Mwendi ba ta lu lungisa kwateni shangwe; will you please let us have some salt? stat. -lung-eha (lungehile) to be salted, to be tasty int. -lungelela (lungelelezi) to use all the salt at someone's dis-posal: Ba lungelezi lizwai kaufela mwa busunso, lifelelezi; there is no more salt, they have put it all in the relish rec. -lungisana (lungi-sani) to help each other obtain Spices freq. -lungisanga to have the habit of helping each other in exchanging salt. inv. -lungalala (lung-alalile) to be tasteless, insipid: Bu- sunso bwa luna bwa lungalala, our relish is tasteless cf. -amuba. red. -

lunga-lunga (lunga-lungile) to put a  little salt in relish ref. -itungela (itungezi) to salt one's own relish

-lunga2 (lungile) v.t. to get ready for a game of noma. rel. -lungela (lung-ezi) to give the starting signal at a game of noma. der. Iilungelo.

lunga2, pref. used to express thinness of a tall person: Lunga Nasilele, tall thin Nasilele. cf. kanga, singa.

lungalala, n. open space: Ku lobala fa lungalala, to sleep in the open air to sleep in an unroofed house fig to speak openly or publicly.

-lungamena (lungamenine) v.t. to seek persistently, contrary to the will of others

lungo (mango) n. promontory, headland.

lungongaula, n. inclination to beat children (from: -ngongola). cf. -nata. Wena u na ni lungongaula hahulu kwa banana, you are very fond of beating children.

lungonyangeti (ma-) n. kind of winged insect fig. a very thin and weak person

Lungu, n. April (see: kweli)

-lunguka (lungukile) v.i. to be dis-couraged, to be disheartened, to be envious, jealous rel. -lungukela (lungukezi) to be jealous of some-one, to look at someone with hatred. caus. -lungukisa (lunguki-size) also -lungula (lunguzi) to pro-voke jealousy.

lungulwa (miungulwa) n. a still-standing dead tree. syn. mungulwa. lungungumwa, n. powdered medi-cine (sometimes used for poisoning): Lu cile buhobe bwa lungung-utwa, we have eaten poisoned buhobe.

lungunina, n. irrepressible hatred, detestation, abhorrence.

-lungutuka (lungutukile) v.i. to hate, to detest syn. -toya. rel. -lungutu-kela (lungutukezi) to hate someone  for a reason: So ni lungutukezi cwana, ki sika mani? Why do you hate me so much? caus. -lungutu-kisa (lungutukisize) to provoke hatred

lungwatanga, n. kind of creeper fig. strong beer.

lungwela (lungwezi) v.i. (food) to become burnt (due to negligence): Piza ya ka i lungwezi ha ne ni ile kwa mezi, my food in the cooking pot was burnt while I was drawing water. cf. -ca. fig. to be spitful. caus. -lungwelisa (lungwelisize) to cause to be burnt.

lunguya or munguya (mi-) n. small thin child; thin, lean calf.

lunjeke or munjeke (mi-) n. a fruit stone.

lunjomwanjomwa, adv. one after an-other (mostly whzn taking a meal): Mu sike mwa ca lunjomwanjomwa, busunso bu ta mi taela, do not eat one after another, for relish will not be sufficient for you all.

-lunjula (lunjuzi) v.t. to pull away, to force out (eye), to squeeze out U mu lunjuzi liito ha ne ba lwana, he forced his eye out while they were fighting. int. -lunjulelela (lunjule-lezi) same meaning as above

lunkolola or kankolola (tu-) n. glade or open space sometimes connect-ing two hollows

lunkumba (bo-) n. kind of bird (Standard Wing Nightjar)

lunona, n. single grain of any cereal

lunya', n. cruelty, hardness of heart.

-lunya2 (lunyize) v.i. to blossom, bur-geon.

lunyeze, n. Iong plaited hair, plait, tress

lunyoka (ma-) n. disease causing total constipation and retention of urine

lunyondi, n. Luyana. sadness, re-gretfulness


lunamba. n. very hard dry soil. syn. lundandala.

lunanali, n. paralysis ya omelezi lu-naiiali, a paralytic

lunele (ma-) n. Iigneous grass grow-ing in the flooded plain and used as fuel

lunonde (ma-) n. wrinkle: Ki muto ya lukile, ya sa bonelwi luEionde mwa pata, he is a good person, as is ob-vious from the lack of wrinkles on his face

lunukuywe. n. famine, hunger. syn. tala: Bona lilimo kaufela ki batu ba luEiukuywe. those people are starv-ing all the time.

