Silozi-English dictionary

This dictionary is contained in five files:

M, m, has the same phoenetic sound as in English

ma, pl. pref. of nouns and adjec-tives belonging to class: mu- (ma) bu-ma, li-ma, lu-ma.

m'a, contracted form of me wa, the mother of; m'a Mubita. Mubita's mother (however the apostrophe is usually omitted when writing.)

mabanga, n. habit of refusing to listen, manner of being fond of spoiling things, or of fighting, mis-chievousness. (from: -bangoka)

mabangatiko, n. foreignness: Ku pila mwa mabangatiko ku tata, it is always difficult to live in a foreign place mabani, adv. yesterday. Za mabani, things belonging to the past.

mabapa(ni), adv. near to, opposite to: Munzi wa hae u inzi mabapa ni Butoya, his village is opposite to Butoya.

mabeela, n. pl. poison usually put in someone's food (witchcraft) (from: -bela) (see: libeela)

mabele, n. kaffir corn. mabemele, n. rain coming into a house through the door or win-dows

mabeya, n. splay-footedness: Mutu  wa mabeya, a person walking with feet pointing outwards.

mabi, n. second clearing of weeds.

mabianande, n. Luyana. act of occu-pying a person's home during his absence.

mabibo, n. magic, jugglery: mutu wa mabibo, magician, juggler.

mabifi, n. anger, hard feelings. (from: -bifa).

mabila, n. Luyana. worms.

mabindela, n. eddy, whiripool.

mabisi, n. (1) milk, (2) white sap, latex.

mabote, n. fatigue, tiredness, aching muscles.

mabomu, n. purpose, intention, de-liberateness: ka mabomu. on pur-pose. (see bomu).

mabuba, n. pl. bellows. syn. mapu-kuta. mabubo, n. vanity, pride, self-importance.

mabubulwa, n. ears of corn etc. left in the field after harvest.

mabukusha, n. pl. tobacco leaves of inferior quality plucked from the low part of the plant and used to make snuff. (from: -bukusha).

mabulatwi, n. rumour, unconfirmed report, talk of the town, canard:  Taba yeo ni na ni i utwilefela mabu-latwi. I have also just heard an un-confirmed report about this matter.

mabumu, n. pain caused by blows from hand or fist, repeated blows.

mabuyelelo, n. pl. respiratory organs. fig. refuge, safe place, re-treat, haven. (from: -buyela).

mabuyumusi, n. manner of unjustly reproaching someone for an act which he has not done.

macelatuko, n. shyness, timidity causing someone to refuse food though wishing to have it. c. makuku, tuuta.

macelazonge (bo-) n. Zulu, a great fighter. (from: -caya).

macila or macile, n. hammock.

macipisa (bo-) n. Eng. someone sell-ing at low prices. (from: -cipa).

macoba, n. kind of illness supposed to be cured by witchcraft medi-cines.

Macokwe or Maciwokwe, n. pl. people belonging to the Cokwe Tribe (Angola border).

macolaula (bo-) n. Luyana, breaker, shatterer. (from: -cola).

macwe-a-pula, n. pl. hail. (see: liewe).

maebwa-ebwa, n. admiration ac-companied by joy: Kacenu ki maebwa-ebwa. Mulena wa omboka, today is a great occasion, for the Litunga is moving out of the flooded plain.

maefe-efe, adv. in great numbers (speaking of people or animals in a state of expectation or fear: Batu ba se ba yemi maefe-efe, Mulena sa li fakaufi, people are already ga-thering in great numbers, for the Litunga is approachmg.

maembe or mayembe, n. pl. pieces of bark taken from trees to make medicines; ku sheba maembe, to cut  such pieces of bark from a tree.

maembela, n. sour milk (not curdled yet). cf. mafi. (also: mem-bela).

mafa, n. Luyana. succession of deaths.

mafandisa or mafandiso, n. pl. gifts presents (from: -fandisa): Mu sike mwa eza libyana za mina mafandisa, do not give away your personal be-longings without reflexion; Mutu ya eza musal'a hae mafandiso ki sikuba, it is a fool who makes busi-ness out of his wife.

mafangombe, n. Luyana. something causing rejoicing, makmg one forget hardship. (lit. the cow is dead, but we shall enjoy its meat).

mafapanelo, n. place where roads branch off, road junction: Mu ni sindekete. mu yo kutela fa mafapa-nelo a linzila, please accompany me as far as the junction. fig. point of dissension, of discord. (from: -fapana). mafspuhanelo, n. junction of roads, cross roads. syn. manganandila. (from: -fapuha).

mafapuhelo, n. place where one leaves the main road. (from: -fapuha).

mafata, n. pl. see: lifata. fig. exp: ku nyala mafata, to have more than one wife.

mafaya, n. pl. layers of grass cover-ing the plain (after the flood). (see: -faya).

mafelelezo, n. end. mwana wa mafe-lelezo, the last child. (from: -feza).

mafenyeho, n. hardship, suffering: ku pila ka mafenyeho, to live a very hard life. (from: -fenyeha) syn. maswenyeho.

mafi, n. sour milk, (thick) cf. maem-bela.

mafisa, n. agreement according to which cattle are placed in some-  one's care: Likomu za ka ni li isize maf sa, I have put my cattle in someone's care. cf. mbuwa.

mafitelo, n. camping place, accom- modation (from -fita). syn. mafulo.

mafosisa, mistakes, erroneous views:  U talusize litaba ka mafosisa, he gave a wrong interpretation of the facts. (from: -fosa).

mafuba-kongolo, n. pl. Luyana. dry bones. fig. skeleton: Mubili wa hae seili fela mafuba-kongolo kacenu, nowadays he is just like a skeleton syn. masapo-kongolo.

mafube, n. dawn, daybreak, aurora.

mafuko. n. pl. news, report. syn. lushango, makande: Mafuko ki afi? what is the news?

mafula, n. fat, grease, oil: mafula a mabonwabonwa, castor oil.

mafulelo, n. pasture, grazing ground. mafulisezo, n. same as mafulelo.

mafulo, n. temporary dwelling place, camp. encampment. syn. mafitelo.

Mafulo-a-Lubaci, n. place where the King Lewanika used to set up temporary residence during the flood season.

mafulofulo, n. eagerness, favour, enthusiasm, zeal. syn. ciseho.

mafuluhelelo. n. pl. place in the plain where to reside after the flood season (from: fuluhela)

mafumi, n. rust. (from -fuma).

mafunjo, n. act of stuffing food into one's mouth, garging.

mafunyangulu (bo-) n. person fond of sweet potatoes and gorges himself with them. (from: -funya).

mahahapa, n. despoliation. plunder. (from:-hapa).

mahaha, n. pl. whiskers, beard.

mahaka, n. pl. manacles, handcuffs. (from:-haka).

mahala, n. way of working without  reward: Na ha ni lati ku beleka mahala, I most certainly do no like to work for nothing.

mahalikwa, n. dish of fried meat: Mu to ni lekula mu to ikola kwa ma- halikwa, come to see me and enjoy a succulent dish of fried meat.

mahani or mahanyi, n. obstinacy, stubbornness, pig-headedness. syn. musuboko, musundundu, ndu-tata. (from: hanyeza).

mahela (bo-mahela) n. person wan-dering about, person who does not stay for long in any place. (from --hela) syn. muhela-heli.

maheu, n. light beer. cf. namala.

mahoha, n. pl. tamed oxen (from: -hoha).

mahohoma (bo-mahohoma) n. person with a deep hoarse voice. (from-hohoma).

mahulu n. first milking. cf. mulokozo and ndokozwani

mahweta, n. pl. horns hanging down loosely.

mahwilihwili. n. dust, dirt in water, suspended matter in water.

mai, n. uniucky person. syn. nalimai, nomai.

-maiba (maibile) v.i. to be unfortunate. der. mai, nalimai, bumai rel. -maibela (maibezi) to have no luck with someone:Munyana ka yani, na ni mu maibezi, u tusa basili, I have no luck with my young brothers he forgets me and helps others. caus. -maibisa (maibisize) to cause bad luck. int. -maibelela (maibelezi) to be entirely unlucky. ref. -imaibisa (imaibisize) to deprive oneself of a benefit.

maiba-a-nakabamba, n. ungrateful people of no benefit to someone because they do not belong to his family.

maikuto, n. pl. feelings, thoughts,  intentions (frorn -utwa).

mailanu, n. invalidism: Ki wa mai-lanu: he is an invalid syn. maku-lanu, kalili.

mailepu, n. kind of red kaffir-corn. cf. makonga.

mailu, n. Eng. mile. cf. sibima.

maimbwe, n. demoniac possession: ku bina maimbueb to take part in an exorcising dance (see mandende).

mainda, n. wooven reed mats (from -inda).

mainelo or maina. n. place where to seat, place whcre to live (from: -ina).

mainjinela (bo-niainjinela) n. Engi-neer. (also muriineli).

maipato, n. hiding place (from: -pata).

maitutelo, n. apprenticeship, initia-tion: Yena u sa nyezi musala hae wa maitutelo, he is still living with his first wife. (from -ituta).

maizibulo, n. firit born (man or ani-mals).

-maka (makile) v.t. Eng. to mark, to make a mark.

makaba-silabo, n. present given to a ferry-man

makabi, n. half skirt made of cotton strings (formerly worn by small girls.)

-makala (makezi) v.i. to wonder, to be astonished, to be startled. der. makalo, makazo- syn. -komoka. caus. -makalisi (makalisize) or -makaza (makalize) to astonish, to amaze.

makalai, n. habit of scolding, incli-nation to lash with the tongue. cf. makalosi. fig; thundering noise: Pula kacenu i bzize hahulu makalai busihu, last night the storm was very noisy. (from -kalauka).

makalelo. n. beginning. (from -kala) syn. matatekele.

makalo n. same as makalelo.


makalo2 n. wonder, astonishment, surprise .

makalo3 n. exclamation mark (!)

makalosi, n. habit of scolding, of raising the voice: Wena u na ni ma-kalosi hahulu kwa banana. you are scolding the children all the time. cf. makalai.

makama, n. pl. (1) senseless stories, silly talk, nonsense, (2) useless things: Ala u sika leka lisila lelinde; u lekile makamafela, you did not buy good material, you bought rubbish.

makanda, n. pl. small clearings in the forest lakes.

makandauko, n. pl. troubles, wor-ries, hardship, distress. (from -kan-dauka).

makande, n. pl. news, tales, stories. syn. mafuko, Makande ki afi? what is the news? ku ca makande, to chat. (from: -kandeka).

makapaela. n. any lake large enough to cause dangerous waves.

makapulwa. n. pl. name given to school children not selected for further studies because places are not available. (from: -kapula).

makapweka (bo-) n. generous person. (from: -kapweka).

makata, n. cross-legged; ku itinga makata, to sit cross-legged.

makatakata, n. boasting, bragging.

makazo (li-) n. miracle. (from: -makaza).

makeke, n. compassion, sympathy: ku shwela mutu makeke, to sympa-thize with somebody: ku tokwa makeke, to be insensible, to be hardhearted. syn. mukekecima.

makekete, n. pl. large beads.

makenelo, n. entrance. fig. way of approach: Taba ya hae i tata, ha i na makenelo hande, his case is diffi-cult, for it offers no way of ap-proach. (from: kena).


maketa-yamba, n. Luyana. habit of speaking disagreeably. (from: -keta).

makendosi, n. strong scolding, in-vective. (from: -kendoka).

makenge, n. roots of the mukenge tree used in basketry.

makepwete, n. pl. pieces of meat (fat meat).

makete, n. tidiness, cleanliness.

maketiso, n. pl. tribute: Kacenu ha ku sa na maketiso mwa Bulozi, trib-ute dues are no longer paid in Bulozi.

makilici, n. roughness; piza ya maki-lici, a pot roughly moulded.

makilihani, n. mumps.

makilikicani, n. playfulness, pranks.

makishi, n. masked dancers, lipina za makishi, masquerade.

makoba, n. pl. spell (witchcraft medicine believed to be effective from far). syn. siposo. (from: -koba).

makobo, n. way in which someone reproves a person by referring to help given previously (from: -kobisa) syn. makome cf. sikobiso.

makoka, n. Luyana. disagreement, discord, controversy. (from: -koka).

makoleko, n. pl. forked poles used in building cattle kraals. (from: -koleka).

makolokoko, n. kind of grass used for making small fish-traps.

makolola, n. pl. scraps: Tapisa pizana, u zwise makolola u a fe likuhu, clean the pot, take out the scraps and give them to the fowls. (from: -kolola).

Makololo, n. pl. people belonging to the Kololo tribe. (nickname given by the Aluyi to the Sotho conquerors owing to their shaven heads. (see:-koloka).

makome n. pl. same meaning as  makobo. (from: -komela).

makonga, n. white kaffir-corn. cf. mailepu.

makopanelo, n. pl. place where people meet; makopanelo a linzila. cross-roads: makopanelo a linuka. confluence: makopanelo a masapo. articulation. (from: -kopana).

makopanyezo, n. pl. connection. joint. (from: -kopanya).

makoto, n. pl. lumps (in buhobe).

makozwana, n. pl. corridors in a house.

maku, n. smegma accumulating under foreskin of the penis. syn-. bunkolyo, mankolyo.

makukisi, n. pl. Eng. cookies, bis-cuits (from: -kukisa).

makuku, n. shyness, timidity shown in refusing food when desiring it-ef. tuuta, maeelatuko.

-makula ( makuzi) v.t. to eat: Bu sa li busa, ha ni makuli kaco, I have not eaten the slightest bit of food the whole day. syn. -ca, -najakula. ref. -imakulela (imakulezi) to feed one-self, to eat.

makulanu, n. pl. invalidism; mutu wa makulanu, an invalid. syn. -kalili, mailanu.

makulekelo, n. pl. straps fixing a load to a carrying pole. (from: -kuleka). syn. biuti.

makulu-amba, n. pl. Luyana. important matters, serious cases: Kwa Muleneni ku na ni makulu-amba, they are discussing important maitters at the Capital.

makulusupani, n. pl. pair of braces.

makumba, n. pl. see: likumba.

makumbala, n. pl. sobs; ku loba makumbala, to sob.

makuna, n. way in which someone cleverly tries to cover his faults.

makundamo, n. place where some-one can rest unseen by others.

makundu, n. string work used in be  ginning the weaving of a fishing net.

makunduyamana, n. pl. big animals elephants, buffalos, elands, etc...)

makuwa, n. kind of disease; demo-niac possession: ku bina makuwa, to take part in an exorcising dance .

makuyuya, n. Luyana. great sorrow.

Makwandi, n. pl. people belonging to the Kwandi tribe.

Makwangwa, n. pl. people belong-ing to the Kwangwa tribe.

Makwengo, n. pl. Bushmen.

makwengula (bo-) n. a person who speaks loudly (from: -kwengula).

mala, n. pl. bowels, entrails, intes-tines, tripe.

malaho, n. pl. bottom, buttocks. syn. matako.

malaho-a-bafumahali, n. pl. kind of small edible fruit. syn. maoyongo.

malamatwa, n. pl. kind of sticking grass-seeds. (from: -lamatela).

malamba-lamba, n. pl. remnants of food, leftovers.

malamo, n. pl. great dangers, perils.

malamulela (bo-) n. deliverer. (from: -lamulela).

malanga, n. pl. see: lilanga.

malangu, n. pl. notched designs at the end of a pestle.

malangu2, n. pl. rattles using mu-langu tree fruits and used by danc-ers.

malasambwa, n. Luyana. (1) foolish thing: Zamaya, u yo tasambwela ko malasambwa a hao ao; go and tell your ridiculous stories somewhere else; (2) stupid person: Wena ha u mutu, u malasambwafela: you are worse than nothing! (from: -ta-sambwa).

malasha, n. pl. coal.

malehwe-lehwe, n. the after-birth  (placenta) syn. ndu-ya-mwana mutana

malelo, n. pl. small dikes with gaps where fish-traps can be set.

malenda, n. pl. rags: Liapalo za hae ki malenda-lenda fela, his clothes are nothing but rags.

malengwa-fuba, n. Luyana. rheumatism.

malesa, n. pl. sparks (forge). cf. manani.   

malesu (bo-) n. women's colour shawl tied round the waist. syn. mulepo.

malewe-lewe, n. crest (fowl).

mali, n. blood. fig. money; mali a nzila, fare. lili, noun singular ex-pressing a great quantity of money: Ha si lili la sweli mutu yani kwa bunata! what a lot of money that man has! cf. ngazi.

mali-kakwande, n. nice, soft, light complexion.

malianganga, n. loneliness, sadness. (from: -lianganga).

malibela, n. verandah, space under the roof outside the main walls of a house.

maliha, n. the cold season.

malikanyiso, n. imitation. (from: -li-kanyisa) (also: mulikanyiso).

malikelelo, n. West, Occident (where the sun sets) (from: -like-lela). syn. Wiko.

malikopo (bo-) n. a wicked person.

malila-lila, n. pl. grief, sorrow, de-solation affecting people of a region, of a country (locusts, epi-demic, epizootic, drought, etc. . .). (from: -lila).

malili, n. rachitis, rickets.

malilo, n. pl. mournings. (from: --lila).

malimabe, n. Sotho bad luck, misfortune. syn. bumai.

malimba-limba, n. pl. Luyana, stripes of different colours: Kubo  size) to help someone to ~. int. -mamutulelela (mamutulelezi) to ~ everything. freq. -mamutulanga to have the habit of ~: Mina banana mu sike mwa mamutulanga maswa-niso fa mamota, you children should stop taking down pictures from the walls. red. -mamutula-mamutula (mamutula-mamutuzi) to ~ heedlessly, negligently.

-mana, aux. v. as soon as giving a meaning of suddenness: A mana ka ca sa zamaya, he left as soon as he finished eating.

-manama (manami or manamile) v.t. to chase, to pursue, to beset. syn. -matisa, -landame ka. rel. -manamela (manamezi) to chase for someone. caus. -manamisa (manamisize) to help chase. rec. -manamana (mana-mani) to keep a sharp eye on each other in order to trap. ref. -ima-nama (imanamile) same mean-ing as rec.

manama2n. pl. great quantity of meat.

manamelo, n. place where someone stretches his legs: U sike wa namela kwa manamelo a ka, do not put your feet on my place. (from -nama2).

mananga, n. pl. designs on mats. (from -nanga).

manansa, n. syphilis.

mananuho, n. ability to stand up: Se li sihole kacenu, ha sa na mananuho he is a cripple now and can no longer stand up. (from -nanuha).

manawa, n. pl. beans.

Manda, n. Eng. Monday: La manda, ka la manda, on Monday.

mandabala, n. arrogance, inso-lence. syn. mandanda.

mandanda, n. insolence, arrogance, vain-glory. syn. mandabala.

mande (li-) n. kind of white round shell worn by ancient Malozi  Kings as a symbol of power. idiom. exp.: Mande i tubehile. or mande i pazuhile, the Litunga is dead.

mandebu (bo-) n. a bearded man.

mandende, n. demoniac possession: ku bina mandende, to take part in exorcising dance. (see maimbwe.).

mandi, n. anger, hard feelings.

mandinda. n. pl. waves, bellows. (see lindinda).

mandingwe, n. dizziness: mandingwe a tala, dizziness caused by hunger.

mandunda, n. opposition, resis-tance. (from -ndundana).

mandunga, n. great depth (applied only to water) abyss.

manduwani, n. pl. small playing-huts made by children.

mane excl. yes! quite so! exactly!

mane2, conj. even, till; Wa kula. mane ha sika ca lico, he is ill, and has not even taken any food; Lu ta mu yemela, mane a fite, we shall wait till he comes.        

manefu (bo-) n. a man with supple body (dancer). syn. manemuka. (from -nefuka).

-maneka (manekile) v.t. (1) to glue: ku maneka sitempefa linolo, to put a stamp on a letter. (2) to patch: ku maneka sikamba fa bulukwe, to patch trousers. rel. -manekela (ma-nekezi) to glue, to patch for some-one. caus. -manekisa (manekisize) to order, to help to glue or to patch . int. -manekelela ( manekelezi) to patch wherever necessary. freq. -manekanga to have the habit of glueing, patching. inv. -mamuna (mamuzi) to unglue.

manemuka (bo-) n. a man with supple body. (dancer) (from --nemuka). syn. manefu. fig. a beauti-fully shaped slender person.

-manga (mangile) w.t. Luyana. to tie, to bind. syn. -tama.

mangala, ade. exp. in groups.  (speaking of people): Batu ba inzi mangala. people are in groups. cf. mangandi.

-manga-manga (manga-mangile) v.t. Luyana. to keep a marriage going (red. of -manga): Linyalo la luna ki la ku manga-mangafeela, our mar-riage is not very strong, but we just keep it going.

mangalangala, n. pl. hairy things: Mangalangala a mbonyi, threads fibrils at the top of maize ears: mangalangala a tau, lion's mane.

-mangana (mangani or manganile) v.i. to wrestle. der. limangana, liku-manga. rel. -manganela (manga-nezi) to fight for (games). caus. -manganisa (manganisize) to con-front one youth with another in order to find the stronger one at wrestling.

manganandila, n. pl. Luyana. cross-roads. syn. makopanelo-a-linzila.

mangandi, adv. exp. in groups (speaking of fish): Litapi li inzi mangandi. the fish are in shoals.

manganga. n. pl. sound made by pestles being stamped by many people. syn. namunganga.

-mangata (mangatile) v.t. Luyana, to hold with tongues or pinces. der. lumangato, fig. to carry in both hands: Ni mangatile maswe kafa ni kafa. I am having difficulty in carrying my goods even with both hands. cf. -angata.

-mangelela (mangelezi) v.t. Luyana, to add more and more patches to a garment: Batu ba ba takani lipilu, litino za bona ki za ku mangelela, the clothes of feebleminded people are often nothing but rags.

mangenje, n. pl. cash. (coins). syn. rnuwsyawaya.

mangoI (li-) n. Eng. mango fruit or t ree .

mango2 n. greediness. gluttony: Ya  na ni mango, greedy, rapacious. said of a husband who forbids his wife to give food without his per-mission .

mango3 (li-) n. Luyana. small tool used to cut barbs on fishing spears. syn. sikankiso.

mango4 n. pl. charms (see liango).

mangoma, n. pl. (sing. ngoma) fig. responsibility: Ao ki mangoma a mina, mu ta iponela, this is your business, so see to it. (lit.: these are your drums, look to if yourself)

mangombwe, n. pl. bowed legs: Wa mangombwe, a person who is bow-legged.

mangu, n. pl. Luyana. millet. syn. mauza.

mangundu-ngundu (bo-) n. joker, someone having a sense of humour. (from -ngundunganya).

-mangunga, n. the meeting of people coming from different di-rections; (sometimes used for people meeting dangerous ani-mals; idiom. exp: Zazi u ta eza mangunga ni tau, u ta ipuza! The day you find yourself in front of a lion, you will ask yourself questions.

mangungumina, n. pl. tricks to make people laugh, exaggeration, over-rating. syn. tushambwe.

mangungunya, n. pl. cattle horns, which are very short or hanging down. (bumps on a crocodile's head).

mangwana (bo-) n. Luyana. a very large barble fish.

-manja (manjile) v.t. Luyana. (1) to hold, to grasp. (2) to join. syn. -swala. rec. -manjana (manjani) to hold one another, to be joined to-gether, to stick together: Maingi-lopu a ka a manjani ka baka la mukamo. my envelopes are stuck together because of the damp weather.  ya hae i na ni malimba-limba amande, his blanket has very at-tractive coloured stripes.

malimbuluti, n. manner of disasso-ciating oneself from somebody, of letting someone down. (from:-lim-bulula). malindela adv. now and then, from time to iime: U tahanga ka malin-dela, he comes from time to time.

malindo, n. pl. fishing-net floats made of matutu grass. (from: -linda) .

malipa, n. pl. riddles, puzzles. malisao, n. pl. the balls of lead fil-ling a cartridge. (see: bulisao).

maliya, n. zig-zag.

malo, n. confluence.

maloba, adv. the day before yester-day.

malobale, adv. three days ago.

malobanyana, adv. a few days ago.

malobalo, n. pl. sleeping place, ac-commodation. cf. bulobalo. fig. place of death: Ha niya cwana kwa Bukuwa, ha ni na ku kuta, i ta ba kwa malobalo a ka, when I go abroad, this time, I shall not come back, but be buried there. malobela, n. act of plundering, of spoiling, of taking for oneself what is meant for others. (from: -lobela).

malobolo, n. pl. dowry paid by the bridegroom. (from: -lobola). syn. sionda.

maloko, n. pl. praises. (from: -loka).

malokomana, n. continuous rain-fall. syn. mulupi.

malolo, n. pl. frequent dreams. (from: -lola).

malombwe, n. pl. designs (pyrogra-vure) on the Litunga's paddles.

malondo, n. pl. strips of cloth or pieces of bark used to stop a leak in a canoe or a barge.

malonga-ambati, n. Mbunda. some-thing that a person was looking for  and obtained.

malopu, n. Luyana. beer. syn. buc-wala, njonga, mutoho.

Malozi, n. pl. people belonging to the Lozi tribe.

Malubale, n. pl. people belonging to the Luvale tribe.

malukuluhelo, n. pl. articulations, joints: Malukulahelo a minwana, knuckles.

malulelo, n. place where people put down their loads and rest on a journey. (from -lula).

malumba, n. pl. kind of edible roots (larger than sweet potatoes.)

malumbi (bo-) n. kind of bird. (whis-tling Teal or Fulvous Treeduck.)

malume (bo-) n. maternal uncle.

Malunda, n. pl. people belonging to the Lunda tribe.

malundu, n. tendency to sing out of tune: Mutu yo ki wa malundu, this man usually sings out of tune. cf. busimba.

malungasiku, adv. at the beginning of dawn. cf. masa ha patalala, ka-mamiswa

malwanga, n. pl. air bubbles pro-duced by fish or crocodiles.

malwelelo, n. dangerous place where canoes often capsize.

malwelo n. Luyana. battle field.

malyalya, n. Luyana. a large help-ing of food. act of enjoying it. (from: -lya)

malyandowa, n. pl. kind of plant fond of growing in marshes which wild geese are fond of.

malyanganda (also malyangana) n.      pl. vain promises, untrue promi-ses, deceitful promises. (from: -lyangana).

malyanu (bo-) n. pl. cannibals.

malyawe, n. deceit, cheating. (from: -yaweka).

malyalyosi, n. manner of raising dif-ficulties which hinder people from  working.

malyolyo, n. red skin on throat of a fowl or snake.

-mamata (mamatile) v.i. Luyana. to taste good, to be savoury.

mamba, n. kind of long grass used for thatching and making fences.

mambala, adv. far, distantly, disper-sedly: Mu yahe mambala ku saba mulilo, build your houses at a dis-tance from each other for fear of fire.

mambalakata, n. noise like, or of thunder. (from: -palakata.) fig. po-werful speech.

mambaloka, n. habit of chattering. (from: -mbaluka).

mambanu, n. Luyana. talkativeness, loquacity. (from -amba).

mambengo, n. craving for snuff or tobacco. (from: -mbenga).

mambile n. pl. twins. syn. bana-ba-ndopu.

mambilingoma, n. (1) anger, fierce-ness, severity when speaking of persons. (2) great noise.

Mambowe, n. pl. people belonging to the Mbowe tribe.

Mambunda, n. pl. people belonging to the Mbunda tribe.

-mameka (mamekile) v.t. see -maneka.

-mamela (mamezi) v.t. (1) to listen to, to be attentive, to obey: Mamela manzwi a ka, listen to what I say. (2) to mind, to heed, to be cautious: Mamela u ka holofala, take care not to hurt yourself. der. mumameli, mamelo, mamelelo, bu-mameli, mameliso. syn. -tokomela. cf.: -feeleza rel. -mamelela (mame-lezi) (1) to watch for someone: Mu ni mamelele libyana za ka. ba ka li uzwa, keep an eye on my goods so that they are not stolen. (2) to endure, to bear patiently. caus. -mamelisa (mamelisize) to help  someone to watch, to warn. int. (1) -mamelela (mamelezi) to take care of the whole: U yo mamelelela likomu za luna ni za ba bafiwi lu ya ni bona kwa ku waya, as we are going fishing with these people, look after all the cattle, both ours and theirs, (2) -mamelisisa (mame-lisisize) to watch attentively. rec. -mamelana (mamelani) to be patient a with one another. To care for each other freq. -mamelanga to have the habit of listening attentively. red. - mamela-mamela (mamela-mamezi) to have a look at.

mamelelo1 n. patience, endurance. (from-mamela).    

mamelelo2 n. (1) base of an animal's tail: Linja za sikuwa li pumiwa mihata fa mamelelo, Europeans' dogs have their tails cut short. (2) stump of a tree, base of a tree trunk.

mameliso, n. warning, caution. (from -mamela).

mamelo, n. attention, carefulness, obedience. (from :mamela).

mamina, n. pl. nasal discharge, mucus. (from: -mina).

maminate, n. Luyana. ardent desire or craving for food.

mampala (bo-) n. (1) a useless, ig-norant person: Mutu yo ki mam- pala, yena u nyerna fela, this man is no good he has a very quick temper. (2) a person who has never travelled, who is ignorant of civilisation: Wena u mampala, u twaezi mwa hae, ha u sika zamaya kale, you have no idea of progress, for you have never travelled.

-mamuna (mamuzi) v.i. to unglue (see: -mamutula).

-mamutula (mamutuzi) v.t. to unglue, to unfasten rel. -mamutulela (mamutulezi) to ~ for someone. caus. -mamutulisa (mamutuli)


manjabila, n. pl. rags: Kacenu banana ha ba sa tina manjabila, children do not wear rags any-more.

manjanga, n. pl. blocks tied to a fishing net in order to stretch it down. fig. exp. ku tama mutu man-janga, to accuse someone falsely. (from -njanga).

manjombwaeli, n. pl. stilts (for walk-ing) (from -njombwaela).

manjoto, n. pl. small feathers on fowls legs: Likuhu za manjoto ki zende, na li lata, fowls with short feathers on the legs are really nice looking, I like them. (By ext. leg rattles used by dancers.)

manjwanjwali, n. fat, tasty cooked relish .

mankeyema, n. pl. skins worn by Mankoya people.

mankisi (bo-) n. Eng. a match: Ha ni na mankisi wa ku tumbulisa mulilo, I have no match to light the fire. (this noun belongs to class mu-bo).

mankoli (bo-) n. kind of hawk (yellow-billed kite or African black kite). (this noun belongs to class mu-bo): Mankoli ye ni boni kacenu, u talusa kuli pula i fakaufi, the hawk I saw today is a sign that rain is near. fig. thief, greedy person.

mankolyo, n. smegma accumulating under the foreskin of male organ. syn. maku.

Mankoya, n. pl. people belonging to the Nkoya tribe.

mano, n. wisdom, cleverness, inteli-gence, thinking power, wit: Ku nga mano ku ba bahulu, to learn wisdom from old people; idiom. exp: Ba mu cile mano, he needs wisdom.

manyala, n. badness, nastiness, worthlessness, abominatiom

manyalu, n. cleverness in doing  things quickly, sagacity. (from: -nyaluha).

manyamenyame, n. cleverness, sa-gacity, ability to do things quickly and skilfully. syn. manyalu.

manyando, hardship, ad-versity, suffering, hell upon earth. (from -nyanda).

manyanga, n. hunters' dance.

manyekanga, n. billows, waves, ripples, backwash (from -nyeka).

manyelinyeli, n. pl. beautiful, shiny garments.

manyendaela, n. rocking-chair. (from -nyendaela).

mayinga, n. see mukwamanyinga.

-manyuka (manyukile) v.i. (1) to appear, to come out of a cloud. (2) to begin to see. (puppies) syn. -tona. caus. -manyuna (manyuzi) to open the eyes. int. -manyukelelela (manyukelelezi) to appear com-pletely: Lizazi li manyukelelezi cwale, now the sun is completely out of the clouds.

manyumbo, n. pl. (see mayumbo.)

manzibwana, adv. late in the after-noon, early in the evening: Kiman-zibwana, good afternoon, good evening.