lunudu. n. discontentment, dissatis-faction. murmuring, grumbling

lupa, n. ashes and soil remaining hot after a big fire syn. mbeya, lieya.

lupa2 (lupile) v.t. to smell, to sniff fig. to taste and eat food: Haisali busa ni sa ka lupi kaco, I have not eaten the slightest bit of food since morning rel. -lupela (lupezi) to sniff at: Nja ye i ni lupelaiii? Why is this dog sniffing at me? int. -lupe-lela (lupelezi) to smell or scent something strongly Nja i lupelela lifolofolo, the dog tracks animals

-lupana (lupani or lupanile) v.i. to fight syn. -lwana. rel. -lupanela (lu-panezi) to fight somewhere, to fight for: Ne ba lupanezi ku musali mwa nzila. they fought on their way for a girl.

lupepo (ma-) n. action of giving birth, fecundity cfi zwalo (from: -pepa)

lupua or lupuwa, n. special way of rowing when hunting geese during the flood season

-lupula (lupuzi) v.t. to scrape a hide, to soften a skin. der. mulupuli. fig. to whip, to tame a recalcitrant person rel. -lupulela (lupulezi) to  scrape a hide for someone to tame someone on behalf of somebody caus. -lupulisa (lupulisize) to help to scrape a hide rec. -lupaulana (lupaulani) to fight (speaking of two persons) freq. -lupaula (lu-pauzi) to whip again and again.

lupululu, n. shower of rain seen at a distance syn. simembe-sa-pula.

lupumba, n. pleasant, sweet taste of certain kinds of food such as eggs, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc.

lupwapwala, n. watery depression in the plain

lupwe, n. kind of eye disease, caus-ing the eyes to water continually.

-lusa (lusize) v.i. to swell, to be dis-tended, to be dilated: Komu ya ka se i lusa, i tuha i zwala, my cow is near to calving, its udder is already swelling fig. to rise (river), to grow up (youth)

-lusasa (ma-) n. the bridge of the nose

lusata (ma-) n. long stick without a knob

luse (ma-) n. bran. lusebo, n. whispering, slandering, calumny (from: -seba).

lushako, n. rope used to pull a fishing net

lushandi (ma-) n. (also lishandi) bark of mutuya tree roots used for making strings lushangala, n. unthatched house.

lushango, n. news, report syn-mafuko.

lushoko (ma-) n. private back yard behind a house

lushu (ma-) n. Luyana. death syn. Iifu.

lushwelo, n. destruction: Ku tahe pula yenata ki lushwelo, ku tahe lizazi lelfiiata ki lushwelo; ku tata ku fumana kutulo. heavy rain brings disaster, and a drought brings a di-saster also, it is so difficult for us  to gather in crops (from: shwa) lushwiso, n. bad luck associated with a mother who cannot keep her children alive, or a cow, the calves of which die one after an-other (from -shwa.)

lusika (ma-) n. (1) family, clan: lusika lwa bulena, the royal family. (2) genealogy. syn. Iisika.

lusinde (ma-) n. beaded string worn round the waist by women as an attractive ornament. cfi muliza.

lusinga (ma-) n. (1) blood vessel (artery or vein) (2) neuralgia, toothache, etc.

lusitelo (ma-) n. edge, limit (of a small surface). (from: -sitela).

lusokwana (ma-) n. stirring stick. syn. musokwana. (from: -soka).

-lusuka (lusukile) v.i. to rush out or in. rel. -lusukela (lusukezi) to rush somewhere: U lusukezi kwande ka bunyemi, he angrily rushed out-side. caus. -lusukisa (lusukisize) to cause to rush out.

-lusula (lusuzi) v.t. to shoot at (with bow and arrow).

luswenyo, n. harassment, oppres-sion, tyranny: U na ni luswenyo kwa banana, he is inclined to oppress small children.

-luta1 (lutile) v.i. (1) to leak, to drip. cf. -lota. (2) to urinate. syn. -tapu-luha rel. -lutela (lutezi) to urinate somewhere: Mwananaya lutela mlva ndu u maswe, it is a bad child who urinates in the house. caus. -lutisa (lutisize) to help to pass water: Mu lutise mwanana a sika lobala kale, make the child urinate before he goes to sleep. freq. -lutanga to uri-nate frequently. red. -luta-luta (luta-lutile) to pass water in an un-controlled manner (drunkness). ref. -ltutela (itutezi) to wet one's trousers.