-manala (manalile) v.t. to slander, to report, to denigrade. cf. busifa. syn. -ngongota. rel. -manalela (ma-nalezi) to report on, to slander about: Ni mu manalezi matapa a na ni lwahile, I made a case against him because of his impertinence. caus. -manalisa (manalisize) to cause to report. freq. -manalanga to denigrade all the time. red. -manala-manala (manala-mafialile) same as freq. ref. -imanala (imana-lile) to accuse oneself unintentio-nally: Wena u no ilo ni manala kwa Kuta, kanti u ilo imanala ili wena, you went to the court to report against me, and it happened that  your report was used against you.

mabana, n. obstinacy, stubborn-ness, quarrelsomeness. (from -nana).

mananazwana, n. disagreement, dis-cord, wrangle. (from -nana).

mani? inter. pron. who? which? what? what sort of?

mani ni mani, pron. whoever, who-soever, whomsoever, whichever.

maneke, n. Luyana. sympathy, mercy, compassion. syn. makeke, mukekecima, mufelabeke.

manele, n. pl. ligneous grass with yellow flowers (growing in the flooded plain) (used as fuel by Malozi)

manelele, n. pl. wake, swell, ripples.

manindi, n. pl. coils (snake).

manuluya, n. pl. see lifiuluya.

manwalya, n. pl. pumpkin segments drying in the sun.

maombokelo, n. pl. temporary resi-dence of the Malozi at the forest edge during the flood season. (from -omboka) .

maondela, n. pl. dowry paid by the bridgegroom. syn. malobolo, lionda.

maonyena, n. pl. see lionyena.

maoyanu, n. Luyana. good luck in fishing, by catching a large fish. -uya). cf. -sela.

maoyo, n. politeness, respect, cour-tesy. syn. likute.

maoyongo, n. pl. kind of small edible fruit found in the forest. syn. malaho-a-bafumahali.

mapa1 (li-) n. Eng. map: mapa ya lifasi, world map.

mapa2 (li-) n. small shell. used as a charm .

mapaipai, n. pl. waves (choppy) cf. mandinda, maputu.

mapakela (ka) adv. very early: ku zuha ka

mapakela, to get up very early. cf. mushituko.

mapalelwi, n. hardship, powerless  ness. (from: -palelwa).

mapangapanga (bo-) n. plumbers jack-of all trades.

mapapalala, n. a catch of large bream. syn. sipapalala.

mapataka, n. mixture of colours on a motly fabric.

mapazulelo, n. east (lit. where the sun rises); see -pazula, syn. Upa mazwelo a lizazi.

mapena, n. turned up brim of a hat. fig. turned up lips. (from -penuna).

mapicu, n. tacking, dodging, sudden disappearance. (from: -picuka).

mapilelo, n. refuge. (from -pila).

mapipilikwa, n. pl. small tresses, small plaits.

mapo (li-) o. nail (wooden or iron) fig. limapo za naha, the leaders of the nation.

mapotelo, n. pl. places one can visit, an excuse for visiting (from -pota).

mapuko, n. pl. see lipuko.

mapukuta, n. pl. bellows (from -pukuta).

mapulu or lipulu, n. pl. see pulu.

mapumulelo, n. pl. resting place. (from -pumula).

mapungu, n. pl. over-large abdo-men, spreading even round the sides.

mapunu, n. nakedness, nudity: ku ina mapunu, to be naked. syn. njenje.

maputu, n. pl. small waves. cf. ma-paipai, mandinda.

maputula, n. shorts, short trousers.

mapwa, n. pl. Luyana, lies, false-hood, nonsense. syn. mbwashula.

mapwaila, n. beer specially pre-pared and drunk on the occasion of a funeral, beer which used to be poured down over the side of a de-ceased person's hut.

masa, n. dawn: masa a patalezi, day-break. (from -sa).


masabelo, n. pl. place of refuge hiding place, haven. (from -saba).

masala, n. bran, husks remaining in the sieve after sifting. (from -sala). syn. mase.

masampululwa, n. tasteless, insipid relish. fig. a harlot, prostitute. (from -sampuka) .

masapo-kongolo, n. pl. (Luyana. Kongolo) dry bones. fig. skeleton: Mubili wa hae i se li masapo-kong-olo fela kacenu, nowadays he is just like a skeleton. syn. mafuba-kongolo.

mase, n. bran, husks remaining in the sieve after sifting. (from -sefa). syn. masala.

maseme, n. intelligence, wisdom, cleverness, cunning. idiom. exp. Maseme ha ki boi, wisdom is no co-wardise. syn. butali.

masetela, n. whiripool, eddy. syn. libuu (noun also used to express the habit of the paddlers of.the royal barge when they shake their lion's manes to attract the specta-tors' attention).

maseulo, n. first rains of the rainy season: pula ya maseulo, first rain of the year. (from -seula).

mashakambila, n. trickery, jug-glery; witchdoctor trances.

mashala, n. pl. charcoal.

mashambaa n. pl. reed skirt worn by dancers.

mashamba2 n. empty space between things or people. (from -sham-bana) .

mashambaneno, n. pl. space where two dancers meet. (from -shamba).

mashandilo n. pl. inner barks of the roots of mituya trees used for making strings. cf. makumba.

mashangelelo, n. pl. joint, (planks, ropes, etc.) from -shangela).

mashekanu, n. Luyana. laughter, merriment. (from -sheka).


mashekela, n. Luyana. same as ma-shekanu.

mashekelwa n. Luyana playfulness fun, joke (from: -sheka).

mashendauti, n. pl. sneering, con-tempt. (from-shenda)

mashendekala, n. irony, sarcasm. (from -shendekela).

mashendo, n. pl. see lishendo (from -shenda).

mashengoki, n. pl. excuses to avoid work. (from -shengoka).

mashimbanu, n. ability to carry heavy things. (from -shimba).

mashini (li-) n. Eng. machine (sewing machine).

mashongwa, n. pl. burnt grass which hurts any who walk on it.

mashonjo, n. pl. manner of continu-ally reminding somebody of his past mistakes.

mashuka, n. pl. manner of speaking in parables. metaphors, allegories .

mashukula, n. pl. useless grass. (from -shukula).

Mashukulumbwe, n. pl. people be-longing to the Ila tribe.

mashunena, n. pl. word used in the expression: ku ca nama mashunena, to cut off, for oneself and in ad-vance, pieces of meat from a por-tion intendend for many. (from -shuna)

mashungu, n. awareness of somebo-dy's intention. (from -shungula).

mashunuti, n. contrariness, contra-dictory manner. (from -shununa).

masifa, n. pl. see lisifa.

masika1 n. pl. layers of grass hinder-ing navigation.

masika2 n. pl. see lusika.

masila, n. pl. see lisila.

masilelo, n. pl. ford, crossing place (river) drift. syn. mupao. (from -sila).

masiliso, n. mourning, consolation. (from -silisa).

masinjal (bo-) n. Eng. messenger of  the government.

masinja2 (bo-) n. kind of bird (Natal scarlet-chested sunbird).

masipa, n. pl. excrements, drop-pings. masipa-azebe, ear wax.

masisi, n. pity, sympathy.

masitapilu, n. grief, sorrow, broken-heart, distress.

masitete, n. mustard seed.

masiwa, n. pl. remains of food drinks, materials. (from -siya).

masiyaleti (bo-) n. last child to be born in a family; orphan, motherless, fatherless. (from -siala).

masiye (bo-) n. orphan, motherless fatherless. (from -siya).

masokisi, n. pl. see: sokisi.

masoto n. pl. see lisoto

Masubia, n. pl. people belonging to the Subia tribe.

masulungundu, n. small ant-heaps on open plains, corrugation, lumpy soil in marshes.

masupi, n. pl. see: lisupi

maswabi, n. sadness, grief, contri-tion, shame. (from -swaba) shy-ness.

maswabisa, n. disappointment. (from -swaba).

maswe, adj. bad, nasty, useless, rotten.

maswe, adv. badly, wickedly. (common meaning): much, very much: Ni mu lata maswe, I love her much.

maswenyeho, n. pl. suffering, afflic-tion, hardship. (from -swenya). syn. mafenyeho.

mata1 n. (1) strength, power, energy, vigour. (2) authority, virtue: kofa mata, to give power, to enable: U no swala musebezi wa hao ka mata, you must work energetically. Lu ku sweli ka mata a mulao, we have arrested you on the authority of the law.


-mata2 (matile) v.i. to run to gallop. spec. exp. ku mata lubilo, to run very swiftly. syn. -landamana, -kitima, -ngwilimana. rel. -matela (matezi) to run for, to run towards. caus. -matisa (matisize) to chase. rec. -matisana (matisani or matisa-nile) to run after: Kacenu ne lu ma-tisana ni lisholi, kono ne ni palezwi ku mu swala, I have been chasing a thief today, but have not managed to catch him.

mataba, n. swamp, morass, marsh.

matabelo, n. pl. places where sacri-fices are offered. (from -taba).

matabula, n. pl. rainy season.

matahataha, n. false pretention.     

matakala, n. pl. rubbish, sweepings.

matakani, n. disease of the gall- bladder (cattle).

matakanyani, n. remote place far from populous centre, rural areas. away from the Capital

matako, n. pl. Luyana. bottom, but- tocks. syn. malaho.     

matalu, n. action of spoiling or of stealing someone's property. (from -talula) Ya na ni matalu, bur-glar, bandit, brigand.

matambisa, (bo-) n. someone lead-ing somebody by the nose, someone twisting somebody round his or her little finger. (from -tambisa).

matantalatantala, n. pl. great quan-tity of pumpkins heaped in many places of a field after harvest; great quantity of cooked mealie meal portions.

mataseli, n. pl. sun beam beacon.

matatekelo, n. pl. beginning. (from -tateka). syn. makalelo.

mataza, n. vomit, vomitted matter (from -taza).

Matebele, n. pl. people belonging to the Tebele tribe.

-mateha (matehile) v.t. to smear, to plaster, der. mumatehi. syn. lila.  rel. -matehela (matehezi) to smear, to plaster. der. mumatehi. syn. -lila. rel. -matehela (matehezi) to smear, to plaster for someone. caus. -ma-tehisa (matehisize) to order or to help to smear. rec. -matehisana (matehisani) to help each other to smear. freq. -matehanga to have the habit of smearing: Mu no mate-hanga mandu a mina ka bukwala, try to smear your houses artisti-cally. inv. a-matuluha (matuluhile) to come off (plaster) b) -matulula (matuluzi) to take off (plaster) Note mateha, to put first plaster; lila, second plaster which is fine. red. -mateha-mateha (mateha-mate-hile) to smear again and again. ref. -imatehela (imatehezi) to smear for oneself: Ki na ya imatehezi ndu ya ka ni li nosi, I plastered my house without any one's help.

matenesi or litenesi, n. pl. Eng. tennis shoes, canvas shoes

matengatekelo, n. care, carefulness, helps (from -tengateka). syn. paba-lelo, songwa where one can lean, assistance.

matengatenga.(bo-) n. a person reel-ing about, staggering or lurching along. (from-tengatenga).

matepeta (bo-) n. looseness, slack-ness (by extension) a slack person. (from -tepeta).

matetelembwa, n. pl. kind of grass used for making mats (poor qual-ity).

mateya, n. baby's defecatory motion sny nanda. (from -teya).

mati, n. saliva- mati a ka ki ao: (lit. here is my saliva) old salutation ending letters and including a be-nediction.

matibelelo, n. encatnpment. (from --tibelela).

matibilib n. pl. pain caused by ex cessive rapping, strfiing, (from --tibula ).

matiyelo, n. support, aid: Mutu yo ha sa na matiyelo, this man no longer has a place where he can seek help. (from -tiya). syn. mayen-damo.

matilikuba, n. fear of the consequ-ences of one's mistakes: ku ica ma-tilikuba, to live in terror of what may happen, to try to cover up one's mistakes.

matimba, n. unstrained, unsieved African beer.

matimbu, n. hateful, evil look. (frorn -timbula caus. -mataukisa (mataukisize) to cause to hop.

matokwani, n. pl. hemp, (dagga).

matome, n. Luyana illness, sickness, syn. butuku (from: -loma).

matomelo, n. good reason, strong argument in one's defence in a law-suit. (from útoma). syn. mayemo.

matomo, n. inability to paddle in time with others (from -toma). fig. ku opela matomo, to sing out of tune .

matomola, n. pl. sorrow, grief, sad-ness, broken heart. (from -tomoha).

matota, n. pl. see liteta.

-matuka (matukile) v.i. to jump. syn. -tula. U matulse hande, u ka weia mwa rnusima, jump well or you will fall into the hole.

matuka, n. pl. kaffir corn bran. cf.


matuko; n. pl. neighbourhood , sur-burbs.

matulungundu, n. pl. see masulung-undu.

matuta, n. pl. see lituta.

matutaeti, n. Luyana. grave yard, cemetery. syn. mayumbelo, njinjo.

matuti, n. shoal of barble fish looking for food.


matutu, n. pl. kind of flexible strong grass used in making bow-nets, etc.,

matutwa, n. pl. see litutwa.

matuyutuyu, n. pl. grain of maize puffed out in hot ashes. (from -tuyauka or-tayoka).

matwi, n. pl. Luyana. ears (anat).

matwitwi, n. pl. clouds which give no rain.

mauba, n. pl. drurns of African bel-lows.

maumbunwa, n. murmur of people being too far away to be under-stood. (from -umbuna).

maungulelo or maungulo, n. end of an action (dance, court, case, etc.): Ha ni sika bona kwa maungu-lelo a ngoma ya hae, I did not see the end of his dance. (from -ungula).

mauti, n. pl. strings tied to a basket as handles (also biuti).

mauza, n. pl. millet, syn. mangu.

mawawai, n. pl. dry leaves left on a stalk when the ears of corn have been removed.

mawaya, n. pl. plaits of flattened folds on women's garments.

mawee! interj. of surprise, of pain, of great sorrow: alas! oh! cf. mayoo!

mawenge, n. pl. handcuffs, (see li-wenge). chains.

mawiliywa, n. twilight, dusk. syn. swalala.

mawindo1 n. African kilt. syn. siziba.

mawindo2 n. pl. Eng. see windo.

mayaleto, n. pl. fragments of reeds put in a pot to protect fish from burning when cooking (from --yala).

mayanehelo, n. pl. place reserved for drying food or washing. (from -yaneha).


mayanga, n. pl. first fish caught with a new net. (kanyandi) cf.. mutama.

mayangelo, n. pl. name given to any container in which are put plucked fruits. (from -yanga).

mayayu, n. pl. see liyayu.

maye, n. (1) panting for breath after running. (2) saliva remaining on the rim of a cup after drinking (water only) (if left by a woman this saliva is believed to weaken a man-make him unable to run U sike wa nwa mezi a sfilwe ki musali mwa komoki, u ta shwa maye; do not drink water from a cup already used by a woman or you will become two weak to run.)

mayekuyeku, n. pl. red hot embers poked up by wind. (from -yekuma).

mayemaetwa, n. manner of provo-king somebody's anger. cf. -she-maeta.

mayembe or maembe n. pl. pieces of bark taken from trees to make medicines.: ku sheba mayembe, to cut such pieces of bark from a tree.

mayemelo, n. place to stand. (from: -yema).

mayemo, n. good reason, major point of argument: Lu mu wisize, ha sa na mayemo, we convinced him, and he has no more argu-ments to defend himself. (from: -yema). syn. matomelo.

mayendameno, n. anything on which one leans backs. syn. muyendameno, (from -yenda-mena).

mayendamo, n. support aid. syn. matiyelo. (from -yendama).

mayeula, n. Iarge African kilt or skirt swinging about when people walk .

mayeya, n. Luyana, meditation, re flection. (from -yeya).

mayoo! interj. of surprise, of great pain, of sorrow. cf. mawee!

mayobo, n. reincarnation; formal occasion, ritual dance in which the name of an ancestor is given to a living person (from úyobola).

mayongayonga (bo-) n. a person taking for himself many things in-discriminately; a man marrying any wife without making a choice. (from -yongayonga).

mayowanelo or mayowaneno, n. Luyana. bathing, swimming place. (from -yowana).

mayowe, n. thickly grassed or wooded country. (from -yowala).

mayoyelo, n. pl. Luyana (1) dwelling place. (2) refuge. fig. supporter, person taking care of someone. (from -yoya).

mayuku, n. pl. scolding, vocifera-tion. (from -yukuka).

mayuloka (bo-) n. (1) one who al-ays speaks angrily at the top of his voice. (2) hippo emerging fre-quently and snorting. (from -yuluka).

mayumba-yumba, n. habit of squan-dering money or goods on others; prodigality. see lmayumba-yumba. (from -yumba).

mayumbelo, n. pl. cemetery . (from --yumba). see liyumbelo. syn. njinjo, matutaeti.

mayumbo, n. pl. (1) children's game conSisting of finding an hidden object. (2) riddles. (from -yumba). see liyumbo. cf. nela.

mayungungu, n. habit of exaggerat-ing

mayupeletis n. Luyana. curiosity, in-quisitiveness. (from -yupa).

mazambo, n. scurvy. syn. nakasha-sha, lindombe.

mazangala-zangalas n. (1) un-combed hair. (2) dry maize leaves.  (from -zangilikana-).

mazazi-malozwana, idiom. exp. suf-ficient for the day is the evil thereof.

mazezekwani, n. said of many people suddenly standing up to-gether on account of fear or wonder; also said of hunted ani-mals suddenly standing together in fear of danger: Likomu se li yemi mazezekwani, li utwile munko wa sibatana, the cattle are very rest-less, for they have caught the scent of a wild beast. syn. mazimum-wangala2.

mazimumwangalal n. mirage.

mazimumwangala2 n. same as maze-zekwani fig. exp. ku yema mazi-mumwangala, to move in agitation (as a huge crowd on a great oc-casion).

mazwake, n. pl. mixture (of any kind) (from -zwaka).

mazwelo1 n. east. (lit.) where the sun comes from (from -zwa). syn. ma-pazulelo, upa.

mazwelo2, n. pl. way out, exit, escape, (from -swa): Ba mu sweli mwa ndu, na timelezwi kwa mazwelo, they caught him in the house, as he could not find the way out.

mazwesi, n. pl. cows with young calves. (see zwezi).

mba (li-) n. belly, stomach, womb: ku sinyeha kwa mba, miscarriage; ku sulula mba, to cause abortion.

mbabala (li-) n. kind of bushbuck.

mbaimbai (li-) n. husk, pod of dif-ferent trees like: mukusi, muzauli, flamboyant, etc.

mbakati (bo-) n. Luyana. widow who recently lost her husband.

mbakofumu (bo-) n. Luyana. lover of riches.

mbala (li-) n. kind of small fish.

-mbalamana (mbalamani) v.i. to sit as an important person in front of  people. fig. to enjoy a big position: Kacenu MwEya ki yena ya sa mbala-mani fa situlo sa bu-Ngambela, today Mwiya has an important position of Ngambela, (Lit. Mwiya is sitting comfortably in the Prime Minister's chair today.) caus. -mbalamanisa (mbalamanisize) to appoint someone to a high pos-ition.

-mbalamena (mbalamezi) v.i. Luyana. to listen in order to report. der. mumbalamena. fig. to expect to inherit: Kifii ha u to mba-lamena mwa sibaka sa ka? what in-cites you to come and listen at my door in order to report what l say? fig. Yo, u tilo mbalamena ku nga situlo sa ka, this man has come to wait for the eventuality of my suc-cession. caus. -mbalamenisa (mba-lamenisize) to order to listen and report.

-mbalanda (mbalandile) v.i. to live in a way which shows a strong desire for divorce (woman): Musali ya ni sa mbalanda ku munn'a hae, that woman shows her desire of being divorced from her husband by the way in which she lives. syn. -hana. caus. -mbalandisa (mbalandi-size) to incite a woman to provoke divorce. fig. to work hard although being incompetent.

mbali conj. whereas, since, when in fact: Mbali mina mu hola mali ama-–ata mi akuna musebezi o mu eza, you can earn a lot of money when doing nothing in fact. syn. inte–i, isita.

mbali2 n. custom of sleeping with one's parents when still young: Kaufela luna ne lu lobalanga kwa mbali, kwa bwanana bwa luna, all of us used to sleep with our parents when we were still young.

mbalu, n. curse, malediction, evil  eye: Mutuyo u ngezi mbalufa lifu la ndatahe, a malediction has been on this man since the death of his father.

-mbaluka (mbalukile) v.i. to appear large and tall from afar: Ki yani Nalikwanda u taha a mbalukile, here comesvthe royal barge large and tall. fig. to come to the sur-face (bippo, crocodile, etc.). syn. -tumuka. caus. -mbalukisa (maluki-size) fig. to cause someone to con-sider himself important.

-mbalumuka (mbalumike) v.i. (1) to speak loudly; (2) to fall heavily on the ground. rel. -mbalumukela (mbalumukezi) to raise the voice at someone: U sike wa mbalumu-kela mwanana cwalo, u ka lila, do not raise your voice at the child in this way or he will cry. caus. -mbalumukisa (mbalumukisize) to cause to speak loudly.

-mbalumuna (mbalumuzi) v.t. to put up, to build (a big house).

-mbaliaela (mbaliaezi) v.i. to walk carelessly: ku mbaliaela mwa sileze, to walk in mud; ku mbaliaela mwa mafuti, to walk carelessly in a sown garden. cf. -hatikela. caus.

-mbaliaelisa (mbaliaelisize) to cause to walk carelessly.

-mbaliateka (mbalietekile) v.t. to throw carelessly mud onto a wall when starting to plaster it. syn. -lambaka.

-mbamba (mbambile) v.i. to pulsate, to beat (heart). syn. -tula-tula. caus. -mbambisa (mbambisize) to cause the heart to beat violently: Sabo i kona ku mbambisa pilu, fear mayl~zawe the heart to beat vio-lently.

mbamba,2 expression used in the old times to remove harm attached to a taboo. see -ambwela.2

mbambakatuwa (bo-) n. kind of bird  (African Spoonbill.)

-mbambala (mbambalile) v.i. to gallop. syn. -likita. fig. to run about too much (woman) rel. -mbamba-lela (mbambalezi) to gallop to-wards. caus.. -mbambalisa (mbam-balisize) to cause to gallop ;(racing)-

-mambatela (mbambatezi) v.i. to .become very hard (soil): Mubu so mbambatezi hahulu, mi u tata kwa ku lima, the soil is already very hard and extremely difficult to hoe. caus. -mbambatelisa (mbamba-telisize) or -mbambateza (mbamba-telize) harden the soil: Likomu li mbambatelize simu ya ka, the cattle ~ave hardened the soil of my field. (in treading upon it during the tainy season) syn. -ngangateza.

mambitwa, n. difficulty caused by heavy loads carried on the head or in the arms: Ni mwa mbambitwa yetuna ya ku tokwa ya ni lwalisa, I am in great difficulty because I have nobody to help me carry my things fig. difficulty, hardship.

-mbambuka (mbambukile) v.i. to be well built. (building).

-mbambula (mbambuzi) v.t. to build skilfully. syn. -yaha. rel. mbambu-kla (mbambulezi) to build for someone caus. -mbambulisa f. (mbambulisize) to help to build. bt. -mbambukelela (mbambulelezi) to complete a building. ref. -imbambulela (imbambulezi) to build an attractive house for oneself.

-mbanda (mbandile) v.t. to throw someone to the ground. rel. -mban-dela (mbandezi) to throw someone to the ground on another's behalf. caus. -mbandisa (mbandisize) to help to ~ ref. -imbanda (imbandile) to knock oneself against a door. (etc )

Mbanda, n. Luyana. capital of the  nation (mulene–i).

-mbandaela (mbandaezi) v.i. to walk. syn. -zamaya, rel. -mbandae-lela (mbandaelezi) to walk to: Kamuso ni ka mbandaelela kwa Mongu, tomorrow I shall walk to Mongu. caus. -mbandaelisa (mban-daelisize) to motivate a trip some-where.

-bandama (mbandami or mEanda-mile) v.i. (1) to hide one self in order to listen: C/ mbandami kwa lapa ku teeleza ze ba bulela, he is hiding behind the yard in order to listen to their conversation. (2) to look for hospitality: ku mbandama mutu ku bata mapilelo ku yena, to ask for hospitality from someone (3) to stick to: Munyopi u ni mban-damifa numbu; a leech is sticking on my leg

-mbandamana (mbandamani or mbandamanile) v i. to be flat (head) der. simbandamani. caus. -mbandamanisa (mbandamanisize) to cause to be flat: Se si mbanda-manisize mwanana yo toho, ki ku lwalanga ze bukiti; this child's head is flat because she used to carry very heavy things.

mbande (li-) n. eagle (martial eagle). fig. thief; sorcerer; adul-terer. syn. ngonga.

mbandeka (mbandekile) v.t. to stop a gap: Mu mbandeke mubu omu–ata mwa masuba a ndu, stop up the gaps of the house with a lot of mud. cf. -maneka. rel. -mbandekela (mbandekezi) to stop gaps for someone caus. -mbandekisa(mban-dekisize) to help to stop gaps

mbando (li-) n. chest, (anat). syn. sifuba.

-mbandula (mbanduzi) v.t. to take one animal out of a herd of cattle

mbangalala, adv. out of doors in the open: ku lobala fa mbangalala, to  sleep under the stars.

mbanganyi, n. state of having both hands occupied carrying things: M palelwa ku kandelela, ni lwezi mbanganyi, I cannot, clap for I am carrying things in my hands.

mbangashwa, n. kind of skin disease .

mbango, adv. Luyana. vainly, use-lessly. syn. mbulungundu.

-mbanyuka (mbanyukile) v.i. to appear big from afar. (canoe) cf. -mbaluka.

mbao (li-) n. kind of otter.

mbashi, n. sneezing.

mbasi (li- or ma) n. Eng. bus.

mbasikolo (li) n. Eng. bicycle. syn. njinga, kanamutendele

-mbatauka (mbataukile) v.t. to go and meet people, also-mbatoka. der. limbatoki, cf. -katanyeza. caus. -mbataukisa (mbataukisize) to ac-company someone who goes to meet people.

mbatimbati, n. state of being very occupied: Ni mwa mbatimbati ya misebezi yemEhata, l am terribly busy.

-mbatuka (mbatukile) v.t. Luyana. to get broken. syn. -pumeha. freq. -mbatauka (mbataukile) to get broken in many places: Sifaha sa ka si mbataukile, my necklace is broken in many places.

-mbatula (mbatuzi) v.t. Luyana. to break, to cut. der. simbatu. syn. puma. rel. -mbatulela (mbatulezi) (sifaha) to break someone's necklace. caus. -mbatulisa (mbatulisize) to cause to break.

mbautu (li or ma-) n. Eng. bolt. (th-readed pin): ku bopa mbautu, to tighten a bolt (the nut).

mbayo (li) n. Luyana. African hat-chet (African universal tool)

-mbekuma (mbekumile) v.i. to be a prostitute. der. Iimbekuma.


mbeli (li-) n. small African knife formerly used as razor. fig. great liar.

mbelo (li-) n. gap reserved in small dykes for bow-nets to be set.

mbelwa (li-) n. widow.

-mbemuka (mbemukile) v.i. to ex-perience a very great fear, leading to repentance: Mutu yani u mbemu-kilefa pila, a sa kutela ku uzwa, that man was frightened to death so he won t steal any more.

-benga (mbengiie) v.i. to crave for: Ni mbengiie maswe, ha ni na kwai I have no tobacco, and I am reaily craving for it. der. mambengo.

mbengenge, n. first sight of the sky when nearing the edge of a forest which one is leaving.

-mbeta (mbetile) v.t. Luyana. to beat drums. der. mumbeti, lim-betelo, silumbeteia. syn. -liza. rel. -mbetela (mbetezi) to beat drums for someone. caus. -mbetisa (mbe-tisize) to help to beat drums.

mbeti (li-) n. Luyana. boring insect syn. supa.

-mbeya (mbeyile) v.t. Luyana. to call. syn. -biza. rel. -mbeyela (mbeyezi) to call for someone, to call for a special reason. caus. -mbeyisa (mbeyisize) to cause to the calling of someone. freq. a) -mbeyanga to call again and again obtaining no reply; b) -mbeyangela (mbeyangezi) to call again and again for the sake of someone; c) -mbeyangisa (mbeyangisize) to cause someone to call again and again by giving no reply.

mbeya,2 n. Luyana. ashes and soil rennaming hot atter a big tire. syn. Iupa, mu use.

-mbeyuka (mbeyukile) v.i. to spend a long time without eating food: Kacenu bana ba ka ba mbeyukilefa milomo, a ba sika ca sesi–wi, my  children have spent the whole day iwithout eating any food. caus. -,Čbeyukisa (mbeyukisize) to cause to starve. Ki–i ha u ilo mbeyukisa banana mwa nahe–i ni tala? why did :3rou cause the children to starve ffor the whole day, away from vil-lages. ref. -imbeyukisa (imbeyuki-*dze) to cause thoughtlessly one's d-own hunger.

mbi, (li) n. (mostly used in plural) grey hair: U melezi limbi mwa ndea, tbe turned grey while still young

-mbikula (mbikuzi) v.t. to unsaddle, to unhorse. caus. -mbikulisa (mbi-ilulisize) to cause to unsaddle: Se si mbikulisa pizi ki butanya, it is res-tiveness which makes a horse un-saddle its rider.

mbilimana (mbilimani or mbilimanile) v.i. to have one's fill, to be satiated, satisfied. syn. -kula.

mbilimbili (li-) n. red pepper. f _bilingana (mbilingani) v.i. to be in disorder to intermingle (cattle). caus. -mbilinganisa ( mbilinganisize) to intersperse.

mbilinganya (mbilinganyize) v.t. to xput in disorder, to mix up (cattle). caus. -mbilinganyisa ( mbilinganyi-~e) to intermingle: A{u sike mwa mbilinganyisa likomu cwalo. Ii ka ^tuma mihala, do not disturb cattle like that or they will break their ropes.

mbilye (li-) n. Litunga's garden u which in the past had to be culti-vated by the public without reward. syn. namukau, cf. sinjambi.

mbimbi (li) n. faithful servant or rel-ative entrusted with medicines.

mbimbinyani (li-) n. kind of small bird (waxbill).

-mbindana (mbindani or mbindanile) v.i. to work with energy. der. mum-bindani. caus. -mbindanisa (mbinda-nisize) to cause to work ener getically. ref. -imbindanisa (imbin-danisize) to pretend to work hard: U imbindanisa fela yani, ha na sa sebeza, that man is pretending to work hard, but actually he is doing nothing.

mbindi (li-) n. wild dog. syn. Iiaka-nyani.

mbingwa (li) n. leprosy. syn. newa-ya-Buiozi, Mulilo-wa-Nyambe.

mbinyuka1 (mbinyukile) v.i. to be bent backwards. (people). der. Iim-binyu. caus. -mbinyukisa (mbinyu-kisize) to cause the bending of the back.

mbinyuka2 (mbinyukile) v.i. to jump up in order to unsaddle (horse, etc.)

-mbinyuna (mbinyuzi) v.t. to bend one's back.

mbisa, n. Luyana. manner of hold-ing hands on the back as a sign of sorrow.

-mbokokela (mbobokezi) v.i. to fall through (litindi), to fall in a hole. syn. -pobokela, cf. -totobela. int.-mbobokelela (mbobokelezi) to fall right through.

mboela, n. south.

-mbofoka (mbofokile) v.i. to be tender; to be soft, to be ripe. syn.-tofota. fig. to have an ampty sto-mach. rel. -mbofokela (mbofaukile) to look with hungry eyes at some-one. freq. -mbofauka (mbofaukile) to show signs of over-ripeness.

mboke (li-) n. kind of stinging grass-seed.

mbokoma (li) n. calabash pipe smoked by Malubale people.

mbola (li-) n. Eng. ball, foot-ball syn. –oma.

mbolela, n. rotten grass or, rotten leaves, sweepings which could be used as compost. (from bola).

-mboloka (mbolokile) v.i. to speak angrily with a loud voice. syn. -ka lumuka. rel. -mbolokela (mbolo-kezi) to speak angrily to.

-mbolomoka1 (mbolomokile) v.i. to get angry. rel. -mbolomokela (mbo-lomokezi) to scold angrily

-mbolomoka2 (mbolomokile) v.i. to cry out (children). caus. -mbolomo-kisa (mbolomokisize) to cause to cry out

-mbolonya (mbolonyize) v.t. to strike with a stick; to hurt some-one accidentally with a pestle when stamping

mboma: (li-) n. python. fig. (1) grass roll used as wall plate (2) a strong person

mboma2 (li-) n. place clear of grass due to late burning followed by flood.

mbombo (li) n. a rich man.

-mbombola1 (mbombozi) v.t. to speak at the top of one's voice, to speak much, to be loquacious, to chat-ter der. Iiambombola rel. -mbombo-lela (mbombolezi) to speak at length to someone caus. -mbombo-lisa (mbombolisize) to cause lo-quacity, talkativeness.

-mbombola2 (mbombozi) v.t. to beat, to hit, to knock syn. -nata. rel. -mbombolela (mbombolezi) to beat for someone. freq. a) -mbombaula (mbombauzi) to beat repeatedly-b) -mbombaulana (mbombaulani) to beat each other repeatedly.

mbombole1 (li-) n. reed put at the upper end of a fishing spear in order to make it longer.

mbombole2 n. pleasant cool shade

mbombolelwa, n. as mbombole.2 fig. comfort .

-mbombomana (mbombamani) v.i. to be warm (liquid) Piza ya ka i mboenbomani fela ha i na mulilo the contents of the pot are just lukewarm, for the fire is dead syn. -putumana.


mbombwala (mbombwalile) v.i. (1) to be slow and lazy (2) to be still and quiet caus. -mbombwalisa (mbombwalisize) to cause to be still and quiet.

mbombwe, n. slowness in doing things. syn. ndembwe.

-mbomoka (mbomokile) v.i. to be open-mouthed. syn. -komoka. rel. -mbomokela (mbomokezi) to stare at caus. -mbomokisa (mbomoki-size) to cause to stare at

mbondwanyunyi (li- or bo-) n. kind of bird (white-bellied stork) consi-dered as a sign of calamity when it flies over the capital

mbonezikai (bo-) n. dwarf.

mbongolo (li or ma-) n. donkey

mbonyi (li-) n. maize, mealies.

mbonyi-ya-kateya, n. maize which has not been soaked very long before being pounded

Mboo (bo-) n. name of the first king of the Aluyi (believed to be Nyambe's son)

mbote (li-) n. kind of beer made from beans and sugar or from honey.

-mbotomana (mbotomani) v.i. to sit down a long time doing nothing, being idle caus. -mbotomanisa (mbotomanisize) to cause some-one to sit down a long time doing nothing.

-mbotwaela (mbotwaezi) v.i. to walk jumping like a frog. der. simbot-waeli. (from simbotwe).

mbowa, n. mushroom (generic name) fig. a lazy person.

mbu! interj. entirely finished, ac-complished: Matokwani a hae a felile mbu! he has entirely given up smoking hemp: Musebezi u felile mbu! the work is completely finished syn. kulungu!

mbubo or mbubo-mbubo, adv. mod-erately, tolerably, passably interj.  not so bad!) syn. mbweshambwesha.

mbula, n. Luyana. rain. syn. pula.

mbulu! interj. come let us fight if you like! (taha, mbulu!) syn.-mwambulu.

mbulu (li-) n. Luyana. iguana. syn.~opani.

mbulukwe, n. kind of game playedf ^by girls only.

mbulu-lushoshe, n. Luyana. same asgnbulu.

mbulu-luto–e, n. Luyana. same aslmbulu.

-mbulumana (mbulumani) v.i. to liedown (speaking of big animals,alive or dead.)

-mbulungunda (mbulungundile) have a try at beating drums.caus. -mbulungundisa (mbulungunlisize) to join trying to beat drums.

mbulungundu, n. emptiness, bare-ness, void, vacuity: Lu limile konoki mbulungundu fela, lico li ka ciwaki mezi, we have cultivated, but fornothing, for the crops will be de-stroyed by water. adj. ya mbulung-undu. vain. adv. in vain; ku sebezambulungundu, to work in vainsyn. mbango.

mbulwenyi, n. kind of bird (FlecksCoucal)

mbuma (li-) n. kind of fish.

mbumba1 (li-) n. knee cap.

-mbumba2 (mbumbile) v.i. to besulky, angry. cf. -nyema. rel. -mbumbela (mbumbezi) to be angrywith someone caus. -mbumbisa(mbumbisize) to cause someone'sanger. freq. a)-mbumbanga to beoften angry with someone; c) -mbumbangisa (mbumbangisize) toprovoke often someone's anger.

-mbumba3 (mbumbile) v.i. to befrozen, to swell from pain, to benumb. cf. -hazela. caus. -mbumbisa(mbumbisize) to cause torpid, de layed reaction, inactivity

mbumbe (li-) n. spitting cobra syn. pakula.

mbumbi, n. dry and hot season.

-mbumbuta (mbumbutile) v.i. to walk having the feeling of swollen feet.

-mbumbutela (mbumbutezi) v.i. to become blunt: Silepe sa ka si mbumbutezi, my axe is blunt caus. -mbumbutelisa (mbumbutelisize) to make blunt

mbumu, n. Luyana. Litunga.

mbumbuti (li-) n. rope used to keep a large net in a good position when immersed .

mbumbwe (li-) n. an arrow with a wooden head used to kill birds cf. Iisho.

mbumwaeti (li-) n. Iowest sounding key of the African xylophone

mbundamusheke (bo-) n. kind of bird (African Skimmer).

mbundu1 n. fog, mist, haze, vapour.

mbundu2 (li-) n. kind of small fish syn. nungwe.

Mbunga, n. part of the Bulozi plain between the Zambezi and its trib-utaries (historically the very heart of Bulozi).

mbungeimo, n. kind of small tree, the roots of which are used in the preparation of 'good-luck' medicines (Mambunda). fig. kind hearted understanding

mbuti (li-) n. death announcement, death notice

mbututu (li-) n. baby.

mbuu ! interj. nothing left ! Lico li felile mbau! the food is completely finished syn. kulunou (same as mbu!).

mbuwa1 (li-) n. kind of caterpillar still used by some people in the preparation of relish.

mbuwa2 n. agreement according to which the Litunga's cattle are  placed in someone's care: Na ha ni na likomu ze ni luile haisi za mbuwa ya Mulena, I have no cattle of my own, and those under my care belong to the Litunga. cf. marsa.

Mbuwana, n. June. (see: kweli).

mbuwele, n. Luyana, lie, falsehood, fib.

mbuwelo, n. Luyana. way of getting one's living.

-mbuya1 (mbuyile) v.t. Luyana. to slander, to speak evil of, to deni-grade, to caluminate, to backbite syn. -seba.

mbuya2, n. Luyana. anything killed or caught for food (fish, tortoise etc.,) cf. mbuyelo.

mbuyanda (li-) n. kind of bird, (Go-liath Heron)

mbuyelo, n. Luyana. anything found, pi~cked up or killed for food cf. mbuya.

mbuyoti (li-) n. benediction, bles-sing. syn. tohonolofazo (from -fuyola).

-mbwakata (mbwakatile) v.i. to talk much, to talk nonsense, to prate. der. mumbwakati. syn. -mbwamb-wata. rel. -mbwakatela (mbwaka-tezi) to talk much about some-thing: Ku maswe ku mbwakatelafa ku ca, it is a bad habit to talk too much when eating with others. caus. -mbwakatisa ( mbwakatisize ) to cause to talk much freq. -mbwa-katanga, to talk nonsense continu-ally.

-mbwakula (mbwakuzi) v.i. said of barble fish making noise in ponds or lakes when surfacing for fresh air. syn. -mbwaluka. fig. to speak much, to make a noise like barble fish. caus. -mbwakulisa (mbwakuli-size) to cause to make noise.

-mbwaliama (mbwaliamile) v.t. to tread inadvertently on mud, drop-pings, etc syn. -hata. flg. to come  into great riches.

-mbwaluka (mbwalukile) v.i. same as -mbwakula.

-mbwalula (mbwaluzi) v.i. same as -mbwakula.

-mbwambutuka (mbwambutukile) v.i. to speak at length incoher-ently. rel. -mbwambutukela (mb-wambutukezi) to speak at length to someone. caus. -mbwambutukisa (mbwambutukisize) to cause some-one to speak at length.

mbwambwaa1, idioph. refers to the noise made by someone entering into water, kuli mbwambwaa, hop into the water. (from -mbwamb-wama. ) cf. cupwi.

mbwambwaa!2 adv. exp. in water! Ha lu yo kumbuluka mukolo wa luna se li mbwambwaa! before we had time to realize it our canoe was al-ready under the water.

-mbwambwama (mbwambwami) v.i. to enter into water for a bathe syn. -ombama, -tulyama. fig. to enjoy great riches. syn. -pwaka-mana, cf. -putwama, -pwapwama.

-mbwambwamana (mbwambwa-mani) v.i. to enjoy bathing.


-mbwambwata1 (mbwambwatile) v.i. to speak much, to talk nonsense. der. mumbwambwati. syn. -mbwa-kata. caus. -mbwambwatisa (mb-wambwatisize) to cause to speak much: Se si mu mbwambwatisa cwalo mutu yani ki bucwala, it is beer that makes that man shout out like that.


-mbwambwata2 (mbwambwatile) v.i. to get drowned syn. -mina. caus. -mbwambwatisa ( mbwambwatisize ) to submerge, to drown.

-mbwambweka (mbwambwekile) v.t. to put in water, to steep, to soak: Ni mbwambwekile liapalo mwa mezi  a cisa kuli li zwe masila, I soaked my clothes in hot water to clean Ąthem. syn. -ombeka, -putweka, -tupweka. fig. to urinate in the house at might. rel. -mbwambwekela (mbwambwekezi) to steep for some-fone. caus. -mbwambwekisa : (mwambwekisize) to help to steep. linl. -mbwambwekelela (mbwambwekelezi) to soak all one's linen. ref. -imbwambwekela (imbwambweiezi) to soak one's own clothes.

-mbwangana (mbwangani) v.i. to speak incoherently: cf. -mbwambu-luka caus. -mbwanganisa (mbwan-;~ize) to cause toŃButuXu bwa ~ae ki bo butuna, se bu mu mbwang-V - ~usa ze–ata, his illness is very serious, and it is already causing bim to be incoherent. ref. -Imb-wanganisa (imbwanganisize) to speak nonsense in order to avoid F the truth; U imbwanganisa fela, ku k Siya litaba za buziwa, he speaks t nonsense in order to avoid the K fquestions put to him.

-mbwanjinga (mbwanjingile) v.i. to work carelessly, with negligence or inaccuracy cf. -sinya. rel. -mb- h wanjingela (mbwanjingezi) to work for someone negligently caus. - > mbwanjingelisa ( mbwanjingelisize ) A to cause someone to do his work inaccurately. int. -mbwanjingelela fmb vanjingelezi) to spoil comple-tely some work through inaccu-racy.

mbwasauka (mwasaukile) v.i. to be careless in speaking. der. simbwa-soki. caus. -mbwasaukisa ( mbwa-snukisize) to cause to speak non-sense: Mutu yo u mbwasaukiswa ki sabo, this man is speaking non-sense because he is afraid.

mbwashula, n. Luyana. falsehood, Iying, nonsense syn. mapwa. Iitaba za mbwashula, vain talk.


-mbwatula (mbwatuzi) v.t. Luyana to pierce, to bore, to perforate der. Iimbwatu. syn. -punya. rel. -mb-watulela (mbwatulezi) to make holes in someone's possessions: A ni zibi ya ni mbwatulezi kubo ya ka, I don t know who has made a hole in my blanket. freq. a) -mbwatauka (mbwataukile) to be full of holes. b) -mbwataula (mbwatauzi) to make holes in prints, blankets, etc. -mbwembweta (mbwembwetile) v.i. to shiver, to tremble. (from fear) der. Iimbwembweta. syn. -ngang-ama, -njanga. caus. -mbwembwetisa (mbwembwetisize) to cause to tremble: Ki sabo ye mbwembwetisa mutu yani, it is fear that makes that man tremble.

-mbwenga-mbwenga (mbwenga-mb-wengile) v.i. to loiter. der. Iimb-wenga-mbwenga. syn. -fuwa-fuwa, -weya-weya. caus. -mbwenga-mb-wengisa (mbwenga-mbwengisize) to cause to loiter.

mbwengeya, n. grating of the teeth caused by sand in food.

-mbwenjuka (mbwenjukile) v.i. (1) to be out of order, to break down (car, etc.); (2) to become unable to walk (people, cattle, etc.) fig. im-potency. (Med.)

mbwesha, adv. moderately, toler-ably, passably. (interj. not so bad.) syn. mbubo

mbwesha-mbwesha, adv. same as above.

-mbwetaela (mbwetsezi) v.i. to walk with the gait of a corpulent person. der. bumbwete. syn. -mbwe-tambweta.

-mbwetuka (mbwetukile) v.i. to be surprised, bewildered. syn. -mbo-moka, -komoka. caus. -mbwetukisa (mbwetukisize) to surprise, to be-wilder ref. -imbwetukela (imbvfetu-kezi) to be dismayed.


mbwi! interj. expressing darkness: Mwa ndu ku li mbwi! it is dark in the house!

mbwimbwilikana (mbwimbwilikani) v.i. to hurry (gathering things) caus. -mbwimbwilikanisa (mbwimb-wilikanisize) to cause people to be in a great hurry. cf. -tubilikana.

mbwinji (tu-) n. kind of grey squir-rel. syn. kamale.

-mbyatamana (mbyatamani or mbyatamanile) v.i. to be fiat: Ngo ya hae i mbyatamani, he has got a flat nose. cf. -pyatamana. caus. -mbyatamanisa (mbyatamanisize) or -mbyatameka (mbyatamekile) to make fiat: U sike wa mbyatameka piza ya hao, be careful not to flatten the pot that you are forming.

mbyumbyulu, n. (1) high in the at-mosphere: Ligulai ha–ata lifufa mwa mbyumbyulu, aeroplanes often fly in the upper atmosphere. (2) abyss. (very deep in water): Ha u nwezi mwa mbyumbyulu hakuna so bona, when you dive into very deep water, there is nothing that you can see.

me, (bo-) n. (my) mother (often used in the plural with the same meaning) this word me is also used as a friendly and respectful term in addressing any woman: Bo me, a mu ni teeleze hande, mother (or lady, or ladies) please listen to me carefully.

mebo, n. Luyana. wind syn. moya.

meiwiyŹ (bo-) n. Luyana. kind of bird (white-faced duck, whistler).

-mela (melile) v.i. to grow, to spring, to sprout. der. simela, syn. -sipuka. rel. -melela (melezi) to grow: Ku melela meno kwahaiimu ki bumai, to grow the upper teeth first brings misfortune caus. -melisa (melisize) to make grow: Pula ha i sika melisa hande lico   unomwaha, the rain did not help the crops to grow much this year. int. -melelela (melelezi) (the com-plete crop etc.) to spring up: Mbonyi i melelezi kaufela mwa simu, all the maize sprang up suc-cessfully in the garden. freq. -melanga to have the habit of growing Mwa masimu a ba ba–wi mbonyi i melanga hande, ku na nya; maize usually grows very well in some gardens, but not in mine ref. -imelela (imelezi) to spring up naturally without the aid of man: Li imelezi fela ha li sika calwa ki mutu, they just sprang up, they were not sown by anyone.

-mema (memile) v.t. to invite, to request. der. mumemi, memo. rel. -memela (memezi) to call to, to invite on another's behalf: U ba memela kwa lico, he calls them to the meal. int. -memelela (memelezi) to invite everybody.

memo, n. invitation. (from -mema).

membela, n. sour milk (not curdled) syn. maembela. cf. mafi.

mendai, n. water from the Zambezi spreading over the Plain at the be-ginning of flood season: Mezi a mendai a maswe ku a nwa, the flood water is dangerous to health.

-meneka (menekile) v.i. Luyana. to go somewhere very early. syn. -pakela, -shituka. rel. -menekela (menekezi) to go early to: Kamuso ni ka menekela kwa Mongu, I shall go early to Mongu tomorrow. caus. -menekisa (menekisize) to help to rise early

-menga (mengile) v.i. to wag the tail (fish or dog) int. -mengelela (meng-elezi) to wag its tail (as a dog when seeing its master or before food)

-menuha (menuhile) v.i. to come back syn. -kuta. rel. -menuhela (menuhezi) to come back from  somewhere fig. to turn against, to turn away from: Mulikanaka kacenu u ni menuhezi, my friend has turned against me today. syn. -kwenuhela, -tanuhela. ref. -imenu-bela (imenuhezi) to turn against tone another.

-menya (menyize) v.i. to smile, to be delighted der. Iumenyo. rel. -me-X tayeza (menyelize) to smile at: Mwana wa ni menyeza, the child is y smiiing at me. caus. -menyisa (menyisize) to cause someone to “smile. freq. -menyanga to smile all the time for no reason. red. (menya-menyize) same as freq.

mesinja (bo-) n. Eng. messenger

meeto, n. pl. see liito.

meyana (bo- or li-) n. wife of a member of the royal family.

mezi, n. water: yemezi, wet, fresh {meat, fish, grass, etc.) fig. beer: Haesu kacenu ku na ni tumezi, kono :~ lői twa ku lekisa, there is beer in the ? village today, but it is for sale

mi,~ pl. pref. of nouns belonging to class mu-mi. -

mi,2 pers. pron. obj. you pl: Lwa mi ż $Álata kaufela, we love you all.

mi,3 conj. and (generally between sentences).

micoko, n. pl. strips out along large fish to help them to dry

micomibi, n. pl. Luyana. greediness in eating or drinking. (from -ca).

mie or miye, (li-) n. bad temper, character difficult to please.

mifelo, n. pl. style in which Malozi used to build their houses long ago: Imwambo ki sitino sa Mulena wa pili wa Malozi ni kacenu mandu a teni ki a mifelo Imwambo is the royal burial place of the first King of the Aluyi, and houses there are today still built in the original Aluyi style.


mifonko, n. hunger, starvation. syn. tala.

mihela, n. manner of wandering about. (from -hela).

mihubo, n. manner of grazing early in the morning without being milked: Likomu li ile mihubo, the cattle left the kraal before being milked. fig. hunger

mikangabishi, n. pl. generic name for any kind of African medicine

mikokepule, n. Luyana. invitation of troubles, bringing problems.

mikoloto, n. quarrelling, wrestling

mikungo, n. pl. things belonging to a dead person.

mikwalelo, n. pl. poles put across the entrance to a kraal.

milalilali, n. pl. medicines of var-ious kind which are ineffective: Lu bata likalafo zende, mo ku sina mila-lilali yemi–ata, we want effective treatments, not just medicines which are useless.

milapelo, n. prayers (esp. of inter-cession) (from: -laela).

milema, n. Luyana. darkness. syn. lififi.

mili, (li-) n. puff-adder. syn. sibili.

mili,2 n. pl. Luyana. roots of corn plant.

milili, n. pl. hair (head) MililEya na-katenge, curly hair: milili ya liaci, soft hair.

milo, n. pl. sweet potato plant (off-sets runners of the plant)

milumbeko, n. praises. (from -lum-beka).

mima, n. pl. poles serving to strength a granary

mina,l emph. pers. pron. you (pl.): Mina mu hupula cwani? you, what do you think?

-mina2 (minile) v.i. to swallow a lot of water, to get drowned caus. -minisa (minisize) to push some-one's head under water to duck  freq. for a long time: Mina ba bahulu mu sike mwa no minisanga ba banyinyani ku mina, mu ka tahisa kozi, you big boys, stop holding the little ones down under water, or you will cause an accident. ref. -in~ (in~ze) to keep one an-other's heads under water.

-mina3 (minile) v.t. to blow one's nose. der. mamina, lumina, rel. -minela (minezi) to blow one's nose upon: Mulao wa sizo u tibela mutu ku minelayomuhwi, the traditional law prevents anybody from blowing his nose upon another. caus. -minisa (minisize) to help a child to blow his nose. ine. -minula (minuzi) to clean a child's nose.

-mina4 (minile) v.t. to let out the whey from a calabash. rel. -minela (minezi) to let out the whey for someones

-mina (minile) v.t. to turn up: ku mina mungundo, to turn up the lower end of a garment. der. mumino. rel. -minela (minezi) to turn up the hem of a garment for someone. inv. -minulula (minuluzi) to unstitch the hem of a garment.

-minahana (minahani) v.i. to get folded: Lisila le li minahani, this material is folded. fig. to go to and come back from somewhere. caus. -minahnya (minahanyize) to fold.

minahano, n. pl. thoughts, reflexi-ons (from: -nahana) see: muna-hano.

minange, n. Luyana. my younger-brother; minowe, your younger brother, minae, his younger brother. etc.

minapa-napa, n. scratches, lacera-tions, scars: Poho yani i lwana ahulu i tezi minapa-napa, that bull over there is a fighter, for he is covered with scars.

minga (li-) n. kind of small fish.


mingalato, n. endless altercations, disputes, quarrels: Luna lu pila ka mingalato, our life is made up of disputes. cf. mipingo.

minganja, n. gathers, puckers, pleats.

-minulusa (minulusize) v.t. to pour out the last drop.

-minuluseza (minuluselize) to ~ for someone. int. -minuluseleza (minu-luselize) to pour out completely the contents of a calabash, a bottle, etc., ref. -iminuluseza (imi-nuluselize) to pour out the last drop for oneself.

minya, n. Iarge deep wrinkles.

-minyalala (minyalalile) v.i. to straighten oneself up because of pain. der. siminya. caus. -minyala-lisa (minyalalisize) to cause some-one to straighten himself up. ref. -iminyalalisa (iminyalalisize) to straighten oneself up.

-minyauka (minyaukile) or -min-yoka (minyokile) v.i. (1) to meander (river), to snake, to wind about, to zigzag: Mbumbe yani ba i pumile toho, se minyauka Jela, they cut off the head of that cobra, now it is just writhing about. (2) to wriggle, to frisk: Singanga yo ha zibi ku bina, u minyauka-minyauka fela, this medicine man does not know how to dance, he is just frisking about. caus. -minysukisa (minyaukisize) to cause to meander, etc.

minyepezi, n. eye secretion (caused by eye-ailment).

Minyolui, n. Luyana. Bulozi Prime Minister. syn. ngambela, sope, muswa.

-minyuka (minyukile) v.i. to be bent towards, to be turned up: cf. -obama rel. -minyukela (minyukezi) to be bent towards, to be turned up: Mulomo wa hae u minyukezi  mwahalimu, his upper-lip is turned up. caus. -minyukisa (minyukisize) to cause to sulk: Usike wa minyuki-0 seza mulomo wa hao mwahalimu ha ni ku eleza, do not sulk when I give you advice.

-minyuna (minyuzi) v.t. to bend, to curve, to blunt, to cause to sag: Ndombe i minyuzi muwayo wa ka, a barble fish bent my fishing-spear. fig. to throttle; U. sabe ba bahulu ba Z ku nunyuna, keep away from old pople or they will throttle you rel. -minyunela (minyunezi) to bend someone's tool, etc: I se li la bubeli a ni minyunezi muhuma wa ka, for the second time now he has bent my hoe. caus. -minyunisa (minyuni-bize) to cause to bend, to curve ht. -minyunelela (minyunelezi) to bend completely. minyongonya, n. llidney beans. syn. manawa. cf. mu-~yongonya.

mioko, n. tears (weeping) see -^uoko.

mipateho, n. pl. occupations (keep-i ng someone very busy) (from -tteha).

mipingo, n. pl. disputes, alterca-lions, quarrels. cf. mingalato.: Ba 'nwile, se ba kala mipingo ya bona . cwale, they are drunk, so they are [ starting their quarrels now. fig. frightening, manifestations of [ witchcraft power in a witchdoctor who is in a trance: Pili na eza ma-18 shakambila, cwale sa kalisa mipingo ya hae u bata ku swala baloi, up to [ now he has been going into trances, but now possessed, he is - starting his fearsome prancing f about in order to point out the sorcerers.

mishoboto, n. pl. whisperings. (from -shobota).

mishulundu, n. pl. traces of water on the body. (tears, sweat, urine, etc.)  or on the walls of a house with a leaking roof.

misili, n. soot, black dirt under pots.

misisi, n. pl. blades of hoes worn down to a very small size. cf. kabeme.

miswalo, n. inclination to work: Mwanana yo ni mu latela miswalo ya hae, I like this child for his willingness to work. (from -swala).

mitaba, n. pl. trips journeys: Mutu yo nako kaufela ki wa mitaba, this man is always on the move.

mitebe, n. pl. Luyana. facts. (from -tebeta).

mitolo, n. pl. bad omen, wonder; something extraordinary, unusual: Ni na ni mitolo, ni katani simono-lEywa si nze si zamaya, I am under the influence of a bewitching ill-omen because I saw a kind of blind snake crawling on the path. (from -tola).

mitolowani, n. pl. upper part of loins.

mitu, n. Luyana. witchcraft medi-cine introduced in the body by means of liquids or scarifications (a person fearing that he was to be killed by another would take this medicine in order to give himself power after death (if it came) to kill his murderer and also the murderer's family). (from bitula). cf. muyenabo.

miye, li- n. bad temper, character difficult to please.

miyongo, n. pl. noise made by many people speaking together

-miza (mizize) v.t. to swallow. der. mumizo, fig. to surpass. rel. -mizeza (mizelize) to swallow for someone: Mwananayo u lila hahulu, a mu yo ni bizeza singolongoma si to ni mizeza yena, this child cries too much, ask the ogre to come and  swallow him up caus. -mizisa (mi-zanga to have the habit of swal-lowing: U sike wa mizanga buhobe bo bunŤna, bu ta ku kama, stop this habit of swallowing big pieces of buhobe or they will choke you ref. -imizezs (imizelize) to swallow: U imizelize sisapo se si mu kamile, he swallowed a bone which choked him idiom. exp. ku miza mati, to long forl to crave for: ku mizisa mati, to make someone desire or crave for.

mizanda, n. disputes, quarrels (from -zanda)

mo, conj. as: mo u latela, as you like

mo,2, adv. where, there: Mo a li te–i, where he is; Ba te–i mo, they are there

mokanitwa, adj. alone: Ni sitile mbonyi mokanitwa hona cwalo, I pounded the maize alone.

moki (baoki), n. Luyana. traitor, be-trayer, deceiver cf. moleki. (from -oka).

mokol (mioko) n. Luyana. dagger, poniard cf. mwele.

moko2 (mioko) n. marrow. (anat) fig. strength, energy (also mooko or muoko)

mokola (miokola) n. nose bleeding

mokwaa, interj. expressing wonder, amazement Ku lu siya lu li mokwaa! we were greatly amazed

-mokwama (mokwami) v.i. (1) to fade, to wither; (2) to faint. fig. to wonder. cf. -ketuka. caus. -mokwamisa (mokwamisize) to cause to fade, to cause to faint, to cause to wonder.

moleki (bsoleki) n. Luyana. traitor, betrayer, deceiver cf. maki. (from -oka)

Molyange, (bsolyange) n. Luyana. my master, my lord (used only for the Litunga) shangwe molyange, yes my lord (expression to be used  when answering a royal call )

momba (bo-) n. kind of bird (Ground Hornbill, Turkey Bus-sard).

mombecima, n. Luyana. serenity placidity, quietness of heart. syn. mombela. (from -ombela).

mombela, n. Luyana. same as mom-becima.

mombo1 (miombo) n. kind of tree

mombo2 (miombo) n. kind of bird (Marabou-Stork).

mombocima, n. same as mombe-cima.

momo' n. shin, tibia

momo2 n. kind of tree, the root of which is used as a medicine.

momo3, adv. Lugana. well, all right

-momoka (momokile) v.i. (1) to fall off by bits, to disintegrate. (2) to come off (scab on a wound) int. -momokelela (momokelezi) to fall off completely: Tapiya ka i momo-kelezi mikamba kaufela, ka ku sa oma hande, my Flsh has completely fallen to pieces because it was not properly dried.

-momona (momozi) v.t. to take off a piece of something (fish). fig. to beat severely rel. -momonela (mo-monezi) to take off a piece of something for someone. caus. -mo-monisa (momonisize) to cause to take off a piece of something int. -momonelela (momonelezi) to take off completely bit by bit. freq. -mo-mauna (momauzi) to continually take of pieces of something. fig. to beat again and again unmercifully

-momotoka (momotokile) v.i. to dis-integrate fig. to cry without reason, to cry over trifies der. Iimomo. caus. -momotokisa (momo-tokisize) to cause disintegration Pula i momotokisize sitina sa luna, our bricks have disintegrated be-cause of the rain; to cause some  one to whimper, to whine, to ;snivel: Se si mu momotokisa cwalo ki butuku bwa sitombo sa hae, it is ;,the pain caused by his abscess that makes him whimper like this. freq. snomotokanga to have the habit of .whimpering. ref. -imomotokisa (imomotokisize) to whimper in order to attract attention. syn. -iti-.Usa.

mondo,~ n. kind of bush growing in the plain, the smell of which is ex-tremely disagreeable.

mondo2 n. small drum used at the big-court in Lealui to start and stop ework.

-monga (mongile) v.t. to pluck, to cull, to pick, to gather (fruit, veg-Xetables, etc.) der. mumongi. cf. -koyola. rel. -mongela (mongezi) to pluck, to gather for someone: A Dmu yo ni mongela shombo, go and fetch some cassava leaves for me. caus. -mongisa (mongisize) to help, to pluck. int. -mongelela (monge-bzi) to pluck, to gather the whole lot. freq. -monganga to have the Ą habit of plucking: Kamita mu no ‚ monganga shombo yende, whenever you pluck cassava leaves, please choose good ones. ref. -imongela (imongezi) to pluck for oneself.

-monga-monga (monga-mongile) v.i. to be full of self-admiration. syn. -inyaka. cf. -mongosha. rel. -monga-mongela (monga-mongezi) to admire oneself somewhere: Zamaya, a yo tnonga-mongela koo, go and admire yourself some-where else; to act in self-admira-tion in order to attract someone's attention: Mutu yo ki wa muila ku wena, u sike wa mu monga-mongela cwalo! do not invite that person's attention, you have no right to do so. caus. -monga-mongiss (monga-moqgisize) to induce someone to  act in self-admiration in order to invite attention. ref. -imonga-monga . (imonga-mongile) to give one's airs.

mongi1 (ba-) n. Luyana. cheater, de-ceiver. (from -onga;)

mongi2 n. a person expert in mend-ing fishing nets. (from -onga)

mongo (miongo) n. Luyana. the back (anat.) syn. mukokoto.

mongola (miongola) n. (1) spine, backbone. (2) top of a rectangular house, coping, (of a building) (3) keel of a barge, ship, etc.

mongomani, n. over-stretching: Katwa ka ka ka shwile mongomani, my snare has no spring left in it. (from -ongomana) fig. a person bent with age.

-mongosha (mongoshile) v.i. to have affectations in order to draw people's attention. cf. -monga-monga. rel. -mongoshela (mongo-shezi) to act in order to attract people's attention.

-mongoshola (mongoshozi) v.i. same as mongosha. ref. -imongoshola (imongoshozi) to give oneself importance in order to attract atten-tion .

mongu or mungu, n. promontory. syn. sungo.

mongwamui (miongwamui) n. Luyana. kind of tree bearing edible nuts and remaining leafless for half the year. (tree believed to be thunderbolt-proof). syn. mung-ongo.

-monkoka (monkokile) v.i. to get broken at the rim (clay pot, etc . . .) syn. -ketuha

-monkola (monkozi) v.t. to notch or break slightly. syn. -ketula. rel. -monkolela (monkolezi) to notch for someone: A ku monkolele munyanta hao kwa mwanja wo, break off a  piece of this manioc for your brother

-monyeha (monyehile) v.t. to light to lighten, to illuminate. der. Iumo-nyi, kamonyimonyi, simonyehiso, simonyeka. fig. to spread, to scat-ter news. rel. -monyehela (monye-hezi) to give light to, to light the way for someone- to lead, to guide, caus. -monyehisa (monyehi-size) to help illuminate, to help to show the way. freq. -monyehanga to have the habit of lighting, of showing the way. ref. -imonyehela (imonyehezi) to light a torch or a lamp in order to see one's way. -monyeka (monyokile) v.i. to be same as-monyeha.

-monyoka (monyokile) v.i. to be sprained syn. -leuka.