-luta2 (lutile) v.t. to teach. to preach,  to educate. der. muluti, muituti, buituti, buluti, tuto. rel. -lutela (lutezi) to teach for the sake of someone, to teach with a special purpose: Ni mu lutezi kuli a be ni butali, I taught him how to be clever and discerning. caus. -lutisa (lutisize) to help to teach. stat. -luteha (lutehile) to be learned, eru-dite. int. -lutelela (lutelezi) to teach everybody or everything: Ki yena ya lutelela basizana ni bashimani, he is the one who teaches both girls and boys. rec. -lutana (lutani) to teach one another. freq. -lutanga to teach for some time. red. -luta-luta (luta-lutile) to teach for a short time. ref. -ltuta (itutile) to learn.

lutaa (ma-) n. walking stick, walk-ing staff (for old people).

lutabo (ma-) n. Iong iron needle used in making mats (women's work). Iutaka (ma-) n. red: lutaka lwa Sishukulumbwe, bamboo. Also place covered with reeds.

lutana, n. used adjectively: mukeke wa lutana, a shallow dish or plate; komu ya lutana, a cow whose horns gracefully point upwards. (from: -tanamana).

lutanga (ma-) n. shelter on a canoe. awning.

lutatai (ma-) n. special shelter built for the Litunga at the entrance of the outer part of the royal yard.

lutazo, n. sickness due to persistent vomiting (pregnancy) (from: -taza).

lutemwa-muku, n. Luyana. grass cut down by mice.

lutenda, n. unsoaked cassava roots.

luteya (ma-) n. back-bone of a fish, vertebral column.

lutiela (ma-) n. beverage made of stick milk and mealie-meal.

lutimbo, n. hatred.


lutimu, n. possession (by a spirit causing an illness which cannot be healed).

lutingo (ma-) n. spiral: Bolo ya ka i se i felile lutingo, my bit is worn out. (from: -tinga).

lutokwa, n. anything getting into the eye. syn. sitowati.

lutoma, n. shallow water place where poling is possible: Mukolo u mata hahulu mwa lutoma, a canoe always runs swiftly in shallow water.

lutondeleti, n. predisposition to sus-pect others.

lutone, n. coccyx, extremity of the spinal column, rump.

lutubi (ma-) n. cooked egg yolk. syn. bunkume.

-lutulal (lutuzi) v.t. to expel, to dis-miss. syn. -keleka. fig. to divorce. rel. -lutulela (lutulezi) to expel, to dismiss: Ki sihwaba, ni mu lutulezi ku ndatahe. I sent him back to his father because he is a truant. int. -lutululela (lutululezi) to expel, to dismiss for good. ref. fig. -itutula (itutuzi) to alienate people: Ku maswe ku itutula batufa mubili bak-eiiisa ku ca, it is bad to alienate people because of lack of good manners in eating.

lutula,2 n. vexation, torment, harsh-ness, syn. Iufenyo.

-lutula3 (lutuzi) v.i. to open eyes widely, to look fixedly, to stare at. syn. -lubuka. rel. -lutulela (lutulezi) to look at fixedly: Usike wa lutulela banana rneto, u ka ba sabisa, do not stare so much at the children you will frighten them. caus. -lutulisa (lutulisize) to cause to stare at. rec. -lutulelana (lutulelani) to stare hard at each other.

-lutulula (lutuluzi) v.t. to unthatch. der. mulutululi, bulutululi. fig. to dismiss, to expel in great numbers  rel. -lutululela (lutululezi) to un-thatch for someone. caus. -lutulu-lisa (lutululisize) to order, to help to unthatch. stat. -lutuluha (lutulu-lisize) to become unthatched: Ndu ya ka i lutuluhile bakeinisa moya, my house is unthatched by wind. freq. -lutululanga to unthatch on many occasions: Moya u lutululanga mandu a sika lulelwa hande, the wind frequently unthatches houses which are badly thatched.

lutunda (ma-) n. Iong and narrow piece of ground rising above the plain.

lutundu-ongo ( matundu-ongo ) n. Luyana. spine.

lututumebo, n. shivering. (from: -tutuma).

luundu, n. (see: lundu).

luuya, n. kind of edible bulb found in the forest.