-monyona (monyozi) v.t. to sprain. syn. -kya.

mooko1 (mioko) n. marrow (anat.) fig. strength, energy: Wena ha u na mooko u londile, you where is your energy, you are just lethargic ! also moko or moko.

mooko2 (mioko) n. tear: Ha sika lotisa ni haiba mooko ulimu–wi, he did not weep, nor shed a single tear. (also muoko).

moola (bo-) n. Luyana. child more beloved than others: Ne ba sina mwana moola, ne ba ba lata kaufela they had no child they preferred they loved them all. (from -ola).

moonda, n. the day after the new moon. (occasion of rejoicing in Bulozi capitals)

moopi (baopi) n. see muopi.

moowa (miowa) n. any straight thing moowa wa nja, a fine slim dog; moowa wa mukolo, a long-well-shaped canoe; moowa wa kota, a fine big tree.

mota (li-) n. Eng. motor car

-motwama (motwami) v.t. to enter  somewhere in great numbers: Ni fumani likomu li motwami mwa simu ya ka, l found a great number of cattle in my field; Nifumanisitindi ki kale ba si motwama there were already a great numbŽr of people in the fishing place by the time I arrived.

moya1 (mioya) n. (1) wind, air; (2) spirit, ghost, soul; Moya o Kenile, the Holy Spirit. fig. tale bearer.

moya2 (mioya) n. kind of illness, connected with superstitious be-liefs.

moyo1 (mioyo) n. Luyana. spirt, soul

Moyo2 (Bo Moyo) n. Litunga's senior wife.

mpako (li-) n. hole in a tree.

mpala (li-) n. circumcised penis, wa mpala, circumcised person.

mpalila, adv. far away: masimu a bona a kwa mpalila, their gardens are far away.

mpama (li-) n. smack on the cheek, slap. syn. lubaka

mpasu (li-) n. grasshopper.

mpi (li-) n. Sotno. regiment, army on the march.

mpisi (li-) n. big hollow mpo (li-) n. gift, present. (from: -fa).

mpwali (li-) n. kind of grass (used to sip liquid), straw

mpwito (li-) n. hole made in a thick layer of grass to enable fresh and clear drinking water to be drawn.

mpye (li-) n. ostrich.

mu,1 (1) pref. sing. nouns belonging to class: 'mu-ba' and 'mupmi'; (2) pers. pron. subj. (2nd pers. pl) you: Mu lu lEyehisize, you have delayed us; (3) pron. sing. obj. of nouns be-longing to class: 'mu-ba' nŔ mu boni mahani, I saw that lady yesterday.

mu2 (li-) n. kind of large fish.

muabi (ba-) n. distributer, bes-tower, dispenser. (from: -aba).

mualabelo (mi-) n. way in which  someone is answering a question. (from: -alaba).

mualafelo (mi-) n. way in which a doctor, a nurse or a dresser is nursing a patient. (from: -alafa).

mualafi (ba-) n. doctor, nurse, dres-ser. (from: -alafa).

mualala (mi-) n. sandy portion of a river or lake covered by shallow water.

mualunguti (ba-) n. someone who sorts through things in order to ;Emd something required. (from: -oiunguta)

muambakani, n. the one who is sbove everything (applied to God or to a King). (from: -ambakana).

muambeso (mi-) n. pole used in the constructionof a granary.

muamboli (ba-) n. a person talking to another one: Muamboli wa litaba ki Siyanga, Siyanga is the person who reported the matter. (from: -ambola).

muandamena (bo-) n. Luyana. some-one expecting to inherit. (from: -andamena).

muandeko, n. Luyana. reed-mat stretched between two reed fishing-traps (from:-andeka).

muangalwa, n. quietness, joyfulness, happiness: Kacenu ha na rnuanga/wa kakuli u tahezwi ki mas-wabi, today he is not happy, for he has received bad news; Maswabi a feEle, sa na ni muangalwa kwa batu, his sadness is over and he is now enjoying speaking to people. (from: -anguluka).

muanyisezo (mi-) n. way in which a mother is feeding a baby. (from: -nya).

muanyisi (ba-) n. wet nurse, anyone feeding a baby. (from: -anya).

mua–uli, (ba-) n. foster parent, guardian (from:-a–ula).

muspalelo (mi-) n. way in which  someone is dressed. (from: -apala)

muapei (ba-) n. cook. (from: -apea)

muapelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is cooking, iS preparing a meal (from:-apea).

muapositola (ba-) n. Eng. apostle.

muatamelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is opening the mouth, is yawning. (from: -atama).

muatulelo (mi-) n. way in which a judge is passing a sentence (from: -atula)

muatuli (ba-) n. judge, arbitrator. (from: -atula).

mubaba (mi-) n. kind of tree (its leaves are used to cure coughing). (Piliostigma thonningii).

mubabala (mi-) n. confetti tree (Maytenus senegalensis).

mubabaleli (ba-) n. caretaker. (from: -babalela).

mubafu (mi-) n. kind of tree (its roots are used in the preparation of fecundity medicines).

mubako (mi-) n. kind of tree used (as is the muhoto tree) for making poles, stamping poles, etc . . . this tree is very often struck by lightn-ing.

mubala1 (mi-) n. colour.

mubala2 (ba-) n. new comer in a vil-lage, woman recently married who has not yet tilled her garden in her new village !

mubalehi (ba-) n. runaway, fugitive. refugee (from:-baleha).

mubalelo (mi-) n. manner in which someone is reading. (from: -bala).

mubali (ba-) n. reader, counter. (from: -bala).

mubamba (mi-) n. row, line, file: Mi-bamba ya hae i namile hande, kanti u ziba ku luka miseme, well, he knows how to weave mats, his lines are very straight. cf. muko-loko.

mubandelo (mi-) n. way in which  someone is giving first shape to a carved object, a canoe, etc ... (from: -banda).

mubandi (ba-) n. someone giving first shape to a canoe, a sculpture, etc . . . (from: -banda)

mubanga (mi-) n. kind of tree. (Af-rormosia angolensis).

mubangi (ba-) n. Luyana. medicine man, African doctor. (from: -banga).

mubanji (ba-) n. keeper and distrib-uter (from:-banja).

mubano (mi-) n. common level, or-dinary level. sp. exp. Yena u zwile mubano ku ba ba–wi kaufela, that man is not on the sŚme level as all other people, he stands head and shoulder above the rest.

mubaso (mi-) n. paint, varnish. (from: -basa).

mubapalelo (mi-) n. manner in which children are playing. (from: -bapala).

mubapali (ba-) n. player (in a game) (from:-bapala).

mubapuli (ba-) n. a person stretch-ing a hide with pegs; a person peg-ging a tent. (from: -bapula).

mubatelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is (1) searching; (2) look-ing for a wife. (from: -bata).

mubati (ba-) n. (1) seeker; (2) some-one looking for a wife. (from: -bata)

mubebelo (mi-) n. manner of giving a smooth finish to a wood-work (canoe, etc . .) (from: -beba).

mubebi (ba-) n. Luyana. someone who knows how to smooth pad-dles, canoes, etc . . with hatchets and adzes (from: -beba).

mubei (ba-) n. someone placing things (from:-bea)

mubekelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is cutting meat into strips  in order to make biltong. (from: -beka).

mubeki (ba-) n. a person cutting meat into strips in order to dry it (from: -beka)

mubelu-belu (mi-) n. sudden appear-ance and disappearance (from: -beluka). cinema, bioscope.

mubeleki (ba-) n. Iabourer, worker, employee (from:-beleka)

mubelekisi (ba-) n. employer. (from: -beleka).

mubeleko (mi-) n. remunerated work. employment, job (from: -beleka)

mubeli (baubeli) n. a person whose occupation is to make dikes. (from: -ubela).

mubelukela (mi-) n. sudden appari-tion. (from: -beluka).

mubemi (mi-) n. kind of tree (its leaves are used as an aphrodisiac).

mubenabeni (b) n. someone who does not stay long at one place (from: -benabena)

mubesi (ba-) n. a person roasting cassava roots, maize ears, etc .. . on embers. (from: -besa).

mubeteki (ba-) n. traitor, treacher-ous person. (from: beteka

mubetelo (mi-) n. way in which a sculptor or a carpenter is working (from: -beta).

mubeti (ba-) n. carpenter, cabinet maker. (from: -beta).

mubeto (mi-) n. Iarge snare for catching animals.

mubeuli (ba-) n. shaver. barber (from: -beula).

mubeyeki (ba-) n. same as mubeteki.

mubihi (ba-) n. person reporting matters, a reporter (from: -biha).

mubila (mi-) n. cattle-path.

mubilaeli (ba-) n. a dissatisfied, di-sappointed person, plaintiff. (from: -bilaela), complainant.

mubili (mi-) n. body


mubilo (mi-) n. kind of small tree bearing edible fruit

mubinelo (mi-) n. manner in which someone is dancing. (from: -bina)

mubingu (mi-) n. tribute, the chieFs share of fish put on one side from the catch by the fishermen them-selves (from:-binguta).

mubingutelo (mi-) n. way in which fishermen are putting aside from their catch, the Litunga's share. (from: -binguta)

nubinguti (ba-) n. person collecting mubingu, (from: -binguta)

mubini (ba-) n. dancer. (from: -bina).

mubinyambango, adv. exp. Luyana. straight forwardly (when speak-ing).

mubisi (mi-) n. root. fig. beginning, foundation: Lu bata ona mubisi wa taba ye, what we want is the truth behind the case.

mubizezo (mi-) n. way in which someone is calling. (from: -biza).

mubokwe (mi-) n. gap left by miss-ing teeth, M wanana yo ki wa mu-bokwe, this child has just lost his tooth.

mubombo (mi-) n. kind of tree (the bark of which was formerly used by some tribes in making clothes) (brachystegia boehmii).

mubonda (mi-) n. Luyana. great of-fence, crime. (from: -bonda)

mubondi (ba-) n. Luyana. (1) stirrer of buhobe. (2) rope-twister (3) murderer. (from: -bonda).

mubondo (mi-) n. sewn top of a hut roof

mubongani (ba-) n. restless person. (from -bongana).

muboni (ba-) n. spectator, eye wit-ness: Mwa koziye tahilefani, baboni ki bafi? in that accident who were the eye witnesses? (from -bona)

mubonisi (ba-) n. demonstrator.  (from -bona)

mubotana (ba-) n. poor, indigent person. syn. mufuzana, njebwe. (from: -botana)

muboti (ba-) n. Luyana. person doctor who rubs ointment onto patients tfrom-bota)

mubu (mi-) n. soil, ground, land.

mubua-bui (ba-) n. Sotho. talker, tale-bearer, chatter-box, syn. sibua-bui. (from -bua).

mububu (mi-) n. kind of tree (its bark is used in the preparation of a medicine believed to protect people involved in court cases.)

mubuelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is skinning an animal. (from -bua)

mubuhi (ba-) n. a person admiring, staring at. (from -buha).

mubui (ba-) n. a person skinning an animal. (from -bua).

mubukeleli (ba-) n. a person looking afterthings,property (from-buke-lela). children, etc very carefully

mubukuli (ba-) n. person who des-poils, who robs others, exploiter (from -bukula)

mubula (mi-) n. kind of tree (bear-ing edible fruit and also much used in carpentry ) (Hissing tree, cork tree) (Parinari mobola)

mubulaelo (mi-) n. way in which someone, kills, murders. (from -bulaya)

mubulai (ba-) n. murderer, assassin (from -bulaya)

mubulelelo (ml-) n. manner of talk-ing, way in which someone is talk-ing- Ni ziba mubulelelo wa hae umaswe, I know that his way oi talking is not very pleasant. (From -bulela0.

mubuleli (ba-) n. (1) speaker, some-one who spreads news (2) evangelist. (from -bulela).

Mubulo (la) n. Sotho. Monday (the  day opening the week.) (from -bula) ka la Mubulo, on Monday syn. Ia Manda.

mubulu (ma-) n. Boer (Afrikaner).

mubuluki (ba-) n. someone keeping goods or money for another. (from -buluka)

mubundululo, n. grain pounded and sifted for the second time. (from-bundulula) cf. mulengo.

mubunu (ma-) n. see mubulu.

mubupelo (mi-) n. style in which somebody is forming clay (from -bupa)

mubupi (ba-) n. potter; the creator. (from -bupa). cfl Nyambe, Mulimu.

 mubusezo (mi-) n. way in which someone is governing. (from -busa).

mubusi (ba-) n. ruler, monarch (from -busa).

mubusisi (ba-) n. councillor; (for-merly one governing others) (a word now regaining its original use). (from -busa)

mubuso (mi-) n. government, state, kingdom.

mubuyelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is breathing (from -buyela)

mubuyu (mi-) n. baobab tree. (Adansonia digitata).

mubuyungi (ba-) n. great eater. (from -buyunga) syn. muci.

mubuzezo (mi-) n. manner of asking questions. (from -buza).

mubuzi (ba-) n. someone inquiring, asking questions. (from -buza)

mubyangi (ba-) n. gleaner. (from -buyanga).

mucaba (mi-) n. kind of big tree (producing latex.)

mucaeli (ba-) n. driver (Scotch-cart). (from -caela) syn. mukwsezi.

mucaha (mi-) n. a youth. syn. mu-tangana.

mucalelo (mi-) n. way in which  someone is planting. (from -cala).

mucali (ba-) n. sower. (from -cala)

mucalifa (bo-) n. heir, heiress. (from -ca).

mucapi (mi-) n. cold drink.

mucato (mi-) n. marriage certificate (from -cata).

mucatomu (mi-) n. kind of bird (Wattled Crane).

mucaulelo (mi-) n. way in which sol-diers are marching or doing physi-cal exercises (from -caula).

mucaulisezo (mi-) n. way in which officers are commanding (match-ing troops or troops doing physical exercises) (from -caula).

mucaulisi (ba-) n. officer command-ing marching troops or drilling sol-diers (from -caula).

muceke (mi-) n. Iarge basket.

mucelol (mi-) n. wild tuberous plant (often eaten in the past by starving people).

mucelo2 (mi-) n. way in which some-one is eating (from -ca). syn. mu-lielo

mucembele (ma-) n. old person: Ki hande ku yabuka macembele mwa nzila, it is a good habit to give way to old people. (from -cembala).

muchenje (mi-) n. kind of tree; edible fruit of the same. syn. mu-tunda.

muci (ba-) n. great eater. syn. mu-buyungi, fig. grave digger. (from: -ca)

mucici, n. manner of drinking most of the contents of a cup at one go: Kamita yena u nwa buswala mucici, he always takes a long draught when drinking beer.

mucilambumu, n. Luyana. manner of respecting, of fearing the laws enforced by the Litunga. (from -cila).

mucimbacimbi n. destitute person (from: -cimbama).


mucimbami (mi-) n. any floating object. (from -cimbama).

mucimbuli (ba-) n. (1) someone who lifts anything out of water. (2) res-cuer- a person who saves someone from drowning; fig. someone help-ing a destitute person (from -cim-bula). )

mucinga (mi-) n. kind of tree bear-ing edible fruit.

mucisi (ba-) n. incendiary. (from -ca).

mucobacobi (ba-) n. restless person. flg. inquisitive person person re-vealing secrets. (from cobacoba)

mucobi (ba-) n. (1) someone who shuffics playing cards. (from -coba). (2) a good cyclist. (from -coba)

mucoko (mi-) n. tasteless kind of pumpkin. fig. Iazy person.

mucokoli (ba-) n. someone husking grains by stamping. (from-cokola) cf. musnengi.

mucokomi (ba-) n. stabber syn. mu-fokozi, mufukuzi, (from sokoma).

mucokwe, n. habit of doing things slowly and unwillingly.

mucolauli (ba-) n. flatterer, adula-tor, cajoler. (from -colaula).

muconconono (mi-) n. anything of great length; muconconano wa kota, a very tall tree, muconconono wa lipalo, a long number, muconco-nono wa naleli, comet.

mucoocoo, n. mortality (among cattle or human beings): Ba munzi wani ba kenezwi ki mucoocoo, the mortality is very great in that vil-lage.

mucopwetelo (mi-) n. way in which f someone is stopping leaks in a canoe or a barge (from -copweta).

mucopweti (ba-) n. a person stop-ping leaks in a barge or a canoe (from: -copweta)

mudala (ma-) n. an old person.


muekezi (ba-) n. exaggerator. (from -ekeza)

muele (mi-) n. Luyana. Iong African double-edged knife.

muelembo (mi-) n. Luyana. manner of roaming about seeing friends (from -elemba).

muelezi (ba-) n. adviser, counsellor, admonisher (from-eleza).

muelo (ba-) n. Luyana. stupid person. syn. sitoto, sikuba. (from: -eluba).

muebami (ba-) n. someone leaning forward in order to hear a conver-sation. fig. importunate, trouble-some person. (from -embama).

muembatami (ba-) n. tale bearer, spreader of news. (from: -vmbama).

muyemeli (ba-) n. advocate, de-fender. (from -yemela).

muenda-ku-mongo, n. Luyana. child brought to the new 'father' when its mother remarries, step-child

muendebo, n. Luyana. salutation: Farewell, go well (parting words used to the one leaving, wishing him well). cf. musialebo. (from: -enda)

muenduko,l n. (taken adverbially) down stream (from -enduka) cf. musweto.

muenduko2 (mi-) n. one of the Li-tunga's drums (beaten twice per day for reveille and curfew)

muendela (mi-) n. agitation. (from -enda), constant movement

muenge (mi-) n. thick and slimy saliva

muenyena (mi-) n. Iukewarmness, gentle heat (fig. also of people) (from -enya.)

muenyi (ba-) n. guest, visitor, new-comer, stranger. syn. mupoti, mueti

mueteleli (ba-) n. Iader, precursor (from -etelela)

mueti1 (ba-} n. Sotho. guest, visitor,  newcomer, stranger syn. mupoti, muenyi.

mueti2 (ba-) n. Luyana, a sick person syn. mukuli.

muezalibi (ba-) n. sinner, evil doer. cf. sifosi, mufosi.

muezi (ba-) n. maker, doer (from -eza)

mufaho (mi-) n. provisions for a journey

mufahulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone castrates bulls (from -fahula)

mufahuli (ba-) n. a person expert in castrating bulls. (from -fahula)

mufalali (ba-) n. banished or exiled person fig. a dead person. (from: -falala) .

mufali (ba-) n. a person who scrapes skins. (from: -fala).

mufalo, n. mortality (death of all, one after another cattle or human beings). (from: -falala).

Mufana-limpo, n. the giver of all things, God (from: -fana)

mufanelo (mi-) n. way in which someone gives (from: -fana).

mufani (ba-) n. a generous person. (from -fana)

mufanunuti (mi-) n. Iittle scratch slight wound. (from: -fanuna). cf. munapa.

mufayeli (ba-) n. a person looking for something lost or hidden in the grass fig. someone who guesses, who investigates secretly (from: -faya)

mufebi (ba-) n. Luyana. smoker snuffer. (from -feba).

mufela–eke, n. compassion, sympa-thy. syn. makeke, ma–eke.

mufelelezi (ba-) n. someone having authority of saying the last word in disputes or contestations. (from: -feza) syn. mufezi.

mufenyi (ba-) n. Sotho. (1) conque-ror. victor, overcomer. (2) tire  some person: Mu zwise mufenyi yo fa kuta, please take that trouble-some person out of court. (from: -fenya)

mufeto (mi-) n. sour milk from which butter has been rernoved (from: -feta).

mufetuli (ba-) n. translator; some-one changing things. (from: -fetula)

mufetuli (ba-) n. someone having authority to settle disputes or con-testations. (from: -feza). syn. mufe-lelezi.

mufikelwa (mi-) n. head-cold, vio-lent cold.

mufilifili (mi-) n. disturbance, con-fusion, disorder, trouble riot (from- -filikana). syn. kaliiabule. cf. musolokoto.

mufilikanyi (ba-) n. trouble-maker mischief-maker, agitator (from:-filikanya).

mufinyana or mufinyani (mi-) n. handle (hoe, axe, etc . ) By ex-tension: axe. hfufnyana wa ka-bemba, razor

mufitanzila (ma-) n. passer-by. syn. Iifitanzila, liendanzila. (from:-fita). mufiti (ba-) n. passer-by. (from: -fita). mufiyelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is sweeping (from: -fiyela).

mufiyeli (ba-) n. sweeper. (from: -fiyela).

mufocolelo (mi-) n. way in which someone shovels (from:-focola).

mufocoli (ba-) n. someone who shovels (from:-focola)

mufohola (mi-) n. beam or cord on which clothes are put

mufokoli (ba-) n. a weak person. fig. a poor scholar (from: -fokola).

mufokolo (mi-) n. weakness. (from: -fokola).

mufolisi (ba-) n. healer, doctor (from: -fola)


mufolo (mi-) n. Eng. furrow.

Mufolomi (ba-) n. brick-maker (from: -foloma).

mufosi-(ba-) n. wrongdoer, evil-doer, delinquent, sinner (from:-fosa). cf. muezalibi.

mufu (ba-) n. Luyana. a dead fpelson. syn. mushu2, mushwi. (from: -fa).

mufuafui (ba-) n. a person who is often dilatory, a person always Sslow in starting. (from: -fusfua). syn. siliyaliyi.

mufubakati. n. Luyana. (1) second wife, rival wife. (2) second helping


mufubalume (ba-) Luyana. a man who has taken someone's wife, or someone whose wife has been taken by another man.

mufufelo (mi-) n. flight. (bird, plane). (from -fufa).

mufufisezo (mi-) n. way in which a pilot flies a plane, a jet. (from fufa).

mufufisi (ba-) n. pilot. (from -fufa)

mufufulelwa (mi-) n. (1) perspira-tion, sweat, (2) splash of rain through a door. (from -fufulelwa) cf. mufufuzo.

mufufuzo (mi-) n. perspiration, sweat. (from -fufulelwa). cf. mufu-fulelwa.

mufuka (mi-) n. tare weed.

mufukulo (mi-) n. Iight food for sick people. (from -puka).

mufula 1 (mi-) n. kind of tree the roots of which are used in baske-try.

mufula2 (mi-) n. one of the Litunga's drunws (linked to the Malozi ori-gins). mufula3 n. a,~elEing of the testicles. mufuluheldjrd,lbrn. way in which someone is ~paddling. (fromČ,, fuluha). ~

mufuluhi (ba-) n. paddler, carsman.  (from -fuluha).

mufumahali (ba-) n. honoured wife, lady, Queen.

mufumbo1 (mi-) n. intention, plan; threat (from-fumba).

mufumbo2 (mi-) n. ability to remain a long time without breathing (under water or when taking a long drink).

mufumi (ba-) n. a rich person. (from -fuma).

mufunda (mi-) n. trace made on the ground to mark the place of awall, of a hedge, of a yard. (from -funda)

mufundeli (ba-) n. someone using charms to frighten thieves. (from -fundela).

mufundi (ba-) n. someone who .steals from a relative. (from -funda).

mufunga (mi-) n. design round a pot or wooden plate.

mufungelo (mi-) n. work consisting of tying up cattle for the night: Mwa mufungelo wa hae kamita likomu li cela batu, there is always damage done when it is his turn to tie up the cattle for the night. (from -funga).

mufungi (ba-) n. someone whose work is to tie up the cattle for the night. (from -funga).

mufungisi (ba-) n. someone helping to tie up the cattle for the night. (from -funga).

mufunguli (ba-) n. someone who takes a decision; someone who condemns to death. (from -fung-ula).

mufungululi (ba-) n. someone unty-ing cattle. (from -funga).

mufungulwa (bo-) n. Luyana. (1) someone appointed by a person in authority to go on an errand; (2) someone condemned to death.

mufuse, n. hot ashes.


mufuta (mi-) n. kind, sort, type, variety. sjpec. exp. ya mufuta, curi-ous, singular, unusual.

mufutumala, n. warmth, heat; Cwale se ni kenwa ki mufutumala, now I am starting to get warm. (from -futumala) .

mufutumazi (ba-) n. someone warming up water or food. (from -futumaza).

mufuzana (ba-) n. poor, indigent person. syn. njebwe, mubotana.

mufuzelil (ba-) n. a person blowing the fire (from -fuzela).

mufuzeli2 (ba-) n. a person mixing porridge with milk (from: -fuzela).

mugintuko (mi-) n. Toka. dancing for joy (as someone having a reason to rejoice) (from -gintuka ;).

muhaesu (ba-) n. my wife or my hus-band: (the plural is used as interjection under different forms, ba-haesu, basu, besu, basuni, etc., in-terjection of fright, wonder, in-stant request or regret.

muhala (mi-) n. string, cord, rope; muhala wa lambi, wick. fig. a very thin person.

muhalali (ba-) n. a displeased, dis-satisfied person (from -halala.)

muhali (ba-) n. a brave man, a cour-ageous warrior. cf. mundunganyi.

muhalizo (ba-) n. a rival wife of a polygamous marriage

muhamani (mi-) n. kind of tree fruit of the same.

muhamelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is milking animals. (from bama).

muhami (ba-) n. someone who milks animals. (from -hama).

muhanelo (mi-) n. (1) way in which someone refuses to obey; (2) way in which a woman refuses to per-form conjugal duties. (from -hana). cf. mulelekelo.

muhanisi (ba-) n. a person who in- cites someone to refuse. (trom-hana).

muhaniwa (ba-) n. a person cast away: Mwanana yo ki muhaniwa, mu mu babalele hande: this child has been rejected by his parents, take good care of him. (from-hana).

muhanyezi (ba-) n. opponent, con-tradictor. (from -hanyeza).

muhapi (ba-) n. conqueror, some-one who takes possession by force. (from -hapa)

muhapiwa (ba-) n. a person who has been captured, slave.: Mulao wa 1906, wa Mulena Lewanika, u luku-luzi bahapEwa kaufela, Lewanika's law of 1906 set free all slaves. (from -hapa).

muhata (mi-) n. tail, fiy-switch. fig. the bottom pupil in a class. idio. exp. Komu ye toma muhatafafasi, a cow that over a period gives birth to many calves.

muhatelo (mi-) n. way in which a person moves his feet when walk-ing or dancing. (frpm bata).

muhatisezo (mi-) n. art of printing. (from -hatisa).

muhatisi (ba-) n. printer, publisher, editor (from -hatisa).

muhato (mi-) n. footstep, footprint, trace. (from -hata).

muhau1 n. Sotho. mercy, pity, com-passion, grace. (Rare). except in the expression: Ha na muhau, he is unmerciful. (from -hauhela) syn. si-shemo.

mahau2n. drought.

muhazelo, n. cold: Muhazela u ni sweli; I feel cold. (from -hazela).

muhebahebi (ba-) n. a person run-ning about either rejoicing or in distress. (from -heba-heba).

muhedeni (ba-) n. Sotho. heathen, pagan.

muhelaheli (ba-) n. person wan dering about, person who does not stay long at one place. (from -hela). syn. mahela.

muhelimi (ba-) n. a person ram-bling, wandering about without purpose. (from -helima).

muhoha (mi-) n. cattle killed on the occasion of a funeral.

muhohi (ba-) n. someone who pulls. (from -hoha).

muhohobi (ba-) n. a person crawl-sing, creeping. (from -hohoba).

muhole (mi-) n. Luvale witchcraft medicine. (This medicine is believed to have the power of killing a person, of bringing him back to life after burial, and of carrying him away to another country, al-though his body remains in the grave. His spirit continues its existence unknown by any, and even itself forgets the previous life.) (from -hola) syn. mutukule.

muholi (ba-) n. someone eating what remains in a pot or a dish. (from -hola).

mźholisi (ba-) n. a person paying wages, or issuing food rations. (from -hola).

muholu (mi-) n. stomach, tripe.

muhoma (mi-) n. witchdoctor, sor-cerer.

muhoni (ba-) n. snorer. (from -hona).

muhonono (mi-) n. kind of tree (the bark of its roots is used to stop leaks in canoes).

muhonyi (mi-) n. snoring, snore. (from -hona).

muhoto (mi-) n. kind of tree (used, as is the mubako tree, for making pestles.)

mububi (ba-) n. someone leading a group of people walking together; the leading animal of a herd of cattle which are hurrying some-where. (from -huba).


muhuhu (mi-) n. froth on milk (at the time of milking).

muhuhuli (ba-) nss§veepers someone removing rubbish. (trom -huhula).

muhukeli (ba-) n. a person stringing fish, stringing beadsz threading a needle, etc . . (frorn -hukela).

muhulisi (ba-) n. educators parent foster parent, Buardian. (from hula)

muhuhulu (mi-) n- uriscraped hide. (from -huhubala)

muhuluhulu (mi-) n. kind of tree; bearing very sweet edible fruit cf. lihuliuhulu. (small iRaffir Orange tree NR Strychnos cocculoides.)

muhulwani (ba-)n- elder brother or sister. (see: hulu)

muhuma (mi-) n. hoe, plough. id~;egn. exp. ku ~ilela fa muhuma, to cultivate in order to get a living.

muhupulo (mi-) n. thoughts opinion, idea; muhupulo o tabela mutu taba ha i se if elile. after-thOught. (from -hupula).

muhuwelezezo (mi-) r. way in which someone is calling, (from -huwe-leza)-

muhuwelezi (ba- )n. village crier. (from -huwelezn)

muhuwelezo (mi-) n. cry of cheerful-ness. (from -huwelexa).

muhuwelo (mi-) n. rnanner of call-ing. (fromshuwa).

muhuwo (mi-) n. cry, call. (from -huwa).

muhwahwa (ml-) n. kind of tree bearing edible fruits. cf. Iihwa-hawa. syn. muwiwi.

muika (baika) n- monopolists mo-nopolizer, a boastFul or strong-headed person

muikaci (ba-) n. an arrogant, pre-tentiouS person- (from: -Ikaca).

muikaco, n. pretence~ self-impor-tance, arrogance. syn. buikaco, (from -ikaca)


muikanyisi (baikanyisi) n. proud, disobedient person. (from -ika-nyisa).

muikanyiso, n. same as muikaco. (from -ikanyisa).

muikapali (baikapali) n. poor person unable to get clothes for himself. (from -apala).

muikezezi (baikezezi) n. someone acting according to his own will exclusively, (from -eza) self-reliant person.

muikokobezi (baikokobezi) n. a humble person. (from -kokobela).

muikulu (baikulu) n. grandchild, muikulyae, his grandchild. Bai-kulu-ba-baikulu, progeny, off-spring, posterity.

muikumusi (baikumusi) n. a proud arrogant person. syn. muipi (from -ikumusa).

muikuneli (baikuneli) n. someone who escapes danger, a person able to look after himself syn. muitamu-leli, muitwaneli. (from -unela).

muila1 (mi-) n. iron blade of African thumb-piano (see: -ka–ombyo).

muila2 (mi-) n. kind of tree.

muili, n. asthma.

muima (baima) n. pregnant woman.

muimanjinji, n. state of standing up straight for a long time.

muimbili (mimbili) n. kind of tree the fruits of which are- poisonous. (deceptively similar in appearance to mahuluhulu).