-luwa (luwile) v.i. & v.t. Sotho. to possess, to own, to gain. (see -lua).

luwaile (ma-) n. Eng. (1) wire. (2) telegram.

luwawa (ma-) n. jackal. syn. nama-kau -simbundu.

luwewe, n. great fear; terror: Ku shwa luwewe to die of fright.

luyaba ( ma- ) n. bag made from meshed string or bark, etc.

luyubo (ma-) n. oval wooden dish. Iuyuya, n. thin layer of grass cover-ing water. cf. litindi.

-luza (luzize) v.t. Eng. to lose, to be deprived of. rel. -luzeza (luzelize) to lose in a special way: Ku maswe ku luzeza mali fa makalata, it is unwise to lose money in card play-ing. caus. -luzisa (luzisize) to cause to lose money. int. -luzeleza (luze-lelize) to lose completely. freq. -lu-zanga to be usually deprived of: Mu sike mwa no luzanga ku ya kwa mikopano ya sicaba, do not deprive yourself of the enrichment to be  gained in gatherings of people. ref. ituzisa (ituzisize) to deprive oneself without good reasons: lWa bainwi ba fela ka ku tabisa batu. some people do not mind being harmed by pleasing others.

luzumo, n. hunting game (from: - zuma). syn. buzumo. luzwabo (ma-) n. meat adhering to a hide. (also: lizwabo).

lwal, pron. subj. 1st person. pl. (hist pres).

lwa2, poss. pron. (class: lu-ma): lunaka lwa bona, their tusk.

lwaa, n. Luyana. reed mat used in a canoe as a protection from water.

lwaha (lwahile) v.t. to curse, to insult. der. mulwahi, twaho, twa- hako. syn. -tapula, -shobola. rel. - lwahela (lwahezi) to curse for. caus. -lwahisa (lwahisize) to cause abusive language. rec. -lwahakana (lwahakanile) or -lwahana (lwaha-nile) to insult one another. freq.- lwahaka (lwahakile) to insult re- peatedly. ref. a) -itwaha (itwahile) to blame oneself; b)-itwahaka (it-wahakile) to insult one another; c) itwahakisa (itwahakisize) to cause oneself to be frequently insulted: U sike wa itwahakisa banana. do not act in a way which provokes the children's disrespect: d) -itwahisa (itwahisize) to cause oneself to be insulted.

lwala (lwezi) v.t. to carry. der. mul- wali, mulwalo, bulwali. syn. - shimba. cf. -kwaota. rel. -lwalela (lwalezi) to carry for someone. caus. a) -lwalisa (lwalisize) to help to carry; to order to carry: Mu yo lwalisa ba bainwi kwa libyana, go and help others to carry the goods. b) -lwesa (lwesize) to put a load on someone's shoulder. int. -lwalelela (lwalelezi) to carry out comple-tely. rec. -lwalisana (lwalisani) to   help each other in carrying things. fig. to help each other in difficulty: Mu lwalisane mutiyo wa mina hamoho ka tata. bear your difficul-ties together and with courage. freq. -lwalanga to have the habit of carrying. inv. -lula (lulile) to put down, to lay down. (see: -lula). ref. a) -itwala (itwezi) fig. to be preg-nant. b) -itwalela (itwalezi) to carry for oneself. c) -itwalisa (itwalisize) to help one another in carrying things. d) -itwesa (itwesize) to put a burden on one's head or shoulder.

lwale, dem. pron. (class: lu-ma) 4th degree: that over there.

-lwalela (lwalezi) v.t. to gather fire-wood. der. mulwaleli. syn. -yak-wana.

lwalo, n. Luyana. winnowing basket. cf. liselo.

-lwalweka (lwalekile) v.t. to look at-tentively at someone.

lwambanyama (ma-) n. midriff, diaphragm.

lwambu, n. kind of creeper found in the forest.

-lwa (lwile) v.t. Luyana. to fight. der. ndwa. (see: -lwana).

-lwana (lwanile) v.t. to fight, to quarrel. der. mulwani, mulwanisi, bulwani, twano, silwaniso. rel. -lwa-nela (lwanezi) to fight somewhere; to fight for, to defend or protect someone, to stand for: Ki naya mu lwanezi kuli ba mufe musebezi, I am the one who came to his assistance in his search for employment. caus. -lwanisa (lwanisize) to fight against, to oppose, to resist, to contradict. freq. -lwananga to have the habit of quarrelling: Ki makwa wa hae wa ku lwananga ze sina tuso, he has an inclination to quarrel over nothing. red. -lwana-lwana (lwana-lwanile) to quarrel, to be inclined to quarrelling. ref. a) -it wanela (itwanezi) to defend one- self: Ku itwanela ki kokunde kufita ku kupa tuso kwa batu, it is better to try one's best (defend oneself) than to ask for others' heip. b) -it- wanisa (itwanisize) to come to blows: Ba itwanisezaiii batu bani? Why are those people fighting?