Muimunene, n. September. (see: kweli).

muinda (miinda) n. see mwinda.

muindekelo (mindekelo) n. way of casting a spell (witchcraft). (from -indeka).

muindelo (mindelo) n. way in which someone weaves (reed-mats or grass when preparing fish traps.) (from -inda).

muindi (baindi) n. a person who knows how to weave reed-mats etc. (from -inda).

muindu (mindu) n. fish-trap made from grass and sticks, and used in shallow water. (from -indula).

muinelo (minelo) n. (1) way in which j people sit togehter. (2) hierarchy. Ç (from -ina).

muinyandeli (bainyandeli) n. person worried by loneliness and ad-versity. (from -nyanda).

muipati (baipati) n. someone hiding himself. (from -pata).

muipi (baipi) n. self-confident, proud, arrogant person; hypocrit. (from -fa).

muipilisi (baipilisi) n. self-support-ing person (from -pila).

muipo (mipo) n. seli:conhdenceă pride arrogance (from -fa).

muipubeki (baipubeki) n. Sotho. someone who praises himself, boaster conceited person . (from -bubeka;.

mulpulai (baipulai) n. a person who commits suicide. idiom. exp. Mui-pulai ha liliwi silinio, a person who commits suicide is not mourned very long. (from -bulaya).

muipuleleli (baipuleleli) n. a garru-lous and rather tactless person. (from -bulela).

muishelula (bo-maishelula) n. a person accountable for some misdeed or offence. (from -shelula). syn. kanyayambo.

muishimba (bo- muishimba) n. Luyana. tale bearer, slanderer. (from shimba).

muishweli (baishweli) n. forlorn, abandbned person. (from -shwa).

muisi (baisi) n. sender. (from -ya).

muisinyezi (baisinyezi) n. someone who ruins his own affairs. (from -sinya). muisinyi (baisinyi) n. some-one who ruins himself. (from -sinya).

muisunyakeli (baisunyakeli) n. in-truder, uninvited guest. (from -isunya).

muitahaneli (baitahaneli) n. person who hastens somewhere in order to get there before the appointed time, and before others. syn. muitangeti (from -itahanela).

muitamuleli (ba-) n. someone who escapes danger, or who defends himself (from: -lamulela).

muitangeti (ba-) n. someone who goes ahead of others (from: -tan-geta).

muitati (ba-) n. a selfish person. e (from: -lata).

muitatulo (miitatulo) n. excuse, pre-text. (from: -latula).

muitobohi (ba-) n. a self sacrificial person. (from: -latula). muitobohi (ba-) n. a self sacrificial person. (from: -toboha).

muitofoli (ba-) n. a person suffering from hunger and sitting bent forward. (from: -tofola).

maitongweli (baitongweli) n. person who appropriates things, who takes things meant to be shared. (from -itongwela) .

muitu (mitu) n. kind of tree; fruit of the same.

muitumbi (baitumbi) n. vain glori-ous person, pretender, boaster. (from -lumba).

muituti (baituti) n. Iearner, appren-tice, educated person (from -luta).

muitwaleti (batwaleti) n. as muitang-eti (from -twaleta).

muitwaneli (baitwaneli) n. someone who knows how to defend himself in danger. (from -lwana).

muiziniko, n. Toka Leya. pride, self-admiration. (from -izinika). (also: buiziniko).

muka (limuka) n. bee; muka ya munna, swarm of bees.

mukaba (mikaba) n. twisted piece of cloth tied round the loins after giving birth to a child.

mukabeleli (bakabeleli) n. someone depriving others of food, work, etc. (from -kabelela).

mukabelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone cuts meat or fish into small pieces for cooking. (from -kabela).

mukabeli (bakabeli) n. someone who cuts small pieces of meat or fish for cooking. (from -kabela).

mukabeleti, (ba-) n. see sikabeleti. (from -kabelela) .

mukabi (bakabi) n. a person well dressed, wearing ornaments. (from -kaba).

mukaiwa (mi-) n. mealie-meal (from: -kaya).

mukakambisi (bakakambisi) n. someone who gathers people together. (from -kakamba).

mukakani (mi) n. thorn tree, thorny shrub. fig. strong headed person. (Umbrella thorn tree Acacia Sie-beriana).

mukakati (bakakati) n. someone th-rashing or beating a person severely. (from -kskata).

mukako (miksko) n. clay pot, fired but still unused. (from -kakula).

mukalaa (mi-) n. khid of otter.

mukala2 (mi-) n. kind of bird (Swain-sons Francolin Pheasant)

mukalas n. state of being left behind by others when hoeing; laziness.

mukalani (mikalani) n. Iean, pitiful dog. fig. small despicable being.

mukali1 (ba-) n. beginner. (from -kala)

mukali2 (mi-) n. dried sweet pota-toe chips (usually kept for the time of hunger).

mukalimeli (bakalimeli) n. someone scolding or reprimanding. (from -kalimela).

mukalimelo1 (mi-) n. way in which  someone is scolding or reprimand-ing. (from -kalimela).

mukalimelo2 (mi-) n. way in which someone borrows or lends. (from -kalima).

mukalimi (bakalimi) n. (1) bor-rower, debtor, debitor, (2) lender, creditor. (from -kalima).

mukalululi (bakalululi) n. someone lielping people in distress. (from -kalulula).

mukamba (mi-) n. fillet of fish.

mukambeli (ba-) n. someone clap-ping hands in order to excite a dancer. (from: -kamba).

mukambelo (mi-) n. way in which people clap hands in order to sti-mulate a dancer. (from: -kamba).

mukambi (ba-) n. see: mukambeli.

mukami (ba-) n. strangler. (from -kama).

mukamo, n. moisture, dampness, humidity. syn. munjuu.

mukanamo, n. comfort. (from: -kanama).

mukanani (ba-) n. someone fond of arguing, inclined to protest, to contradict. (from: -kanana).

mukanda (mi-) n. present giveq by a husband to his wife as a token of gratefulness.

mukanda2 (mi-) n. Luvale. place of initiation.

mukandekelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is giving an account of something; narration. (from:-kan-deka).

mukandeki (ba-) n. narrator, de-scriber, reporter. (from: -kan-deka).

mukanga (ml-) n. praises sung in order to encourage people to work hard. spec. exp: ku shaa mukanga, to praise in order to encourage people.

mukangafuba, n. perseverence in running or paddling.

mukanjo (mi-) n. cook's uniform, priest's or nun's habit.

mukankaulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone chops meat into small pieces. manner in which a person chops wood (from: -kankaula).

mukankauli (ba-) n. someone who chops meat into small pieces, chopper of wood. (from: -kan-kaula).

mukanki (ba-) n. a person knowing how to cut barbs on fishing spears. (from: kanka).

mukanteli (ba-) n. guard, watch-men. (from:-kantela).

mukanti (ml-) n. seed of certain trees (muzauli, mukusi, muhulu-hulu, etc . . .). syn. musheke.

mukanela (mi-) n. ditch between small garden beds (mikomena). syn. mungunja.

mukapu, n. way in which people are dismissed or expeHed. (from: -kapula).

mukasa (mi-) n. kind of shrub with edible fruit.

mukasani (ba-) n. a person speaking heedlessly about many things. (from: -kasana).

mukata (mi-) n. skin, pelt, hide. fig. very old person.

 mukatala, n. fatigue, weariness, ti-redness, lassitude. (from: -katala).

mukatalo, n. same as mukatala.

mukayo (mi-) n. act of making scar-ifications on a living person or a corpse to make sure that death may not be unavenged. (from: -kaya).

mukatazi (ba-) n. troublesome, wearying, annoying, bothering person. (from: -kataza).

mukatengo, adv. wholly: naha muka-tengo, the whole land; t/ cile tapi mukatengo, he ate the whole fish.

mukatelo (mi-) n. way in which someone digs up roots, sweet po- tatoes, etc . . . with a hoe. (from: -k ta).

mukati (akati) n. Luyans. woman. sym mus li.

mukati2 (ba-) n. someone who digs S up with a hoe. (from: -kata).

mukato (mi-) n. work consisting in stamping the floor of a hut before “smearing it. (from: -kata).

mukatu (mi-) n. anything paid or :given to the girl's parents by the .bridegroom when taking away his bride from them. (this is paid apart Xfrom lŔonda. (from: -katula). syn. dnanuliso.

mukau (mi-) n. venereal disease rcausing pain in the loins and the presence of blood in urine. (from: Xula).

mukaupi (h-) n. mediator, peace Smaker. (from: -kaupa).

mukekana (mis) n. dish, plate of any kind. syn. mukeke.

mukekecima, n. Luyana, compas-sion, sympathy, pity, commisera-tion. syn. makeke.

mukekekelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is ploughing. (from: -k ekeh).

mukekeli (ba-) n. ploughman: Sike-kele lu si sweli, lu sa tokwa fela mu-k ekeli, we have got the plough and 3ust need the ploughman. (from: -lsekda).

mukekelisi (b -) n. someone help-i ng a ploughman; someone in charge of ploughing. (from: -kekela).

mukeke (mF) n. salt made from maize stalks and ashes of many kinds of shrubs. cf. nJee, lizwai. (from: -kelyeka).

mukeleli (ba-) n. beer distributor, drawer of water (from: -ka).

mukelete (mi-) n. ebony tree.

mukelo (mi-) n. way in which some-one draws water. (from: -ka).

mukeluhisi or mukelusi (ba-) n. someone who misleads, or guides into error. (from: -keluha).

mukeme (mi-) n. (1) sour milk not curdled- (2) water in which maize has been soaked; (3) light beer. (from: -kemena).

mukendi (ba-) n. someone who disregards his food; fi8. proud person despising others or treating them with contempt. (from: -kenda).

mukendwa (bo-) n. a person neg-lected by his own relatives. (from: -kenda).

mukenelo (mi-) n. manner of enter-ing into a house or a room: Muke-nelo wa mutu yo ha ki omunde, bati ha ngongoti! the way in which this person enters a room shows lack of politeness, for he does not even knock at the door! (from: -kena).

mukenga (m>) n. steep bank of a river. (from: -kengeka). syn. mu-nanga.

mukengameni (ba-) n. someone fond of Iying by the fire. (from: -kengamena).

mukengami (bo-) n. someone fond of resting on his side near the fire. (from: -kengama).

mukenge (mi-) n. kind of tree (Com-bretum Zeyheri) (its roots are much used in basketry) see: make-nge. cf mububu.

mukenje (mi-) n. kind of tree.

muketa (mi-) n. thin, old cow or ox. fig. old woman.

mukete (bo-) n. so and so, a certain person. syn. ngete.

muketelo (mi-) n. way in which someone chooses or votes. (from: -keta).

muketi (ba-) n. someone choosing a thing from another; voter. (from: -keh).

muketisi (ba-) n. in previous times a  person appointed to fix tributes, royalties. (se: maketiso) (from: -keta).

muketu (mi-) n. an object of wonder or dread; an obscure children's disease believed to be caused by undue admiration. (from: -ketuka).

muki (ba-) n. drawer of water. (from: -ka).

mukii (ba-) n. Eng. someone who locks (doors). (from: -kiya)

mukilulelo (mi-) n. Eng. way in which someone unlocks. (from: -kiya).

mukiluli (ba-) n. Eng. someone who unlocks. (from: -kiya).

mukinitelo (mi-) n. Eng. way in which someone is knitting. (from: -kinita).

mukiniti (ba-) n. Eng. someone who knits. (from: -kinita).

mukinito (mi-) n. Eng. knitting. (from: -kinita).

mukishi (mi-) n. severe and long sickness. cf. butuku.

mukita, n. thickness. cf. bukima.

mukiti (mi-) n. feast, social gather-ing, ceremony

mukiti2 (ba-) n. stabber. (from: -kita).

mukitimi (ba-) n. runner. (from: -kitima).

mukitimisi (ba-) n. someone who chases, who pursues. (from: -kitima).

muko (mi-) n. Iid, cover. syn. sikwa-helo or sikwahezo.

mukobi (ba-) n. a person who pounds cassava, vegetables or to-bacco leaves in a mortar. (from: -koba).

mukobocelo (mi-) n. manner of steering a canoe or a barge; manner of pedalling a bicycle: Mu-kobocelo wa hae umaswe, kamita u loba lEiabo, his steering is very bad, for his is always breaking paddles. (from: -koboca) .

mukoboci (ba-) n. a man steering a canoe, a barge or a launch, a driver, a cyclist (from: -koboca).

mukoboco (mi-) n. helm, steering wheel, rudder. (from: -koboca).

mukoke (mi-) n. rejoicing organised in honour of an elephant hunter coming back to the Capital with his tusks.

mukokeli (ba-) n. (1) waggon leader; (2) thatcher's helper. (from: -koka). cf. mukubelisi.

mukokolombwa (mi-) n. channel caused by heavy rain, a trench made by man.

mukokotelo (mi-) n. way in which someone knocks at the door. (from: -kokota).

mukokoto (mi-) n. the back (anat); mukokoto wa mukolo, bottom of a canoe. fig. exp: Ku zamayafa mu-kokoto wa mutu, to benefit from someone's popularity. (lit: to walk on someone's back). to go with an invited person.

mukolo (mi-) n. canoe, dug-out, boat barge.

mukolobezi, n. a baptizer: Joani Mu-kolobezi, John the Baptist. (from: -kolobeza).

mukolokisi (ba-) n. someone lining up people (from: -koloka)

mukoloko (mi-) n. queue, column of people, procession; hence a list of contents in a book. sp. exp. ku yema mwa mukoloko, to be in a queue. (from: -koloka). syn. mun-dandwe.

mukolola (mi-) n. kind of bird (Afri-can Great White Egret).

mukololo (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mukolopi (ba-) n. scrubber. (from: -kolopa).

mukolotelo (mi-) n. way in which a person borrows (money, etc ...) (from: -kolota).

mukoloti (ba-) n. borrower. (from: -< kolota).

mukolotisezo (mi-) n. way in which a person lends (money, etc ...) (from: -kolota).

mukolotisi (ba-) n. Iender, money-lender, etc . . . (from: -kolota).

mukolozwani (mi-) n. common . Iizard. fig. a weak person.

mukoma (mi-) n. kind of palm tree. fig. a good looking, tall, stout person. mukoma is common name . for mungwirui and munganda t

mukombela (mi-) n. young fowl; (duck or goose).

mukombwe (mi-) n. cock (domestic fowl). idiom. exp. ku ipuza ni mu-kombwefa cEka, to wonder. syn. silukombwe.

mukomena (mi-) n. garden-bed surrounded by ditches.

mukona (mi-) n. kind of thorn tree. (from -koneka).

mukondisi (ba-) n. a successful or an efficient person. (from: -konda).

mukondoli (ba-) n. someone whose work is to brew beer. (from: -kon-dola).

mukondoli2 (ba-) n. a person en-trusted to accompany a widow back home after her husband's death. (from: -kondob).

mukongo (mi-) n. kind of bird. sec-retary bird).

mukongoli (ba-) n. someone sum-moning people to assemble. (from: -kongola).

mukonjo (mi-) n. Iight porridge.

mukonkelo (mi-) n. habit of searing. (from: -konka).

mukonoli (ba-) n. a person who scares birds from a garden at seed time, or who is watching over seeds newly-sown. (from: -konola). syn. mullti.

mukononga (mi-) n. kind of tree; fruit of the same.

muko–a (mi-) n. tunnel made by hippos in reeds. syn. mukungu.

muko–ola (mi-) n. same as muko–a.

mukopano (mi-) n. meeting, confer-ence (from: -kopana). syn. kopano.

mukope (mi-) n. small calabash serving as a cup. idiom. exp: Lu u sweli mukope kacenu, today we are drinking.

mukosa (mi-) n. kind of tree; fruit of the same.

mukosi (mi-) n. Sotho. alarm, war cry. sp. exp: ku taba mukosi, to raise the alarm.

mukosiku (bo-) n. Luyana. a person born during the night. syn. nosiku, namasiku.

mukotana (mi-) n. bag (of any kind).

mukotekwa (bo-) n. Luyana, assis-tant, helper.

mukotelezo (mi-) n. way in which someone keeps a fire burning by pushing logs towards the centre: Ha h muJcotelezo wa ka, h wa hao it is not my turn but yours to keep the fire burning. (from: -koteza)

mukoteli (ba-) n. someone who drives away a calf from its mother during milking. (from: -kotela).

mukotezi (ba-) n. person whose duty is to keep a fire burning, fire-man. (from: -koteza) cf. muungi.

mukoti 1 (mi-) n. hole in the ground; mine; mikoti ya kopa, copper-mines; mikotEya gauda, gold mines.

mukoti2 (ml ) n. handle of a cup, of a basket. fig. whore, prostitute.

mukotokoto (mi-) n. kind of tree. (Knob-thorn tree - Acacia nigres-cens) fig. bar or beerhal.

mukotomono, n. place from which fish is frightened out and forced into a fishing place. (from: -koto-mona).

mukozi (ba-) n. refugee: Mukozi ni yena ki mutu wa Mulena, a refugee is also entitled to the Litunga's  protection. (from: -koza).

mukowa (mi~) n. clan. idiom. exp: Mukowa wa Malopu, where there is beer, there is a clan.

Mukreste (ba-) n. Eng. Christian.

muku (miuku) n. cucumber; kind of oblong calabash used as resound-ing box in a xylophone. (also: muuku).

muku2 (miuku) n. chaff (corn, millet, etc . . .) (also: muuku). syn. ndunu.

mukuba (mi-) n. name of a special canoe used by fishermen.

mukube-kube (mi-) n. used adverbially: with fear, fearfully: Batu ne ba wile mukube-kube muta ba bona tou i kena mwa hae, the people were frightened to death when they saw an elephant entering their village.

mukubele (mi-) n. drum beaten at both ends. syn. sitendewa.

mukubelelo (mi-) n. style of thatch-ing; quality of a thatcher's work. (from: -kubela). cf. mululelelo.

mukubeli (bs-) n. thatcher. (from: -kubela).

mukubelisi (ba-) n. thatcher's helper cf. mukokeli (from: -kubela).

mukubelo (mi-) n. thatching known as Silozi thatch. (from: -kubeb).

mukubilu (mi-) n. reincarnation, metempsychosis (transmigration of souls); tau ya mukubilu, a lion in which it is believed that a dead person has been reincarnated-noha ya mukubilu, a snake in which the same change happened. (from: -biluka).

makubu (mi-) n. navel; door-knob.

mukubuli (ba-) n. someone plucking feathers or hair; someone peeling, scratching. (from: -kubula). cf. mumweti.

mukuku (mi-; n. ordinary beer. syn. bucwala.

mukuku2 (mi-) n. kind of bird (Fleck's Coucal). syn. simikata.

mukukuezi (ba-) n. someone who rouses up others (mostly in a bad way). (from -kukueza).

mukukulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone gives a hair cut. (from kukula). syn. mukutelo.

mukululi (ba-) n. hair-dresser (from -kukula). syn. mukuti.

mukulekelo (mi~) n. way in which someone carries a load with the help of a carrying stick. (from -kuleka).

mukuleki (ba-) n. a person who car-ries a load with the help of a carry-ing stick. (from -kuleka).

mukulela (mi-) n. garden hedge.

mukulelo (mi-) n. way in which sick-ness falls upon someone- way in which someone endures illness. (from -kula).

mukuli (ba-) n. sick-person, patient. (from -kula).

mukulisezo (mi-) n. way in which someone nurses a sick person. (from -kula).

mukulisi (ba-) n. someone nursing a sick person; dresser, orderly, nurse. (from -kula).

mukulo (mi-) n. edge of a forest.

mukulu (ba- or bo-) n. old man.

mukulumunelo (mi-) n. way in which someone plucks fruits from a tree (from -kulumuna) .

mukulumuni (ba-) n. a person who plucks fruit from a tree. (from -ku-lumuna).

mukulu-sikopo (bo-) n. person wlth a large head.

mukulupa (ml-) n. old person unable to work. syn. Iukulupa.

mukulwange (ba-) n. Luyana. my elder brother or sister; mukulwenu, your elder brother; mukulwabo, their elder brother. etc.

mukulwani (mi-) n. small type of palm tree, the leaves of which are used in basketry

mukulwani2 (mi-) n. small type of F z palm tree, the leaves of which are used in basketry.

mukumati (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mukumba (mi-) n. kick: Ni ta ku laha :-rnukumba, I shall kick you.

mukumbeleti n. begging: ku eza mu-kumbeleti ku maswe, begging is bad (from-kumbela2).

mukumbeli (ba-) n. Luyana, beggar. \ (from-kumbela2).

mukumbi (mi-) n. Iarge crowd, mul-qQ0: -titude. cf. undi-wa-nyanagela ‚

mukumbi2 (mi-) n. mane; makumbi ~, owa tau, lion's mane. syn. mu--J t shukwe. a

mukumbiambai (mi-) n. kind of g bird, (Darter or snake bird). syn. t aulindeti. ~eli

mukumuca (ma-) n. a person g coming back from the urban area. e after working for some time. ~,,;

mukumelelo (mi-) n. way in which S an extraction is made.

mukumuli (ba-) n. a person expert z in doing extractions (teeth) (from: -kumula).

mukumwati (ba-) n. someone who starts the beating of drums. (from -0 kumwsb)~ f

mukunda (mi-) n. shelter, sheltered 0 : place, screen, private place. (from: d ' kundama).

mukundekwa (bo-) n. Luyana. 0 hidden person, someone put in a t private place. (from -kundeka).

makundi (mi-) n. string to which 0 killed fish or birds are tied.

mukundungelo (mi-) n. way in which a person stirs food, liquid, etc. with a stick or a spoon. (from -kun-dunga).

mukundungi (ba-) n. a person who stirs food or liquid with a stick or a spoon (from-kundunga).

mukungu (mi-) n. passage, tunnel made by hippos in reeds. syn. muko–a or muko–ola.

mukungulu adj. used adverbially empty: Mukolo u tile mukungulu the canoe was empty when it came; Mwa toho ya hae ki mukung-ulu, ha nahazu hande, he is empty-headed and has no clear thoughts.

mukunkuliki (ba-) n. destitute person, wanderer, vagabond. (from: -kunkulika).

mukunupelo (mi-) n. way in which a hunter fires a gun (from -kunupa).

mukunupi (ba-) n. someone who fires a gun. (from -kunupa).

mukunyi1 (mi-) n. herd of wild animals- makunyi wa litau, a pride of lions, mukunyi wa mazwii, a herd of lechwe antelopes. cf. sikwata.

mukunyi2 (mi-) n. Luyana. a very big tree.

mukunyandela (bo- mukunyandela) n. distressed, ill-treated or perse-cuted person; victim. (from -nya-nada).

muku–u1 (mi-) n. ear of corn. cf. Iisoto.

muku–u2 (mi-) n. kind of tree, the roots of which are used as a medi-cine protecting against malediction (witchcraft) cf. siku–u, see -ku–ulula.

muku–ululi (ba-) n. African doctor believed to be able to liberate someone from the effect of ma-lediction due to a spell-casting. (from -ku–ulula.)

mukupelo (mi-) n. manner of beg-ging (from -kupa).

mukupi (ba-) n. persistent beggar. (from kupa).

mukwhalu (mi-) n. meat or fish en-joyed by someone who has been craving for it very long. (from -sha-lula).

mukushangu (mi~) n. (1) a person who cscapes somebody's author  ity. (2) rogue, vagabond. (from -shangula).

mukushuko (mi-) n. breakfast. (from -kushuka).

mukusi ( mi-) n. Rhodesian Teak (Baikiea plurijuga) fig. a very strong man. idiom. exp. ka tata ya mukusi, with great strength.

mukutazi (ba-) n. adviser, preacher (from -kutaza)

mukutelo (mi-) n. way in which a person cuts hair. (from -kuta).

 mukuti (ba-) n. shearer, barber (from -kuta3).

mukuti2 (ba-) n. someone cursing, calling for maledictions upon an-other. (from -kuta2). syn. mundan-dali.

mukuntingi (mi-) n. tropical creeper fig. puzzle, problem: Fa taba fa ku ruz ni rnukuNgi, there is a probiem about this matter. (from -tinga).

mukuto (mi-) n. malediction caused by one's own wrong doings, (from -kuta).

mukutu (mi-) n. sheath, holster. makutukutu (mi-) n. disturbance, trouble. cf. mufilifili.

mukutuli (ba-) n. harvester, reeper (from -kutula)

mukutulisi (ba-) n. a person helping a harvester. (from -kutula).

mukutulu (bo- mukutulu) n. Luyana. hyena. syn. sitongwani, namung-undwe

mukutu–umbwa (mi-) n. kind of tree (Terminalia mollis) roots are often used to stop leaks in canoes. syn. i–umbwa.

Mukuwal (ma-) n. a white person fig. rich black person.

mukuwa2 (mi-) n. kind of shrub bear-ing edible fruit. syn. sikuwa

mukuywe (mi-) n. ungratefulness, grumbling, ingratitude. (from -kuyula). syn. mukwakwa.

mukwal (mi-) n. manner, fashion, habit, custom, way, characten, method.

mukwa2 (mi-) n. mukwa, Bloodwood tree (Pterocarpus angolensis) (This tree is much used in carpen-try and cabinet-making, dugouts are often made of that tree) syn. mulombe.

mukwae (ma-) n. princess, woman of royal blood.

mukwaezi (ba-) n. waggon or cart driver. (from-kwaeza). syn. mu-caeli.

mukwahelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone covers or puts a lid on something. (from -kwahela).

mukwakwa (mi-) n. main road.

mukwakwa2 (mi-) n. ingratitude, grumbling, ungratefulness. syn. mukuywe.

mukwakwati (ba-) n. someone catching fish in shallow water with the hand. (from: -kwakwata).

mukwale (mi-) n. bayonet, sword.

mukwalelo (mi-) n. a pole put across the entrance to a kraal.

mukwalelo2 (mi-) n. way in which someone shuts a door. (from -kwala).

mukwaliyala (ba-) n. dancer (name formerly given to a diviner taking part in an exorcising dance called liyala).

mukwamanyinga (ba-) n. person considered as a brother after having agreed to drink his friend's blood, blood-brother, (this habit was tying together close friends

mukwangalakanyi (mi-) n. quarrel, dispute: Kwa lapa la bona ne ku sa tokwi mikwangalakanyi, disputes in their home were frequent.

mukwange-mushemi (ba-kwange-ba-shemi) n. fellow parent-in-law (e.g. wifes parent regards husbands parent as mukwange-mushemi

muwkwa–uli (mi-) n. gluttony, greedi-ness. (from -kwa–ula)

mukwawina (akwawina) n. Luyana. Eperson of royal blood. sukwazi (ba-) n. someone who stabs with a spear. (from -kwaza)

mukwazo (mi-) n. short spear. (from ` vA~vaza) syn. ndongwa.

mukwazo2 (mi-) n. piece-work. (from -kwaza).

mukwe (mi-) n. kind of tree, the inner bark of which is used for tying or making ropes; forest 7 where these trees abound 0

mukwela (mi-) n. kind of bird (Grey Fourie, Go-away Bird) (its cry when heard nearby, is believed to be a bad omen) fig. condition of someone rejected by others on ac-count of his misbehaviour: idiom. exp. U cile mukwela, he stupidly : lost his privileges. (from -kwela). tn. simupee, simuwe. 

mukwengi (ba-) n. woman fishing with a large basket (from -k wenga) syn. mushuwi.

mukwenuhi (ba-) n. backslider, renegade, apostate (from -kwe-nuha).

mukwenyani (ma-) n. (1) father-in-law, mother-in-law, parent-in-law; {2) son-in-law, daughter-in-law; child-in-law.

mukwesezo (mi-) n. way in which someone fixes handles. (from -kwesa).

mukwesi (ba-) n. someone who fixes handles. (name given to the artist making the Litunga's fly-switches) (from -kwesa).

mukweso (mi-) n. kind of vegetal glue used in fitting handles. (from -hzesa)

mukwetunga (ba-) n. husband of a woman of royal blood. syn. Ishee.

-mula (mulile) v.t. to strike with a stick. syn. -nata. fig. to give birth (cattle): Komu ya ka i mulile sitole se si swana, my cow gave a birth to a black calf. rel. -mulela (mulezi) to strike for someone. caus. -mulisa (mulisize) to help to strike, to beat violently. rec. -mulana (mulani) to strike each other with a stick. freq. -mulanga to beat repeatedly.

mulabalaba (mi-) n. kind of draughts game.

mulaeleli (ba-) n. warner, adviser, admonisher. (from -laelela).

mulaeli (ba-) n. someone giving orders, commander. (from -laela).

mulaeza, n. parting message, fare-well speech; farewell party. (from -laeza)

mulafi (ba-) n. a person digging out clay, etc.(from -lafa).

mulaha (mi-) n. Iiquid dung (in cattle kraal after rain).

mulaho, n. back. (rare mulaho wa ndu, the back of a house used ad-verbially: mwamulaho, kwamulaho, behind, aherwards.

mulai (mi-) n. rattle, (children, dancers etc.)

mulaini (mi-) n. Eng. Iine, file; queue (also laini).

mulaka (mi-) n. kraal, cattle enclo-sure. syn. skana.

 mulala (mi-) neck. fig. greediness: Wena u na ni mulala hahulu, you are terribly greedy.

mulala2 (mi-n. Marula (tree) (Sclero-carya birrea).

Mulala (mi-) n. a kind of snake sny: ngongola

mulalambinda (mi-) n. The Milky Way.

mulalambua (mi-) n. Iand without owner; vast. empty space: Nako ye ha ku sa na mulalambua mwa Bulozi, there is no longer any unoccupied land in Bulozi.

mulalatali (mi-) n. bunch of needles  used to soften skins.

mulaleli (ba-) n. person preparing an ambush. (from -lalela).

mulalelo (mi-) n. dinner, supper, late afternoon or evening meal (from -lalela).

mulaleka (mi-) n. Luyana. power of putting someboody to sleep (witchcraft); hypnotism.

mulali (ba-) n. someone who marks out a plan (on the ground), who marks out the foundations of a house. (from -lala).

mulalol (mi-) n. plan of a house. (from -lala).

mulalo2 (mi-) n. Luyana. place or room to sit, stand or live in. Place where a decent life is possible: Niha u ka ya ku yena ha u na ku yo fumana mulalo sakata. even if you go to him you will not have a happy life. (from -lala).

mulamba (mi-) n. ordinary cheap African kilt used in the past. cf. siziba.

mulambu n. habit of remaining behind in fishing or looking for forest fruit, in order to get more when others have left.

mulambwalambwa n. manner of in-volving others in one's own mistakes. (from-lambalamba).

mulamu1 (mi-) n. walking-stick, cane. cf. kabana.

mulamu2 (ba-) n. brother or sister-in-law.

mulamuleli (ba-) n. deliverer, paci-fier. (from -lamulehl).

mulanganena, n. habit of falling asleep at any time. (from -lang-ana).

mulangu (mi-) n. kind of tree (bear-ing fruit which are used as snuff boxes) see lilangu.

mulangu2 (mi-) n. bell fig. a person who talks too much (also called mulangu wa Paulusi).

mulao (mi-) n. Iaw, rule, regulation, norm, principle, precept: ku toma mulao to make a law, ku buluka mulao to observe the law; ku tEisa mulao, to enforce the law; ku loba mulao, to transgress the law; se si lumelwa ki mulao, lawful. (from -laa).

mulapeli (ba-) n. a person who prays, who pleads, who adores who worships. (from -lapela).

mulapeleli (ba-) n. intercessor (from -lapela).

mulapo (mi-) n. an intermittent stream on the plain.

mulatehi (ba-) n. Iost person. (from -lateha).

mulateleli (ba-) n. follower (moving after, or disciple). (from -latelela).

mulatiwa (ba-) n. beloved person. (from -lata).

mulatu (mi-) n. (1) fault, offence mistake, guilt, culpability- (2j debt, obligation: ku tama mu/atu, to accuse.

mulau (mi-) n. kind of shrub (when taken as a medicine, it is believed to enable the recipients to know others intentions, it is also be-lieved to make people talkative).

mulaulelo (mi-) n. manner of divin-ing (from -laulaJ.

mulaulil (ba-) n. diviner. (from -bula). syn. mushabaeli.

mulauli2 (ba-) n. commander of sol-diers. (from -laula).

mulawa (mi-) n. (1) stick used to search for iron ore under water; (2) heat resistant clay mouthpiece for bellows.

mulaza (mi-) n. porridge or beer left from the day before.

muleki (ba-) n. buyer. (from -leka).

mulekisi (ba-) n. seller, merchant sales-man, dealer, trader. (from -lekisa).

muleko (mi-) n. sale, bargain (from -leka).

mulekuli (ba-) n. visitor (from -kkula)

mulelekelo (mi-) n. a way in which a man divorces his wife: Mulelekelo wa hae ki omunde kakuli ha sika mu atnuha litino, the way in which he divorced his wife was not bad be-cause he did not deprive her of her a personal effects. (from -leleka).

muleleki (ba-) n. someone who di-vorces his wife. (from -leleka).

mulelengwa (mi- n. ground nuts prepared as relish.

mulelil (ba-) n. someone making plans in favour of or against somebody; (from -lela).

muleli2 (ba-) n. guardian; infant nurse. (from-lela).

muleli3 (mi-) n. kind of fern.

mulelo (mi-) n. plan. intention, pur-pose, ambition, project. (from kla).

mulelu (mi-) n. beard, chin, lower jaw (man, fish, animal). syn. mulepu.

mulemanango (mi-) n. kind of tree, the fruit of which are used in the preparation of nango.

mulembalemba (mi-) n. bastard marula tree (Kirkia acuminata).

mulemelo (mi-) n. way in which horns gracefully point backwards. a (from -lema) syn. mupondolelo.

mulemi (ba-) n. wood cutter. (from -lema).

Mulena (ma-) n. chief, master, king: Mulena-yo-muhulu, the Litunga Uulena Mukwae (Litunga-la-Mboela) chieftainess of the south; Mulena Papa, the Pope.

mulene–i (mi-) n. capital, residence of an important chief

mulengal (mi-) n. squinting. squint eyed: Ki wa mulenga, he is squint eyed; Liito la hae ki la mulenga, he is squinting.

mulenga2 (mi-) n. (1) path made by animals. cf. mubila. (2) way usually taken by fish and where traps are placed (from -lenga).

mulengol (mi-) n. grain pounded and sifted for the first time. (from -lenga). cf. mubundululo.

mulengo2 (mi-) n. kind of tree (Uapaca nitida).

mulenzele (mi-) n. kick. Komu i ni lahile mulenzele, a cow kicked me. fig. exp. Luna ba lu lahile mulen-zele, he divorced me. Iit: he kicked me out). cf. mukumba.

mulepo (mi-) n. women's coloured shawl tied round the waist. syn. malesu.

mulepu (mi-) n. Luyana. beard, chin, lowerjaw (man, fish, animal) syn. mulelu.