lwanda, n. kind of short grass. syn. mutwa.

lwandala (ma-) n. fissure, crack, flaw.

lwando, n. reed mats fastened to- gether and used in fishing.              

lwangasi, n. action of undertaking or carrying too many things at a  time: Munutwaha, ni mwa lwangasi lolutuna lwa masimu, this year, I am extremely occupied with gar-dening all over the place.

lwange, n. place covered with mwange grass.

lwani, dem. pron. (class: lu-ma) 3rd degree, that one.

lwao, n. kind of grass the blades of which cut like a knife.

lwata or luata, n. propensity to raise the voice whenever talking or quarrelling. -lwela (lwelile) v.i. to capsize, to sink. syn. -tiba. rel. -lwelela (lwelezi) to sink in a certain place: Sisepe sa luna si lwelezifa Sioma, our barge sank at Sioma. caus. -lwelisa (lwelisize) to cause to capsize. int. -lwelelela (lwelelezi) to founder. ref. -ltwelisa (itwelisize) to cause oneself to capsize: U itwe- lisize ka ku longa hahulu, he caused the canoe to capsize by overload- mg.

lwemuka (lwemukile) v.i. to be well sharpened.

-lwemuna (lwemuzi) v.t. to sharpen. syn. -shenga. rel. -lwemunela (lwe-munezi) to sharpen for someone caus. -lwemunisa (lwemunisize) to help someone to sharpen. ref. -l wemuna (itwemuzi) to sharpen its horns (animal).

-lwena (lwenile) v.t. to look for lice. der. mulweni rel. -lwenela (lwenezi) to kill lice for someone: ku lwenela sibofu likubo za hae, to help a blind person by killing lice in his blan-kets. caus. -lwenisa (lwenisize) to help someone in looking for lice. int. -lwenelela (lwenelezi) to look everywhere for lice. ref. -itwena (itwenile) to delouse oneself, to keep oneself clean of lice.

lwendo (maendo) n. Luyana. jour: ney: Mu ni ezeze kapili, ni mutu wa lwendo, na pakela kamoso, attend to my business quickly, for I am on a journey and I am leaving early tomorrow.

lwenga, adv. sideways, obliquely, askew: ku zamaya lovenga inge nkala, to walk askew like a crab mu sike mwa ina mukolo lwenga. Iu ka tiba, do not sit on one side of the canoe or we shall capsize.

lwenge1 n. saliva dribbling from the mouth.

lwenge2 (maenge). n. white of an egg.

lwengenge, n. cold, damp weather.

lweo (maeo) n. edge, limit of a garden.

lwenge (maenge) n. Iower abdomen.

lyia () v.t. Luyana to eat. der. ka-Iyelo, mulyelo, syn. -ca.

lyabelela, n. manner of heaping up the soil for sowing: ku cala lyabe-lela, to sow before the rainy season.

liabwa (ma-) n. canal.

lyahekula (bo-) n. slanderer, story-teller, liar.

lyaka1 (ma-) n. gill of a fish.

lyaka2 (ma-) n. excrescence in the vagina, (clitoris).

-lyakaela (lyakaezi) v.l. to burn fier-cely (speaking of a fire spreading  rapidly on the plain or in the forest).

-lyakama (yakamile) v.i. to burn fie-recily cf. -tuka fig. to be very angry rel. -lyakamela (lyakamezi) to burn fiercely towards; fig. get cross with somebody. caus. -lyaka-misa (Iyakamisize) to cause to burn fiercely; fig. to provoke anger

lyakanyani (makanyani) n. wild dog sun mbindi

-lyakata (lyakatile) v.i. to grumble angrily, to scold syn. omana. rel. -lyakatela (Iyakatezi) to scold, to reprove, to reprimand caus. -lya-katisa (lyakatisize) to provoke anger.

-lyalyama (lyalyamile) v.i. to burn very fiercely.

-lyalyata (lyalyatile) v.i. to burn fiercely: fig. exp. Meto a hae a lya-lyata, his eyes are flashing with anger.

-lyalyauka (lyalyaukile) v.i. (see: -~yalyoka).