Muleta, n. title of the prime minis-ter of the Libonda Kuta.

muleukela (mi-) n. used adverbially; confusedly seen, seen for a very short while: Ni mu boni muleukela, I caught a fleeting glimpse of him. (from -kuka).

muliangunuki (ba-) n. someone who changes his mind too easily, some-one who is compliant, someone who is unable to come to the point. (from-liangunuka).

mulibali (ba-) n. forgetful person. (from -libala).

mulibeleli (ba-) n. watchman, guard, keeper, sentinel, sentry (from llbelela).

mulicaba (ba-) n. foreigner, out-sider. syn. muzwshule, nundalile.

muliiehi (ba-) n. someone who is late. (from -lieha).

muliielo (mi-) n. Luyana. way in which someone is eating. (from -Iia). syn. mucelo.

mulifi (ba-) n. payer, paymaster. (from -lifa) syn. muhollsi.


mulikaliki (ba-) n. a hesitant person. (from lika).

mulikani (ba-) n. (1) friend, compa-nion, (2) paramour (concubine, mistress; lover, gallant). (from: -likana).

mulikanyisi (ba-) n. imitator, mimic. (from likanyisa).

mulikanyiso, n. imitation. (also ma-likanyiso). (from -likanyisa). syn. silomboti.

muliki (ba-) n. tempter, deceiver seducer. (from -lika).

muliko (mi-) n. temptation, entice-ment, allurement, tantalisation. (from -lika).

mulilil (ba-) n. mourner, widower widower. (from -lila) syn. musilisi.

mulili2 (mi-) n. hair (head) see milili.

mulilima (mi-) n. nenuphar, water lily, lotus (its stem is used for making snuff).

mulilo (mi-) n. fire: Mu/ilo-wa-Nyambe, leprosy. fig. exp. ku kupa mulilo, to propose for marriage. (lit: to ask for fire).

mulimeleli (ba-) n. someone work-ing in people's gardens for food, seed, etc. (from -limelela).

mulimelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is cultivating. (from -lima).

mulimi (ba-) n. a gardener a farmer, a cultivator; a person supervising husbandry. (from -lima). syn. njimi.

Mulimu n. god. cf. Nyambe.

mulimu2 (mi-) n. spirit of a dead person (balimu, spirits of ances-tors).

mulimu3, n. aggression: ku kala mutu mulimu, to be aggressive to some-one.

mulinda (mi-) n. treatment suffered by a wife neglected by her polyga-mous husband: ku ca mulinda, to suffer from such a treatment.

mulindeti (mi-) n. kind of bird. (cor morant, darter, or snake bird.) syn. mukambiambai.

mulinja-liya. adv. Luyana. on the other side.

mulisana (ba-) n. (also mulisa) herd-sman, shepherd, cattle-boy, shep-herd-boy. fig. Pastor anybody looking after people. (from -lisa).

mulisezo (mi-) n. the manner in which one tends cattle a turn in tending cattle: ku fana, or ku ipa milisezo, to agree about tending the cattle in turns. (from -lisa).

mulishelula (bo-) n. someone who causes serious trouble (from -she-lula).

muliti (ba-) n. a person who scares birds from a garden at seed time or when harvest time has ap-proached. (from lita) syn. muko-noli.

muliu (mi-) n. (1) restitution custom according to which land temporarily entrusted to someone is taken back. (This custom was abolished by King Lewanika) (2) deliverance, redemption. (from-liulula).

muliululi (ba-) n. redeemer, de-liverer. (from -liulula).

muliza (mi-) n. string beaded with little perforated pieces of ostritch eggs and worn round the waist by women as an attractive ornament. cf. Iusinde.

mulizezo (mi-) n. manner of beating drums or playing any kind of musical instruments a turn in beat-ing drums (from -liza).

mulizi (ba-) n. drummer, someone playing any kind of musical instru-ment. (from -liza).

mulo (mi-) n. soup, gravy, sauce: mulo wa tolwana, fruit juice, squash .

mulobalelo (mi-) n. sleep, slumber way in which someone is sleeping. (from -lobala).

mulobali (ba-) n. sleeper; fig. slug-gard; slow coach. (from -lobala).

mulobeli (ba-) n. someone eating greedily, leaving nothing for others. (from -lobela).

mulobi (ba-) n. breaker; mulobi wa mulao, transgressor; mulobi wa puwo, someone who does not know a language very well. (from -loba).

 muloho (mi-) n. vegetable, edible leaves of any plant used as vegeta-ble fig. Iazy person. cf. tepe.

muloi (ba-) n. sorcerer, witch, be-witcher, wizard. (from -loya).

mulokelo (mi-) n. manner of prais-ing. (from -loka).

muloki (ba-) n. someone singing praises. (from -loka).

mulokozo (mi-) n. a second milking of a cow soon after an earlier milk-ing: Mu sike mwa hamanga likomu rruxiokozo, mu ta bulaya manamani, do not strip cows completely or you will cause their calves to die. (from -lokoza).

mulokozwani (mi-) n. milking of a cow for the third time in quick succession, habit of completely stripping cows. (from -lokoza). syn. ndokozwani.

mulokwambula1 (mi-) n. Luyana. kind of shrub bearing fruit. (from -loka).

mulokwambula2 n. Luyana someone wet because of rain. (from -loka).

mulola (mi-) n. (1) ashes; (2) soap. (3) washing powder.

muloli (mi-) n. whistle (sound made with the lips): ku liza muloli, to whistle, to hiss.

muloli2 (ba-) n. dreamer. (from -lola).

mulolisi (ba-) n. a person who praises, who speaks highly of someone. (from -lolisa).

mulombe (mi-) n. see mukwa.

mulombwe (mi-) n. kind of bird (Saddle-bill stork).

mulomo (mi-) n. (1) mouth, beak, bill; (2) aperture, orifice, (3) sting (of a bee). plural- milomo, lips. fig. manner of talking too much: Ya na ni mulomo u kataza baba pila ni yena, someone who speaks too much is a nuisance to those living with him.

mulondoti (ba-) n. someone track-ing an animal (from -londota). also mulondati.

mulonga (mi-) n. government; realm, kingdom: Mulonga wa Bulozi, the Government of Bulozi Mulonga wa Zambia, the Govern-ment of Zambia.

mulongalui (mi-) n. Luyana. the golden age of the Malozi. (mean-ing the period before the invasion of the Makololo). syn. muluilonga.

mulongelo (mi-) n. way in which goods are loaded. (from -longa).

mulongi (ba-) n. a person loading. (from -longa).

mulongisi (ba-) n. someone who supervises loading. (from -longa).

mulongolelo1 (mi-) n. manner in which someone is showing his dis-satisfaction by using strong words. (from -longola).

Mulongolelo2 n. way in which goods are unloaded (from -longola).

mulongo (mi-) n. Ioad. (from -longa).

mulongo-longo (mi-) n. caravan, long file of people or animals. (from -longomoka).

mulongotoli (ba-) n. a person un-packing something in order to find one particular object. (from -long-Otola).

muloti (aloti) n. Luyana. sorcerer. syn. nakaloti, muloi.

mulozameno (mi-) n. kind of small  bush, bearing small black berries of the same name (which are used for cleaning teeth) (from -loza).

mulu (bo-) n. a deaf person. syn. susu.

mulubi (ba-) n. someone who mixes clay and dung for smearing, or clay and sand for making bricks. fig. someone who deliberately mislead those conducting a court case; calumniator. (from -tuba).

mulubula-wa-pula (mi-) n. persistent rain. syn. mulupi.

Mului1 (ba-) n. Luyana. native of Bulozi syn. Mulozi (from Aluyi).

mului2 (ba-) n. a rich person. (from Ius).

mului3 or muluilui (ba-) a. Luyana. stranger, foreigner (someone not related to others).

mului-manalikole (ba-) a. Luyana. stranger, foreigner.

muluilonga, a. Luyana. golden age of the Malozi syn. mulongalui.

mulukelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is sewing. (from -luka).

muluki (ba-) n. tailor, mender sewer; muluki-wa-liheta, shoe maker. cobbler, (from Luke)

mulukisi (ba-) n. organiser, planner, (from -lukisa).

muluko (mid n. seam, sewing, stich: muluko wa museme, line of stiching on a mat. (from Luke).

muluku (mi-) n. chaff. cfi muku.

mulukuluhi (ba-) n. a free person, an uninhibited person; an independent person. (from -lukuluha).

mulukululi (ba-) n. someone untying cattle; someone setting a a person free redeemer. (from-lukulula).

mulula (mi-) n. Marula (tree) (Sclerocarya birrea) its bark is used in the preparation of a cosmetic).

mulula2 (ba-) n. a wicked person: Mulula yo wa lo kataza, that wicked person is annoying us.

mulelelo (mi-) n. quality of a thatcher's work, style of thatching. (from -lulela). cf. mukubelelo.

mululuezo (mi-) n. shrill cry of joy, shreak of joy. (from -lulueza).

mululwani (mi-) n. boundary, border, limit. syn. museto.

mulumbelo (mi-) n. kind of tree (Chrysophyllum, magalismontanum).

mulumbo, n. Luyana. knoll, small mound, syn. mulunda. (from lumba).

mulumbu (mi-) n. kind of fish.

mulume (flume) n. Luyana. man syn. manna.

mulumehi (ba-) n. a person knowing how to put cupping horns on scarifications. (from -lumen).

mulumeho (mi-) n. cupping horn. syn. mutuhu. (from -lumeha).

mulumele, see lumela.

mulumeli (ba-) n. believer Christian (from -lumela).

mulumesi (mi-) n. kind of tiger-fish.

mulumiwa (ba-) n. messenger, forerunner, message bearer, ambassador. syn. ndumeleti. (from puma).

mulunda (mi-) n. knoll, hillock. syn. mulumbo.

mulundumano, n. place higher than others, and easily seen from afar (from -hndumana).

-mulunga (mulungile) v.i. to spread rumours. der. Iimulunga caus. -mulungisa (mulungisize) to cause to spread rumours: Se si ba mulungisa cwana, ki kuli ba utwile sesi–wi they are spreading such rumours because they have heard something important.

mulunga-mutumbala (mi-) n. kind of bird (Black Crake).

mulungelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is salting relish. (from lunga).

mulungi (ba-) n. someone who salts  relish: Mulungi yo ki mafii ya lo babiselize busunso cwana? who has spoilt the relish like this by salting it too much? (from -lungs).

mulungu (mi-) n. shoal of barblefish leaving the river and going with the waters as they flood the plain.

mulupa (mi-) n. drum (gen. name) syn. ngoma.

mulupi (mi-) n. persistent rain. syn. mungole, munyoke, mulubulawapula.

mulupuli (ba-) n. a person whose work is to scrape and soften hides. fig. someone who reforms a person of bad character. (from iupula).

muluse (mi-) n. Luyana. regurgitation, disgorgement, vomitting. fig. very weak person recovering from a severe illness.

muluswana (mi-) n. Luyana. (arch) old style earthenware.

muluta (mi-) n. misbehaviour; way in which someone leaves his home and goes to another house to insult a person, challenging him to fight.

muluti1 (mi-) n. shadow, shade, fig. comfort: Lena lo pita mwa muluti; we certainly live a comfortable life.

muluti2 (ba-) n. teacher, educator, missionary. (from -lute).

mulutiwa (ba-) n. pupil, scholar, disciple (from -lute).

muluto (mi-) n. urine. fi8. useless person. (from Lutz)

mulutuluha (mi-) n. kind of tree, i fruit of the same.

mulutululi (ba-) n. someone unthatching a house, destroyer (from -lutuila).

Muluyana (Aluyana) n. Aluyi descendant.

mulwahi (ba-) n. someone who curses, who insults. (from -lwaha)

mulwaleli (ba-) n. someone who gathers firewood. (from -lwalela).

mulwali (ba-) n. bearer, carrier. (from -lwala).

mulwalo1(mi-) a. load, burdern syn. mushimbo. fig. pregnancy. (from lwala).

mulwalo2 (mi-) n. Sotho. great flood, deluge. (mei-a-lungwangwa) Luyana- deluge, recorded in prehistory of Bulozi.

mulwani (ba- )n . fighter, warrior. (from -lwana).

mulwanisi (ba- ) n. opponent, opposer, adversary, antagonist. (from -lwana).

mulwani (ba-) n. someone crushing lice. syn. mutubi. (from -lwena).

mulya (miulya) n. Rhodesian rubber (tree) (Diplorhynchus condylocarpon) (its sap is used as medicine for sores; as it is extremely bitter it is also used against hook-worm, etc.)

mulyalyoki (ba-) n. someone who avoids work; someone who fails to keep a promise. (from -Iyalyoka) cf. siiyalyoki.

mulyangunuti, n. insufficient food leaving the eater with a strong craving for more: Ko ne ba lo memile ha ba si ka go to Ma hande lico, neili mulyangunutifeela, they did not feed us properly at the meal to which we were invited, and we were still hungry at the end.

mulyani (mi-) n. medicine, charm.

mulyantisi (ba-} n. skilful drummer (from -Iyanta).

mulyashiniji (mi-) n. poisonous medicine which cannot be vomited and causes death.

muliatangombe (mi-) n. kind of bird (white-collared Pratincole). (rel.lyalyekela (Iyalyekezi) to salt.

mulyelo (mi-) n. Luyana. results of  hunting or fishing, too small to sat-isfy many: IVi bulaile kafolofolo ka-kanyinyani ka ka sina mulyelo hande, I killed a very small animal which was insufficient for the family. (from-lya).

-muma (mumile) v.i. & v.i. (1) to suck, (2) to shut one's mouth, to keep silent. der. simumu, bumumu. caus. -mumisa (mumisize) to cause to shut one's mouth: Se si ku mu-misize mulomo ki sika ma–i kanti ki wena paki mwa taba mo, what makes you keep quiet while you are the witness in this matter. ref. -imuma (imumile) to keep one's mouth shut.

mumameli (ba-) n. caretaker, quar-dian, watcher. (from -mamela).

-mumana (mumani or mumanile) v.i. to be joirred together to be stuck together, to adhere. sjn. -manjana. caus. -mumanin (mumanisize) to stick together, to cause to adhere int. -mumanekla (mumanelezi) to stick together very firmly.

mumatehi (ba-) n. someone who plasters, who smears, plumber (from -mateha)

mumawa (mi-) n. kind of small shrub; the edible fruit of the same.

mumba (baumba) n. childless woman.

mumbalamena (bo-mumbalamena) n. Luyana. a cunning person anxi-ous to take another's place. (from -mbalamena).

mumbeta (mi-) n. Eng. bed. (for sleeping on)

mumbeti (ba-) n. drummer. xylo-phone player: Bambeti ba Litunga, the Litunga's drummers (musicians) syn. mulizi. (from -mbeta)

mumbi n. persistent rain.

mumbindani (ba-) n. a person work ing energetically. (from -mbin-dana).

mumbital (mi-) n. vegetable garden.

mumbita2 (mi-) n. pineapples.

mumbo (miumbo) n. shelter, enclo-sure made of mats, reeds, grass, etc. (from -umba).

mumbole (mi-) n. Luyana. kind of teLee; edible fruit of the same. syn. mumonsomonso

mumbu (mi-) n. Luyana. ground soil: idiom. exp. mumbu-mukulwe-menanu, the earth. (the soil, great feeder of man)

mumbuma (mi-) n. kind of small bird with a deep voice. (Kaffir Rail). fig. a person with a strong, deep voice

mumbuti (ma-) n. blacksmith. syn. simufulanyundo, mutuli.

mumbwakati (ba-) n. person who talks nonsense. (from mbwakata).

mumbwambwati (ba-) n. person who talks much and loudly. (from-mb-wambwata.).

mumbwengelenge (mi-) n. kind of tree; edible fruit of the same.

mumela (mi-) n. malt, yeast. (from -umela).

-mumelela (mumelezi) v.t. to join things together.

mumemi (ba-) n. host good neigh-bour. (from -mema).

mumeno (mi-) n. cutting of sweet-potato plant.

muminamboma (mi-) n. Luyana. a fast growing parasitic creeper. (from -mina).

mumino (mi-) n. the hem, the upper part of a a garment. (from -mina) cf. mungundo.

mumizo (mi-) n. throat, larynx, pha-rynx, gorge, gullet rg. manner of over-eating: Mutu yo u na ni mumizo hahulu, this person is very greedy. (from -miza).

mumonsomonso (mi-) n. Wild  Medlar tree (Vanjueriopsis lancif-lora), the edible and very sweet Aruit of the same sny mumbole.

numongi (ba-) n. person who plucks, who culls, who picks, who figathers (fruit, vegetables). (from-~nonga).

mumpale (ma-) n. ignorant person, stupid person.

-mumuna (mumunile) n. to suck (sweets, chocolate, etc ); to chew.

-mumutuka (mumutukile) v.i. to be open (mouth): Mukuli wa luna mulomo wa hae u pala ku mumu-tuka, our patient can hardly open his mouth. caus. -mumutula (mu-mutuzi) to open the mouth. caus. -mumutula (mumutuzi) to open the snouth.

mumwaa (mi-) n. kind of tree; bear-ing a small fruit, used for making toil.

mumwe (mi-) n. unpleasant body odour: U nunka mumwe kakuli ha si f ka tapa, he has a very unpleasant smell because he did not wash himself. syn. kamwe, kake, kasi-bngandu.

mumweti (ba-) n. someone plucking poultry or grass. cf. mukubuli fig. someone beating with a sjambok. (from -mweta).

muna, n. jealousy, envy: ku shwela mutu muna, to envy someone. cf. ! lifufa.

munahano (mi-) n. reflection, thought (from-nahana)

munakalali, n. kind of small edible tuber

munanana (mi-) n. kind of red kaffir-corn cultivated in depres-sions. cf. mabele, makonga.

munanga1 (mi-) n. steep bank of a river. syn. mukenga.

munanga2 n. one of the royal drums cf. mundili, kanaunu.

munanuli (ba-) n. a person lifting up  things. (from -nanula).

muna–i (mi-) n. mosquito. Fig. a small weak child

munapa (mi-) n. scratch, laceration. cf. mufanunuti.

munati1 (mi-) n. sweetness, savouri-ness, tastyness: ye munati, deli-cious, delectable.

munati2 (ba-) n. someone beating (a person or an animal) (from -nata).

munawani, n. kind of very good grazing grass.

muunda (miunda) n. flood, inunda-tion; munda omutuna, deluge cf. mulwalo.

mundale (mi-) n. Luyana. maize.

mundandali (ba-) n. someone curs-ing, wishing evil upon uttering im-precations (from -ndandala) syn. mukuti.

mundandanyani (mi-) n. kind of creeper (used as string in making bow-nets). fig. a strong slender person .

mundandumuko (mi-) n. slope, de-clivity. syn. njetumuko. (from -ndandumuka)

mundandwe (mi-) n. Iine, single file; ku yema mundandwe, to stand in a line. syn. mukoloko.

mundangi1 (ba-) n. a person ap-pointed to give express orders to someone. (from -ndanga).

mundangi2 (ba-) n. girl dancing the initiation dance (from -ndanga).

mundendumuni (ba-) n. someone cutting open a calabash, someone opening a tin with a knife or a tin-opener. (from -ndendumuna).

mundiku, n. Luyana. year. idiom. exp. mundiku-ni-mungana, yearly experience, year after year one gets wiser

mundili1 (mi-) n. one of the royal drums. cf. munanga, kanaunu.

mundili2 (mi-) n. small drum beaten on the occasion of ngomalume  (royal dance).

mundimunene (mi-) n. Luyana. burial place cemetary (orig. the big village )

mundindaeli (ba-) n. someone walk-ing in a martial manner. (from -ndindaela).

mundombwangisi (ba-) n. person asking embarrassing questions. (from -ndomwanga).

mundombyaeli (ba-) n. person walk-ing slowly without strength. (from -ndbmbyaela).

mundu, n. anything done for the last time. idiom. exp. Ki mundu wa lilao u sike wa kutelafate–i! it is finished never do it again. cf. mungundo.

mundumbe (mi-) n. very old and po-werless lion unable to kill even a small animal man eater. fig. very old, decrepit person.

mundumbu1 (bo-mundumbu) n. Mbunda. someone fond of women.

mundumbu2 (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mundunganyi (baundunganyi) n. brave hero, powerful warrior. cf. muhali.

mundungwa (mi-) n. kind of tree.

munelelo (mi-) n. way in which rain falls, way in which it is raining. (from -nela).

munembo (mi-) n. kind of bird well known for its pleasant singing (Cape Flycatcher). fig. good slinger.

munenauni (ba-) n. someone in-clined to despise everybody on all occasions. (from -nenauna). syn. munyefuli.

munenene (mi-) n. slippery place: ku wafa munenene, to fall on a slipp-ery place. fig. exp. ku hatafa mune-nene: to compromise oneself in a difficult matter, to commit a blunder.

munengi (ba-) n. traitor, betrayer. (from -nenga).

munepelo (mi-) n. shot: Ka munepelo ulimu–wi lisho la yo taba mutu, a single shot and an arrow hit the man.

munepi1 (b -) n. someone answering questions correctly. (from -nepa).

munepi2 (ba-) n. a thrower (from -nepa).

mungaluko (mi-) n. proud, arrogant appearance, (from -ngaluka).

munganda (mi-) n. kind of palm tree, fruit of the same (see mukoma).

munganpmi n. a shivering person (from -ngangama).

mungangi (ba-) n. carpenter, joiner. (from -nganga). syn. mupangi.

mungatuko (mi-) n. as mungaluko. (from -ngatuka).

muunganyama (miunganyama) n. kind of tree (Albizia antunesiana) (mimosaceae) syn. munga.

mungayani (ba-) n. jabberer. (from -ngayana). syn. muyabani.

mungelo (mi-) n. manner of taking (from -nga).

mungendenge (mi-) n. heavy, hard work. (from -ngendenga).

mungenge (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mungenje (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mungenyuko (mi-) n. slope. (from ngenyuka). cf. mundandumuko.

mungeya or mungeyu (mi-) n. river water jelly-fish.

mungi (ba-) n. taker: Nto ye ne inzi kai? Ku na nimungi ya na i ngile where is the thing which was herei someone has taken it. (from -nga).

mungituko (mi-) n. manner of danc-ing when enjoying a drink or wel-coming a guest. (from -ngituka).

mungo' n. Ieading position; wa kwa mungo, leader.

mungo2 n. (1) place or table where the Litunga's meal is placed for dis tribution. (2) The Litunga's dining table.

mungole, n. persistent rain. fig. lengthy speaker (nick-name given to the missionary Coillard). syn. mulupi, munyoke.

mungomba (mi-) n. Soťr Plum tree (Ximenia caffra.)

mungomo (mi-) n. petrol drum, any kind of tin, drum: fig. oversize gar-ment, any kind of clothes which are too large.

mungongo (mi-) n. kind of tree bearing edible nuts and remaining I eafless for half the year. (This tree is believed to be lightning proof; its nuts alŹ also used for divining) syn. mongwamui. _ngu or mungu, promontory.

mungu2 (miungu) n. Luyana. a kind of pumpkin syn. mupusi.

munguka (mungukile) w.i. to be broken. syn. -lobeha. der. simunRu mungu. caus. -mungula (munguzi) to break, to break asunder: Ki ma–i ya ni mungulezi potoloto ya ka? who has broken my pencil? int. -mungukelela (mungukelezi) to be completely broken.

mungulo, n. idiom. exp. Nalikanda mungulo wa ngoma, Nalikanda the last dance. (from -ungula).

mungulundu (mi-) n. a dry place: Kacenu i se li mungulundu, mezi a kalile, now it is dry everywheres there is no more flood-water.

mungulungeli (ba-) n. cheat, clear, liar. (from -ngulungela). syn. mupumi.

muungulwa (miungulwa) n. standing dead tree. fig. a tough, very strong man.

mungunda (bo-mungunda) n. Some-one wandering about purposeles-sly. syn. Iingunda-mukub. (from -ngunda).

mungundi (ba-) n. someone know- ing how to sew the hem of skirts or trousers. (from -ngunda).

mungundo (mi-) n. Iower hem of skirSs or trousers. fig. Iast action, last deed llonafa ki mungundo. u sike wa kuzeia fateni hape, this is the last warning, do not try to do it again. (from -ngunda). cf. mundu.

mungundwe (bo-mungundwe) n. hyena. syn. sitongw ni, mukutulu, siw; namungundwe, mwanasimbai. (from -nl undula).

mungungauleni (bo-mungung uleni) n. stubborn, obstinate person. (from -ngungaub).

mungungi (bo-mungungi) n. de-ceivers false friend, intrigue; bluf-fer. (from -ngunga). syn. ilingunga.

mungunja (mi-) n. small draining ditCh cf. Iilomba.

-mungunya (mungunyize) w.t. to munchs to masticate. syn. -funya, -munya.

munguys (mi-) n. small, frail child: thin, lean calf. syn. nguya.

-munguya; (ba-) n. good singer. (from -nguya).

mungwa (mi-) n. Luyana salt syn. Iizwai, njee.

mungwenjul; (ba-) n. someone cut-ting grass. (from -ngwŽnjuh).

mungwinji (mi-) n. Luyana. kind of palm tree. fig. a pleasant stout, tall person. see mukoma.

munimba (mi-) n. pinch, nip: U ni nyupile munimba, he pinched me

munjakili; (ba-) n. drum beater, beating the third drum with the highest pitch (kanjakili) in a set of three (from -njakib).

munjanalu (bo-munjanalu) n. para-site, hanger-on.

munjeke (mi-) n. almond, nut.

munjela (mi) n. habit of eating at any time. (from -c ).

munjelele (mi-) n. catch thorn tree. (Ziziphus abyssinica).


munjenjee, n. disappearance: Lika za ka li ya mwa munjenjee, I do not know how my things disappear, state of being easily

munjewela (mi-) n. edge of a culti-valed plot where weeds are thrown.

munjineli (ba-) n. Eng. engineer (also manjinela) (from -njinela)

munjongolo (mi-) n. kind of tree; edible fruit of the same (its roots are used in the preparation of a medicine against scabies).

munjuu (mi-) n. dampness, mois-ture, humidity. syn. mukamo.

-munjula (munjuzi) v.t. Luyana. to calumniate, to slander. der. Ii-munju.

munkanda (mi-) n. shelter made of branches and grass.

munko (miunko) n. smell, odour, aroma, fragrance, exhalation (from -nunka).

-munkula (munkuzi) v.t. to break. syn. -bba, -cola.

munkumbia (mi-) n. kind of tree (its roots are used in the preparation of a ferment.)

munna (ba-) n. man; munna-muhulu, an old man

munomwaha, adv. see unomwaha.

munonga (mi-) n. sciatica; muscular atrophy (from-nonga)

munongi (ba-) n. a person who is a good shot with a gun, arrow, spear, etc (from -nonga).

munoni (ba-) n. a person who re-moves fish from bow-nets (from -nona)

munopi (ba-) n. someone picking up a lost thing (from -nopa)

munoto1 (mi-) n. spur of a fowl, of a bird

munoto2 (mi-) n. a pinch of snuff (from -nota

munuhi (ba-) n. guesser; diviner (from -nuha)

munsi (mi-) n. stamping pole or stick, pestle syn. sindunduliso.

mununko (mi-) n. odour, smell (from -nunka).

mununo (mi-? n. (1) fattiness. (2) manure, fertilizer (from -nuna) cf. siloko.

mununu (mi-) n. flea fig. little child

munwana (mi-) n. (1) finger; mun-wana wa tou, elephant trunk; (2) regiment arranged in a column, ready to attack

munwl (ba-) n. drinker, drunkard (from -nwa).

munya1 (mi-) n. kind of grass grow-ing in the plain and used in baske-try.

munya2 (mi-) n. uncooked porridge. fig. exp. taba ya munya, useless matter; muhala wa munya, a rope not twisted tightly

-munya3 ( munyize) v.t. (1) to munch . to masticate. (2) to imbibe, to absorb. syn. -funya. -mungunya.

munyaka (mi-) n. happiness, joy, gladness, pleasure, enjoyment (from -nyakalala)

munyako (mi-) n. entrance, door-way, gate

munyali (ba-) n. bridegroom. (from-nyala).

munyaliwa (ba-) n. bride (from-nyala)

munyandi (ba-) n. miserable, dis-tressed person (from -nyanda).

munyandisi (ba-) n. tormentor. tyrant (from-nyanda).

munyankwe (mi-) n. a young unmar-ried lad. syn. mukulwani.

munyani (ba-) n. younger brother or sister

munyanyu (mi-) n. kind of small tree producing springy strong twigs, used as churn-stick.

munyatelisi (ba-) n. finger-print expert (from-nyatela)

munyele (mi-) n. Rhodesian Wattle, African Black Wattle, African blackwood (tree) (Peltophorun africanum).

munyefuli (ba-) n. despiser; blas-phemer (from -nyefula). syn. mushwauli, munenanuni.

munyelenyele (mi-) n. Peeling-bark Ochna (Ochna pulchara) (tree well known for its beautiful red and yellow fiower clusters- oil is made from its fruit) . syn. munyenda.

munyembu1 (mi-) n. gifts offered to people while they accompany a bride on the way to her husband's home. (from -nyembula)

mumyembu2 n. inclination or pro-pensity to vomit.

munyemi (ba-) n. sulky person. (from -nyema).

munyenda (mi-) n. see munyelenyele.

munyoke (mi-) n. persistent rain. syn. mulupi, mungole, mumbi

munyololo (mi-) n. gang of ma-nacled prisoners in single file; file of people.

munyolombwa, n. a song of the craft often sung by people rumpling or softening a skin.

munyomaeti (ba-) n. person who persists in following someone against his will (from -nyomaeta)

munyomanyomi (ba-) n. a person walking about, looking for some-thing.

munyomi1 (mi-) n. rudimentary Afri-can kilt.

munyomi2 (mi-) n. kind of tree.

munyomi3 (ba-) n. someone walking on tip toes in order not to make a noise. (from -nyoma-nyoma).

munyonga (mi-) n. kind of tree the twigs of which are used to make fire by friction.

munyongonya (mi-) n. sexual impo-tence.

munyonyi (ba-) n. idle tramp, some-one always wandering about visit- ing people. (from -nyonya)

munyopi (mi-) n.leech. fig. impor-tuner

-munyuka (muyukile) v.i. to become broken. cf. -lobeha. caus. -munyuna (munyuzi) to break: U ilo munyuna capu ya ka mwa mushitu, he broke my axe in the forest. int. -munyuke-lela (munyukelelezi) to be comple-tely broken.

munyuki (ba-) n. a person expert in rumpling skins. (from -nyuka)

munyumbwe (mi-) n. Toka Leya. cancer's head-dress made of feath-ers

munzi (mi-) n. village, town. (Muezi wa Nyambe: Paradise, Heaven)

munzinyana (mi-) n. hamlet.

munzinzila (mi-) n. kind of tree, edible fruit of the same.

mu–i (be–i) n. master, owner: mu–'a munzi, village headman.

mu–ali (be–ali) n. master, sir.

mu–a–eli (ba-) n. someone persist-ing in his way against opposition, obstinate person, firm person (from -–a–ela) syn. si–a–eli.

mu–ato (mi-) n. piece of cloth join-ing the two ends of an African kilt. syn. njumbe.

mu–'a-zebe, n. a (non-existent) 'insect' believed to enter the ear and make a tiresome noise (actu-ally, blood pressure on the inner ear).

munete (ma-) n. barbarian, foreigner syn. –etana.

mu–ola (mi-) n. kind of tree

mu–olelo (mi-) n. style of writing (from -–ola)

mu–oli (ba-) n. writer, clerk, secre-tary. (from-nola)

mu–olo (mi-) n. handwriting (from -–ola)

mu–o–olehi (ba-) n. grumbler, com-plainer, grouser. (from -–o–oleha).

mu–umbwe (mi-) n. kind of tree.


mu–u–uni (ba- n. someone murmur-ing, grumbling in a low voice (from -–u–una).

mu–wseli (ba-) n. someone scraping hides. fig. a person humbling proud people (from -–waeila)

mu–wati (ba-) n. person taking part of something. (from -–wata).

mu–wi, adj. (1) one; (2) another: mutu alimu–wi, one person; mutu yomu–wi, another person; mutuyo mu–wi ni yomu–wi, each person.

muobi1 (ba-) n. Luyana. someone knowing how to prepare and cook an iguana.

muobi2 (ba-) n. Luyana. strangler. (from -oba).

muokameli (ba-) n. person who has authority over a group of people. By ext. God. (from -okamela).

muoki (ba-) n. Luyana. deceiver, traitor, (from -oka).

muoko (mi-) n. tear, (see mioko).

muoleok (mi-) n. kind of bird (little bee eater).

muoli (ba-) n. a wife of the Litunga.

muombela n. patience, quieteness: Baru bao ki ba muombela, these people are usually quiet: Se ni ku latela ki ona muombela wa hao what I like about you is your patience.

muengo (mi-) n. Luyana. (see mongo.).

muongola (mi-) n. (see mongola).

muongomani (mi-) n. (see _go-mani)

muoo (mi-) n. Luyana. wooden pillow.

muopelelo (mi-) n. singing style, one's turn to sing. (from -opela).

muopeli (ba-) n. singer, musician (from -opela)

muopelisi (ba-) n. music teacher, choir conductor etc. (from -opela)

muopi (ba-) n. someone hitting a person on the head with a stick. (from -opa).

muoti (ba-) n. twister (of rope, etc.): muoti wa mEhala, cord maker. (from -ota).

muozeli (ba-) n. a person having the habit of slumbering, of dozing. (from -ozeb).

mupahmi (ba-) n. rider. (from -pahama).

mupaileli (ba-) n. someone who worships ancestors. (from -pai-lela).

mup ki (ba-) n. someone fastening, bolting a door. (from paka)

mupaielwi (b -) n. (1) incapable), unqualified person. (2) a person in difficulties. (from -palelwa).

mupamuli (ba-) n. someone catch-ing something as it is falling down. fig. robber, thief. (from -pamula).

mupanda1 (mi-) n. Rain tree, lance tree. (lonchocarpus capass).

mupanda2 (mi-) n. a drinking place or den Ni bafumani mwa mupanda, ba nwa, I found them imbibing in a den of drinkers.

mupandi (ba-) n. someone who pounds unsoaked maize. (from -panda).

mupangelo (mi-) n. way in which an artisan is skilful in carpentry or building. (from -panga).

mupangi (ba-) n. carpenter, cabinet maker, builder (from -panga), syn. mungangi.

mupani1 (mi-) n. Balsam tree, tuper-tine tree, Rhodesian iron wood. (Colophospermum mopani, much used in building).

mupani2 (ba-) n. someone putting oxen to the yoke (from -pana).

mupantiti (ma-) n. Eng. prisoner.

mupao (mi-) n. ford, crossing place (in a river) drifl. flg. an easy thing idiom. exp. Na ha ni ku talimezi kifa nuŤao, ha ni sddi n1ufaho ku wena, you are not worthy of the time I  might spend for you, or, I do not fear you, I can thrash you easily (from -paa )

mupati (-ba-) n. someone hiding things. fig. undertaker's man. [from -pata) syn. mushwateki.

wupatisi (ba-) n. someone who takes people by surprise. (from -~atisa).

0 upato (mi-) n. (1) circumcision. (2) class of young men of same age.

_azezo (mi-) n. style in which scarifications are made. (from -paza).

_pazi (ba-) n. someone expert in making scarifications. (from -liaza).

mupazuli or mupazauli (ba-) n. someone whose work is to chop wood. (from -pazula).

upeculi (ba-) n. someone who adds sugar to any kind of beer in order to make it strong. (from -pecula)

_pelemeki (ba-) n. cheater, de-ceiver. (from -pelemeka) syn. mupumi.

mupende (mi-) n. Eng. paint, colour. (from -penda).

nupendi (ba-) n. Eng. (1) hmJse-painter. (2) inoculator: Bapem/i ba likomu se ba eza hande musebezi wa bona cwale, the people who inocu-late cattle are now doing their job properly. (from -penda)

mupepezi (ba-) n. seducer. tempter, temptress, seductress (from -pepeza)

mupepi (ba-) n. (1) mother who has just given birth to a child (2) a person carrying a child on her back (from-pepa).

mupepisi (ba-) n. midwife, nurse. (from -pepa).

mupeti1 (ba-) n. midwife, nurse. (from -pepa)

mupeti1 (ba-) n. narrator. (from-peta).

mupeti2 (ba-) n. a person hearing someone repeat his lessons (from epeta)

mupicuki (ba-) n. dodger. (from -picuka).

mupika (mi-) n. saucepan. cf. siwaya.

mupikiti (ba-) n. masseur. (from -pikita).

mupilisi (ba-) n. The Saviour, sav-iour, someone who maintains life (from -pila).

mupimpa-pimpi (ba-) n. avaricious giver (from-pimpa-pimpa).

mupindumuni (ba-) n. someone who rolls logs, bags, etc (from-pindu-muna)

mupiti (mi-) n. kind of creeper seed of the same. (the brilliant red and black mupiti seeds are be-lieved to cause evil to people, and they appear frequently on witch-craft horns.)

mupokola (ma-) n. policeman, sol-dier. cf. Iisole.

mupolofita (ba-) n. Eng. prophet (from -polofita) cf. musinuli.

mupolota (mi-) n. sausage tree. (Ki-gelia pinata). syn. mupungupungu.

mupondolelo (mi-) n. way in which horns are gracefully pointing backwards. (from -pondola). syn. mulemelo.

mupompi (ba-) n. Eng. someone who pumps. fig. drunkard (from-pompa).

muposi (ba-) n. someone who throws an object or fig. casts a spell. (from -posa).

mupoti (ba-) n. visitor, guest. (from pota)

mupotoloho (mi-) n. detour (from -potoloha). syn. noonjo.

mupueleli (ba-) n. someone who helps a hunter or a fisherman to  paddle a canoe (from -puelela)

mupuelelo n. manner of helping a hunter or a Flsherman paddle a canoe. (from -apuelela)

mupukelo (mi-) n. way in which someone sips, sipping turn (from-puka).

mupuki (ba-) n. a person who sips. (from -puka)

mupukuti (ba-) n. someone expert in working bellows. (from -pukuta).

mupula (mi-) n. still-born calf

mupulanga (mi-) n. eucalyptus tree, blue gum tree.

mupulacima (mi-) n. Luyana. forget-fulness. (from -pulama) syn. buli-bali.

mupuli (ba-) n. someone thrashing corn (from-pula)

mupuhmelo (mi-) n. roar of a lion. (from -puluma)

mupulusi (ba-) n. Saviour, Re-deemer. (from -pulusa). (see Nata-moyo).

mupumamanga (mi-) n. natural gap in the front teeth

mupumangoma (mi-) n. kind of very large tree used for making drums, dishes, etc.

mupumbeki (ba-) n. undertaker's man (from -pumbeka) syn. mupati.

mupumbuli (ba-) n. someone who digs up, unearths. (from -pumbula).

mupumelo1 (mi-) n. way in which someone cheats (from-puma)

mupumelo2 (mi-) n. way or manner of cutting (from -puma).

mupumena (mi-) n. kind of tree. (Entandrophragma caudatum).

mupumi1 (ba-) n. cheat, deceiver, liar, crook, twister (from: -puma). syn. mungulungeli.

mupumi2 (ba-) n. cutter (person) (from -puma)

mupundi (ba-) n. person preparing the soil in the forests garden for  sowing where no ploughing is ne-cessary. (from -punda).

mupundungeli (ba-) n. someone who despises, who scorns, who spoils (from -pundungela).

mupungu-pungu (mi-) n. sausage tree; fruit of the same. syn. mupo-lota, kazungula.

mupunyi (ba-) n. a person expert in putting handles onto tools. (from -punya)

mupunyuhi (ba-) n. a person who es-capes from danger. (from -pu-nyuha)

mupupuliki (ba-) n. a person unable to argue logically, unable to stick to the point. (from -pupulika).

mupuseza (mi-) n. calf just weaned. (from -pusa) .

mupusi (mi-) n. kind of pumpkin cf. namundalangwe, mucoko.

muputaki (ba-) n. a person always in a hurry. (from -putaka).

muputeleli (ba-) n. deceiver. (from -putelela)

muputi (ba-) n. (1) a person folding blankets; (2) someone folding the arms and legs of a drying or de-ceased person. (from -puta).

mupuzo (mi-) n. reward, remunera-tion prize.

mupuzwa (mi-) n. kind of bird (Wattled crane, same as Libanda).

mupweletete (mi-) n. Ioose stool dis-charged by someone suffering from dysentery; diarrhoea: Namani i nyela mupweletete i kata-ziwa ki mabisi, the calf has diar--rhoca, milk does not suit it

musa, n. kindness, tenderness, open-heartedness, grace, mercy: ya musa, kind, gentle, merciful.

musahi (ba-) n. Eng. sawyer. (from -saha).

musal'a pula (basali ba pula) n. kind of beautiful red flower blooming at the beginning of the rainy season.

musala-sala, n. things lying in disorder. Mu sike mwa siya libyana musala-sala, do not leave things in disorder.

musali (ba-) n. woman, wife. musal'a kweli, venus

musalo (Ifli-) n. kind of winnowing basket. (from -sala)

musamba (mi-) n. Live long (tree) (Lannea discolor).

Musame (ma-) n. an Indian, any-body from the Indian sub-conti-nent

musamo ( mi-) n. pillow, cushion (from -sama)

musanda-sanda (mi-) n. intrusion, encroachment. (from -sunda) syn. musunda-sunda.

musansa (mi-) n. kind of shrub growing in the plain; fruit of the same

musebezi (mi-) n. work, duty, task; business (from-sebeza)

musebelezo (mi-) n. way in which someone works (from -sebeza) syn.

mubelekelo. musebelisi (ba-) n. foreman, ganger (from-sebeza) cf. kapitao.

musebi (ba-) n. slanderer, calumnia-tor (from-seba).

musefelo (mi-) n. one's turn to sift manner in which a person sifts. (from -sefa). fig. manner in which a detective investigates. (from -sefa).

musefi (ba-) n. sifter fig. detective investigator. (from -sefa).

musefo (mi-) n. search, investiga-tion. (from -sefa).

musehelo1 (mi-) n. Iaugh, laughter, laughing (from-seha)

musehelo2 (mi-) n. way in which someone cuts (from-seha).

musehi (ba-) n. someone cutting with a knife: musehi wa matata, a  person expert in making karosses (skin blankets) (from: -seha).

museku (mi-) n. shaved nape of the neck. (from -sekula) syn. ngula-wela.

musela (mi-) n. ditch in which reeds or sticks are placed to make a wall or a fence

museli (ba-) n. a person accustomed to living on natural products, (wild fruit, rsh, etc.) collector (from -sela).

 muselo (mi-) n. gatherings of any kind of wild fruit. (from -seb). cf. siselo.

museme (mi-) n. any kind of mat museme wa sikololo, mat made of rush; museme wa liluka, mat made of papyrus; museme wa mananga. mat embellished with designs. idiom. exp. Iifu lafa museme, natu-ral death

musempula (mi-) n. forced paid labour (from-sempula).

musepahali (ba-) n. a faithful person. (from -sepahala)

musepehi (ba-) n. trustworthy, faith-ful, reliable person. (from -sepa)

musepisi (ba-) n. someone who makes promises, ready promiser (from -sepa)

museseti (ba-) n. sifter (from -seseta).

museteki (ba-) n. tempter (from -seteka)

museti1 (ba-) n. someone skilful in cutting with a knife. (from -seta)

museti2 (ba-) n. someone who Fxes the limits of a garden, who cuts a boundary (from-seta)

museto (mi-) n. edge, limit, border boundary (from-seta) syn. mulu-wani

mushae (mi-) n. proclamation (from -shaa)

mushabaeli (ba-) n. diviner, some-one who casts divining bones  (from -shabaela) syn. mulauli.

mushabati (ma-) n. sand syn. Iisha-bati.

mushakaeli (ba-) n. simple minded person who moves about aimles-sly (from-shakaela).

mushakashela (mi-) n. snake bean tree, iron-heart tree (Swartzis ma-dagascarriensis); fruit of the same

mushaki (ba-) n. beginner, starter (chiefly of fights) (from -shaka)

mushale (mi-) n. Chinese Lantern tree (Dichrostachys glomerata.)

mushalimelo (mi-) n. Iook, regard, stare. (from -shalima)

mushambisi (ba-) n. someone who teaches another person to follow his own bad ways and manners. (from -shamba).

mushamiliketi (ba-) n. someone who incites people to do wrong. (from -shamiliketa).

mushandoko, n. destruction, ruin. (from -shandola).

mushandoli (ba-) n. destroyer. (from -shandola)

mushangi (ba-) n. a person who starts a dance before the official dancer, in order to attract people, curtain raiser. (from -shanga) syn. kashangangoma.

mushangumuni (ba-) n. someone who incites others to fight. (from -shangumuna).

mushangutuli (ba-) n. someone who disperses heaped-up things (from -shangutula ).

mushapi (ba-) n. flogger (from -shapa).

mushasheleli (ba-) n. someone an-swering a diviner (from -shashe-lela)

mushashululi (ba-) n. (1) someone who speaks openly and without fear (2) drummer who beats the second drum in a group of three (from -shashulula).


mushea (mi-) n. kind of fish (not very good to the taste )

mushebe (mi-) n. top part of a sugar-cane, of a maize stalk, etc.

mushebuluki (ba-) n. diviner. (from -shebuluka ) syn. mulauli

mushei (ba-) n. person in charge of a royal tomb. (from -shea). syn. – omboti, nameto.

musheke1 (mi-) n. Luyana. almond stone of a fruit. (muhuluhulu, etc.,; syn. mukanti.

musheke2 (mi-) n. Luyana. white river sand.

mushekeľ (mi-) n. kind of tree

mushelauki (ba-) n. someone who walks as if dancing or marching (often to express a feeling of joy) (from -shelauka)

mushelu (mi-) n. heavy load carried on a pole by two people

mushelukela (bo-mushelukela) n. person with small buttocks (from -shelukela)

mushemaeti (ba-) n. someone who provokes, incites to fight.

mushembashembi (ba-) n. com-forter, consoling person. (from -shembashemba)

mushembi (ba-) n. someone who leads into temptation; flatterer, adulator, wheedler (from -shemba).

mushemi (ba-) n. parent (father or mother) Luyana exp. mushemi-–ete-namalimo, kind hearted mother; mushemi-wa-kota, trunk of a tree.

mushemubi (ba-) n. a person who shows pity, compassion (from -shemuba).

mushemuni (ba-) n. someone who repairs, sharpens iron tools (from -shemuna)

mushendi1 (ba-) n. a person who dis-approves, who blames; mocker, scoffer. (from -shenda).


mushendi2 (ba-) n. a person who dis-misses or sacks someone. (from -shenda).

mushenga, n. unsoaked maize. (from -shenga).

mushengelo (mi-) n. manner in which someone sharpens tools (from -shenga).

mushengi1 (ba-) n. a person expert in sharpening tools. (from -shenga).

mushengi2 (ba-) n. someone who husks grain by pounding. (from -shenga). ef. mucokoli.

mushengo (mi-) n. horn containing all sorts of medicine for protection against spells.

mushengu (mi-) n. mockery, deri-sion, scoff, jeer. (from -shengula)

mushenguli (ba-) n. adulterer (from -shengula)

mushengunusi (ba-) n. melter. (from -shengunuka).

mushengwa (mi-) n. dead tree; very hard dry wood. fig. person in good health, full of strength.

mushenjele (mi-) noun taken ad-verbially; having no handle, use-less: capu ya mushenjele, handle-less, useless axe (from -shangela).

mushenji (ba-) n. someone who pur-sues a wild animal in hunting- pur-suer, tracker. (from -shenja).

mushenyango, n. Luyana, slow ad-vance: Mushenyango wa Mulonga, the slow progress of the nation.

mushepete (mi-) n. Eng. saw-pit

musheshe (mi-) n. Wild Syringa, Rhodesian Ash. (tree) (Burkea Africana). (often used for making stamping blocks) tree very often struck by lightning.

musheshembi (ba-) n. someone who is persistently rude to others someone who is always stirring up trouble (from-sheshemba).

musheu (mi-) n. place cleared of weeds. (from -sheela).


mushewli (ba-) n. weeder (from-sheula)

musheulisi (ba-) n. someone in-charge of weeding (from -sheula)

mushiba (mi-) n. very small fish fig. a person becoming intoxicated in a very short time cf. nciba.

mushika (mi-) n. frightening thun-der-clap.

mushiku (mi-) n. clan. (from -shi-kula).

mushimani (ba-) n. boy; servant.

mushimba-sala (mi-) n. Luyana. pole serving to carry a deceased person (from -shimba).

mushimbela (mi-) n. dyke made to catch fish. (from -shimbela).

mushimbeli (ba-) n. Luyana some-one who makes dykes to catch fish. (from -shimbela)

mushimbelo (mi-) n. Luyana. way in which someone carries a load. (from -shimba).

mushimbi (ba-) n. Luyana. carrier, bearer. (from -shimba) syn, mul-wali.

mushimbo (mi-) n. Luyana. Ioad. (from-shimba). syn. mulwalo.

mushimbululi (ba-) n. Luyana. someone who removes things from their places (from -shimbulula).

mushimbuluko (mi-) n. manner of moving from one place to another; manner of removing cattle from one place to another: Likomu za mushimbuluko li tata hahulu kwa ku lifunga, it is very hard to tie up cattle which have moved from original tie up place (from -shim-buluka).

mushimiketi (ba-) n. someone exci-tedly explaining at length about bad events (from -shimiketa).

mushi–o1 (mi-) n. powerful witch-craft medicine believed to be cast from a distance and also to cause misfortune, harm, obstructiveness  etc. (from shi–a).

mushi–o2 (mi-) n. Iower end of a stick, walking stick, wooden spoon, etc. (it is a taboo to put such a mushi–o upside down for it is believed that this mistake brings bad luck) (from-shi–a).

mushitu (mi-) n. forest, woodland. fig. exp. kuya kwa mushitu, to go to stool .

mushituki (ba-) n. someone who has the habit of getting up very early in the morning (from-shituka).

mushituko (mi-) n. habit of getting up very early: Bona kamita ki batu ba mishituto, they are the kind of people who always get up very early in the morning. (from-shi-tuka) cf. mapakela.

mushituli (ba-) n. someone who takes something out of the ground. fig. a person who discovers se-crets, capable detective, good di-viner. (fronn -shitula).

mushobo (mi-) n. tribe, race, kind, (class)

mushoboti (ba-) n. whisperer. (from -shobota).

mushoboto (mi-) n. whispering: Batu bateni ha ba ini fela, konji misho-boto, those people cannot remain quiet without whispering. (from -shobota).

mushokameni (ba-) n. someone Iying in wait, lurking; someone Iying in ambush. (from -shoka-mena).

mushoki (ba-) n. spy; scout. (from -shoka).

mushokoli (ba-) n. someone expert in mak“ng extractions, (teeth, etc.) (from -shokola).

mushokoto (mi-) n. Beukenhout (Afrik) tree (Faurea salign).

mushokotoli (ba-) n. someone dis-covering hidden things. (from -shokotola).

musholoko (mi-) n. uproar, hubbub, hurly-burly; noisy rejoicing (from -sholoka).

musholokoto (mi-) n. rustle- noise inspiring fear made by something passing nearby in a dense forest. (from -sholokota) .

musholondondo (mi-) n. small, narrow piece of land. syn. kasho-londondo

mushombeli (ba-) n. drunkard. (from -shombela).

mushombo (mi-) n. bark taken from the roots of muhonono tree to stop leaks (in canoes).

mushomboti (ba-) n. someone who catches something, who seizes something. (from -shombota) cf. mupamuli.

mushomo (mi-) n. ivory or bone or wooden hair pin. (from -comeka).

mushondi (ba-) n. someone spear-fishing in shallow water. (from -shonda). cf. muwayi.

mushondaleli (ba-) n. someone ap-proaching unobserved. (from -shondalela). cf. munanaleli.

mushongi (ba-) n. briber, corrupter, seducer. (from -shonga).

mushongotoli (ba-) n. someone who brings out old matters or reveals secrets. (from -shongotola).

mushonjo (mi-) n. manner of tuning a musical instrument. fig. (1) track, approach; (2) evidence given in any kind of case. (from -shonjola)

mushoshoti (ba-) n. a person wan-dering about. (from -shos-sho-shota)

mushoweli (ba-) n. singer in a chorus. (from -showela) cf. mutabe-lezi.

mushowekli (ba-) n. a person giving the royal salutation. (from:-showe-lela).

mushowelelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is giving the royal saluta-tion. (from -showelela).

mushowelelisi (ba-) n. a person join-ing another one in giving the royal salutaotion. (from -showelela).

mushu1 (mi-) n. kind of red-winged water insect.

mushu2 (ba-) n. a dead person. (from -shwa). syn. mufu, mushwi.

mushuami (ba-) n. someone sitting down. {from -shuama).

oNlshautami (ba-) n. someone fre-quently jumping up and sitting down (from -shuama). fig. tale bearer, slanderer.

mushukula (mi-) n. one of the Li-tunga's yards where raw food, tools, utensils, etc. are kept. before being taken to the palace.

mushukwe (mi-) n. (1) lion's mane. (2) feathers on a bird's head (fowi, crane, etc.) (3) hair-dress made of lion's mane or feathers worn by Nalikwanda paddlers.

mushumba (mi-) n. fishing spear with a very long handle. (from -sbumba). cf. muwayo.

mushumbeli (ba-) n. (1) someone who knows how to fix a handle to a fishing spear. (2) someone sewing a piece of material to a skirt or a kilt. (from -shumbela).

mushuna (mi-) n. kind of fish.

mushungumanelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is impolitely sit-ting on a mat with the knees raised. (from -shungumana).

mushunjulu (mi-) n. small piece of land.

mushupeki (ba-) n. person in difFl-culty, in hardship; distressed person. (from -shupeka).

mushupeko (mi-) n. incline, slope; ascent. (from -shupeka).

mushupi (ba-) n. a person who annoys, bores, bothers. (from -shupa).

mushuti (ba-) n. angler (from -shuta).

mushutu (mi-) n. any kind of non-al-coholic drink. (from -shutula).

mushuwi (ba-) n. woman fi$hing with a large basket. (from -shuwa). syn. mukwengi.

mushwami (ba-) n. see mushuami.

mushwatami (ba-) n. see mushua-tami.

mushwateki (ba-) n. someone hiding things. (from -shwateka). syn. mupati.

mushwati (mi-) n. sugar cane.

mushwauli (ba-) n. impolite person, despiser, blasphemer. (from -sh-waula) syn. munyefuli.

mushweb (mi-) n. way in which a person dies; way in which any-thing is destroyed. (from -shwa).

mushwi (ba-) n. a dead person. (from-shwa). syn. mufu, mushu.

musi (mi-) n. (1) smoke. (2) steam, vapour Musi-oa-tunya, Victoria Falls.

musiya (mi-) n. root emerging from the soil and crossing a path. (such a root is often cut out and used to prepare medicines.)

musiyalela (bo-musialela) n. the last born in a family. (from -siyalela).

musifa (mi-) n. Iigament.

musihali, n. daytime, daylight: musi-hali omutuna, midday, noon.

musika (mi-) n. market.

musikanji (mi-) n. kind of shrub bearing edible fruit.

musiki1 (ba-) n. tuner of musical in-struments. (from -sika).

musiki2 (ba-) n. competent tailor able to take measurements of suits, etc. (from -sikisa)

musikili1 (mi-) n. cape Mahogany, White Mahogany tree (Trichilia emetica).

musikili2 (mi-) n. kind of grass.

musiko (mi-) n. suit, uniform, coat  made to measure. (from -sikisa).

musikuluhi (ba-) n. converted person, christian. (from -sikuluha)

musikululi1 (ba-) n. someone putting a person on the right way. (from -sikulula).

musikululi2 (ba-) n. a man steering a canoe, a barge or a launch. (from sikulula) syn. mukoboci.

musilahi (ba-) n. executioner, hang-man. (from -silaha).

musilelezi (ba-) n. protector. (from sileleza).

muselelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is crossing a river: Musi-lelo wa hae kamita ki wa busEhu, ha sabi nuka {likwenaQ, he always crosses the river at night for he does not fear the crocodiles. (from -sila).

musili1 (mi-) n. gun powder, soot black dirt under pots

musili2 (ba-) n. someone grinding red millet, tobacco, etc. (from-sila).

musilisi1 (ba-) n. mourner, widow or widower. (from -silisa). syn. mulili.

musilisi2 (ba-) n. ferryman. (from -sila). syn. sandaula

musilisezo (mi-) n. way in which a ferryman takes people across the river: Musilisezo wa hae kamita ki wa litiyeho zemaswe, he has always a very dilatory way of ferrying people across the river

musima (mi-) n. hole, den, ditch, burrow, pit. cf. Iihaha.

musimululi (ba-) n. (1) beginner, ini-tiator; (2) someone relating histor-ical events from the beginning (historian). (from -simulula)

musindeketelo (mi-) n. (1) one's turn to escort visitors (2) way in which someone accompanies people (from -sindeketa)

musindeketi (ba-) n. someone ac-companying or escorting a person or a party. (from -sindeketa) cf. musotezi.

musindelelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is making fomentations (from -sindela).

musindeli (ba-) n. a person applying warm compresses on a patient. (from -sindela).

musindi (mi-) n. valley: vale, dale.

musindimanelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is standing or sit-ting close to somebody: Wena mu-sindimanelo wa hao ha u bonisi likute, your manner of sitting too close to people shows lack of re-spect. (from -sindimana).

musindo (mi-) n. sound of footsteps Mu sike mwa eza misindo mbututu u bata ku onda, do not walk noisily for the baby is going off to sleep

musindulelo (mi-) n. way in which Ś person is removing dirt from someone's body by rubbing or by scrubbing. (from oindub).

musinduli (ba-) n. a person rubbing or scrubbing in order to remove dirt from someones body (from -sindula).

musindumuko, n. Iarge number of cattle on the move, (from -sindu-muka)

musinga1 (mi-) n. artery, vein, blood vessel.

musinga2 (mi-) n. gun trigger.

musinuli (ba-) n. someone revealing unknown things, who foretells the future; prophet. (from -sinula) cf. mupobfita.

musinunelo (mi-) n. way in which a person puts someone under the in-fluence of a stupefying medicine. (from sinuna).

musinuni (ba-) n. someone (usually a woman) who put a person under the influence of a stupefying medi-cine. (from -sinuna).

musinyehi (ba-) n. a morally desti- tute person (from -sinyeha).

musinyi (ba-) n. spoiler, destroyer, wicked person. (from -sinya) syn.

sisiny4. musipili (mi-) n. journey, trip, voyage. syn. Iieto, luendo.

ousipili2 (mi-) n. kind of bird.

musisi1 (mi-) n. skirt (African style) 0 cf. skoci.

Fusisiteli (ba-) n. someone who tgropes about. (from -sisiteb).

musitanga (bo-musitanga) n. some-o ne who has a good or a bad influ-cnce on another; (from -tanga) cf. sitangeyi, notanga.

musitasi (mi-) n. tibia, skin-bone.

_siti (ba-) n. someone pounding grain, cassava, etc., (from -sita)

~dtisi (ba-) n. someone helping f others in pounding. (from -sita).

musitelo (mi-) n. (1) one's turn to pound. (2) the way in which some-ione is pounding (grain, cassava, etc.,) (from -sita).

~usiuli (ba-) n. mediator, peace-maker. (from -siula). cf. mulamuleli

_siululi (ba-) n. a person having a good influence on others; adviser. g (from -siula).

musiyo (mi-) n. a bedroom, syn. muzuzu.

musiyoka (mi-) n. innocuous, harm-less water snake.

musizana (ba-) n. girl.

musokela-zebe (mi-) n. kind of aloe the sap of which is used to cure ear sores. (from -soka).

Ousokelo (mi-) n. one's turn to cook buhobe, way in which some-one stirs buhobe. (from -soka).

musoki (ba-) n. person who stirs buhobe. (from-soka).

musokwana (ma- or mi) n. stirring stick (from -soka) syn. Iusokwvana.

musole (ma-) n. Sotho. soldier. syn. Iisole. cf. mutabani.

musolokoto (mi-) n. trouble, distur- bance. cf. mufilifili.

musomi (ba-) n. mocker, scoffer (from -soma)

musongo (mi-) n. empty cartridge.

musotezi (ba-) n. someone taking cattle from one kraal to another. fig. someone accompanying a weak person who has just been re-leased from hospital. (from -soteza) cf. musindeketi.

musuba (mi-) n. bunch of grass; bundle of bark strips. cf. ndundu.

musubeko (mi-) n. obduracy, obsti-nacy, stubbornness (from -suboka). syn. maha–i or m hanyi, musundundu.

musuhela (mi-) n. Iong soft grass Iying on the ground after flood, and occasionally used for thatch-ing or making mattresses.

musuhi (ba-) n. someone who knows how to soften skins. (from -suha).

musukuluhi (ba-) n. see musikuluhi.

musulaeti (ba-) n. policeman escort-ing a prisoner. (from -subeta)

musuk lo (mi-) n. one's turn to share meals a person leading another (by force) way in which someone is sharing food from the pot (from -sula).

musuli (ba-) n. someone removing a pot from the fire and serving out its contents. (from -sub).

musub (mi-) n. portion of cooked mealie meal served in a plate. fig. a share, one's share. (from -sula) cf. Iikato, limpule.

musulonyana (mi-) n. a small por-tion, a little bit. (from -sula).

musululi (ba-) n. someone who pours out any liquid. (from -sululs).

musumo (mi-) n. pole, pillar. fig. a strong, reliable, faithful man in any group of peopic.

musunda-sunda, n. intrusion, en  croachment (from -sunda). syn. musandasanda.

musundi (ba-) n. a person who pushes strongly and for a long time. (from -sunda).

musundundu, n. obduracy; obsti-nacy; stubbornness. syn. maha–i or mahanyi, musuboko.

musunga (mi-) n. (1) trouble caused by an intruder: Kacenu ha lu sika 'lobala bake–i sa musunga wa litau ze ne keni mwa mulaka, we did not sleep well last night because of the trouble caused by lions which broke into the kraal- (2) quarrel fighting Batu bani ki ba misunga mwa sibaka sa bona nako kaufela, those people are fighting all the t-me in their home.

musungu (mi-) n. wild Wistaria tree (Bolusanthus speciosus)

musunsezo (mi-) n. one's turn to dip his buhobe in relish way in which someone dips buhobe in relish (and takes it out) (from -sunsa).

musunya (mi-) n. swelling, bloated-ness caused by a blow.

musunelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is transplanting. (from -su–a).

musu–i (ba-) n. transplanter; a person planting cuttings. (from: suna).

musupali (ba-) n. an old person. (from -supala).

musupezi (ba-) n. someone who shows the way. (from -supezu).

mususuezi (ba-) n. a person who rouses up others (for a good, or for a bad purpose, (from -susueza).

musutelo (mi-) n. dry manure.

musutisi (ba-) n. someone who re-moves things from one place to another. (from -suta).