-lyalyeka (lyalyekile) v.t. (1) to kill many birds or animals at one time Batu ne ba lyalyeka lifolofolo zeiiata mwa lisulo, in the royal hunt people were killing many animals at a time (2) to spoil relish by salt-ing it too much Ku maswe ku lya-lyeka lizwai lelinata mwa busunso, it spoils relish to salt it too much rel. -lyalyekela (lyalyekezi) to salt too much someone's relish. caus. -lya-lyekisa (lyalyekisize) to cause to salt too much. int. -lyalyekelela (lyalyekelezi) to put the remaining salt in relish freq. -lyalyekanga to have the habit of putting too much salt in relish

-lyalyoka (lyalyokile) v.t. (1) to fail to keep a promise; (2) to avoid ;work der. mulyalyoki, silyalyoki, malyalyosi. caus. -lyalyokisa (lya lyokisize) or lyalyosa (lyalyosize) to prevent someone from keeping a promise; to hinder someone from working

lyamba-amba, n. Luyana. habit of chattering (see: liamba-amba)

lyanga ( lyangile) v.i. to be thin, lean der. kalyangeti. syn. -fufa caus. -lyangisa (lyangisize) to make lean. to emaciate Tala ni matuku ki zona ze lyangisa batu. starvation and illness are things which make people thin

lyangalilo ( ma-) n. very big and fierce fire (fig. hell)

Lyangamba (bo-) n. (see: Liang-amba)

-lyangana (lyangani or lyanganile) v.i. (see -liangana)

lyangelino. interj. Luyana. every-thing that comes my way is mine (cry of the fish eagle)

lyangunuka (lyangunukile) v.i. (see -liangunuka)

-lyangutuka (lyangutukile) v.i. to speak of things not well known. to speak like a mad person rel. -lyangutukela (lyangutukezi) to inform someone of things which are not well known caus. -lyangu-tukisa (lyangutukisize) to drive somebody mad Se si mu luangutu-kisa ewalo ki ku loiwa, it is the fact that he has been bewitched that drives him mad.

lyapamukenenwa, n. Luyana. fine morning: Kacenu ki lyapamuke-nenwa what a fine morning it is!

-lyanta (lyantile) v.i. to flame. to blaze (fire): (2) to resound: Milupa ya llanta, the drums resound der. mulyantisi. syn. (1)-tuka, (2)-lila. rel. -lyantela (lyantezi) to blaze. to resound somewhere caus. -lyan-tisa (lyantisize) to cause to blaze Mola u lvantisa mulilo, the wind makes the fire burn fiercely;  Kacenu ba ta lvantisa hahulu milupa bakenisa bucwala! today they will make the drums roar a lot, for there is beer!

Lyashimba,1, n. title of the chief pre-siding over the Mwandi Kuta.

lyashimba2, (bo) n. person who avoids meeting people whenever he is carrying fish or game caught by himself

-lyatingela (lyatingezi) v.i. & v.t. to tread: to press down with feet. to tread or walk on syn. -hata, -hati-kela. rel. -lyatingelela (lyatingelezi) to wander around in order to find a place for someone to live. caus. -lyatingelisa (lyatingelisize) to help find a place for someone to live.

lyokwe (maokwe) n. Luyana. spur-winged goose syn. licikwi.

Lyondo, n. name of the central Bulozi plain cf. Bulozi.

lyondongoma1 (ma-) n. name of the tallest of the Litunga's drums.

lyondongoma2 (ma-) n. kind of bird (African Moorhen)

lyuka (lyukile) v.i. to be accus-tomed to do something: U ni lyu-kile maswe, kacenu ni mu timile lizwai la na kupa, I refused to give him the salt for which he was asking as his constant begging wearies me rel. -lyukela (lyukezi) to go back to something: U sike wa lyukela fateni. do not go back to that again: caus. -lyukisa lyukisize) to be responsible for someone's habit of begging again and again Ki wena ya mu lyukisize, you are the one who caused him to be con-stantly begging

lyululu, n. Ioneliness: Ba ni sfyezi lyululu. they left me all alone and sad

lyuluta, n. See liuluta.

lyundumume, n. cloudy sky causing the day to be cooler


-lyunga-lyunga (lyunga-lyungile) v.i. to have no where to live and no one on whom to depend caus. -lyunga-lyungisal (lyunga-lyungisize) to cause someone's destitution.

-lyunga-lyunga2 (lyunga-lyungile) v.i. to be saltless, insipid caus. -lyunga-lyungisa (lyunga-lyungisize) to salt insufficiently lyungu, n. venom (snake, scorpion, etc.)