Musutu (ba-) n. native of Lesotho

Muswa, n. Sotho. Prime Minister. syn. Ngambela, Sope, Minyolui.

muswaeli (ba-) n. someone killing an animal already wounded (or an enemy in war). (from -swaela).

muswai (ba-) n. a person making marks, signs (from -swaya).

muswakXlo (mi-) n. way in which someone holds things; way in which someone apprehends a person. (from -swala).

muswali (ba-) n. someone who seizes, catches, grasps, holds or apprehends (from -swala).

muswalisi (ba-) n. someone who helps a person to catch or to hold; someone who causes a person to be apprehended. (from -swala).

muswanisi (ba-) n. photographer painter, artist (from -swanisa).

muswa–i or muswanyi (mi-) n. di-gested grass in the stomach of ru-minants

muswasezo (mi-) n. catch. Ha ku ko-nahali ku swasa linyunywani zepeli mwa katwa ka muswasezo u/irnu–wi it is impossible to catch two birds at a time in a snare. (from -swasa)

muswasi (ba-) n. -fisherman, trap-per. fig. a person who tries to catch people by his words. (from -swasa).

muswenyehi (ba-) n. a person in hardship, in distress (from -swenya).

muswenyi (ba-) n. disturber tor-mentor. (from -swenya). cf. ;nuka-tazi.

musweto (mi-) n. (taken adverbi-ally) upstream, against the cur-rent. (from -sweta). cf. mwenduko.

muh1 n. time, mostly used in ad-verbial expressions: Muta wani, at that time; ni kamuta, never; samuta -munene, samute-shumi, previously: Ki–i ha no sika bulela ka samute-shumi? why did you not say that previously? Mite–i ya kale, in the past, in olden times; mutakatala, at the time of famine: Mbututu yo ki mutakatala, this baby was born during the time of famine.

muta2 conj. when, during: Muta ni funduka ba lapa la hesu ne ba swa-bile hahulu, when I left all the family were very sad

mutabani1 (ba-) n. warrior, soldier. (from -tabana).

mutabani2 (mi-) n. toilet-seat: Ku ya kwa mutabani. to go to the toilet

mutabelezi (ba-) n. chief singer in a chorus (from -tabeleza)

mutabi (ba-) n. stabber, (from -taba)

Futabo (mi-) n. Luyana. garden, field. syn. simu, tima.

mutafuneli (ba-) n. a person recom-mending someone to another. tfrom-tafuna).

m˘tahali (mi-) n. jaw, jaw bone, mandible: mutahali wa kwatasi, lower jaw; mutahali wa kwahalimu, upper Jaw

mHtahulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone weeds. (from -tahula)

mutahuli (ba-) n. weeder (person) (from -tahula)

mutahulisi (ba-) n. person who helps to weed (from -tahula).

mutai (mi-) n. branch, bough.

mutaipelo (mi-) n. Eng. way in which someone types. (from -hipa).

mutaipi (ba-) n. Eng. typist (from -taipa).

mutaka (mi-) n. Iong grass near water (grass well known for fatten-ing cattle)

mutaka-fululele, adv. Luyana. ac-cording to one's wish: Mutu umaswe ku no zamayanga mutaka-fululele, it is bad for a person to move as one wishes.

mutakatala1 (bo-mutakatala) n. noun used adverbially; born in time of famine.

mutakatala2 (mi-) n. Swift (bird).

mutaki (ba-) n. someone silful in parrying blows (from -taka)

mutakisi (ba-) n. Eng. one who pegs. (skin, tent, etc.) (from -takisa).

mutakuli; (ba-) n. someone who rubs, who wipes (from -takula)

mutakwe, adv. purposely: Ba mu yela mutakwe, they are going pur-posely to challenge him to fight.

mutala1 (mi-) n. (1) trace, footprint. trail; (2) mark. (3) example idiom. exp. ku itimeza mitala, to feign in-nocence.

mutala2 (mi-) n. Litunga's courtyard

mutalahali (bo-mutalahali) n. a de-ceased person, the late

mutalani (mi-) n. bad snuff, (too fresh)

mutalelo (mi-) n. (1) way in which a container is filled up (2) ’lood: Mutalelo wa mezi a unomwaha ufita –ohola, this year's flood is greater than that of last year. (from -tala).

mutalifelile (bo-mutalifelile) n. noun used adverbially- born in poverty; being too late fo; good luck Luna lu bo mutalifelile lufumani mukiti so unguzi, we are unfortunate for the feast was over by the time we ar-rived

mutalifi (ba-) n. wise, learned, highly educated person (from -talifa). syn. sitalifi.

mutalimelo (mi-) n. manner of look-ing at; a look. (from -talima).

mutalingelo (mi-) n. way in which a person ties something. (from -ta-linga).

mutaluhanyi (ba-) n. someone skilled in giving convincing expla-nations (from-taluhanya)

mutalusezo (mi-) n. way in which an explanation is given. (from -talusa)

mutalusi (ba-) n. explainer, inter  preter, commentator. (from -talusa).

mutama1 (mi-) n. first lot of fish caught in a bow-net (it is a taboo to fry and salt them, they can only be eaten boiled). (from -tams).

mutama2 (mi-) n. capacity (of a con-tainer).

mutamba (mi-) n. nicotine tar resi-due in the bowl of a pipe.

mutambeki (ba-) n. someone hold-ing out things (from -tambeka).

mutambisi (b) n. Luyana. someone who sells witchcraft medicines. (from -tamba).

mutambo (mi-) n. thong of meat (fresh or dried; biltong).

mutsmbwelo (mi-) n. manner of speaking ostentatiously. (from -hmbwa).

mutambwi (h-) n. a person speak-ing ostentatiously. (from -hmbwa).

mutamelezi (ba-) n. someone who makes false accusations. (from -h-meleza).

mutamelo (mi-) n. way in which a person ties something (from -hma). Sy". mutalingelo.

mutami (ba-) n. someone who binds, ties. (from -tama).

mutamululi (ba-) n. someone who unbinds, unties. (from -tama).

mutamuni (ba-) n. someone eating the first fruit of any crop. (from -tamuna) see: katamu.

mutana1 (mi-) n. womb; matrix; pla-centa fig. useless, worthless person.

mutan 2 (mi-) n. enclosure of a wife of the Litunga: Ha ku yoliswanga manduna. ba boniswanga kwa mitana ya habo bona, when Indu-nas are appointed it is a custom to introduce them to the enclosure head, through whom they will have access to the Litunga.

mutanafu (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mutanali (ba-) n. a thrasher. (from -tanala).

mutandalelwa, n. way in which a dead person is left stretched out and not bent back according to the old tradition.

mutandalo (mi-) n. Iong piece of fire-wood: Kota ya mutandalo large dead tree Iying on the ground. (from -tandala).

mutande (mi-) n. period of mourn-ing after death.

mutandelo (mi-) n. way in which players hit the ball. (tindi in the cileke game). (from -tanda).

mutandi (ba-) n. player hitting the ball (tindi in the ciVeke game) (from -hnda).

mutanp (ba-) n. slave.

mutanpeli (ba-) n. a person who walks with great diEculty because of illness. (from -tangaela).

mutanpelisi (ba-) n. someone ac-companying a weak person handi-capped by illness. (from -hngaela).

mutanplati (mi-) n. Pied King-fisher. (from -tang lŚla)- syn- ne"B-elele, sitaka, sakacompole.

mutanpna (ba- or mi-) n. young-man, youth, lad.

mutanpnyo (mi-) n. canine mad-ness. (from -tangany ) cf. bupulu-muki.

mutangeti (ba-) n. someone who sends goods ahead. (from -hn-geta).

mutangi (ba-) n. Luyana. beginner, pioneer. (from 4anga).

mutango (mi-) n. Luyana. one of the royal drums. (from -tJ"8J)

mutanguti (ba-) n. a person expert in reciting fables and narrating old tales. (from -t nguta).

mutano (mi-) n. wooden foot-bridge. (from -hna).

mutanliki (h-) n. someone who staggers. (from -tantalika).

mutanulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone keeps to marital agree-ments of polygamy. (from -tanula)

mutapauli (ba-) n. someone fre-quently using offensive language. (from -tapaula).

mutapelo (mi-) n. way in which someone swims, baths or washes himself. (from -tapa)

mutapi (mi-) n. flock, herd, group.

mutapisezo1 (mi-) n. (1)way in which someone washes, cleanses; (2) way in which someone takes cattle across a river- (3) one's turn to wash things (from ztapisa1).

mutapisezo2 (mi-) n. way in which someone tames animals. (from-tapis l).

mutapisi1 (ba-) n. person who does washing. (2) someone who takes cattle across a river (from -tapisa1).

mutapisi2 (ba-) n. a person who tames an animal. (from 4apisa2).

mutapiso (mi-) n. training of horses, cattle, etc Iikomu za mutapiso, oxen ready for the york. (from -tapisa).

nutapo-wa-beko (mi-) n. nerve (anat).

mutata1 (mi-) n. a large type of latex tree.

mutata2 (mi-) hair-ridge on the back of animals: Nja i yemisa mutata, the dog gets angry.

mutatafazi (ba-) n. someone who complicates matters. (from-tata-faza).

mutataukelo (mi-) n. way in which someone speaks very angrily. (from -tatauka).

muXtauli (ba-) n. demolisher. (from -tataub).

muXtehelo (mi-) n. (1) way in which someone cooks, (2) one's turn to cook. (from -tateha).

mutatehi (ba-) n. cook. (from -tateha). syn. kuka.

mutateki (ba-) n. beginner (from -tateka). syn. mukali.

mutateli (ba-) n. someone who loads a gun (from -tatela).

mutatelo1 (mi-) n. gun-load (muzzle-loader) from -tatela).

mutatelo2 (mi-) n. way in which someone twines string, curls hair, twists bark rope. (from -tata)

mutati (ba-) n. someone expert in curling hair, twisting ropes, hair plaiter, etc., (from -tata).

mutatubelo (mi-) n. way in which someone examines, inspects, sur-veys. (from -tahba).

mutatubi (ba-) n. examiner, sur-veyor, inspector, (from itatuba).

mutatuli (ba-) n. someone who started to cultivate a field. (from -tatula).

mutauluswa (mi-) n. rich milk pro-duced after the period following calving. cf. kazele.

mutazelezi (ba-) n. someone who emphasises what has been said, someone who exhausts a subject. (from -taza).

mutazezo (mi-) n. vomit. (from -taza)

muteelezi (ba-) n. Iistener. (from teeleza).

muteeb (mi-) n. manner of setting a trap, of laying a bow net. (from -teya).

mutei (ba-) n. someone who sets a trap, a snare or positions bow nets. (from -tea).

mutelel (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mutele2 n. contentment, well-being, comfort.

mutelisi (ba-) n. tax collector. (from -tela).

muteb (mi-) n. tax. Ievy. (from tela).

mutembo (mi-) n. Yellow Wood (Monotess glaber) (tree).


mutembu, n. friendliness (from -tembula)

mutembuli (ba- (ba-) n. comforter (from -tembula)

mutemwa (mi-) n. jungle- dense forest cf. sikwa.

mute-na-muke' adv. exp. Luya-na.out and in: Ku zamaya mutena-muke, mutu wa katala, it is always tiring to take a journey somewhere and come back on the same day.

mutende' noun used adverbially ac-cording to someone's caprice; im-agination or fancy: ku hulisa bana mu’ende, to bring up children without severity.

mutende2 n. newspaper, magazine.

mutendewa (bo-mutendewa) n. Luyana. a good servant (from -tenda).

mutenga (mi-) n. feather. cf. muti-belo.

mutengenyi (ba-) n. one who ba-lances a pot on her head (from -tengenya).

mutengumushamba (mi-) n. Fork-tailed Drongo (bird).

mutepwelele (mi-) n. substance without much consistence

mutetelelwa, n. fear of the least pain .

muteteli (ba-) n. person who cuts bushes in a forest garden (from -tetela).

muteto1 (mi-) n. suet

muteto2 (mi-) n. cry of a great pain, cry of distress (from -teta)

mutibeleli (ba-) n. someone who is living in a camp, camper, stranger putting up for a night (from -tibe-lela).

mutibeli (ba-) n. someone who pre-vents cattle from entering people's gardens (from-tibela)

mutibeleloa (mi-) n. (1) one's turn to stop cattle from damaging crops. (2) way in which people agree to take turns in stopping cattle from damaging crops (from -tibela).

mutibelelo2 (mi-) n. way in which cattle are spending the first night in a new place: Likomu za mutibe-lelo li tata kwa ku lifunga, it is diffi-cult to tie up cattle for the first night in a new place. (from -tibe-lela).

mutibelo (mi-) n. egret-feather, os-trich feather.

mutibo (mi-) n. sanitary cordon. (from -tiba)

mutibulelo (mi-) n. way in which someone is knocking plaster of a wall (from-tibula).

mutibuli (ba-) n. a person who beats plaster in order to make it fall down. fig. a person severely beat-ing someone with the fists (from -tibula).

mutibulo (mi-) n. earth scraped off a plastered wall. fig. blows inflicted on someone with the fist. (from -tibula.

mutibululi (ba-) n. a person uncork-ing a bottle, etc., (from -tibulula).

mutiisi (ba-) n. someone who makes a success of his work by persever-ance. (from -tiisa).

mutikitibelo (mi-) n. Eng. way in which a detective performs his work. (from-tikitiba).

mutikitibi (ba-) n. Eng. detective (from: -tikitiba)

mutila (mi-) n. Iine (on paper or slate).

mutili (ba-) n. someone skilful in making designs with hot irons (paddles, wooden dishes, spoons, etc.,) (from -tila)

mutimani (ba-) n. avaricious, mis-erly person; a close-fisted person (from -tima).

mutimbulelo (mi-) n. manner in which someone looks daggers at another (from -timbula).

mutimi (ba-) n. used in tF,e express-ion: mutimi wa mulilo, fire ex-tinguisher (a man). (from -tima). cf. mutimuni.

mutimulundu (mi-) n. peel (of roots, etc.,)

mutimuni (ba-) n. someone who fights against or destroys fire. cf. mutimi. (from -timuna).

mutinelo (mi-) n. way in which someone wears skirts, kilts, etc., (from -tina).

mutinisi (ba-) n. dresser; a person helping someone to dress. (from -tina).

mutinya (mi-) n. kind of small ante-iope.

mutipani (bo- mutipani) n. a lovely

mutisi (ba-) n. someone who brings something. (from -tisa).

mutiyo (mi-) n. stick used for carry-ing things on the shoulder. syn. mukukskelo

mutobi1 (ba-) n. deserter, runaway. (from -toba).

mutobi2 (ba-) n. someone nursing by making fomentations. (from -toba).

mutobisi (ba-) n. (1) someone who unties calves in order to let them go and suck their mothers. (from -tobisa) cf. mufungululi. mulukulili. (2) someone who elopes with someone's daughter.

mutobiso (mi-) n. portion of meat (lower ribs).

mutobo1 (mi-) n. reedbuck antelope.

mutobo2 (mi-) n. kind of tree (often used for making canoes).

mutoho (mi-) n. Iiquor, beer. syn. bucwala.

mutoiwa (bo-mutoiwa) n. a hated person. (from -toya).

mutokolelo (mi-) n. way in which a digger cleans out canals, water courses, etc. (from -tokola).

mutokoli (ba-) n. digger (cleaning out canals, watercourses, etc.) (from -tokola).

mutokolisi (ba-) n. person supervis-ing people cleaning out canals, etc. (from-tokola).

mutokomeli (ba-) n. person ap-pointed to take care of people or goods. (from -tokomela).

mutokotelo (mi-) n. way in which someone utters hoarse sounds when singing for a dancer; way in which a leopard roars. (from -tokota)

mutokoti (ba-) n. a person uttering raucous sounds. (from -tokota). .,

mutokoya (mi-) n. kind of fish (with a small mouth) syn. nembeie.

mutokwi (ba-) n. a person in great need. (from -tokwa).

mutolalibona (bo-mutolalibona) n. a person who has experienced so many misfortunes in his life that he is no longer surprised by any. (from -bona).

mutolo (mi-) n. see mitolo.

mutolokelo (mi-) n. way in which a person interprets, or translates orally. (from -toloka).

mutoloki (ba-) n. interpreter. (from -toloka).

mutololwani (mi-) n. upper part of loins: Ni belekile hahulu, mane linama za ka za mitololwani li butuku, I worked so hard that my back is painful. (usual plural mito-lolwani).

mutolongoshelo (mi-) n. manner of explaining things in detail. (from -tolongosha).

mutobngoshi (ba-) n. a person who explains correctly and in detail. (from -tolongosha).

mutomboli (ba-) n. a person who de-prives others of food, etc., (from -tombola).

mutome (mi-) n. eel.


mutomelo (mi-) n. way in which someone erects a house. (from -tomal).

mutomeneni (ba-) n. a person who persists in doing something. (from -tomenena).

mutomi (ba-) n. someone who builds, strengthens foundations: mutomi wa ndu, someone who builds a house; mutomi wa munzi founder of a village, mutomi wa milao, law-maker. (from 40ma).

mutomolelo (mi-) n. way in which someone extracts thorns, chigoe lice (jiggers), etc., (from -tomola).

mutomoli (ba-) n. someone able to extract thorns, lice, etc.; (from -tomola).

mutompehi (ba-) n. Sotho honoura-ble, respectable person. (from -tompa).

mutomunwi, adv. perhaps, may be. syn. mwendi, samutandeti.

mutondeleti, n. constant suspicion about people who might have stolen missing things. (from -tonda)

mutondot (mi-) n. kind of tree, the inner bark of which is used for tying making ropes and in erecting buildings; forest where these trees abound.

mutondo2 (mi-) n. Luyana. medicine (generic name). tree.

mutondokelo (mi-) n. way in which people mourn at the death of someone. (from -tondoka) cf. -bonka.

mutonelo (mi-) n. (I ) habit of sitting up near the fire in the evening; (2) sleeplessness, insomnia. (from -tona)

mutonga (mi-) n. Luvale basket

mutongelo (mi-) n. manner in which a person groans, moans, wails. (from -tonga).

mutongi (ba-) n. a person who groans, moans with pain (from -tonga)

mutongokelo (mi-) n. manner in which a person grumbles, protests or complains. (from: -tongoka).

mutongoki (ba-) n. grumbler, com-plainer; critic. (from: 40ngska).

mutongolelo (mu-) n. way in which someone uproots (with the hand hoe, etc . . .) (from: -tongola).

mutongoli (ba-) n. a person who up-roots (water-lily bulbs, etc. ...) with the hand, a hoe, etc .. fig. (1) a person maliciously resurrect-ing long forgotten misdeeds done by others; (2) someone dis-covering the body of a dead person. (from: 40ngola).

mutongomoni (ba-) n. someone who shells maize cobs. (from: -tongo-mona).

mutoni (ba-) n. wide awake person. (from -tona).

mutonisi (ba-) n. someone keeping company with people around the fire in the evening. (from: -topa).

mutopo, adj. Iarge at the bottom and narrow at the top: Sishete sa ka ki sa mutopo, my granary is large at the bottom and narrow at the top.

mutose (mi-) n. shelled maize-cob-syn. sokola.

mutosi (ba-) n. (1) someone dis-covering others' bad intentions against himself; (2) someone find-ing an unexpected thing (from: -tosa).

mutotolosi (ba-) n. a person who speaks endlessly. (from: -totolose).

mutoya (mi-) n. kind of tree (Water Berry, Waterboom (Afrik tree) (Syzygium cordatum).

mutozezo (mi-) n. way in which someone smears somebody's skin with vaseline. (from -toza)

mutoziX (ba-) n. lame person (from: -toza)

mutozi2 (ba-) n. a person anointing someone on a special occasion. (from: -toza).

mutu (ba-) n. human being.

mutuatua (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mutuba (mi-) n. defect of having only one testicle.

mutubaki (ba-) n. a very active person, a hard-working person. (from: -tubaka). :

mutubeti (ba-) n. one who kisses. (from: -tubeta).

mutubi (ba-) n. a person who breaks something. (from: 4uba).

mutubu, n. manner of being ac-cused among many. (from: -tubu-lula)

mutubulelo (mi-) n. way in which a husband takes back personal ef-fects from his divorced wife, (from: -tubula).

mutubululi (ba-) n. someone taking food from boiling pot. (from;-tu-bulula; see the same).

mutuhu (mi-) n. cupping horn. syn. mulumeho.

mutukufazi (ba-) n. a teasing, tor-menting, worrying person. (from: -tukufaza).

mutukule (mi-) n. Luvale. a witch-craft medicine, the virtue of which is believed to separate the soul from the body (from: -tukula) syn. muhole.

mutukulelo (mi-) n. way in which a person sifts with a winnowing basket. (from -tukula)

mutukuli (ba-) n. a person sifting with a winnowing basket. (from -tukula).

mutukutelo (mi-) n. way in which a robber despoils, sacks, etc. (from -tukuta).

mutukuti (ba-) n. robber, despoiler (from: tukuta).

mutulehi (ba-) n. person knowing how to give an enema. (from tuleha)

mutulelol (mi-) n. way in which a blacksmith forges. (from -tula).

mutuleh2 (mi-) n. (1) way in which someone jumps, (2) one's turn to jump (from -tula).

mutulil (ba-) n. blacksmith, smith. (from -tual2). syn. simufulanyundo.

mutuli2 (ba-) n. conqueror, victor, winner, champion. (from: -tuh1).

mutuli3 (ba-) n. jumper; mutuli -wa-mulao, law-breaker. (from: 4ula3).

mutulisi (ba-) n. someone fertilizing a plot by means of cattle. (from -tulisa).

mutulo, n. north

mutulu (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mutululi1 (ba-) n. someone who has power to dismiss people from their positions (from:-tulula).

mutululi2 (ba-) n. someone taking down something from above. (from -tulula).

mutumba (mi-) n. clay pot not yet fired. (from -tumba).

mutumbeki (ba-) n. someone who sets afire, ablaze (from: -tum-beka).

mutumbi (mi-) noun taken adverbi-ally Ą (1) completely: lizazi mu-tumbi, the whole day; (2) straight away- ku miza mutumbi, to swallow greedily

 mutumbu (mi-) n. elephantiasis.

mutumbulelo1 (mi-) n. someone's turn to make a fire. (from: -tum-bula').

mutumbulelo2(mi-) n. way in which someone castrates, gelds. (from -tumbula2).

mutumbuli1 (ba-) n. someone who lights a fire, a candle, etc., (from -tumbula').

mutumbuli2 (ba-) n. someone who knows how to castrate, how to  geld (from-tumbula2).

mutumbulwa (mi-) n. Kaffir Plum Bulozi Plum. (Flacourtia indica).

mutumbwe (mi-) n. pinnacle of a plaited grass which crowns the apex of a hut, see kashongwa: Ndu ya mutu ya shwile i zibahala kamita ka ku tokwa mutumbwe, a dead per- son's house can always be recogni- sed by its lack of the pinnacle of plaited grass. :

mutumo (mi-) n. kind of grass often used in making bow nets.

mutunda (mi-) n. kind of tree bear- ing edible fruit (its root serve to prepare a medicine believed to give strength or to make food go a long way.) (from -tunduluka). syn. muchenje.

mutundaelelo (mi-) n. manner of swinging one's shoulders when walking in order to attract atten- tion. (from -tundaela).

mutundameni or mutundameno, n. perseverance, firmness steadfast- Sness. (from 4undamenaj.

mutundani (ba-) n. a person resist- ing most energetically. (from 4un- dana).

mutungeki (ba-) n. someone starting the construction of the roof of a hut. (from -tungeka).

mutungo (mi-) n. shoot, sprout (of plants).

mutungu (mi-) n. divining basket. cf. ngombo, taula.

mutungulu (mi-) n. water-lily, nenu- phar.

mutungumuni (ba-) n. a person who provokes, challenges another. (from: -tungumuna).

mutungununi (ba-) n. person clever at solving riddles. (from: -tungu- nuna)

mutuntaeli (ba-) n. someone who walks clumsily. (from 4untsela).

mutuntuliki (ba-) n. toddler. (from -tuntulika).

mutunumaneno (mi-) n. appearance of a large animal killed in hunting. (from -tunumana).

mutupanyi (ba-) n. squanderer (from -tupanya).

mutuputupu (mi-) n. milk just cur-dling. (from -tupumuka).

mutusi (ba-) n. helper, collaborator: mutusi wa sakata, a reliable helper; mutusi wa mbwashula, a very use-less helper. fig. a woman who falls in love with anyone. (from 4usa).

mutuso (mi-) n. medicine having the unusual quality of giving abun-dance of milk to women, cattle, etc. (from-tusa).

mututatuti (ba-) n. a person moving often from one residence to an-other. (from 4uta).

mututi1 (ba-) n. a person moving from one reskdence to another. (from -tuta2).

mututi2 (ba-) n. someone straining filtering beer. (from 4uta').

mututisi1 (ba-) n. someone who causes or helps a person to move from one residence to another-someone who helps a person to remove goods. (from 4uta2).

mututisi2 (ba-) n. someone supervis-ing the straining of beer. (from -tuta').

mututo (mi-) n. strainer, colander (from -tuta')

mututo2 (mi-) n. habit of moving from one place to another. (from-tuta2).

mututuli (ba-) n. someone shaking off dust. (from 4utula).

mutuwatuwa (mi-) n. kind of tree.

mutuya (mi-) n. Msasa tree (Bra-chystegia spicifomis) (see li-kumba).

mutwa, n. kind of grass. syn. lwanda.

mutwaieti (bo-mutwaleti or batwa-leti) n. (1) a person appointed to preceed the Litunga whenever he leaves the palace for the court (2) fore-runner, precursor. (3) some-one who carries or sends goods ahead. (from 4waleta)

_ku1 (mi-) n. chaff (corn, millet) (also muku) syn. ndunu.

muuku2 (mi-) n. Iong type of cala-bash used as resonance-box in a xylophone (silimba) (also muku). cf. siteya.

muukuli (ba-) n. someone who skims cream, fat, etc. (from -ukula).

muukumeli (ba-) n. a person peep-ing at, observing with curiosity. (from -ukumela).

muukwa-ukwani (mi-) n. measles.

muulu (mi-) n. charm belt, charm arm band made of python or bush-iguana skin. (believed to pro-tect against curses)

muulusi (ba-) n. a person who win-nows. fig. a person who reveals all secrets (from-ulusa).

muumbi (ba-) n. someone who builds a shelter with mats or grass. (from -umba).

muumbulu (ba-) n. very old woman.

muumbwa (mi-) n. kind of tree.

muumeli (ba-) n. a person skilful in fermenting beer (from -umela)

muumena (mi-) n. rumour, uncon-firmed report: Taba ye ni utwilefela muumena wa yona, I have just heard a rumour about this matter

muundo (mi-) n. short mud dyke having gaps where fish traps. can be set. cf. bwalelo.

muundunganyi (ba-) n. a trouble-some person (from-undunganya)

muundu-wa-lilao, adv. exp. for the last time, never to be done again; Hona ha ni kufa cwana ki muundu-wa-lilao, ha ni na ku ku fa sesi–wi hape, I am giving you this for the last time; I will not do it again.

muuneli (ba-) n. deliver, saver, res-cuer. (from -unela). syn. mulamu-leli.

muungeki (ba-) n. a man who starts a dance by beating the drums (from -ungeka).

muungi (ba-) n. someone who gath-ers persons or things together, someone who mends a fire; founder, organiser; (from unga).

muungulo, n. see mungulo.

muungumani (ba-) n. someone who sits down, silently waiting for something or somebody. (from -ungumana).

muupa (mi-) n. mark left by strokes on the skin. (from -opa).

muuta (mi-) n. mouldiness, musti-ness. (from -uta).

 muutelo (mi-) n. way in which a person brings up children. (from -uta).

muuti1 (mi-) n. kind of tree

muuti2 (ba-) n. a person who feeds people; a person who brings up children, guardian (from -uta)

muutisi (ba-) n. someone who helps to bring up children. (from -uta).

muutwa (miu-) n. thorn. fig. weari-some, troublesome person.

(muutwana (miu-) n. attractive dog

muutweli (ba-) n. delegate, rep-resentative. (from -utwa).

muutwisisi (ba-) n. open-minded person, quick in understanding things (from-utwa).

muuwa (mi-) n. sand covered by shallow water.

muuzwezo (mi-) n. way in which a thief steals. (from -uzwa).

muuzwi (ba-) n. thief, robber, bur-glar. (from-uzwa)

muwa1 (mi-) n. food wrapped in grass


muwa2 (awa) n. Luyana. good-look-ing woman.

muwayawaya, n. Ioose cash: Ni ya kwa sintolo ku yo cinca kwacha ya ka muwayawaya, I am going to the store to change my one kwacha note for silver

muwayi (ba-) n. person who fishes with a fishing spear. (from -waya). cf. mushondi.

muwayo (mi-) n. fishing-spear (from -waya). cf. mushumba.

muwela-mufeto (bo-muwela-mufeto ) n. intruder: Wena u nzi muwela-mufeto, ha u lukeli ku kena mwa litaba za luna, you have no right to interfere in our affairs for you are just an outsider (from -wa).

muwina (ba-) n. Luyana. servant.

muwina-muywandi (bawina-muy-wandi) n. Luyana. Litunga's servant or messenger, someone who acts on behalf of the Litunga. syn. muy-wandi.

muwini (ba-) n. Eng. winner, cham-pion. (from -wina).

muwiwi (mi-) n. kind of tree- edible fruit of the same. syn. muhwahwa.

muya n. kind of grass (very abun-dant during the flood and hinder-ing navigation when the water sub-sides).

muyabani (ba-) n. jabberer. (from -yabana) syn. mungayani.

muyabulelo (mi-) n. way of lifting up fishing lines when angling (from -yabula).

muyahelo (mi-) n. way in which someone builds. (from -yaha).

muyahi1 (ba-) n. inhabitant, dweller. (from -yaha).

muyahi2 (ba-) n. builder, brick-layer, mason. (from -yaha).

muyahisi (ba-) n. assistant builder someone in charge of building contractor. (from -yaha).

muyaho (mi-) n. building, constru  ion; habitation. (from -yaha).

muyakelo (mi-) n. ability of a rain-maker to drive back rain. (from -yaka).

muyaki (ba-) n. a person who can stop rain from falling (from -yaka)

muyakwani (ba-) n. someone who gathers firewood. (frdm -yak-wana).

muyabli (ba-) n. someone con-structing dykes in order to catch fish. tfrom -yalela).

muyalelo (mi-) n. (1) way in which someone spreads out sleepinB mats, (2) someone's turn to make up a bed (from -yala).

muyali (ba-) n. bedroom servant, a person who makes up beds (from -yala).

muyaluli (ba-) n. someone who folds up bedding. (from -yala)

muyabaeli (ba-) n. vagabound, wan-derer, vagrant. (from -yambaela) syn. nyambangeti. muyambango or

mwiyambango (bo-muyambango) n. Luyana. child whom parents have little hope to keep alive for a long time.

muyambelo (mi-) n. method in which fishermen catch fish with their nets: Muyambelo wa bona, ba yamba ni busEhu kaufela, ha ba lobali, their method is to fish throughout the night without any rest. (from -yamba).

muyambi (ba-) n. fisherman (using nets). (from -yamba). fig. prosti-tute, whore. syn. Iltuwa; some-times applied to a dissolute man.

muyambisi (ba-) n. someone ap-pointed to lead a fishing party. (from -yamba).

muyambuli (ba-) n. a fisherman taking nets out of the water. (from -yamba). muyambutuki (ba-) n. someone who speaks nonsense (from -yambu-tuka).

muyamunweni (ba-) n. a person who helps someone in distress or someone overcome by work. (from -ya-munwena).

Muyana. n. August.

mayandingelo (mi-) n. someone's turn for stirring up food spread out in the sun- manner of doing it. (from -yandinga).

mayandingi (ba-) n. someone who stirs up any kind of food (esp. meal, fish, etc. ) spread out in the sun in order to dry it). (from -yan-dinge).

muyanehi (ba-) n. a person who spreads out (blankets, clothes, food, etc ...) in the sun. (from-yaneha).

muyangi1 (ba-) n. a person who plucks fruit from a tree, or gathers vegetables. (from -yanga').

muyangi2 (ba-) n. eloper, a person who has taken someone's wife (from: -yanga2).

muyani (ba-) n. someone who gives a present to a dancer in order to encourage him. (from -yana).

muyanuni (ba-) n. someone who re-moves things which had been spread out in the sun. (from -yanuna).

muyatelo (mi-) n. way in which an African doctor cuts arteries to re-lieve people from neuralgia, eye troubles, toothache, etc. (from -yata).

muyati (ba-) n. African doctor expert in cutting arteries (custom believed to relieve people from neuralgia, head-ache, etc ... (from -yata).

muyauluki (ba-) n. a person easily influenced or misled, a pliable person (from -ysuluka). cf. muysu-lulwa.

muyaululi1 (ba-) n. misleader, some-one perverting others. (from -yau-lula).

muyaululi2(ba-) n. someone who takes things belonging to others, unobserved and without permis-sion. (from -yaulula).

muysululwa (bo-muyaululwa) n. a pliable person easily influenced and misled. (from -yaulula). cf. muysuluki.

muyayabmo (mi-) n. denial, retrac-tation, recantation, abjuration (from yaya).

muyayi (ba-) n. recanter, retractor, abjurer. (from -yaya)

muyayuli (ba-) n. someone who scales fish. (from -yayula).

muyebuli (ba-) n. someone who peels fruit, vegetables, etc., fig. a person who refuses to give (from -yebula).

muyebulisi (ba-) n. someone who helps to peel (from -yebula).

muyembani (ba-) n. someone who is always on the move. (from: yem-bana)

muyemeli (ba-) n. defender, advo-cate, solicitor; protector. (from: -yemela).

muye-muye, n. Luyana. (1) the un-known: Litaba za hae li ile mwa muyeqnuye his case ended without a conclusion; (2) an unknown place: Potoloto ya ka i ile mwa muye-muye, my pencil is lost some-where syn. kunu, nakuwana, yoka-mhwele.

muyenabo, n. witchcraft medicine believed to give the person who took it the power to kill, after his death, the one who had bewitched him and all his relatives.

muyendameno, n. anything against which one leans one's back: sipula sa muyendameno, deck chair (from -yendamena). syn. mayendameno.


muyenduli (ba-) n. a person who takes away something leaning against a wall, a fence, etc .. (from: -yendula).

muyengelo (mi-) n. way in which a person gives a smooth finish to some wood work. (from: -yenga)